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EXAMINATION OF A WITNESSED 'APPORT' - William Treurniets enhanced investigation

William C. Treurniet, December, 2013
(amended January, 2014)
Several seances were held during October and November, 2013, at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia. The medium was Kai Muegge of the Felix Experimental Group in Frankfurt, Germany. Kai's spirit control is the deceased Professor Hans Bender. I attended the seance held on November 13. Anomalous phenomena were produced while the medium was controlled by two sitters on either side of his chair. Because of the lack of light in the room, these sitters each held the medium's nearest hand and knee to ensure that he did not move away from his chair. There were loud raps on the walls and ceiling, and little balls of light flitted around the room in the dark. Hans also produced a faint sheet of illumination like a white aurora borealis that moved past sitters seated well away from the medium. I experienced being struck on the hands and knees by unknown objects, and felt a stroking of the hair on the back of my head. A trumpet prop, self-illuminated by fluorescent tape, flew around the room, occasionally striking me and other sitters.

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The medium Kai M. held a series of seances at Wallacia, Australia, in November, 2013. This object was one of a number that fell from the medium's extended empty hand in several of the seances. This particular one was seen to form with a brief twinkle just before it fell into a sitter's waiting hands. It was described by the medium's spirit control as having pockets containing ectoplasm. In the video we see that these pockets were arranged to form images of human faces - ectoplasmic art, we might say.

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