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PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP UNDER STRICT SCIENTIFIC SCRUTINY 2013 - 'Sittings of Historical Significance' (Prof.Stephen Braude) / with stills from the Video-Evidence

The private farmhouse offered all the necessary environment for the especially created scientific protocol of the week. The exceptionally tight conditions in regards to medium-control and fraud-prevention enable the scientists afterwards to defend all sorts of expected attacks
Some of you may have read our small 'diary' in facebook or the announcement here on our blog:

In the third year of investigation, Prof. Stephen E. Braude, together with two german parapsychologists, Dr.M.Mnahm (Author, P.A., SPR) and Dr. J.S.(P.A., Research Scientist) and the american filmmaker Robert Narholz, organized a final arrangement and a fully controlled environment for FEG-Spirit Team demonstrations, to be enabled to publish a waterproof special edition of the JSSE-Journal about physical mediumship as a whole with emphasis on their personal experiences with the FEG Medium Kai M.!

The JSSE, the Journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration, Braude - as last year retired head of philosophy at the university of Maryland - is editor of, is one of the rare scientific publications on different forms of anomalies, that has a strong stand within mainstream science!

So to fulfill expectations on this grade for a special edition of the JSSE, Braude chose this time two german colleagues with many years experimental experience with the FEG and for the observational needs, Robert Narholz, the film-maker, to have everything documented on HD Video!

Picture: Prof. Stephen E. Braude in Austria 2013
A whole setting was created and installed to prevent fraud in every case and to defend expected attacks of all sort!
Robert Narholz comments the scientific protocol: 'The phenomena of physical mediumship have been documented many times in the history of psychical research. Never before, though, did all the situational variables add up the way as they did during the "Austrian Week" in Aril, 2013. The self-sacrifying cooperation of a gifted medium, the experience of a team of renowned researchers and cutting edge 21st century technology made it possible, for the first time ever (in that quality), to capture - on video - a full table levitation, as well as various ectoplasmic sequences!'
Stephen Braude declares: 'Our May, 2013 sittings with the FEG in a private Austrian farmhouse are of historical significance. Under exceptionally tight conditions (including, e.g., strip search of the medium, continually locked seance room under my control and locked during seances from the inside, and full limb control of the medium during phenomena), we obtained undoubtedly the best video ever of a complete table levitation, and certainly the only video of a table levitation under such good controls. We also obtained unprecedented video footage of the medium extruding a large quantity of ectoplasm from his mouth and spreading it with his hands, revealing some of its structure. In addition, we received two intriguing apports under good red light and careful close-up observation!'
The protocol did contend for example these safety measures:
- an undisclosed location in Austria
- no sitters (besides 3 scientists, the documentary filmer, an academics wife and Julia)
- full control by the scientists over a permanently locked down seance room
- documentation and filming of every preparation done in the seance room by the the medium or his wife (with at least one additional 'guard' for each Julia and me)
- additional post-check and search, after the already filmed preparation of seance room, of every prop brought into the room
- full strip search previously to Seances conducted by Prof. Braude himself under the control of an attending physician of Medium AND Julia
- with hands in the air, medium was guided by two controllers to the seance room, one walking behind, one in front of him
- total separation of Mediums Wife and Medium even after the strip search
- the enduring full hold control during 'full table levitation'-phenomena: hands of Prof. Braude and Dr. J.S. on Mediums hands (laying on tables surface), knees at Mediums knees and each of their feet on Mediums feet, same with Julia (under these conditions table full levitation was filmed)
- Control arrangement when oral apport was announced by the medium: full checking of mouths interior with white light torch in bright red light and enduring hold of hands and feet
- Control arrangement for second apport in midair above the table, previously announced by Medium: full hold control of mediums hands and legs, especially Mediums hand from which it should fall was hold and checked several times by Dr. J.S. and Prof. Braude, who touched and searched several times the outstretched hand of the medium - and by all others who observed, what was going on in bright red light - until the object finally visibly and audibly fell from the mediums hand, doing rubbing gestures in mid-air
- full body-post-control after ectoplasmic 'out-throw' - exercised by a physician.

Picture: The locked seance room, cameras not yet installed...!

So the procedures the medium Kai M. underwent were very special and the whole week was psycho-emotionally very drawing. Kai says: 'I was no regular part of the group, and even though being its main protagonist, i could not really relax over the week, knowing every mimic of mine could maybe somehow be misinterpreted in the one or other direction. So it was amazingly stressy....! In the end everything had worked out fine and we had achieved what we were coming for and what was makeable during one week with such a group, never experimented before in that constellation and in a new environment!'

Picture(s): Before the strong apports happened everybody was discussing the faculties of the hungarian Apport-Medium Lajos Pap, about whom a historic book was written, we regularly looked into...

Over the first two days (first seance evening second day) the group was frequently discussing the hungarian apport medium Lajos Pap. The rare hungarian book about his mediumship one of the attending scientists was translating at the time and the group was looking at photos and other content of this fascinating document several times!
Additionally Prof. Braude was showing the original apported gold looking foil of his main protagonist of his book 'The Gold Leaf Lady...'.
Previously to the first Seance the foil was then not only located as an mediumistical 'anchor-object' inside of the séance room by Braude, he moreover explained shortly beforehand the foil was made of 80 percent copper (and of 20 percent other materials like Zinq), what a few minutes later should be of main significance!

