Thursday, 27 December 2018

THE MYSTERIOUSNESS OF SPIRIT PHENOMENA - 2 New Felix Circle Filmclips (Videos En/De)

Today we would like to share with you some images which in their mysteriousness are undebateable and more or less even standard for visitors of our séances.
At least what the occurrence of spirit lights concerns - Materialization of negative matter in different forms - like in earlier days often cord- and/or rubber-looking like substances and the extraction from patients bodies - happened here and there but was never common.

The black capsule shown in the film was feeling like rubber as well, was soft with a harder inner core actually and even melted when destroyed afterwards by fire. The destruction of the compacted negative force is due to the protocols from the spirit controls.

So now simply enjoy the confrontation with the mysteriousness of spirit-phenomena, facilitated by Entities and Spirit Scientists from the Felix Circle Spirit Team in the following two videos...!



Thursday, 20 December 2018


Kai and the Activation Stone materialized in his Apartment...
This is our very special Christmas Message with the story about the biggest materialized artifact we have ever received until today.
Yet unpublished we will share with you for Christmas the story of the Materialization of a 4.2 kg heavy so called ‘Activation Stone’ - and under which peculiar circumstances it appeared.

Most of the respected readers will know that Kai is the Medium of the Felix Circle, working with spirits regularly materializing objects in huge numbers during his internal and semi-public séances. There a huge variety of objects, artifacts and materials have been produced from nothing else but thin air, as well in scientifically strictly controlled sessions in which - for example - a copper foil was used as focus object for Kais spirits, told to the medium just when entering strip-searched the always locked séance room. Minutes later out of Kais outstretched bare hands - after several interventions checking them repeatedly by three scientists - a copper-nugget was heavily falling and dropping with a considerable thud onto the table.

But also in private friends and family and specifically Julia had dozens of episodes when objects were falling from the ceiling or were building from the mediums body directly. Objects have appeared and disappeared in his social environment also when Kai was not even present - but very rarely only - even though it’s a fact this has indeed occurred. More renowned are the objects spirits let appear in Kais eyes under lighted conditions, when up to 9 objects have been observed coming from each one of them (semi-gemstones).

The Master Stone 
The Master Stone as we call it powerfully intercommunicates with sensitives of all sorts, has a span of 21,5 cm and weighs 4,2 kilogramm...
Several weeks ago now it was early evening when Kai was facetiming (video-phoning) with Julia (wife) like they always do. It is for years they are commonly using Apples video-phoning service when they are not with one another. Kai sat like usual in his living room and Julia saw him there, with the canvasses of Austrian Physical Medium Rudi Schneider and Schrenck’s famous main Materialization medium Eva Carriere (‘Phenomena of Materialization’) exuding ectoplasm behind him at the wall, talking to her.

Suddenly Kai seemed to be distracted, but just a bit, instantly refocusing back onto the conversation. But then Julia as well through the phone heard things somehow shatter on Kais side and saw him rising from the sofa, with her ‘in his hands’ online: ‘What’s going on out there, it’s the second time now, I just heard something before!’ he said.

‘Look!’ He turned the camera for Julia to see…

Having returned late the day before after an exhausting one-day-trip to Basle to see a famous speaker Kai had left on his floor-cup board a typical small paper bag, containing 3 Cds and a used bottle of water.

Julia could see through the screen these items now spread onto the floor and the bag lying fell aside on the cup-board.

‘Oh, the bag fell aside!’ Kai said when he was approaching the items on the floor meanwhile at the same time he grabbed for the paper bag to lift it back up, when something strange was happening. The bag like adhered to the cupboard and with the drive of Kais move he ripped the bag right open to its half.

He turned his head and looked closer and was stunned: ‘Julia, you won’t believe it!’

Paper Cabinet 
On this cupboeard the massive stone appeared in an ordinary paper bag...
Julia recognized by Kais utterances something was going on and when he turned the camera into the direction of the bag both started to scream.

‘What is that!?’

‘Oh, my God!’

