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THE MOST IMPRESSIVE EXPERIENCE - Report on the Cabinet Séance in Hanau on Saturday, September 26th, 2020 with Kai and Julia Mügge - BY KARSTEN BREITUNG.

Things K. Breitung took home from the séance in Hanau

 Two things in advance. Firstly, it was the most impressive experience of my existence so far. At least of the existence that I can remember. The birth of my daughter and getting to know my wife or girlfriend (we are not married) I will leave out of this catalogue, because this is a different league. So I am talking about experiences outside of child and wife. Secondly, before I start the actual text, I would like to point out that small mistakes might have crept in. Here and there I will certainly use a wrong description or describe a situation not a thousand per cent correctly, maybe because it was somehow different or I did not see it exactly from my sitting position. Moreover: I swear on my soul that I am telling the absolute truth here! Nothing, but nothing at all, arises here from any poetic freedom. From time to time I will take the right to interpret something. Under guarantee every single sitter had here and there own interpretations or thoughts concerning the phenomena and apparitions, which is normal and also good. And in addition: The group of eight ladies and four gentlemen was fabolous! All immediately befriended. There is no other way to do it. Sympathy all along the line. Corona in the contrary does not stop at séances, there are fewer seats and there is at the moment no direct body holding control of the medium in its chair, therefor we were working with glowing pieces of tape letting us always detect the position of the meduim. It's all a bit different - all over the world - at the moment, but the séance still worked, even if the people involved were restrained in their actions compared to normal conditions. 

 Well, Kai's introduction was extremely impressive - here you have an absolute expert on the subject in front of you giving a concrete speech. With a truly impressive voice he sounded from afar throughout the large room. A highly intelligent guy like a bear. And one of the best known and most successful physical mediums of the present time worldwide! I want to emphasise this here very clearly. Kai Felix Mügge was examined countless times before seances. Made naked and stripsearched, led into the cabinet under guard. Holding control, double holding control. And he always sat/sits there in his deep trance, oblivious to the phenomena that occur on a massive scale. He is the "gate" to the world of spirits, a kind of "entrance" that makes multidimensionality visible. Afterwards Julia Mügge taught the seater how to protect the medium and to protect the success of the seance. I don't have to go through all this again, the educated one in this subject knows about it. Otherwise, you are welcome to study the seance rules, which can be found here and there on the net, and also on After about 90 minutes, in which Kai and Julia talked (Kai retreated then into a preparation for the complex trance state), sitters introduced themselves personally to each other, in which last questions were asked, things were put down, toilet visits etc., we finally went down to the sanctuary. Just one word: The Seance Cellar! I myself was still briefly on the toilet when I noticed it: The whole troop was now walking down the stairs. So quickly disinfect your hands again and follow them! I was practically the last seat in the row, which of course doesn't matter. We were examined with a metal detector, then we went into the Hanau Seance room. The seats were assigned, you sat down, woof! Now you were in, now you were there! A great, pleasant tingling, for sure! Now I want to come to the phenomena that took place step by step or experiment after experiment, of course with the help of the energy output of the participants, so we were told. Julia had - I just forgot - presented the equipment in the room. Balls, trumpet, cloth, drum, tambourine and so on. And the physical medium Kai Mügge followed. An event! In his trance-breathing he came in, which was already heard when he was still outside the seance room. He sat down in the cabinet, which had been allowed to be examined by a sitter before, even the back part on the wall. Nothing! Only the curtain going around and the wall, that was it. And now Kai was in the cabinet on his wooden chair. Lights out! Music. The connoisseur knows how it works. 

