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Weeks ago I attended a séance conducted by Kai Muegge in Australia. I found it to be a worthwhile and valuable experience. I've just posted an account of this experience on a computer forum I belong to as part of an earlier response I’d posted to the topic ‘Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence’ which came up some time ago.
My account of the Kai Muegge séance can be (originally) found as a postscript at the bottom of my main post in which I attempted to argue that humans have a soul and that life after death is a reality.

If you read the replies I got in response to my initial post you’ll understand why I chose the title/(headline) of this discussion/(report). (link to the original forum thread)

Full report of Edward originally coming from a lengthy forum discussion (see 'link' above):
I (...) (was) going to my second séance conducted by Kai Muegge the only medium in the world I know of that demonstrates ectoplasm in red light at his séances and it had such an impact on me that I felt compelled to add an account of this experience to my post. I prefer to add the account as a postscript to my first post in this topic rather than resurrect the topic with a new post at the end and then watch more close minded sceptics that reject anything that conflicts with their rigid belief system and narrow worldview, respond by posting more insults and ridicule.

The séance took place on October 29th 2013 at the same place at Wallacia on the outskirts of Sydney as the previous séance I attended. I found it to be a worthwhile and valuable experience with the highlight for me being seeing ectoplasm in red light. The experience also supported the validity of the Scole Experiment because I witnessed a number of the same phenomena that were reported to have occurred in the Scole Experiment.

Both séances that I have attended have been valuable each in a different way.

While my first séance involved some impressive physical phenomena (a table and a megaphone levitated and did some spectacular acrobatics) the majority of the séance consisted of people from the afterlife dimension speaking through the medium (Tom Morris) with the main spirit entity that came through, John Sloane, impressing me with his caring, wise and intelligent personality and the way that he answered questions. John Sloane did something subtle but significant (to me) at the end of the séance that provided a strong clue that the séance was genuine.

My second séance conducted by the medium Kai Muegge, with Hans Bender the main spirit guide from the other dimension speaking through the medium acting as master of ceremonies, took a different approach with an emphasis on physical paranormal phenomena as evidence of the existence of other dimensions awaiting us after we die. This was done in an impressive and at times awe inspiring manner.

When I saw the medium Kai Muegge approaching the room I sat in while waiting for the séance to begin my first impression was one of surprise at how casual and relaxed he looked. I couldn't help thinking that if he was a con-artist he was the most relaxed con-artist I'd ever seen because he appeared unconcerned about what he was about to do and to have complete confidence that the spirit helpers were going to show up and play their part and that's exactly what happened! Presumably he allows himself to be used by entities in the afterlife dimension while in trance and he probably has limited awareness of what is going on hence there is no need for him to worry about what was going to happen. He has also probably conducted so many séances in the past that there was no doubt in his mind as to the reliability of the spirit entities showing up. Cynics and sceptics might say that he was relaxed and confident because he had successfully fooled people so many times in the past but what I witnessed that night left me with no doubt that he is genuine.

Before the séance began he gave an introductory lecture. It was a long rambling talk about the type of mediumship he does and how it differs from the types of mediumship traditional in the US and UK as well as some guidelines to prepare us for what we were about to experience.

I was one of 2 people chosen to search the séance room including the cabinet at the front that the medium sat in while producing ectoplasm. Neither of us found any evidence of anything suspicious. I checked the chairs and the props that were going to be used (a plastic bucket, a few balls covered in cloth, a handkerchief, a ceramic tile and a megaphone) and every inch of the inside of the cabinet room. The cabinet was basically just a rectangular frame with plywood walls and ceiling with a black curtain at the front that you could pull over to cover the medium as he sat inside.

Before entering the séance room every person was searched including being checked with a metal detector for things like a torch or a camera with a flash that might be used to take a photo of the medium while ectoplasm was coming out of him which if it happened could be injurious (even life threatening) to the medium because of the way that ectoplasm reacts to white light. Kai Muegge explained during his introductory lecture that someone once did something silly during one of his séances that caused the ectoplasm to shoot back into his body causing him pain and to bleed from the mouth and nose. In the past a few mediums have been seriously hurt and one or two may have died as a result of injuries sustained from people doing the wrong thing.