It looked as if the stone had literally grown inside of the bag shielded of anyone’s observation, like in a cabinet or the darkness of the séance-room. Starting to take its unbelievable form and size it must have pushed the bottle out first and continuously growing a few seconds later the CD’s were pushed out as well!

Kai couldn’t take it out of its paper-womb with one hand and had to put down the phone to excavate a massive beauty: An ‘Activation Stone’ of unbelievable size. Later we learned the stone had a span of 21,5 cm with a weight of 4,2 kg.

Today Kais has worked with the stone and a handful of sensitives, friends and clients, all testify a breathtaking effect of it onto them - some even felt truely like giddy when approaching it unprepared.
Like with all 'Activation Stones' before there is a range of therapeutical implications coming with the new one as well for healers and for alternative spiritual, magnetical or Prana-healing methods and additional treatment forms.

Moreover we believe it has a definite source character of some sort implemented.
Having materialized uncountable 'Activation Stones' of all sizes and names before, like the 'Center Stones', the 'clear personal' ones, the 'Blood Stones', the 'Sun- and Earth-Stones', the 'healing stones' - this one has such a clear source character why we call it 'Master Stone'.

The by the Spirits materialized Stones stand for the good in us human beings and what we make of our potentials. They represent our spiritual Supernature and our awareness-development and strengthen these ideals as physical projections of and proof for that!

Like the spirit of christmas-time they interconnect the love and the wonder, the truth and the higher values living in us!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

'PERMANENT PARANORMAL OBJECTS OF MINE' (Video: Episode of 'Kai's Musings')

From time to time the Felix Circle and Organizer Kalia Mind Expansion produces visual materials, because a lot of what they do simply has interesting visual characteristics to look at. That refers as well to what Kai will be presenting in new episodes like the following...
Today Kai talks about a specially initializing episode of the dynamics occurring in the Felix Circle. 
 It is about what the trance-communicator 'Imperator' many years ago was demanding of the group to develop or achieve 'Psychic Photography' and the interesting results coming from it. While telling the story the onlooker will hear many insightful anecdotes from the early days of the Felix Circle around the year 2007, approx. 4 years after its founding...
What nobody was knowing at the time was the fact that 'Imperator' and his plans became the gateway to the 'spirit team', 'the Alchemists', who were like testing the group with this photo-work to validate if capable to move further with them. Ending did the episode because no more films were available to purchase for the Polaroid Camera originating from the 70ies actually.

Please watch in Full Screen (cause of failing of the commonly used camera parts could be filmed only in a 720 resolution, blended photos are high-res...!)

Friday, 7 December 2018

ANGELS IN THE TRENCHES - Leo Ruickbies psycho-analysis about how Western Spiritualism turned into 'Survivalism' (Book Review)

The First World War had a massive impact onto the supernatural beliefs of Western Society...

 ‘Angels in the trenches’ is historian, sociologist and Paranormal Reviews Editor Leo Ruickbies newest achievement after his 2016 well acclaimed ‘The impossible Zoo’.
‘Angels in the trenches’ is definitely different from what any average reader of a book about the later European heydays of Spiritualism might expect. Ruickbie refuses to regurgitate any already previously presented simple landmark-facts of the spiritualism-movement like we all have read about enough before, like about the famous mediums and séances, the Dialectical Society, Crookes with Home and Cooke, the SPR, Richets ‘ectoplasm’, Conan Doyle and Houdini...
Order here
No, Ruickbies standards and requirements lay clearly beyond the well-known and already exhaustively discussed.
What he is presenting in his new work is not less than a particular dissection of the continents recent past, facilitated with the hand of a master surgeon, namely of the WWI years and its societal sensitivities - mainly but not only of the British - and how these did interrelate and interfere with the most influential spiritual movement ever having occurred in Western Society: Modern Spiritualism!
Therefore Ruickbie digs deep and presents to the reader with an insight and overview only the diligent historian has contemporary historical materials from different publications and correspondences rendering the change in society’s perception from the age of enlightenment into a state of willingly accepting or even purposefully seeking for the supernatural.