 After perhaps ten minutes, flashes of light joined the room. A warm welcome was the reaction from the seats. This intensified gradually. The voice of Hans, the main controlling spirit, sounded, then long awaited! Powerful it spoke out of Kai's body. I love this voice, I already know it from online seances. But it is something completely different when you really hear Hans live and on location! It has a calming, ordering effect, explaining and explaining without a hurry. This has nothing more to do with Kai's actual voice. Hans is speaking through Kai's body, Kai himself is somewhere else with his mind. Now some small memory gaps follow from my side. Forgive me if I easily mixed up the sequence of events or if I remembered something vaguely here and there - there were hundreds of thousands of impressions that I had to process. Impressions and experiences that I have never known or lived through before. The shaman drum sounded by itself! Hans breathed heavily inside Kai's cabinet, Julia hummed and sang to herself in her corner, from which she did not move a millimetre in the dark. And the drum sounded extremely loud and as if played by an expert - one could even hear the rolling of the fingers on the drum's skin. Wow!!! Every one of us sitting there was stunned. An impressive experience already! But only an introduction. Everybody knew: There's a hell of a lot more to come! And so it was. In a soft white light Julia put a tambourine with lights on the wooden floor. Then darkness again. Julia humming again "in her corner", Hans explaining from the cabinet or just before the cabinet. Kai's body changed position from time to time, but only up to a strict line. The cabinet chair never slipped further into the space of Spirit activities. We sitters- each equipped with a phosphor dot on our clothes, said "Ah" and "Oh", when the tambourine rose and rattled. ALL seats in their places, Kai or Hans loudly talking behind his line (the knees of Kai's were also marked with luminous dots), assistant Julia in her own place. 

Now we should always say when we felt touching. And I tell you: It was crazy! Actually almost the holiest moments for me! The musical instrument was whirling wildly around, except for the spirits there could NOBODY be in front of our feet! I was touched four times on the palms of my hands, extremely clearly! It felt like cold, dry, nudging fingers. They poked quite hard. Again and again I gave a loud signal when a touch was made, other seated people did the same in quick succession. I had the impression that there were invisible children playing around in front of me. Children or just little creatures. It was really cute. No trace of insecurity or fear, it was rather amusing. My knee was touched too, but only once. SENSATIONAL! Days before the séance I had thought about how I would react to being touched, but I didn't come up with a result, of course! Now I know: I felt it as loving! Like: "See, we are here!" Unbelievable! A seated person should now hold a cloth, stretched out wide in front of him. The cloth was provided with many illuminated spots. Gregor now had the cloth. Lights out! Nothing happened for a few seconds, then you could see the shadows of small hands! Moving black fingers! The cloth was moved, bent up, finally Gregor let go of the cloth or it was plucked from his hand. The cloth whirled wildly and quickly around in the air. Then slower again. Again and again one could see fingers against the background of the light spots. Every sitter who saw the fingers yelled out so loudly, and so did I. The cloth now fell to the floor into the Spirit Room at the feet of the sitters. There it meandered around, twitched, shot sometimes there, sometimes there. It did indeed stay in front of MY TWO FEETS, which were in light grey woollen socks. And suddenly something grabbed my left ankle! And there was definitely NO ONE in front of me! At least no visible person who was faking all this! Awesome! "TOUCHED AT THE FOOT!" I cried out loud. The cloth did not move any further now, Julia fetched the cloth back under the light white light of a small torch. I must say that all these touches convinced me of the existence of the spiritual world. CONVINCED! 

 So, I may be scolded, but the order of events might get a bit confused now. As I said: There were simply too many impressions that came over me. Stones or gemstones apport from the eyes of Kai. He bends over, pushes his eyelids around, and then: BATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZ ... Feel 20 gems of dark red colour (as we Sitzer found out later on), poured out of the eyes of our beloved medium! Rolling around on the floor! In addition, two large red giant gems crashed onto the floor from somewhere. One of them was picked from the air by Kai after there was a bright blueish flash with a bang between his hands! Many people in the audience flinched from the bang and so did I. Hans now said words of thanks to the two women who were to receive the two huge stones as a gift. We loudly thanked Hans, who was very generous in this meeting, again with humility. The new owners of the large stones also thanked the spirits. Extremely touched they were of course, because such a thing is a great honour! A gift from the spiritual world! Top! Next came something that made us as a whole group of seated people really freeze in awe! Hans announced something and Kai or Kai's body formed a PORTAL out of the air! 

