Friday, 25 August 2017


A couple of weeks ago a séance for foreign european guests was being held in Hanau by the Felix Circles Control Spirits. Due to the fact the group was new, an independent controller was chosen from them and a control, exceptionally rigid, was executed, in so far, that the medium was throughout every darkness phenomenon secured, held and confirmed sitting motionless in its chair. Julia was frequently taken into the control also, when phenomena were particulary strong and distant.
Besides the common teachings of the speech control-spirit and a lot of interesting but previously reported phenomena, two events stuck out: Inmidst of a red light speech of the deep trance control spirit 'Hans', mediums mouth suddenly filled up and 57 stones were produced from heads orifices, among them approx. something between six and nine from the eye-sockets and three or four from ears and nose.
Inmidst of talking to the sitters in red light conditions suddenly mediums mouth filled up and from mouth and eyes and ears and nose 57 semi-gemstones were falling
 Moreover worth to mention was the number of indentifyable spirit personalities showing up in ectoplasmic mass. Produced in red light it was taken manually from the floor after showing first signs of autonomous movement and formation abilities. Put onto the mediums chest it took not long until its density changed from very fine into more crude by somehow 'contracting'. Eventually a main mass remained and was covering parts of the head and nearly the whole chest of the medium sitting in open cabinet in red light. From that main mass several like thin prolongings reached down towards the lower body section of the medium.
After a signal appeared people were allowed to stand up in a row and approached the cabinet witnessing the appearance of three A.F.C. related personalities as it was announced earlier in the séance due to specific connections some of the sitters had to Stansted Hall. Moreover two relatives were also unquestionably being identified. The identifications were immediate and concerning the A.F.C. spirit personalities rightout outspoken and confirmed by others already at the cabinet inmidst of the visual evaluation with the additional help of a torchlight.
During the close-up observation the medium had its eyes open but totally rolled upwards and its body was rhythmically convulsing.
Immediately after the séance the group came together and drew a rough sketch listing the names and showing the positions of the heads and torsos embedded within the crude mass:
- Arthur Findlay lower left position
- Maurice Barbanell lower right position
- Glyn Edwards center position
- Grandfather female sitter A upper left position
- Father female sitter B upper right position

Rough Sketch depicting the positions of the identified faces within the main mass on the mediums head and chest

The sitter who did the medium control wrote afterwards:
I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great seance you have been given. It was great to be in the midst of the power of the spirit and the energy of many of Kai’s team who worked so hard to give us the phenomena, the address and the intelligence of great proof of higher life and as a result of the power, the power of healing, to witness trumpet phenomena, spirit kids walking and tapping and touching, spirit lights, and the production of ectoplasm and apports of little crystals. (...)
Kai is one of the most rare mediums on this planet to produce these events with his team, to express the intelligence of the higher realms in his own unique way. I am grateful to have witnessed the producing of ectoplasm, (...) in which a etheric astral hand was alive and waving at us, just before 5 faces of spirit people showed themselves on kai’s chest over the ectoplasm reproduced over his body. In red light I could recognize the face of Maurice Barbanell, Arthur Findlay and Glyn Edwards and 2 other men who were recognized as grandfather and father of one of the sitters. I like to thank spirit for this amazing evidence of higher life in which i found strength for my own development in reminding me what sitting in the power can lead to. (...)