Saturday, 30 May 2020


Photographed here during a broadcasted Live Deep Trance Session is an ectoplasmic voice box transmitting an extremely peculiar and alien voice with unique speech mannerism belonging to the Gatekeeper entity Ptah who transmitted allegedly from the Star System of Zeta Reticuli ....

During the deep trance live event with Kai Mügge and the Felix Zirkel Spirit entities 'The Alchemists Speak - Aliens and Interdimensionals' an 'ectoplasmic voice box' was materialized, which allowed a gatekeeper Ptah from the double star constellation Zeta Reticuli speak directly to the participants.

Ptah, who claims to be over 6000 years old and to be part of an extraterrestrial enterprise during the period of the Sumerian-Egyptian civilizations, which supported and secured an ongoing civilization expansion process, reported directly via the entanglement of consciousness and his voice was heard via the voice- Box audible!

The very strange and peculiar voice, which can only be described as extraterrestrial, was heard in the episode, which only allowed incomplete understanding.
The 'Ectoplasmic Voice Box' is a well-known séanceraum artifact that performed its functions with well known mediums of the past. It is expanding the human vocal apparatus to reproduce reproduce vibration patterns of ethereal non-human voices and speech manners that are alien to human speech!

We decrypted the message, which unfortunately broke shortly before its end, in an hour-long analysis process and made it available first in german exclusively for the audiences of the event, before it is shared publicly.
As soon as we have Ptah speaking in the english episode we will publish also first into the group and after a few days publicly!
In the future, increasing activation of this fascinating contact will achieve better understandable messages, whereby one also can hardly escape the fascination of this audible alien voice in the first place!

Spirit Control 'Hans' confirmed moreover that the alien Ptah had indeed found its way into the motifs and pantheons of the Egyptian gods!

The voice box was filmed and photographed during its appearance at the alchemist broadcast directly from the Felix Circle séanceroom!

Upcoming is the English Version:

Best regards from Hanau