Thursday, 17 December 2020

THE THIRD AND HIGHEST STATE OF ACTIVATION! About creating Magical Objects...!

Materialized Gemstone turned into a spiritually enhanced magical ring (with thanks to Wolfgang Schwab/c)


For decades spirits do come forward in mediumistic sessions with objects they claim to be interconnected with, or bound to, their ideals, teachings and advices. All sorts of gems, semi-gems, sacred figurines become materialized and then presented as ‘Activators’ before handed over to sitters. 

Wolfgang Schwabs second magical beauty... (c)

At first defined as direct appreciations about sitters’ spiritual discoveries and awarenesses made on their journey into Spirituality, they turn then more and more into ‘the Activators’ of communicated messages, teachings and spiritual content - and of ones own thought-reactions during the séance, triggering all sorts of inner associations -  about spirits and their possible goals and purposes in the Multiverse!

Australian Art-Collector Matt Tones integration of materialized gemstones into a modern piece of Art...


Activating - in the aftermath of the spirit contact - the sitters memory, profound thoughts and inner knowledge surrounding the given messages from the spirit worlds at that specific evening - the Activation is actually more than that: spirits ethereal concepts are becoming manifest that way! 
Values and virtues - from spirit-messages and -teachings - are turning into a human beings involvement and condition!
That represents a dramatic change in the ‘quality of interconnection’...!
An ideal becomes flesh and leaves imprints in the sands of time...!

Another example from Matt Tones Collection...


In a third step the human being finally tunes in, alligns with the message, becomes an ally himself in a cosmic endeavor spirits are involved in for aeons...!
 In this stage the sitter adds own concepts into the shared system of value!
The materialized gemstones become concepted and then manufactured into unique inspired jewelry or pieces of extraordinary art! 
In such cases ‘Activation’ has succeeded and the Activation-object represents one more human being returning in taking part in its divine plan!

A very special gift with implemented magic gemstone...

Kai from ‘Spirituality of Manifestation’!


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