At the time maybe not even worth a short remark in the news-section, informations among many, in retrospective indeed the very moments that impacted the collective unconscious sustainably and enduringly, uniquely presented in this collection of relatively short episodes.
The books chapters are short, sometimes changing with the next page and so sending the reader onto a specifically determined curvaceous ride into the past.
It is Ruickbies psycho-analysis scrutinizing how step by step Western Spirituality started - suffering under the terror of WWI and experiencing personal loss of loved ones into the millions - to circle more or less solely around the question of and proof for Survival - and not let’s say rather ‘classically‘ exploring the path to epiphany and enlightenment.

Angels in the Trenches is hence a thorough, dense and intensive, oftentimes surprising read, revealing many never before interrelated facts underlying an important younger section in the metaphysical evolution of mankind and its western perspective.
They today restrict western spirituality by evaluating its efforts exclusively if addressing the quest for the proof of survival. Conditions that many do believe deserve a critical review ….

The book is therefore a clear recommendation!



Friday, 5 October 2018

UPDATE: Final Compacted Version of Part 2 - SUMMON SPIRITS IN NZ (Part Two) - THE MANAIA CEREMONY

Only a little cut-out perspective over the massive Auckland Bay...
(Update: Final compacted Version below!)

 The following second episodes' contents are adding up to a valuable 20 min video for different reasons:
- the WITNESS ACCOUNTS are impressing and informative
- the SÈANCE SEQUENCES are stunning and unique
- the NATURAL COMPOUNDS are depicted and presented in a spiritual and meditative manner
- to learn about the Manaia Ceremony reuniting the Whale-Bones with the sea they're coming from and activating thus their protective character.

The Maori are the only ones who are allowed to work with Whale Bones of dead Animals to handcraft the Manaia-figurines that cannot be purchased, but can only be overgiven by a member of the Maori-tribe. We really feel deeply honored!

We moreover would like to express our thanks to Mac Kelvie West Spiritualist Churches President Ross Thompson, whose commitment enabled our stay in NZ and to Churches Project Manager Maggie Nicol, who organized everything perfectly!
Like them Petta and Damon Wipani enabled our insight into the world of the Maori and showed us the stunning sacred places, partially shown in the video!

Watch the Video when you have 20 min. off in a slightly darkened room in high-res and Full-Screen at best and use your headphones!


Kai and Julia Muegge

Monday, 10 September 2018


Nasal ectoplasm volumes up on the floor and provides the base and the material for the building of a strange entity-like form growing and erecting in front of the cabinet (see details in video-clip).
IT LIVES (Don t miss third video!!!)
This September 2018, at the renowned ‚XXX‘-Institute in lower Bavaria, Julia Muegge was allowed to film crucial moments in time during a séance depicting Kai Felix Muegges ectoplasm in a way like never before.

For the first time claims about living features like autnomous moving abilities of and within the extruded mass can now be backed up by recorded film-clips of admittedly high strangeness.

After a very rich séance in front of spectators from different business branches - attending the spirit séances as an example for traditional technique in conversing with non-human entities and to see how far their entanglement can shape the three-dimensional - massive volumes of ectoplasm were showing exuding from the head area of the medium, namely the mediums left nostril.

Coming from there in a dynamic strand - with the medium sitting in the cabinets entrance leaning with his upper body backwards - the mass running over its chest down between its spread legs to gather in a huge base-like compound of it on the floor in front of the cabinet.

From this base the strange entity like being started to erect and grow up to a considerable height.
Julia was asked by the spirit control to photograph it frontal:

 After she had taken a few shots she was also wanted to get back to her seat and photograph it from a different perspective, what she did:

On its way to become this peculiar form in front of the cabinet all participants were stunned to observe the growing material beginning to show its lifelike features, behaviour and movement abilities. What was then caught by the camera is spectacular at least!



