Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Three magicians, one opinion: No trickery!

Since 2010 we have invited Professional Magicians letting them form their opinions in regards to the séances.
Two of them are specialized in Séance room tricks resp. hold professional staged séances.
One world widely known and respected magician and parapsychologist just sat this year with us in R.!
Their commentaries and results were always the same and could not be better shortly expressed as it is done by the Professional Stage Magician T.R. (identity known to the Basle PSI Ass.) in a public statement after having gone into detail in a letter to the Associations President Werthmueller. Weeks later he demonstrated one of his staged séances to members of the Association as to members of the Braude Investigation when the differences in techniques and approach became obvious. Here is his public statement:

 So, the Stage Magician would like to comment, but this time i keep it short (besides a lengthy letter to the switzerland event host).
The séance by Kai M. was very tantalizing, during the most phenomena happening in a distance between 2 and 3 metres (between 7 and 10 feet) in front of the held medium it was clear that neither the medium nor his partner could have played a part in their production. Their voices/trance voices could be heard simultaneously to the phenomena in a distance (like the so called ‚spirit’ lights and the handforms building on the plaque).
 Comparably good i consider the building of the ectoplasm-fingers and –hands on the plaque looking quite astounding on behalf of its amorphous characteristics. The medium/helper must have crouched and scuttled low to the ground or must have worked with wires and sticks what is difficult to reconstruct and imagine (medium was held at hands and feet). The last stage with the manifested ectoplasm from the mediums mouth looked good as well and a professional magician is of course usually harder to persuade.
The in the following erecting hand from the mass or the growing column appeared very good, from the illusionary perspective theoretically possible but in fact quite astounding.
 The whole séance appeared genuine to me, i never had the feeling there was trickery.
 Moreover i believe that after the holotropic breathing routine of the medium necessarily a trance state is achieved, i could not carry out my illusionary show elements after such a massive hyperventilating-like breathing. So in the end either genuine phenomena or very good trickery i could not detect at all!
 Another rational explanation how it could have been tricked would be confederates in the room. 

Respectfully, T. R.,
International Magician,
(well known for staged séances)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Indridi Indridason (1883-1912)
One of the most amazing stories ever told in the annals of Physical Mediumship is about a young Icelandic lad, who became the first known Icelandic Medium 1905, a physical medium, of such a power that until today he is mentioned alongside the biggest names of the first and second Generation of Physical Mediums: His name was Indridi Indridason and several aspects of his case were truely remarkable.
For a long time the thorough investigations of the specifically founded 'Experimental Society' (later Icelandic Society for Psychical Research) were only available in small excerpts translated for and published in periodicals in UK and Germany. 
Not before 1989 the Society for Psychical Research translated larger sections of the available note-books about the experiments and published a small booklet as 'Proceedings', describing for the first time in depth and order the development of events during an outstanding investigation into Physical Mediumship.

Several specialties make Loftur R. Gissursarson and Erlendur Haraldsson 'The Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason' an extremely fascinating read: The character of the phenomena and the way of control in the especially built house of the Society.
Rough Levitations, that sometimes teared even the hand holding controller up into the air with the medium. Strong and multiple Direct Voices, appearing parallely everywhere in the experimental room, even in the by net seperated observer-section, singing loudly in their ears for example. Clairvoyance, expressed by some of the personalities that spoke through Indridi. Tele- or psychokinetical Poltergeist-like disturbances, happening not only during the Séances. De- and Materialisations of so called 'Spirit Forms'. Light phenomena of different sort, oftentimes in connection with the occurring materializations.
The Experimental Room and Conditions 1909 at the height of Indridis Physical Mediumship
 During the Séances held mostly twice a week it was the way of control that gives the case an additional special aspect: The experimental room was seperated into the experimental space and the observers space by a net. Behind this net Prof. Nielsson or a colleague was acting as the so called watchman, holding the medium at his limbs during the dark sittings and reporting every action and reaction of the medium to the sitters behind the net, when the partially massive phenomena occurred. That way not only the phenomena could be observed but also the conditions and relations of the medium with them. After 4 years the controls were tightened to a degree that 2 or even 3 watchmen were holding Indridi at all his 4 limbs during nearly all phenomenal sections of the Séances.

