Tuesday, 18 June 2019

FALSE CONCEPTIONS LEAD INTO FALSE DOCTRINES: Misconceptions about 'Negative Sittings'

False Concepts from time to time can turn into widespread doctrines and todays isssue is such a thing! Every medium knows about weak or even blank sittings. But it should know about the energetical backgrounds responsible for of course as well! For weak sittings there are reasons! And these can be avoided. Kai Muegge illuminates about the interconnections in regards to 'Negative Sittings'!

Thursday, 13 June 2019

SÉANCEROOM-INSIGHTS: How spirits reach from a higher organized Dimensionality into the 3rd Dimension during Séance...!? A metaphor!

Part 1: A short introduction about the moving of the German Speaking Edition of this Blog(ger) - the former felixcircle2.blogspot.com - into the blog-section of the new www.kaimuegge.de website...!!!

Part 2: How Spirits reach from higher organized Dimensionality into 3rd Dimension during Séance...!?