Friday, 7 September 2018


A Report by Beyond Superstition

 Kai Muegge Seance

An experience I will never forget! On the 11th August 2018, I was very fortunate to attend a cabinet seance with the worlds most scientifically tested and ASSMPI certified physical medium, Kai Muegge and Julia Antonietta Mügge at Australia's Wallacia Development Centre located in the Blue Mountain region west of Sydney.
The seance commenced with approx 25 sitters and the medium within the cabinet practicing a technique of holotropic breath work. The energy in the room was truly remarkable and before long we saw flashes of light coming from the cabinet and out into the room.
Our spirit friends announced their arrival with strong tapping on the ceiling where our singing halted to observe. In the centre of the room were some instruments, and all could hear a spirit form drag their fingers across the surface of the drum before it developed a rhythmic beat that became quite strong and powerful. Inside the cabinet, the mediums communicator Mr Hans Bender explained that spirit children had come forward for this particular demonstration. In addition to the drums were objects including illuminated balls for the spirit children to interact with.

Before long the experience shifted to multiple sitters being touched concurrently from a variety of locations...


Thursday, 23 August 2018

FULL EPISODE ONE NOW ONLINE - Watch exclusively 'Kai and Julia summon Spirits - in New Zealand' (Season One/Ep.1) EN/DE


Accompany Kai Felix Muegge and wife Julia when giving séances around the world. 
This time watch the first episode about their stay in Auckland, New Zealand 2018. 
The Series will provide never before seen insights into filmed rare phenomena or the stripsearch routine at the beginning of each séance. 
Watch extensive interviews with sitters who honestly describe what they thought about and experienced in the séances... 
Watch in awe New Zealands sacred beauty inbetween the séances...

Sunday, 12 August 2018


Ladies and Gents, good boys and girls of the Spiritistic Community, here we are again with image material never before published on the Internet!
It is about a well known english medium called Isa A. Northage (1898 – 1985) and as you can forebode reading the photos captions, she had something really hot on the stove.
Materializations, Surgery by Materialized Spirit Doctors extracting - seemingly malignant - tissue and Apports in the narrower sense of a sort one is starting to feel dizzy simply by reading about - but also clairaudience, clairvoyance, direct voice and telekinesis was counted to her faculties and talents.

Born in the North-east of England in 1898, Isas childhood she spent in Seaton Delaval, Northumberland. And she heard voices from an early age, it is said.

Nevertheless this is no article going thoroughly into depth regarding her mediumistic career, we will more circle around the never before on the internet shown ectoplasm and the spectacular spirit-surgery and apport-conditions additional photo-material is referring to. It describes quite well the physical apects of her work, like the surgery executed by materialised spirit doctors, mainly at the Pinewoods Healing Sanctuary and Church, which were built in the grounds of Newstead Abbey, Nottingham.
Her Materialisations were seen in red, blue and some in white light; Spirits of all sorts, races and ages. Parents were able to talk to and play with their lost children, and the powerful Guides Sambo or Dr. Reynolds materialized also. 

 Maurice Barbanell (former editor of Psychic News and Two Worlds) writing on psychic surgery states: “Her spirit doctor materialises and publicly performs these bloodless operations."

It was not until 1937 that her physical mediumship became apparent. After that, there was a progressive development, which was controlled by Dr. Reynolds, who says he practised on earth about 150 years ago. He states that in his healing activities he is helped by other former members of the medical profession who had expressed the desire to utilise their combined earthly experience and spirit knowledge to help the suffering. “Though I have many accounts of these bloodless, painless and successful spirit operations, it would become wearisome to describe them in detail. Ernest Thompson, a former occupant of my editorial chair in the Two Worlds office, has recorded in detail an operation he witnessed; He was allowed to take away with him one of the ulcers which had been removed from a patient. He had this analysed under a microscope in a laboratory by a medical expert. The analyst later reported that it was an acute duodenal ulcer, its condition showing that it was about to penetrate the intestine and would have proved fatal at an early date."
From the body excavated malignant tissue through either a Materialized Doctor or through the entranced Medium...
Collected and analyzed tumor after a bloodless operation...
1937: Isa and her daughters Audrey and Nina and her son Bob plus friends are sitting for Apports! West African Guide Sambo Chedioack receives permission to apport carved wooden gods from his own country, carved stone gods from various places in Africa, a tray from Japan, bangles from India and a moncks prayer box from a monastery in Tibet. It took 2,5 hours to complete the experiment and the apports were received in the dim light of a 5 Watt white light. Each apport as it arrived was seen as a ball of white smoke descending from the roof...                                                                               
Dr.Reynolds and Sambo as they were painted when they stood materialized for 20 min in 20 Watt white light... plus another regular communicator, the spirit of a young woman, as depicted above...

