Tuesday, 8 January 2013

PROF. STEPHEN BRAUDE TALKS 'FELIX CIRCLE' - 2012 Interview at "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena"

 Stephen during his 2012 visit in Germany, investigating the FEG-Mediumship

Prof. Stephen Braude is a retired Professor of Philosophy from the University of Maryland, Editor of the Journal for Scientific Exploration and is for decades involved in Mediumship and Makro-PK, (especially Physical Mediumship), Consiousness- and Afterlife-Research. His books "The Limits of Influence", "Immortal Remains" and "The Gold Leaf Lady" are counted to the most valid and intellectual debate contributions of today.

Since 2010 he is in contact with the FEG and has sat numerous times during visits in Germany in Seances with us. Since then he witnessed an array of different paranormal events he describes over 50 minutes in the embedded radio Interview.