There were 17 of us in total consisting of 14 sitters plus Kai Muegge, his wife and Inge Crosson the woman that provided the facility free of charge for the séance. We sat in a semicircle around the cabinet located at the front of the room and after a few minutes Kai Muegge entered the séance room doing a strange kind of rapid heavy breathing called ‘hollotropic breathing’ which he had already been doing for about 20 minutes in private while we were searched and assigned our seats. He made occasional loud grunting noises while breathing rapidly in this peculiar manner. The hollotropic breathing was presumably designed to put him into a receptive state for Hans Bender to take over his body (and I'm guessing for his ego to become quiet and move aside).

Each of us was required to hold hands almost continuously for the entire approximately 2 ½ hours that the séance went. This was to ensure that no-one could be accused of being an accomplice to what occurred by getting out of their chair or doing anything underhanded in the dark. It was also designed to act as an alarm system in case anyone tried to do anything silly like rush the medium and grab him or take a photo of him with a camera that wasn't detected during the search, while ectoplasm was coming out of him. If anyone stopped holding hands we were instructed to call out immediately and the séance would have halted and possibly ended completely depending on the reason it happened.

So that there could be no accusation of fraud on the medium's part involving getting up in the dark without anyone knowing both the medium's hands were held by the persons sitting on each side of him as well as a hand placed on each of the medium’s legs. If the medium attempted to get up the sitters monitoring him were instructed to yell out. Kai Muegge told us that even if he wanted to be deceptive and commit fraud his wife would not have allowed it.

The séance started in darkness in dramatic fashion with several extremely loud bangs on the walls of the cabinet or the front wall of the séance room (the banging definitely came from inside not the outside the room). A number of women in the audience shrieked when this happened but I remained calm and rational because I wanted to interpret what I experienced objectively and look for any signs of trickery. The banging sounded like a person slamming his closed fist against the cabinet wall and my automatic reaction was to wonder if it might be Kai Muegge doing it but then I remembered that he was being monitored by the sitter on each side of him holding both of his hands and legs with the instruction to yell out if he got up so it couldn't have been him or any member of the audience as we were all holding hands! The banging turned out to be Hans Bender the spirit guide from the afterlife dimension announcing his arrival in dramatic fashion! When he lived on earth (1907-1991) Hans Bender was a lecturer in parapsychology at an institute in Freiburg Germany that he set up.

Hans Bender then spoke through the medium. His voice sounded very similar to Kai Muegge's voice which was understandable as he was using Kai Muegge's body and vocal chords and his nationality was the same as Kai Muegge's so english was spoken with a German accent. His personality was also quite similar to Kai Muegge's but in my opinion not identical. Hans Bender explained that the séance was going to be conducted in several phases building up to showing ectoplasm in red light. This turned out to be the case with a series of impressive phenomena occurring ending in ectoplasm in red light which I'll describe in detail later. Ectoplasm is a kind of life force substance that we all supposedly contain that can be drawn out of us by people in the afterlife dimension which they can use to produce phenomena in light (principally red light). There are many photos of ectoplasm on the internet and pretty much all of them in my opinion are crude fakes consisting of cotton wool, cheesecloth, toilet paper etc with some involving using photos of people cut from newspapers stuck to cotton wool to create the illusion of human faces appearing in ectoplasm.

I'll now list the phenomena I witnessed in summary form in the order they occurred before describing the one I saw that impressed me the most and provided striking evidence of another dimension with intelligent beings living in it that are able to communicate with us under favourable circumstances and that our our spirit goes to after we are finished with our earth incarnations.

Summary Outline of the Phenomena I Witnessed in Chronological Order:

• Numerous members of the audience were touched on the head in quick succession and then people were touched on the feet (we had all removed our shoes and left them outside the séance room). As each person was touched he/she called out. The sceptics would say that darkness allowed the medium or an accomplice to sneak around in the dark and touch the sitters but since all of us including the medium held hands this couldn't be the case. This same phenomenon occurred during many of the Scole Experiment sessions.

• A series of sharp pinpoints of lights flashed in quick succession in a wide clockwise pattern across the front of the room. When I saw them my first thought was to wonder if that they been created by some sort of laser device but as we were all holding hands and the medium’s hands were also being held along with his legs this couldn't have been the source of the lights. The lights also flashed in mid air not on the wall of the cabinet or the séance room which would be the case if a laser device was used. Hans Bender announced that there had been a problem with the effect that his spirit team was trying to achieve so they had decided to abandon it and move on to the next phenomena. It then occurred to me that I was probably the only person in the room that had seen the lights because if others had they would have called out. The lights were not strong but still clearly noticeable to me because I happened to be looking in the right place when they occurred. I remembered that a similar sort of thing happened during the Scole Experiment with the spirit entities sometimes only achieving a weak effect but then producing a stronger one in subsequent sessions after experimenting and refining the method used.