More apports through Isa...

Another Apport through Isas helpers...

Apport received by a Mrs.M.E.Galvin, of Wigan. It was presented to her by the materialized figure of a nun...
Apports of 1936: Brought by Guide Mai-Feng Shang from Valley of Seven Altars...,
In 1936 during a séance, Sambo decided to bring some apports. To do so he had to have the help of another guide, Mai Feng-Shang, the daughter of a Mandarin of the Valley of the Seven Altar, who passed into the Spirit World of the deceased 500-600 years ago. Permission was given to apport from China two bronze vases, weighing each 32 pounds and which had been entombed 500 - 600 years ago. The same evening were also apported seven Chinese rings and one Egyptian ring, one Chinese incense burner and several other objects, that were partially given to the Sitters.
We can only allege if these manyfold objects also descended from the roof down to the floor as sit is described in the upper section...                                                                                                                                       
Apports received 1940/48 1. Figure of Christ and Lamb 2.Panel of St. Augustine 3.Tibetan Cross 4. Cross

Apports of 1941 - Chinese Porcelain u.l., Scribe's Pencase with Scarab Motif and Fragment of Arabic script found in base u.r., Ink and Sponge in Pot l.l., Carved Russian plate l.r..
Isa is entrancing ectoplasm visible...!
First exposure of ectoplasmic material while it is extruding from her mouth...
More rarely ectoplasm is seen coming from the Navel-area, even though it cannot be regarded as an exception either...

Here we have an early stage of a more complex ectoplasmic creation, namely the start of a fully formed phantom in early stages...
The Materializations of Isa A.Northage, specifically her Full Form Materializations were something extra-ordinarily special and cannot be compared simply with alike creations through other mediums - and that had mainly to do with the astonishing acts of interactivity these phantoms displayed: Phantoms of the deceased interacted highly complex with their relatives, materialized Doctors performed bloodless surgeries and extracted all sorts of tissue, like malignant tumors, her guides materialized and brought objects from different countries.
This altogether describes a truely extraordinary mediumship and it is time that we hear more about a woman called Isa.A.Northage...!

Monday, 6 August 2018

WATCH SNIPPETS OF NOT YET PUBLISHED ECTOPLASM- SEQUENCES - After the Trailer now the Intro of the Upcoming Mini-Series...

This is the momentary 'Intro' for the Upcoming Mini-Series about Materialization-Séances in Auckland, New Zealand (work is still in progress and changes could be made eventually.)
In the 90 seconds you will find snippets and perspectives of sequences and phenomena filmed at Materialization-Séances in Auckland, New Zealand, not yet documented so far.
Extensively the original materials will be presented to you in the upcoming Episodes.

Special thanks to MACKELVIE WEST SPIRITUAL CHURCH with Ross Thompson, President, who sponsored the trip. Without this generosity neither New Zealand, nor Australia would have had this very rare opportunity to watch the Felix Circle Entities unleash their powers. More special thanks to Maggie Nicol, Special Operations Officer of the Church and Sister in Heart and Spirit, Petta and Damon Wipani, Soulbrother and -sister and proud tribes(wo-)men. Thanks to you all!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

KAI AND JULIA SUMMON SPIRITS - Season One-(New Zealand, July 2018) Trailer online...