To be honest: It looked like an effect from a Hollywood movie. However, this was not a trick or CGI, but a fact that happened in front of our seeing eyes! Although I was/am confused Kai reached into the air. I don't know whether it happened under white light or red light - at some point the senses can't grasp it anyway ... Fact: He tore something similar to a dimensional hole from thin air. Hans had explained it beforehand and did so during this process - I don't really remember, it was too bizarre! Kai tore around, light off, light on, light off, light on ... The "hole" was stretched out, bluish edges. Kai's left naked arm was suddenly crossed by taut blue lines, one could see this optically only briefly, but very precisely. Then this gape opened. The "dimensional hole" suddenly appeared even bigger and then twitched away into the darkness, while Hans noticed loudly that something had "come through" ... . Suddenly Kai was sitting bent over in front of the cabinet, at his feet a big pile of ectoplasm! I guess the pile was about 30 centimetres high and half a metre wide. The whole thing hovered just above the wooden floor, jerking slightly to and fro, while slight dents appeared on the surface, growing upwards. The light was turned off, and then turned on again shortly afterwards. Hans asked, I think I remember, for a moment for complete darkness. And shortly afterwards Julia illuminated a small part of the ectoplasmic pile with a shielding hand, which still moved slightly on its own! It took my breath away when I saw that! As I said: I am stating the pure facts here! Nothing is invented or even lied about! A kind of arm with a hand now rose from the pile. The arm was very clearly visible, the hand looked somehow just like a hand. It was as if the fingers would only unfold properly later. The arm itself was very clear; you could even see veins sticking out. All of this was in slight, very strange movement. It swayed a little, as if there was a breathing process. Then suddenly it all disappeared, very quickly. Like a kind of light switch effect. At this point at the latest I was somehow completely speechless ... 

 Hans then rang the end and talked for a few more minutes about the meaning of death. He said warm-heartedly that no one needs to be afraid of death. Something wonderful would come for ALL! This was once again like a huge liberation. I was completely happy inside. I have no idea what followed. I only know that I went up the stairs, together with the rest of the seats. Upstairs we gathered again at the big table where Kai had given the introductory speech, it was now shortly after 11 pm. I put the belt of my trousers back on, put my shoes on. I sat down. Now we sat down and chatted a bit, Julia joined us, later Kai. Kai said goodbye to us and said GOOD NIGHT. It seemed to me that he was still half in a trance. And I too felt as if I was in the state of passing over into the realm of dreams. It presented itself so strangely somehow, I can't describe it. My thoughts also went back to Hans, who always wanted us to see Kai's empty hands. And they were always empty! Fractions of a second, apporte, lightning, portals ... A different world! Farewells. Finally we got the stones as a present from Kai's eyes. The two giant stones were given to the female sitters named by Hans. New-sitters were getting a small metal souvenir of the FELIX CIRCLE. So did I as first sitter. I beheld the luminous point, little gemstones, net of precious stones, the metal badge and a napkin from Kais's table round for all eternity - in a small wooden chest. This is like an ark of the covenant for me, not a joke! Sometime last farewell words. Clock: 23.35 hours. I'm already outside the house, it's raining. Open the umbrella! Slowly along the Salisweg, the Köppelweg, the golden meadow ... I'm in the city. Towards the Hotel ZUM RIESEN. Like floating. Really like floating. And thinking about what I have just experienced ... Probably insights into something else ... Something else that exists like my feet or hands, so real ... And by which i was touched. Something that radiated love, no hate, envy, evil or anything else negative ... Karsten Breitung, 28.9.2020, Monday

Saturday, 5 September 2020


  In the night before the Full Materialization séance at the BPV, the Ascended Master El Morya Khan materialized where me, Kai, the medium and my wife Julia were accomodated. It happened all like a lucid episode or like a quite typical preparational dream, as they happen a lot! In this episode I was meeting the main spirit control 'Hans' who introduced the Master entering the room. I looked to the door and there he was. Lights were suddenly dimmed but i saw Hans making a gesture towards my hands. I looked at them and I was holding my mobile in my hands. I started to film!

The next morning I awoke and remembered everything so clearly that I jumped to my phone searching the film. Nothing was there. I understood it was all only a dream, a dream preparing me for the Spirit session the upcoming evening.

In that séance El Morya materialized and was described by the participants the way I remembered him to look the previous night. Everybody was delighted and touched and we received several drawings about that memorable night at the Basel Psi-Asssociation.

We went home to our Airb'n'b tired but happy. Arriving there I unlocked my phone and without opening any program the phone was playing a video clip:

We were stunned. Julia had helped me to search the phone in the afternoon looking for what I believed was not only a lucid episode of a preparational dream. Nothing was on the phone.
Now the clip was embedded as newest entry inbetween the rest of the photos.

