Saturday, 16 February 2013

THE PROBLEM OF SPIRIT POSSESSION: Spirit Release Therapy (OFFSITE/Spiritist Knowledge)

Book Cover of Prof. Hans Naegeli Osjords masterpiece "Possession and Exorcism". Being the president of Switzerlands Psychiatric Society as well as of the Switzerland Parapsychological Association he was one of the pioneers in the eighties (re-)integrating spiritual treatment forms into the Psychiatrists practical experience! He is part of the FEG-Spirit Team and works on the spiritual plane together with us to find release for patients with very nasty symptoms...  
(Foreword by the FEG-Editor
For several years now we worked with different patients from all runs of life that had symptoms, that Psychiatry classically describes as "dissociative" or "psychotic"! The problem with these patients is, they are in no way dissociative or psychotic. Nevertheless they feel molested and disturbed by unseen presences, that reveal themselves mostly obviously as personalities with different needs, mostly of a sexual nature. The most unbelievable constellations we have worked on and have helped several times.
This formidable article now shows the problems awareness in spiritualist culture of different origin. From early on the problem is known and described in spiritualist history, but is widely neglected by todays leading european spiritualists unions.   
Although we appreciate the approach of Dr. T.J.Palmer by linking this article here, we want to underline that his opinions are not necessarily ours!
Have a thorough and interesting read!)

(a contribution by Dr. T. J. Palmer)

 The possibility of Spirit influence is currently neglected by present day orthodox therapies that do not recognize the independent nature of human mind from its material counterpart. However, this does not preclude the existence of this phenomenon which is unfortunately widely spread in the population and can be considered as the origin of several mental disorders and leading to many hideous crimes.

Already in 1861, Allan Kardec redefined obsession as the 'domain of some Spirits over certain people. An influence that is never exercised by good Spirits but rather only by those of inferior nature' (1). If the human personality has its origin in a center of psychological forces known as 'Spirit' - which is by itself quite independent from matter - the phenomena of spirit obsession or attachment may be one of the leading causes of many tragedies in today's life, albeit rarely recognized as such. This happens because only part of the human nature dies in fact. The most important one containing knowledge, memory, - the self in essence - continues to exist sometimes ignoring such new life condition.

 Only Spirits can communicate with Spirits and the 'communication' itself is not limited to the well-known mediumship phenomena that Spiritualist literature describes so well. There are other forms, ranging from subtle mood changes or appearance of multiple personas in a single body to the most extreme misbehavior, indicating an infestation of a person's mind. The latter case, known as possession, was also well described by Kardec himself (2) as the ultimate level of Spirit obsession (3).