Here's the new link to the First Season-Trailer 'Kai and Julia summon Spirits', documenting our 'New Zealand'-stay July 2018. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A TRUELY VALUABLE READ - ASSMPI-President publishes versatile compendium

The spiritual or esoteric market is a massive business. All sorts of services are offered (and demanded) and its book-market is world widely a hundreds of million Dollars business in which too often not anymore expertise is the authors faculty, but having seen 'a unicorn' is mostly sufficient to qualify in the eyes of an in that regard under-educated public interest in the esoteric - starting more and more to grow over the last couple of years.
So to find ones way through endless shelves of esoteric bookstores and identify valuable, really valuable, books for different interest fields or demands is a difficult task and the reason i am writing this today.
The Author Jock Brocas is President of the ASSMPI and known as relieable evidential medium...
 I do know the author Mr.Brocas on behalf of my involvement with the ASSMPI, although what follows is not in any means a friendly turn. If I wasn't convinced by what I had read, i would mention the book, but not reveal to you in any thoroughness what now follows.
Because in 8 years of work the author has not only collected material from a lot of different sources and lets many renowned personalities of the spiritualistic scene offer their opinions to different, partially difficult, topics, he allows to look at different 'holy cows' of the spiritualistic movement and discusses them critically, what is very rare. But reasonable.
Very much too often for example you find a lot of 'rainbow-bridge'-spiritualism, but much less about problematic states in which spiritual seekers slip into without their guilt, and which are undenieable and complicated conditions, about which we have to be educated. This book does that. And it does much more, it is a compendium of a thorough nature in different regards and it is always honest.
Even somebody like me who has read everything in the last 30 years has found a lot of interesting passages I was really stunned by reading it - to once more finding out learning is never over and specifically not with this very versatile book! Give it a Go!
Order here:
Deadly Departed Amazon US 
Deadly Departed Amazon UK
Deadly Departed Amazon DE

Monday, 2 July 2018

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE PHENOMENON OF FULL FORM MATERIALIZATION - A Spectral Visitor Materializes in Thun / Stages of the Process demonstrated at the BPV, Basle, both June 2018 (photos and witness-drawings)

First Stage of a Full Form Phantom, demonstrated by the Felix Circle Spirit Team in different stages exposed to the camera down to a Full Figure emerging the cabinet...
 Let me pick you up and tell you about the most recent developments in working with the spirit control, mainly in regards to our attempts to achieve the phenomenon of Full-Form-Materialization. And to create an informational morphogenetic base for other Physical Mediums to link into and start to develop themselves in this regard.
I already heard of results in that field, a few weeks ago the Materialization of a little girl in front of approx. 20 spectators or so happened with an English Medium, but I am not allowed to tell more (no, not him! ;)). But a lot of people were there and / or have heard about it and so my hopes are high that slowly but surely more Physical Mediums will step forward in the future, loosing their understandable reluctance with the time and help to make these things become more and more part of a spiritual reality that much too long was reigned by those in the field who don't want Physical Mediumship or Materialization Mediumship to happen at all.
A further stage, the extrusion process of thick dense ectoplasm later becoming mainly the cloth of the spirit form...
Another false color display in a fuller perspective, focussing also onto the extraordinary thick ectoplasm, looking like dense cloth soaking from out of the mediums mouth in front of the sitters...

Two weeks ago in the séances at the Basle PSI Association the spirit team again had awesome things to share. Their séances are so varied and dynamic that no session equal another. They are always different and even our extremely often present and most passionate followers claim, that there is always something new, even after dozens of sittings...!

In the three séances many phenomena happened and philosophy and explanations for most different areas and topics were given by the spirit control.
A highlight was naturally the third séance in which it demonstrated the building process of a spirit phantom in different stages and this time the camera worked: A lot of different and new perspectives developed and the sitters excitedly and amazed watched stages in the building process of a phantom first splitting from the medium, then growing taller and taller in the back of the cabinet, then showing up shortly in the front before vanishing into thin air.

But wait, there were other things happening earlier!
You remember the Col. Olcott-Materializations, the three experimental séances he tried to show himself, from time to time more detailed materialized so that after the third attempt we even could compare photos of the historical figure with the entity that materialized under the name 'Henry Olcott'.
The comparison between Experimental Spirit Materialization of Col. Henry Olcott at the Basle PSI Association (left) with two photos of the historical Henry Olcott...
A few weeks after our last stay at the PSI Association we visited the 'Experimental Group Thun' with the mediums and chairwo/men Daniela and Olivier Gross, with who we have contact and befriended right from the start of our demonstrational international activities and so we actually shared most exciting private and professional times in the past and go there regularly to give private séances for them and their circle.