• A handkerchief with numerous spots around the perimeter of it that glowed in the dark was handed to one of the sitters by Kai Muegge’s wife with the instruction to only let go of the handkerchief if it was tugged strongly. While the sitter held an edge of the handkerchief with her arm extended I saw the other end of the handkerchief rise and pulled away so strongly that the woman let go and the handkerchief was propelled to the other side of the circle where it fell to the floor. This was done a couple of times with different sitters holding the handkerchief. Big deal you might say but remember that every person held hands while this happened and the medium was also being monitored by the sitter on each side to make sure that he remained sitting in his chair so no (human) person in the room could be doing it.

• A luminescent ceramic tile was placed in the middle of the circle and a hand was seen by some sitters forming above it in the light given off by the tile. I only saw what looked like a vague luminescent mist above the tile. I guessed that this was because the outline of the hand was quite dim and I was much further away from the tile than those that saw it.

• Three small soft cloth covered luminescent balls that glowed in the dark were placed on top of an inverted plastic bucket in the middle of the circle and the balls were seen to suddenly scatter in several directions and move along the floor propelled by an invisible force. This was repeated a couple of times.

• A light appeared and whizzed around the room rapidly pausing intermittently in front of various people and then raced off again. I found this to be quite impressive. While the light was darting around the room the sitters holding the medium were asked by Hans Bender to confirm if the medium was still in his chair and they confirmed that he was still in his chair proving that the source of the light could not be coming from any person in the room as all of us were holding hands. This light did some impressive acrobatics travelling around the room at times close to the sitters and pausing briefly before some sitters before whizzing off again.

• A megaphone with several luminescent spots on both ends to make it visible in the dark was placed on top of an inverted plastic bucket in the middle of the room and we all watched it levitate up near the ceiling and whiz around the room at speed stopping briefly in front of some sitters before taking off again. I was particularly impressed by this because the megaphone dropped to the floor a couple of times on stopping and I heard it clatter as it hit the floor which confirmed to me that it was the megaphone that had been flying around the room. After each time it fell to the floor it levitated back up above our heads and resumed zooming around the room. While the megaphone whizzed around the room (with some women in the room shrieking loudly as it did so) Hans Bender asked the sitters monitoring Kai Muegge if he was still in his chair and they confirmed that he was and since the rest of us were holding hands whoever or whatever was responsible for the megaphone levitating and whizzing around the room it couldn't have been caused by any human in the room.

• With a light illuminating Kai Muegge and the area around him Hans Bender asked one of the sitters to sit cross legged on the floor in front of the medium. Kai Muegge then lifted his left arm shoulder height stretching it out in front of him with his forearm bent at a right angle so it was parallel to his chest and his palm and fingers were outstretched. Hans Bender then asked the volunteer to thoroughly examine his arm and hand for any foreign object (the medium wore a short sleeved shirt so there was no possibility of anything concealed in his shirt being used) and the woman volunteer announced that the medium’s hand contained no foreign objects. The medium then groaned loudly with such an intensity it reminded me of a woman in labour giving birth and after about 15 seconds of this intense groaning (which I'm guessing may have been for dramatic effect rather than necessary!) an apport (an object transported paranormally from one place to another) appeared below the medium’s outstretched palm and dropped to the floor!

It's important to note that the woman sitting cross legged on the floor was sitting with her head no more than about 30 cm from the medium’s outstretched palm looking up at his palm so she had an excellent view and there was a light illuminating the medium and his arm so we could see what was happening. The woman sitting cross legged on the floor and the sitters in close proximity confirmed that they saw the crystal stone appear just below the medium’s outstretched hand (I was too far away to see this) and the woman showed it to everyone after the séance was over. I examined it and it was a hard, smooth clear piece of stone with coloured minerals in the centre of it.

Hans Bender then announced that ectoplasm would be produced from the medium. This was what I had been waiting for and one of the main reasons I went to the séance. For this to occur the medium was required to be in the cabinet and he moved his chair back into the cabinet behind him while sitting in it and still in trance. The curtain in front of the cabinet was then pulled across by his wife and we were all asked to sing (to music played by Kai Muegge’s wife) for several minutes as Hans Bender and his spirit team of ‘chemists’ did something from their dimension designed to cause ectoplasm to come from the medium’s mouth.

