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THE PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SPIRITUALITY - an holistical cleaning system for mind and body by Spiritual Nutrition Counselor Lillie Eberhard

Lillie Eberhard in Suisse TV

 If you look at it from a spiritual perspective, then its name says 'cosmos & ethics' - and that's what it is to me!' 
Lillie Eberhard 2017

Lately, I decided to follow another ones teachings! Indeed!
After years of resistance, now given up.
The Teachings of a true privy. And there are not so many, as you may know!
It's a wise Lady! And her teachings are about the nutritional aspects of spirituality.
Specifically the cleansing and eventually the then following healing aspects.
I have a fable for palpable spirituality!

But it's worse, I doubled my weight within the last 25 years and became more and more over-fat and stiff.
Now i have lost the first 5 kg in 4 weeks by following Mdm. Eberhards nutritional and cleansing procedures. They are coming from a 5 columns system, in which Eberhard combines ancient wisdom and modern knowledge about nutrition!

Psycho- or thought-hygienics, nutritional hygienics, linseed-oil, Spirulina Platensis and Colon-cleanings - the powerful system of Colon-Solutions
The first three kilograms I already had lost within 5 days of treatment, added to a nutrition-change I had started on day one. I was being cupped 5 hours everyday and treated with needle-cushions to activate the outer body structure. Galvano currents were sent through different regions of my body, plus specific massage treatments to resolve lymph congestions and restart the lymph nodes regular activity.
The central treatment maybe, is eventually done by oneself: regular colon flushings up to the large intestine with an ingenious device called Colon-Clean, although it is in reality an actual colon hydro for home application.
The grade of feeling cleansed afterwards is rightout elitist!
Together with the specified nutrition, three kilograms of the five were already gone within 5 days.
The Colon-Clean is not penetrating any body-parts, but with the help of the pressure from the tub and different postures to sit on the toilet the water can reach up to the large intestine. Oldest residues poisening our colon can hide over decades in the complex build of our most important organ are flushed out and very quickly everybody simply feels a lot better, even if you hadn't any symptoms before... IT CAN BE ORDERED ON THE WEBSITE

After my travels to Brazil January and February 2016 I experienced a massive loss of fitness. I had lost every lightheartedness in regards to walking, or overcome even small distances, what had become extremely exhausting - and that's why I this time agreed to my wifes Julias suggestion to undergo a treatment and to change my nutrition.

In the last years the most competent practitioners were offering days and weeks of treatment and I always declined.
Isn't it fascinating, how the mind works?
If it wasn't so sad and even dangerous in the end.
How self-confident the ego can be - over more than a decade, maybe two, i betrayed me in reassuring me  developing spiritually would suffice. Books and teachings, experiments and exercises, some of them extreme, I possessively consumed and secretely believed, my personal development actually had reached its peak - meanwhile preaching to everybody else development of personality never ends.

I had managed to achieve an extraordinary mediumistical gift and trusted my debts somehow would be paid because of my working for the spiritual benefit of people - meanwhile having turned completely away from any necessary control about my nutritional physiology.

Somehow this imballance outside my awareness had sneaked into my system and kept me sleeping, my eyes closely shut, not seeing the alarming signs, like my weight-gain for example.
Being is Psyche and Soma, the spiritual and the physiological, you heard me teaching - dwelling in a kind of personal blindness towards my own physiological, resp. nutritional needs, I only was interested in when there was a direct connex with my spiritual goals.

The psychological reasons for that imballance in my existence and for my adipositas have deep roots, but are fully understood today.
From my earliest memories in my life, full of visiting spirits and lucid excursions, I somewhen took a wrong turn. From the moment I could express, my focus started to exquisitely look on the inside, the psyche, the consciousness, the spiritual. Meanwhile I neglected my necessary bodily needs.
That way I became 48 years of age last year!

A first teacher then in my personal scholarship into mysticism became a Psychotherapist, a close friend of my parents, bringing me the subconscious mind and the basic understanding for the suggestive formular: hypnosis and its subforms.