1909 the phenomena had reached their height. 1912 they ended with Indridis death. Considering the vivid character of the translated material it is a pity, that most of it until today waits for translation.

Today is a good day, because everyone of you can read now 'THE ICELANDIC PHYSICAL MEDIUM INDRIDI INDRIDASON' - we strongly recommend you do so!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Report on the FEG Séance of 11th September, 2014 in C. - By Lily and Sonnie Choto

On 11th September, 2014 my daughter Lily and I sat for the second time with the German physical medium, Kai M. and his wife/circle leader Julia M. of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG), Dr. Hans Bender, spirit communicator/controller, hosted by Dr. N. at his home in C..
 Second and third séances were also hosted by N.on 16th and 18th September (which we did not attend). Our thanks to N. for all his efforts bringing physical mediumship back to the C.D. community. Our thanks to Julia and Kai, Hans Bender and the Chemists for coming back again.

 This summary has been written using a recording that Lily and I made the evening of 12th September as we recollected the phenomena, marveling at the meaning of it all, and feeling privileged indeed to witness the various modalities that Hans Bender and the Chemists use in order to communicate with us across that so-called veil.
We may have misremembered the order of some of the many phenomena and other minor details, but our report is essentially accurate. I have recently read a friend’s report on the séances of 16th and 18th September which she attended. She wrote that deceased pets sat on sitters’ laps and were generally running about the séance room, and faces were produced in the ectoplasm. Likewise, last year on 9th August Lily and I sat for the first of several séances held in C., NY.
During the second and/or third séances, I believe, little faces appeared in the extruded ectoplasm, which were not produced during the first séance we attended.
Hans and his Chemists are to be commended for the variety of phenomena produced as no two séances appear to repeat themselves.
 The security protocols carried out to control the medium, Julia, and the séance environment to squelch any suspicion of faked phenomena were the same as had been used in August, 2013, including having independent sitters check the séance room beforehand, a gentleman sitter inspecting Kai as he disrobed and changed into different clothes, and the sitters being kept in “chain” by holding hands while the phenomena was being produced.
One difference in the security protocol from last year was that Julia hummed when experiments were being carried out so that we would always know where she was. The entranced Kai was always controlled by 4-limb control, except, of course, when Hans controlled Kai’s body and walked about the séance room, in which case, red light was used, and Hans repeatedly asked N. to confirm where the medium was when phenomena was occurring.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

August Goforths vivid accounts: When spirit forms materialised in A.B., Summer 2014

... Hans, the main spirit control announced that the Visitor had returned, and once again we witnessed a kind of glowing or phosphorescent “energy cloud” drift from the cabinet and out into the room. It was perhaps 1 foot in length and 6 inches in height, moving along the floor at first—very, very slowly—changing shape and pulsing with its dim light. It then lengthened in height, and demonstrated clear signs of life as only a living thing can do. One of the sitters commented that its now long, thin shape appeared to be like that of a snake, and someone else thought it looked like a cobra as it seemed to “unfold” and lengthen even more, with a wider shape at the top that gave the appearance of a head of some kind. By then it was more than 3 feet in height, perhaps 4, and then levitated above the floor at a distance of about 2 feet. It continued to undulate forward, still extremely slowly, and then turn around and go back towards the cabinet, at which point it vanished like steam dissipating.
Cloudlike Materialisation exit the cabinet and approach the sitters (copyright)
 What I was able to see was that this was not a snake or some other amorphous form, but an actual person, who was walking extremely and even agonizingly slowly, almost as if trying to balance on a tight-rope, while gathering energy and materializing from the ground up. This ground-up materialization of form has often seen in many physical mediumship séances, according to much of the literature. It also appeared to me that this person was either wearing some kind of flowing fabric that was glowing, or it was an energetic substance that appeared like fabric and was allowing them to materialize and move. ...

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