After several minutes of singing we were asked to stop and Kai Muegge’s wife then turned on a red light that illuminated the cabinet and pulled the curtain back. I then witnessed something remarkable that I'll never forget. I observed a luminescent whitish almost clear (I could see inside it but not behind it) gas like structure in the middle of the cabinet (I didn't see Kai Muegge because the structure obscured him). It looked maybe 80 cm wide, a little less than that high and maybe 50 cm deep. The structure had stringy strands of a darker material scattered through it which helped to define it as having depth and it was expanding and contracting and it also moved slightly in a clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction. From the way it moved I had the distinct impression that it was being controlled by the spirit entities from the other dimension who were manipulating it so that we could see it from different angles. I was fortunate to have a very clear view of it because I looked at it directly front-on with an unimpeded view.

Then as I watched the ectoplasm pulsating and slowly changing shape in the right half of it I saw a hand in it! The hand must have formed in the ectoplasm after the curtain was opened because it wasn't there when I initially saw the mass of ectoplasm. The hand was small but clearly defined and it ended a little above the wrist and while the rest of the ectoplasm (apart from the stringy strands in it) looked almost like luminescent transparent water the hand was a dense greyish colour so it stood out very clearly against the surrounding much lighter material. The fingers of the hand moved slightly and the entire hand rotated slightly as if controlled by the spirit entities to show it off from different angles. I then watched the hand move out towards us and then withdrew back into the ectoplasm and disappear. It was surreal to say the least yet my clear view left me in no doubt as to the reality of what I saw despite it defying the known laws of science!

Of all of the phenomena I witnessed that night this one stands out the most in my memory because of how clearly I saw it from my front-on view of the ectoplasm and the hand that formed in it and because the curtain remained open long enough for me to be certain of what I saw. Note that Kai Muegge's wife only kept the curtain open for no more than 6 or 7 seconds each time that ectoplasm was displayed presumably because of the danger to her husband with the ectoplasm being exposed to light. This was long enough for me to be certain that this was genuine ectoplasm and that it could not have been produced by trickery. I don't care how clever and cunning you are there is no way known for a human being to produce what I saw by trickery under those conditions and with the controls in place because the ectoplasm was a living pulsating structure changing shape and size as I watched it. It confirmed to me that ectoplasm does exist and that it can be produced by some mediums.

To demonstrate the control that Hans Bender's spirit team had over ectoplasm Hans Bender then asked Kai Muegge’s wife to close the curtain and he announced that he would again show us ectoplasm but that it would have a different shape and appearance to the ectoplasm we had just seen. We were asked to sing again and before the curtain was opened Bender described what the ectoplasm should look like and then the curtain was pulled back and we were treated to the sight of more ectoplasm. This time it was a tall narrow column of a dense white cloud like material but with dark areas in it. Unlike the previous ectoplasm it was too dense to see inside it.

After Kai Muegge’s wife closed the curtain Hans Bender then said that his spirit team would create a likeness of a deceased relative of someone in the audience in the ectoplasm! Hans Bender said that the person whose likeness would appear died at the age of 93. After several more minutes of singing we were asked to stop and Kai Muegge’s wife turned on the red light to illuminate the cabinet and pulled the curtain away and there was a narrow column of ectoplasm on the left side of the cabinet. I saw a dense lattice of white interconnected strands in it and there was a shape of a human head in it but the head was upside down! No member of the audience recognised the face as that of a dead relative before the curtain was pulled back across the cabinet by Kai Muegge's wife.

Hans Bender then told us that he didn’t know why the head was upside down and that he would try to get his spirit team to turn it the right way round to make it easier for someone in the audience to recognise it. After more singing when the red light was switched on and the curtain was pulled back the ectoplasm was again visible with the head in it but it was still upside down. This time however after the curtain was closed a woman in the audience called out that she recognised the face as her dead grandfather and that he used to show off his acrobatic skills by standing on his head in front of the family after dinner each night! The woman said that her grandfather was so good at standing on his head that he was able do it without using his hands to steady himself.

The reason the head in the ectoplasm was inverted was now apparent. It was the spirit team's way of making it easier for the woman to recognise her grandfather in the ectoplasm. While I saw part of the ectoplasm I didn't see the head because of the position of the ectoplasm to my left and only being visible for perhaps 5 seconds before the curtain was pulled back but the woman who recognised her grandfather got a good view of it because it was directly in front of her. This suggests that the spirit team knew where each of us was sitting and positioned the ectoplasm to give the woman the best chance to recognise her grandfather. While this didn't conclusively prove survival after death because the head was only a likeness of the woman's grandfather it was convincing evidence of contact with another dimension.