My parents wanted to get me away at that time from my overwhelming occult activities, i was twelve, getting thirteen, and they were worrying about my spiritual sanity, as they were from much earlier on.

At that time I had gone through an initiation like time, that changed me grossly. Destined to watch in awe, together with school-friends, hostile spiritual powers entering their families physical realm. Nearly 4 months I was more or less daily house-guest and thus confronted - together with my best friends and school comrades, twin-brothers - with a massive and ruthless Poltergeist-attack. They and their parents were suffering severely at that time!
Until they finally fled the house. But still couldn't prevent the energies to destroy the whole family-structure and relationships eventually.
Within the following months from a public library I had ordered and read every available German Poltergeist research- and Physical Mediumship-literature, which were the groundwork for my first sitters group, when I was 15 at a boarding school.
When I came from there becoming 17 years of age I was looking for a Master telling me the things not written in the books and I chose W.G., a scholar of Steiner, a vitalist and a spiritualist of first garde, a book publisher and book store owner and a wise man in a wheelchair. In his bookshop i attended my very first trance mediumship sessions, meanwhile I already had held a Physical Mediumship Group over 2 years.

And then it all followed in quick succession, from the Books of the Dead, the Kabbalah and the secrets taught, existing in Numbers, Gurdijeff, Blavatsky, Levi, Crowley, Bardon, Spiesberger, the Goetias, Hofmann, Raetsch, Grof, Leary, Wilson, Schrenck, Richet, Grunewald, Driesch, Aksakov, Carrington, Lombroso, Puthoff, Schiebeler, Bender, Resch, Senkowski, Sheldrake and so many more became the solid groundwork to fully exist in the spiritual realms and become from the 1990ies fatter and fatter until I reached 145 kg finally.

Today in the 5th week i fully have regained my bodily powers, no more cramps in legs or back, I move quick and feeling weightless like I always did and I stay close to the system and hope to carry on to loose weight! 

In her book (German) the system is superbly described and can be ordered HERE

Sometimes a body is like a car stuck in mud or snow. You have to dig it out and make it go again!
Lillie Eberhard 2017

The new nutrition is based on grinded apples and oranges with linseeds and linseed oil, an almond powder to sweeten and buckwheat. Sperolina and bittern as addition. A lot of freshly pressed orange juices - for the summer optimal. Psychic and thought cleansing is another column of Eberhards 5-Column-Solution.

If you like it spicy there is a spice-mixture, mixed with linseed-oil into a pulp, put on crackers with tomatoes for example.

In Colon-Hydro-treatment I was interested already before, because the idea behind is simply so intruiging. I even had spent an expensive weekend on a wellness-farm only to have a colon hydro application. When I learned this is available for home-application I organised a Colon-Clean and immediately started to de-poison by doing regular colon-cleanings.

The system is superb and its spiritual aspects are as well.
Lillie Eberhard is the best example for what she is offering.
She is emitting an energy that is limitless, enabling her to work that way with an Age, others feel old and sick...

Do you have problems like me?
Breakout! That system makes it effective and succesful!

Monday, 12 June 2017

'IBIZA ADVANCED PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP DAYS 2017' - IMPRESSIONS / This time with participants from USA, UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany

Like traditionally every year 2017 held 10 days ready for a group of people to share time and mediumistic faculty. Beginning with the legendary Scole Group visiting the Hacienda de Bougainvillas in the late 90ies and then Physical Medium Stewart Alexander (now retired), entrepeneur and original Scole group temporary member and investigator Dr.Hans Schaer, who owns the premises carried on to invite yearly available Physical Mediums to let them share and perform together until today.
Together with the mediums were always those invited who were close to them naturally, experimenters, investigators, friends. Like in the past Robin and Sandra Foy or as absolute regulars until today, Basle PSI Association host, Lucius Werthmueller and his partner Sabin Suetterlin.
This years list of guests gathering around the mysteries of Physical Mediumship included U.K. Medium Warren Caylor and Ire Bill and Colleen Meadows (plus brother Chris), US based Medium Mychael Shane and his wife Pamela, highly gifted Switzerland Medium Bea Rubli, sensitive, medium and author Brigitte Balzerini, investigator Prof. Eckhart Kruse and his wife and therapist Heike, Basle PSI Association activist and organizer Therese Hartmann, Philantropist, Author and Investigator, President of the Basle PSI Association Lucius Werthmueller together with his partner, Sabin, who is additionally a professional translator besides her important varied involvement in the Associations work, Dr. Hans Schaer of course and Julia and me.
Financed the Ibiza days were like always by Dr. Schaers 'Riggenthal-Foundation' for the 'Investigation of Rare Forms of Mediumship'. 

All in all following seánces were being held, resp. given.
At the second day the participants already present opened the Mediumship days with a formless advanced table sitting, present mediums were Muegge, Meadows and Bea Rubli. 
In Switzerland Bea is widely known for her highly inspired mediumistic sessions. Her years long involvement with Physical Mediums eventually made her a developing Physical Medium at the moment herself. 
In that opening session, motivated by Julia and me, mainly our Felix Circle spirit team, but also Meadows', acknowledged their actual presence with their typical anomalies and phenomena. These were mainly well known transportations of objects located around the sitters space, rhythmical drumming of a drum standing lonely in one of the rooms corner, a guitar playing in another, tiny little pinpointed lights appeared from under the ceiling sailing down to the sitters, raps, touches, table movements and levitations and so forth. 
And inmidst these very FEG-typical activities suddenly Bills control 'Mary' started to speak and acknowledged Bills team presence also...!

Bill Meadows then held an own séance, then Warren came and held a séance, then we held a cabinet séance with overwhelming ectoplasmic presence and meaningful formation, then Warren held a second and a third one (table séances, after his cabinet séance), then Mychael came and did an apportation and a red light séance, then Bill gave another, resp. a last one, if I remember it rightly. 
These séances were all beautiful in themselves but there aren't any protocols existing, we could report from in detail. 
That is why we will give you with the upcoming photos some impressions from my personal memory over the days and telling the one or the other anecdote from the days.

The first photo (first photo above) shows the inner area of the hacienda, the pool and some of the doors that lead to beautiful rooms for different numbers of guests, all with own bathroom. The weather was without exception beautiful over the ten days we were there. To the right of that perspective invisible on the picture lays the so called pool room, in which in the last five years all séances were happening.

The Hacienda, that offers room for at least 16 guests lays deep within a green valley of pine trees and orange plantages. Its name is due to the rich growth of the plant or flower 'Bougainvillas' on the Finca that appears in different powerful red, blue and white color everywhere and this is the first photo taken showing this beauty.

The Author, Film-Maker, Pedagogue and Physical Medium Kai Muegge, tired after the earliest mornings flight.
Traditionally Kai and Julia do sleep in the most remote section of the Finca and have there the comfortable hut to the right! Photo shows the nightly illuminated finca. The main house lays to the left.

A nightly visitor.

And our hut in the morning...

The day US trance-physical medium Mychael Shane and his wife Pamela flew in, those already present made a welcome photo for them who would be with us for the first time.