The spirit control had announced to the 12 sitters or so the attempt to let through and materialize this time 'a spectral presence'!
'Spectral' visitors are a kind of Full Materialization as well, with the difference that they bring their own lights leading in the past to the visually most intense sights like the materialized presence of El Morya Khan, one of the famous Mahatmas of the Theosophical Society, who came with a blue crystal on his forehead that illuminated the whole room.
This happened in Thun nearly two years ago - and should we even sometimes do not see any reasonability in things that happen in the séance room, it is all connected: for example it was in fact Olcott (a.o.) who had once founded the Theosphical Society, originally in London in 1871! 
Or do you remember the 'John King'-Materialization? Spirit Personality 'John King' communicated in the environment of Olcotts confederate Helena Blavatsky (the main T.S.-Founder) and in their history somehow 'melted' at a certain point in time into the El Morya Khan-personality. 

Admittedly our binds to the Ascended Masters Philosophy are mainly existing via the befriended Mychael Shane, who was introduced to us a few years ago in the States and who also works at the BPV in Basle. In my own education the Ascended Masters were more or less an Alternative Spiritual System. Today I see it a little bit different and appreciate its complexity and basical idea. My understanding of the Spirit World has anyway hugely changed in regards that I believe that the spirit world is in fact 'the spirit worlds' (plural) and that the Philosophy of the Ascended Masters is a part of it. 
Not without reason three of their main protagonists have materialized in my séances, it must have a meaning! It is all connected!

So lets get back to Thun a few weeks ago, a 'spectral visitor' was announced to materialize and everybody was in excitement waiting for what was up to happen. 
Lets follow the observation of one of the guests C.D. (40, technical employee): 'It was pitch black darkness, when I suddenly saw a thin blue beam of light...! Suddenly that blue light made a kind of quick spinning motion and out of this movement suddenly a shiny figure stood in front of the cabinet. I cannot describe it better, others saw it too! It looked like a lucent body with a blue light shining inside of it, slowly moving up and down. And when it was up, a face became visible!' 
Julia, my wife reports: 'Immediately the spirit moved into the room and in the end it must have reached the location three metres from the cabinet with the focus objects laying on a surface. So far it was out in the room. Right after it had exited the cabinet it came so very much close to me, face to face, 10 cm in front of mine a human face emerged and smiled to me very peacefully!'
To Daniela Gross the entity came extremely close as well and she reports: 'It was a female face I first thought because i looked very closely at the entities chin-area and I remember that I recognized it had skin of purity, very smooth with no beard or stubbles at all!'
'I could see that face also', C.D. remarks, 'it was most brightly smiling and expressed some sort of grandeur that way...!'

Spirit control had announced in the meantime who the mysterious visitor was. Several times Daniela had painted a certain gate-keeper for the group but couldn't establish an illuminating contact to learn who he was. The spirit control overtook and revealed a stone old personality, a famous hermit from the mountains of Thun, where he lived in a cave-system for decades: The holy Beatus.
Beatus came to Thun from Ireland, but was allegedly consecrated by Petrus himself to bring Christianity to the area around the Thun lake and town. He died 112 a.C..
Both Daniela and Olivier had contact with the gatekeeper, Daniela painted him and Olivier received the information the personality in question was from somewhere on the British Isles (Ireland!)... (copyright D.G.)

Thanks to sitter T.D., 36, healing practitioner, who tried to draw what she saw and laid somehow emphasis onto the smile, hardly to overlook... In the middle the blue sphere illuminates the figure...
Danielas painting of the entity coming so close to her she could even inspect the condition of its skin and chin-area, free of any impureness or stubbles and fully smooth...
When after the session I awoke from my trance-sleep and Julia like commonly had told me quickly the things most important to me at that moment in time, I went outside grounding me with the holy act of smoking. The moon shone bright and illuminated the sacred smoke ascending. The mountain ranges surrounding the whole area stood in front of a clear night sky, when suddenly, very unusual in that number so closely following one another, three nearly concurrent shooting stars appeared over one of the mountains. I immediately had a vision and jumped back in to the others and I asked: 'Where are the Beatus caves?' And because many of the sitters are from the vicinity several hands went up and pointed into one direction: where I just saw the shooting stars...! 
Gatekeepers are powerful entities, aren't they!?  