The spirits had manipulated my mobile device!
On the recording you can clearly hear me breathing deeply behind the camera - sounding as if I was sleeping - and before me the entity shrouded in ectoplasm with a shiny blue crystal on his head was moving slowly. Flashes of light were shooting from his body illuminating it brightly!
The only difference was in my memory there was more to see than on the mobile device that looses a lot of exposure light when filming in darkened conditions.

So what exactly had happened: Had I filmed a dream that did not appear on the phone before the related séance was held? The alternative was: The spirit had actually materialized in my bedroom!!!

Definitely all this is another 'high strangeness'-event in the environment of my mediumship...!

Here now follow two video analyses:

1. Only illuminated flsh like sequences extremely slowed down and some enlarged
2. Complete Video with slowed down illuminated parts

Thanks for reading and watching!


Tuesday, 1 September 2020


Chohan of the First Divine Ray El Morya Khan the way he appeared in the BPV séance in August 2020...
The photo is taken when he was filmed during an apparition-episode one night before the actual séance
at the bed and breakfast where Kai and Julia were staying!


Then Hans announced that El Morya Khan wanted to show himself to us. He asked us to hum a loud OM when he would materialize (unfortunately we were not allowed to sing).

At first, flashes of lightning became visible on and in the cabinet. Julia had precise instructions as to what she had to do when the portal was stable and the Spirit appeared.
After she had opened the cabinet, El Morya Khan stepped visibly before all present. The whole room was illuminated by his light. The whole figure was shrouded in ectoplasm and on his head the blue "crystal" was wonderfully visible. 
At chest height I saw a portal and whenever I looked into it, I had the feeling that I was looking into infinity. Likewise I saw an arm under the ectoplasm mantle (other seated people saw two arms). 
The figure bowed to each sitter and then retreated back into the cabinet. It was, as always, a magically beautiful evening with the Spirits - and with Kai and Julia.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Sitter E.K.


The conditions of 2020 made our Spirit Communication demonstrations impossible for months, our events were cancelled and cancelled worldwide. For more distant countries the restrictions still apply!

We are all the more pleased about the first possible séances in Hanau and a short time later under strict conditions in Switzerland.

For the mediumistic organism in the field of physical mediumship demands, after years of regular demonstrations, the outflow of subtle energies, as it happens during the séances. If one pauses too long, mood swings, physical imbalance and depressive moods become apparent.
Permanently morphing approx. basket-ball-sized spirit portal in front of  mediums chest,
for the first time photographed

But perhaps the pent-up energies were partly responsible for the fact that the experimental results were particularly impressive, especially in Switzerland, and revealed particularly impressive photographic material: for the first time, the so-called spirit portals could be photographed in different stages of their interactivity! For the first time a double portal could be photographed.
Meanwhile a double-portal had opened through the lower one above the floor one of the Joy-Guides sticked its head after whizzing as a shining orb through the room...

The joy-guides of earlier séances from the region of the nature spirits, which had not been manifested for a long time, appeared again and after one of their lightning-fast flights through the room, one of them stuck his small child-like head through the portal and was photographed! 

The portal-photographs are basically very impressive, in the gif we see an open portal morphing and in the single photographs we see active portals at the moment of transmission! 

The Medium visible through the blueish light beam the portal is sending upwards...

The partly strict conditions under which we demonstrated led on the other hand to exciting new possibilities in the observation of the phenomena, for example at the Basel Psi-Verein. Since each participant and the medium wore a luminous sticker, it was possible to look through the whole room even in the dark. This is a clear plus in proving the inactivity of the medium during the highly active phases in the séance room.

Alone 13 objects from those here depicted - had exited the mediums eyes.
Others fell from light dischargings manifesting in front of the medium...

In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we were able to observe and photograph complex portal activity and the manifestation of objects, as well as some old and particularly beautiful objects brought along for recharging. All fotos were taken there by Markus Kappeler, Switzerland entrepeneur and highly involved activist and host for extensive private experimentation sessions. 

In Basel therefore, intense high strangeness and Spirit full materialization awaited us!