What I saw by the way also confirmed in my mind that the majority of the photos of ectoplasm taken in the first half of the last century that I’ve seen on the internet are fakes. To capture the real thing in the past using a camera would have been next to impossible because white light causes ectoplasm to instantly shoot back into the medium doing harm to the medium’s body and possibly even killing the medium. There are special cameras today capable of capturing ectoplasm but these would not have been readily available in the past. Cameras have recently been used to capture ectoplasm at a Kai Muegge séance ( see ) and they show ectoplasm similar in appearance to the second and third instances of ectoplasm I witnessed at the séance I attended (however the first instance of ectoplasm I saw with the hand in it was different).

The ectoplasm in red light was the last of the phenomena I witnessed at the séance. From what I witnessed I concluded that while our intense form of light is incompatible with the laws governing the dimension that the spirit entities live in darkness allows the spirit entities to make their presence known in ways like touching, levitating objects etc and ectoplasm allows a visible dramatic and unequivocal way of making their presence known by using a coating of ectoplasm for protection so that faces, hands etc can be formed that are visible to the eye in (red) light. It makes sense that both dimensions must operate under different laws to ensure that they remain separate under normal conditions otherwise chaos would ensue.

Following the demonstrating of ectoplasm we then listened to Hans Bender conclude the séance with a brief talk during which he warned us that the excesses of capitalism were destroying the planet. While he was right I didn't see much point to him telling us this without at least offering some positive alternatives. He also urged each of us to become ‘warriors for the spirit’. Both statements sounded a little trite and naïve to me coming from a spirit speaking from another dimension that didn't have to worry about food, shelter and survival! Realistically speaking unless far more unequivocal proof of communication with beings in another dimension that awaits us after death is forthcoming in the future evidence provided by mediums channelling spirits and séances where phenomena like touching, lights, apports, levitation and even ectoplasm occur are always likely to be looked upon with scepticism by the majority of people and warnings like the one Bender gave ignored.

Hans Bender then said something that I considered to be significant. He said that we shouldn't think of the afterlife as being a continuation of life as we know it on earth. In human terms he said that there is no such thing as an afterlife. While he didn't explicitly say it at the séance Bender has indicated in the past that our ultimate destiny once we are done with our human incarnations is a form of consciousness not confined by boundaries such as a body. He describes the afterlife as a 'space in which consciousness core fields are projecting onto different physical levels of existence'. From this space we are able to explore the multidimensional universe projecting our consciousness into different dimensions and in the process move closer to the ultimate source consciousness-God. A form of pure consciousness occupying 'an area' is also what the spirit communicators indicated they were in response to the Ibiza Questions posed by Dr Hans Schaer during the Scole Experiment (see Robin Foy's book 'Witnessing the Impossible' pages 200 to 203). It is also in a nutshell what Seth says is our destiny in the book 'Seth Speaks' and the other Seth books channelled through medium Jane Roberts. Here we see the same important core idea being communicated from different sources.

After briefly socialising following the séance I left for home at around midnight. I have no doubt that what I experienced that night was genuine and not some elaborate hoax for the purpose of duping people out of money. While some mediums are phonies I'm certain that neither Kai Muegge nor the two guys that conducted the other séance that I attended almost 3 years earlier at the same location fall into this category. Because of the strict controls in place during the séance the possibility of either the medium or an accomplice among the sitters being involved in some sort of elaborate and sophisticated deception was in my opinion zero. Even if the strict controls had not been in place and you had the opportunity to perpetrate fraud no-one no matter how clever they are could have produced the ectoplasm I saw with the hand and head in it by trickery.

What will those of you that I have labelled as 'swine' in response to your ridiculing of my posts make of all of this? You will reject any evidence that conflicts with your dogmatic rigidly held conviction that there is no such thing as a soul or an afterlife. You have to reject what I have put forward no matter how compelling the evidence in order to protect your comfortable rigid narrow worldviews however those of you who are more open minded I hope got something of value from my post. Because I personally experienced all of the things that I described that happened at the séance I'm certain that what I experienced was genuine. It also confirmed that the accounts I'd read about the Scole Experiment were genuine. My experience at this latest séance I attended makes me more certain that we are not just clever animals and that we have a spirit and a soul and that we are part of something amazing beyond our wildest imagination that even the many closed minded unintelligent 'swine' among you will eventually come to accept.

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