The evening before was our Deep Trance Séance and the 150 birthday of Albert Freiherr of Schrenck-Notzing, this extraordinary pioneer of the scientific exploration of Materialization mediumship ('Phenomena of Materialization' 1913) in Germany, friend of Richet - and a leading part in the FEG spirit team of helper personalities in the spiritual realms. In the course of the evening his torso appeared on first sight two-dimensionally within layers of ectoplasmic substance on the chest of Kai and all present were invited to step forward and observe close-hand the strange lively features these images often have appearing within ectoplasmic mass...!
One of the first-time close observers were Prof. Eckhart Kruse and his wife Heike and both were describing the same strange ongoings, Author C. Dresbach already had described in a previous article: 'The image looked extremely lively, even though it had obviously characteristics of vintage photography, it suddenly was getting a life of its own!", Prof. Kruse remarked after the sitting. Moreover the presented images resemble strongly well known photographies of the depicted personalities and the spirit controls comment that they purposefully depict the personality in the ectoplasm in a way the audience is used to identify them, like for example by showing them like in well known photos - specifically concerning historical personalities. They would be hard to identify if we would have to identify them in never before seen poses or persepctives. Their strange lively appearance is probably due to the fact, that they are depicted on a lively ectoplasmic background!?

Besides a lot of mysterious spirit light apparitions, for example revealing in the dark a long armlike appearance with a filigrane hand coming from the ceiling and prolonging into the mediums lap, from the lights also huge objects emerged and fell onto or appeared suddenly on the floor. The many green tiny stones depicted on the image above came from the mediums eye-sockets and like always  philosophical contents were shared with the sitters.

Very early morning sky...

Photo-Art, my little hobby, with the plants of the vicinity (all images above)
Bill Meadows demonstration happened after a considerable pause in his carreer. But very quickly the trance personality 'Marie' overtook the routine and overwhelmed like always the audience with her unique child-like originality. In front of that background a face appeared above the plaque, instruments were being played, hands and touches appeared and happened and several objects were manipulated and personalities like Jonathan and Father James fought their fights (of words), representing the difficult experiences of the Medium in a catholic Orphanage as a child.                                                                        
Befriended Medium Warren Caylor refreshing in the pool
Shortly later Warren arrived and started with his séances more or less immediately. Ectoplasm was shown starting to emit a faint glow, personalities spoke from different locations, ectoplasm exited mediums body, objects were taken and flew through the room or appeared from nowhere. Like with Mychael, also with Warren inmidst of everydays actions suddenly objects appear, in the salad, in soft drink cans (yeah, of course red bull), rings, stones, sacred materialized objects...                                                       
More photo art with the finca premises, a silent retreat here to read a book or listen to music or simply to breath nature.
Then Mychael arrived late but like always fully present and with his very sympathetic wife Pamela definitely an enrichment. First evening he sat besides me and ate with huge appetite, when Prof. Kruse made a joke about apportation and held his both hands into the direction of Mychaels mouth and just wanted to retreat them again, when Mychael, still chewing on his meal, signalled him non-verbally: 'No, keep your hands there!', and so did Eckhart.
Pam said: 'He is apporting!' And out of his mouth suddenly a not too small artifact (photo) appeared. That was a 'Wow'-situation for all observers.
Spontaneously apported from mouth, inmidst of having and chewing on his dinner, through the mediumistic faculty of Mychael Shane.
In another apportation séance Mychael spouted like regularly hundreds of gemstones or semigemstones and different rings and gave them to the sitters with a message from the Ascended Masters. But Mychaels gifts go beyond his apportation abilities clearly demonstrated when he is doing billet reading. Quite impressing!

Apported gemstones by Mychael Shane in his first Ibiza séance

Investigator Dr. Hans Schaer validates the apported objects

Even though all séances were basically succesful actual synergies couldn't be worked out. But maybe that is too much wanted when you come together only once a year. Nevertheless the Ibiza days were again a unique event that will be happening in the upcoming years as well as far as we can say.
We say thank you to all those who organized, financed and did else to make the week a success! 
And to the reader: Thank you for your interest.

All participants of the Ibiza Days 2017. From left to right upper row: Chris, Colleen & Bill Meadows, Mychael Shane, Lucius Werthmueller, Warren Caylor, me in the shadows, Dr. Hans Schaer, Prof.Eckart Kruse. Lower row: Pamela Shane, Sabin Suetterlin, Therese Hartmann, Lisa, the dog, Bea Rubli, Heike Kruse, Brigitte Balzerini, Julia Muegge