In the two regular Basel demonstration séances with a large number of new 'sitters', the levitating objects and the musical instruments played in the middle of the room were particularly impressive for the participants present. In the backlight of the stickers glowing opposite, one could see exactly how targets were played or levitated without the presence of human help!

Impressions by C.Knöpfli about the Materialized Mahatma El Morya in Basle August 2020...

The highlight was, as always, the 'Advanced Séance' with a group of participants who had already attended at least 3 regular demonstrations in the last 2 years. Then you are allowed to attend experiments on Spirit full materialization!

Impression by Raffaella Forte showing the Fully Materialized Mahatma El Morya ...

And this time it happened again in a very powerful way. Spirit Control 'Hans Bender' explained the reasons for the appearance of a very powerful special guest and delivered a message (see below). And then the 2.10m tall figure of El Morya Khan appeared from the cabinet self-illuminating the whole time from his shining crystal on his forehead plus massive flashes discharging from his heart-area, the Chohan (ruler) of the 'First Ray (Blue) of Divine Will and Power', he is a direct 'promoter of human evolution' and is connected to many spiritual and magical organisations - like ours.

His energy is understood to be straight, clear, disciplined and royal. He is considered a sublime and trustworthy authority in his system of 'Ascended Masters'. 

CGI by Prof. E.Kruse, scientific consultor for the Basle Psi-Verein about what he observed 
during the Full Materialization Séance 

Who is El Morya Khan? 

El Morya Khan was a prince born in Radjut, India.
He was one of the Eastern initiates of the highest degree of the so-called White Brotherhood. He died in 1898 and was titled an 'Ascended Master' by Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical Society.

He was first mentioned in the letters of the masters (Mahatma letters),
which were transmitted to Helena P. Blavatsky by telepathic means.
He was the master to whom Alice Bailey owed almost all her books.
According to Annie Besant, El Morya lives in Shigatse in Tibet.

He is in contact with Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Saint Germain,
Djwal Khul and other masters of the Theosophical Society.
There is also a relationship with the Spirit Communicator 'John King', who is a legendary figure in 'Modern Spiritualism'!

Dr. H.B's impressions in regards to the self-illuminating Materialization

El Morya Khan's Message to Humanity, 
August 20, fully materialised, Basel Psi Society:

'Your society is currently suffering from profound disagreements!

While these were already serious before the current crisis, now degrees of disorientation and disintegration are emerging that require my intervention.

The spirits of the Western Hemisphere, which by their very nature have hardly noticeably shaped and shielded your societies, have been levered and deliberately weakened by our opponents. A not insignificant battle within this war for the spirits and hearts of humans and many other species out there is taking place right now, in the vast space of this cosmological conflict!

It is striking you humans in the core of your being because it is also your own darkness that is staring at you, pulling you out of your midst and putting all the cycles of disaster into action.

For this reason dive into my light of activation, into my light of healing. My apparition activates control at times when things seem to be taken out of your hands. It shows the urgency of reaching out to those who have let themselves be taken over by the darkness and who are pushing forward the divisions within societies rather than healing together. My apparition and my light lead you into readiness. Follow the light in thought, speech and action and spiritual allies of great influence will accumulate again. In the protection of my light the great whole can be recognised and fear can leave the hearts! My light shines inside and outside! There it takes place, the adventure called life, as beautiful as it is dangerous. Your present lives are a short passage, they pass you by, will be finished tomorrow! Are you ready!?

Now take my light and carry it to the people, show them my presence, my light and my divine appearance, which is yours!'
Certified biologist B.H. describes her impressions: 

'And then El Morya Khan stepped out of the cabinet: A slim tall man, wrapped in a thin but solid 'cloth', in a whole shaped like a bell, no noticeable wrinkling. Transparent in the area of the chest and head, a slender arm clearly visible underneath, the hand towards the chin. The left arm I have only seen in outline.

Flashes of light in quick succession illuminated the whole figure. But the most impressive was the large blue light in the area of the forehead and the crown. Like an evenly shining crystal, great blue! (...)

In the light of the flashes of light the body behind the transparent cover of ectoplasm became visible again and again. (...)

The thing that touched me most was when he bowed to us in a semicircle (...), facing everyone, without jerky movements, but gliding.'

We are thankful for the spiritual allignment and integration of all sitters that night! 

May the light shine on!