Monday, 8 February 2021



Attention Disclaimer!


In its message, the ET demands from us a truly fatalistic view of things that is worthy of discussion! It comes from a being who has seen species and planetary systems come and go and who has obviously deeply internalised a knowledge of reincarnation, who sees death as the greatest mystical experience!

This is beyond what the average person has probably ever contemplated or thought about! It is against this particular background that the message must be seen - or be evaluated.

It tells us a lot about how extraterrestrial ways of life may feel!


Since 2004, the so-called gatekeeper personality 'P'tah' has been communicating as a higher organised being for E.T. and I.D. contacts in the séance room work of the Felix Circle and the Materialization Medium Kai Mügge. In the spirit of a New Age spiritualism of the 3rd millennium, survivalism (proof of the survival of the personality after death) is only one area of application of many in our experimental work. Partly in years of collaboration with the Basel PSI Association, a new generation of modern physical mediumship was ushered in, which has been successfully demonstrating Experimental Spirit Materialization worldwide for years. In the process, cooperation developed with the Zeta Reticulian, who uses a 'consciousness technology' developed there to manifest in séance-room on Earth!

Materialized Zeta-Reticulian 'P'tah' about
- the development of mans cosmic awareness
- the history of human-alien/I.D. contacts in spirituality
- about the current global crisis!

Exclusively we would like to offer you some excerpts from the transcription:


In all these efforts, we Spiritual Beings, who have a positive attitude towards the human being, are in the process of creating the 'Spiritual Sovereign' in man! A human being aware of his cosmic nature. A human being aware of his profound and far-reaching cosmic affinities, which are distributed over all spaces within and beyond. Kinship to countless other humanoid species that have entered different evolutionary paths in this dimensional space, still inconceivable to man.


In recent decades, however, the indications in regards to spirituality have also changed for that which was particularly in our interest! And what we are expressing in an urgency, because this incredible creature with its intense capacities and abilities - and its evolutionary consolidation in a dualistic world of experience, has allowed itself to become corrupted to an ever greater extent. This is no secret!

Man was slipping away from us and our sphere of influence was shrinking. At the same time, the brotherhoods from many sectors of interrelated spaces started to repeatedly issue warnings and related them to us. However, since these warnings were - in relation to Terra - future prophecies, they were subject to the unreliability of probability vectors. Often the reported time frames or the predicted events were inaccurate and a fatal ignorance of the Brotherhoods' warnings crept in.

 arnings from the brotherhoods about negative dynamics within the duality in which man experiences itself as part of reality - a duality that was constituted on the trinity of body, spirit and soul, in which good and evil had become distinguishable for man. He is though also subject to forces that are inevitably part of reality in dual space. When there is light, there will be darkness not far!

The analogues of love and hate, of creating and destroying, turned out to be dimensional dynamics of the dual space. Vibratory variables that repeatedly brought man into the dilemma of each individual decision-making. Each of these can ultimately be broken down to their positive or negative elements and the shades in between.

And man, in his ignited materialism with technologies and their advancements, too often chose false directions. Entire societies eventually devoted themselves to unworthy virtues that negated man's true nature.

A true nature that was once given to him. Given to him by a being, by the one and all, a collective which in its own nature completely eludes definition, whether singularity or multiplicity. Man was created from a gigantic supernatural morphogenesis. As countless equally humanoid life forms were, scattered throughout the cosmos: the humanoids of our double star system, the humanoids of the Pleiades, of Orion, of Sirius, of Aldebaran, of Vega, of Arcturus, of Alpha Centauri, and so on and so forth.


Therefore the true 'Spiritual Sovereign' is deeply intertwined with his nature of birth, death and rebirth, celebrating life as well as death, as the truest and deepest mystical experience left to modern man. He confronts death openly, the great taboo subject of your societies! The Sovereign knows everything in ballance, that every action is reflected in mirror-universes and may be thrown back onto you and the causative plane in a potentiated manner.

The Spiritual Sovereign would find ways of managing reality that do not hinder life!


Participation of beings not from this side, but of beings of an interdimensional nature from 'the other side'. They have been living on earth together with you for thousands of years. And by and large behave inconspicuously. Many are parasites attached to the human ethereal presence.

Like ivy on trees, these beings - most of them without identity or self-consciousness - instinctively align and attach themselves to humans and feed off their energy.

And just as human needs and pleasure addictions escalated into an endless greed for more, parallel to this, on the level of these beings, highly questionable motives for occupation and attachment arose. Particularly sinister are those entities that are nourished by sexual energy or even human fear.

For these beings, fears always contain a higher energetic potential than pleasures, because fears all contain the primal fear of dying. Never having overcome this, fears contribute to those beings the power to create higher forms of themselves. Remaining in the background they created a plan unfolding over decades in human time to tap into their escalated greed for negative human energies and emotions a never-ending source!


In dual existence everything exists in the field of tension between the two poles! Evolution occurs, paradigms are changing, when the both extremes allign for harmonic balance: On the one hand there is the potential of human beings cosmic heritage, on the other hand there is the chance of human redemption in reach in simply finding yourself in each other!

This will give you back the sovereignty and strength to free yourself from the current situation. Now benefit from what we are adequately describing here today in this form!

You must now come together again, build trust, the ts and the trenches that have arisen must be filled in! This conflict-laden time now does truely require the divine human being to overcome that which divides families, partnerships, societies and nations! This is where the reactivation of the Spiritual Sovereign is needed!

This is where the human being can now prove and realise himself! Realise inter-human relations in their most significant forms and unite in the ecstasy of being!

Facing life and death as if they were nothing but a dream, but a speck of dust in the winds of the cosmic tides! Never give up life to avoid death. Death is the culmination of life and will be for very many the greatest mystical experience of the whole lifes' treasure!  

There are so many much greater dangers in this life than the virus!

Life is dangerous! And if you don't want to miss to live you have to face it and the fact of the circle of life an death! We all do!

A great task is ahead of you! And you will master it on behalf of your divine trait to ultimately grow from great challenges! Grow beyond your momentary selfs and current situations to ultimately transcend both!

Reflect on yourself! Trust in the heritage of power from wise communicators and spiritual helpers! Trust in the architecture once invested in the construction of man! Trust those allies, who use every open heart to step in, to put the pieces together into a greater whole!

Reactivate the network! Start small and bring your closest friends back together! Discuss! Many are still avoiding each other because they shy away from conflict in this global discourse! Because behind the mask they cannot see the other's opinion! So people are avoiding communications at the moment. This plays into the hands of their opponents. Curfews are preventing spiritual evolution. In places where life usually flourishes, culture is now dying!

They must be reactivated! You have no other choice. Otherwise you will go down in the annals of this cosmic sector as those who have been given everything and have had everything taken from them!

Begin in small ways, with your partner, exchange, make love, open the spaces, widen the circles and let in friends!!! Take active part in the long process of coming to terms with the past that still lies ahead of you at the moment! The widespread social arguments will  discuss and question the current ways of dealing with the crisis! Legal issues will play a role. Accusations and counter-accusations will rise and lower.  

And all this will already be igniting at a stage when the right eventual concepts are still being formulated! And that takes time! T

 Trust has gone lost! And so especially those who have surrendered in the chaos of irrationality to the manifests of disinformation and to the narratives of deception need to be re-awakened! Even if they are those with whom it was previously considered impossible to communicate, now you will be going to open your arms, the magnanimity of love has the power to defeat hate! The magnanimity of love is stronger! Build the new world on it and on trust and confidence!

 The network exists! It lies there unlit..., like an abandoned idle building site..., but in which everyone has their place - and only has to find it again!