In the post-séance discussion there was an amount of people who claimed to have seen two entities exiting the cabinet, a second one following very closely the first one and meanwhile some were sure to have seen a second entity, the rest was confident only one figure had emerged from the cabinet. Things in the séance-room are typically elusive and hard to determine without question and this is another example. 

 Lets jump back to the third séance in Basle where in different exposures the sitters could watch the extrusion of this enormously dense looking material. But remember how many times the look of ectoplasm proved us wrong and felt by touch totally different. 
When the mass was exuded completely it crawled back onto the mediums body and volumed up from his chest onto his shoulders. The mass crawling onto the mediums body and meandering upwards is a known sight in my séances and has been observed many times before. It looked as if it was stabilizing against the mediums head sitting on its shoulder eventually.

Suddenly hair started to grow from the mass and following the photographs they became more and more! At a certain point the whole mass separated from the medium and landed behind him. There it was observed in several openings of the curtains slowly building up and changing position. It was several times hard to see into the back of the cabinet but some openings revealed a figure standing behind the medium. 
One of the earlier photos show the mass has erected from the floor and stands slightly to the left in the back of the cabinet. Its alleged head region is far below the ring of the cabinet visible in its ceiling...
In this photo the more and more lifelike figure can be seen from the side, has moved to the center of the cabinet and 'has grown' considerably. It has reached the cabinets ring in the meantime. Beetween the mediums legs we can see that the Materialization stands upright and that the white cloth now reaches down to the floor. Moreover we can see the shape of the ring-bound beard in the area above the left ear of the medium. Nothing is in the cabinet that would explain the change in location or would support the upright standing of the organized mass. It obviously does that on its own...! 
Shortly after this photograph was taken, the entity showed itself very shortly. My spirit team told me later who he was. I had to do with this spirit a decade ago and since then he pops up from time to time. It is a highly active spirit what finally led into our both involvement then - and it looks quite like him, using the spirit portal to show up. In the very short instance he was sticking his head out of the cabinet we can explain what the above photo is already showing: The strange structured black oval over the mediums left ear is the ring bound beard, what is pretty peculiar. Please note the Thun-Materialization had no beard, had not even a stubble at all.

Nevertheless shortly before his last exposure to the camera was executed the room started to smoothly rumble as it did several times before now when entities materialized, sometimes dramatically, sometimes not.
R.K. from Munich wrote: 'That was the most powerful moment, the room was shaking and the spirit appeared to say good-bye.' R.F. wrote: 'The entity somehow communicated with me. After I recognized the shaking I knew exactly it was gonna become visible one last time...!'
The Associations president remembered: 'The first time I witnessed the trembling I really believed it was an earthquake and wanted to evacuate the séance-room. Today that was nothing in comparison - even though the same...!'
Trembling or shaking séance-rooms are reported since the days of D.D. Home!

The entity demonstrating its gradual materialization is a famous personality actually. He is a musician (singer) of a well-known music-group of the seventees and died early. He was involved in a possession case years ago with the medium as therapist. The entity and the medium fought for the freedom of a young woman for some time and it was not fully clear if the spirit was really only wanting to help. Since then he is from time to time around and obviously helped in this particular photographic experiment...!
Note the peculiar ring holding the beard, what was already visible in the previous image, when the entity still stood in the back of the cabinet...
Of course we cannot prove our theory in regards to the spirit, but our historical relationship with the spirit-personality is fact and known by many. But it is only a theory trying to identify the spirit!
THANK YOU for travelling with us the borderline of the spirit worlds emerging into ours.
Be blessed!

Kai and Julia Muegge