Saturday, 29 June 2013


The Specialty with the Apports of the FEG-Medium is, that they are previously announced to enable the spectators to fully witness everything going on, from the thorough check of the hand to the sudden appearance slightly beneath...
 After having received an apport under proper controlled conditions during a test sitting some weeks ago in Austria, I requested to repeat this setting while having a cabinet séance.
Kai, the medium, told me that he wanted to convince the trance personality "Hans Bender" - a german Parapsychologist further on referred to as “HB” - while having his meditational preparation just before the séance.
Then during the séance progress “HB” requested a red light phase.
After pretty bright red light was provided the trance personality positioned the medium on his chair in front of the cabinet. Sitting in front of the cabinet and in bright red light the medium then stretched out his left arm with his open palm pointing to the ground.
I was sitting on the left directly besides the medium and was allowed to search thoroughly his shirt, full length of the arm and his open hands for hidden devices and objects, which took least 45 sec.
The medium didn´t wear a watch nor a finger ring.
After the check showed that there was in fact nothing else but the mediums hand, it started to clench its fist, opened it then slightly with slowly moving fingers while sitting motionless in his chair.
After holding the empty hand 30-60 sec. in exactly that position an object dropped out of the hand and fell rapidly to the floor.

I was fully enabled to follow the whole process and could never see any suspicious movements (e.g. a quick or abrupt motion).
Furthermore I was able to witness this process while looking beneath the medium´s outstretched arm. Several other sitters did so as well and confirmed my impressions.

In a slightly grabbing manner the mediums hand was moving outstretched after I had checked it. Suddenly the object was seen by us sitters directly below falling from it ...
We received a gemstone, which was a gift from the spirit controls for the medium according to “HB” in order to cure his bone and joint health issues. Furthermore the trance personality called it “Fools Gold”.
After the séance I performed some research in order to gain more information about this apport.
The apport was a pyrite gemstone, which was regarded as gold due its color in the history. It was found nowadays that pyrite is a sulfur compound and for this reason it is called “Fools Gold”. Nevertheless sulfur and its compounds are medically used in order to treat rheumatic and other joint related health issues.

Furthermore (and this is the more baffling aspect of the apport) there is a deep emotional connection-level to the previous apport we received in Austria. The Austrian one was a copper apport though the medium trying to materialize a golden foil from a poltergeist case, which was once investigated by Prof. Stephen Braude. Braude et al. found that the agent paranormally produced brass (containing copper!!), which looked like gold and thus they called it “Fools Gold”.
In Austria the foil was used as 'focus'-object and the medium apported the substance the foil is made 80% of! 

The pyrite gemstone we received also looks like brass although it´s pyrite.
Moreover were the control sittings in Austria 4 weeks ago attending scientists discussing then a peculiar apport-experiment Ernesto Bozzano was reporting with a pyrite stone - and the medium was also present.

Summing up I again witnessed a convincing gemstone apport under controlled conditions, which had several aspects of “creative dissociation” while having gained 'universal consciousness' during the trance state as demonstrated by other famous historical mediums before.

Dr. J.S., Research Scientist, SPR, P.A., FEG Home-Circle Leader since 2007

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mediums Mother reports her Birthday Seance, the 3rd of June 2013

Elke M., 70, retired, mediums mother, reports today a spontanous sitting, held at her birthday, a few weeks ago...
My name is Elke and I am a retired teacher!

For the first time in my life I became a part of my sons mediumistic efforts in the year 2004, even though he is experimenting all his life with consciousness-techniques, shamanism, mediumship and so forth.

I was a founding member of the FEG. Something in my own development enabled me this late to have a deeper look in what my own rationalistic education was rejecting and I was always trying to avoid.
To have found an access to what was always hard for me to believe is something I am eternally grateful for today!

So for nearly ten years the circle sits. Sometimes I think it must be floodgates to another world we are opening, when the sittings are positive - every Tuesday - there is nearly nothing in my life that enriched me the way, like the things we are coming in contact here with on a weekly basis.

So we already had learned oftentimes, that the more private the sittings are, the stronger the phenomena come forward.

It was my seventeeth birthday, when in the evening my beloved daughter in law, Julia, and my son came from friends in Norway and after it became 10.30 pm in the evening, the untired Julia suggested it was appropriate to give the spirit team Kai and the group is working with an opportunity to congratulate. Only for half an hour we wanted to gather and weren t prepared for what was presented to us.

Julia and Kai hadn t even changed their clothes, their luggage was standing around and we headed down to the cellar!

We spoke our affirmation towards the 'chemists' (spirits) and the main operator 'Hans Bender' and all the entities that worked with us up to that point and those who wanted to join in positivity....!

Only seconds afterwards it started with a bright light one foot above the head of Kai. It was blinding white and somehow dynamic, you believe you see the light quantums whizz around if you are looking into it!

We experienced different sorts and qualities of light phenomena within the last years, mostly white, or yellowish-greenish little flames or light points whizzing around or an impressing bright red flame looking like living and burning with obvious fluctuations of brightness.

Meanwhile the sitting we frequently adressed known spirits and others we are wanting to get in contact with and many of the in the following described phenomena seemed to be a direct response on our summoning!

It started with something: In midair bands of red light started to form and encircled the small sitters group. From time to time light spheres coming from them started to explode or burst, just like a firework! We had never seen something like this before!

Spontanous full levitations joined the scenario and touches at my head! More defineable they became later, like from a handlike something seemingly coming from the direction of the ceiling. Accompanied this was by these unbelievable encircling, quivering and flashing lights surrounding us.
From time to time I truly became a little bit frightened because I thought about the possibility this obviously free energy could enflame the house anyhow....!

Then three times I heard someone click its finger very loud. None of the sitters was the originator of that. At that time we added a brightly lit handkerchief (many pieces of illu-tape at it) and placed it in the middle of the table. The illumination showed all hands of us three laying on the table!

Then we could see a black stump moving very slowly from the empty seat at the round table - approaching the handkerchief. It seemed to show itself within the greenish light of the handkerchief. It slowly moved and turned within it, pushed and pulled it until it fell to the floor at the place of the empty seat. The stump had vanished.

Observing the stump we became aware, that even under the table huge flashes of light were going on.

Then suddenly - only visible for me - a white sphere with the size of a tennis ball on eye level suddenly appeared and bursts audibly with a fizzling noise and vanished immidately!

The table jumped in the meantime like a kangaroo, no rests, from jump to jump, moving towards me in that style!

This was the last time the bands of light were showing, we stopped the seance, not to deplete all energies in regards to the next day FEG-Group-Session!

We were totally amazed and in awe after this special sitting, and I believe our spirits did celebrate my birthday with me!