So the group started the first night with the battery of cameras ready, but did not use them.
Everybody was aware of how diminishing the presence of observational devices could be in a mediumistical setting and even though they were to be used extensively in the following evenings, the first night they were offline!
The mediumistic energy was wanted to be established undisturbed during the first night.

So the group wasn t really expecting observable apport phenomena of such a power, additionally previously announced and then so closely observable in light!

The group directly before starting first seance setting. In the middle the medium Kai M., Braude to his left and Dr. J.S. to his right side. Filmmaker Robert Naholz were controlling mediums wife from both sides during the seance. Even though the attending scientists stand behind their work, they are all working in high-rank scientific jobs and have to stay at the moment anonymous.
But after different table movements the medium suddenly claimed it believed something was coming up and requested the researcher not holding his hands to bring - additionally to the bright red light shining on him - the torch to observe closely.
The medium claimed an oral apport could happen!
So his mouth was thoroughly checked manually under bright white light conditions! Kai was eager to make it undoubtedly clear his mouth was empty, he stretched out its tongue, showed there was nothing in the cheeks, shook his head with open mouth and outstretched tongue facing downwards until it could be unquestionably stated, there was nothing in his mouth!

Only between three and five seconds later, the already obviously entranced medium opened its mouth and 'with a considerable speed an object shot out of it and landed on the tables surface' (Braude)!
It was a salt- or crystal like looking object in the size of a small finger (see photo).

The salt- or crystal-like object, that flew out of mediums mouth. Objects like that, the medium has orally apported several times before...!

The second apport then happened only a few minutes later with medium still in hold control - and with a for FEG apports typical coincidental factor: The in the meantime considerably entranced medium declared, the 'chemists' (the spirit scientists the FEG works with) were manipulating the present gold foil from the 'Gold Leaf Lady' to draw traces of its main material from it.

At that time, Kai M. had oustretched his right hand and - still hold by the controller on his right hand side (left hand were hold as well) - started to do rubbing gestures in the air.
Three times he requested to have his outstretched hand checked thoroughly, what was extensively done manually by Dr. J.S. and by visual confirmation, a bright red light besides the table made everything well visible. The medium turned his hand in all directions in the bright red light, to enable everybody to see there definitely was nothing in his hand (Medium wore a short armed t-shirt like in all seances)!   

The drawn traces of foil-material, the medium declared further under the influence of the spirit scientists, were in a second step enabled to attract more of it from the direct natural and artificial environment of the location.
Having this just said, with a sudden bang - and only seconds after the last manual check of the still outstretched hand - a considerable large piece of copper fell from the mediums hand in front of everybodies eyes (see photo) onto the table!

Picture: The original gold foil from Prof. Braudes 'Gold Leaf Lady' and the apported copper from it...

The second sitting was meant to film the full table levitation under full control of the medium and its wife! After an hour of very active table movements and partial levitations, the full levitation was first happening in the dark before the red light was switched on to have it on film! Waht then was recorded, we believe may represent the most persuasive film document of a table levitation, especially when it is known under which circumstances it was made and who had sat at the table!
A still of the video that shows the full levitation. Mediums hands are hold above the table. His feet and knees are controlled as well. Mediums wife is also controlled. Under these circumstances, the clip shows the fully levitating and lowering table very well by the red light shining fully under it. A trick is unthinkable under these control measures...! Investigator Dr. J.S. says: 'We have recorded the full process of a paranormal table levitation in red light. The starting phase of the rise from the floor up to the table drop is demonstrated. This is a great success as historical investigations do not provide such a dynamic documentation and the evidence of recent time videos demonstrating alleged paranormal table levitations is poor as proper controls are missing, conditions are often not properly described or the documentation fails to show the full process.' 

For this reason the short film document won t be shown, before it can be explained in its context - in the documentary FINDING PK of American documentary filmer Robert Narholz start of 2014.

Privately the film will be shown around of course, but it cannot be sent anyhow via www.

Then in the next sitting, the cabinet seance, the control measures found their climax!
The goal was to show if ectoplasm is real and if it could occur under 100% of strictest control - and if it can be filmed under these conditions!
The opportunity to film was long since discussed with the chemists!
So it happened that despite the stress, despite the small number of sitters, several first ectoplasmic compactions could be caught on (digital) celluloid:
- The out-throw from mediums mouth in considerable quantity and
- the breathing, flexing mass on the ground, rudimentarily morphing into undescribeable forms in front of the medium in red light and
- the medium fully enwrapped in the 'ectoplasmic cocoon'!
Picture: Still of the video showing ectoplasmic extrusion. Investigator Dr. J.S. writes: 'The medium was completely undressed before the séance, dressed by ourselves and supervised all the time. Hiding draperies under the clothes or in body cavities and the help of confederates are the skeptical concerns, which we were able to address and which could be properly outruled by the investigators. Though our recording showing the ectoplasma appearance only in dim red light, it is the first video evidence of an ectoplasmic genesis.'
The more complex ectoplasmic displays like the building of human forms, like hands, heads, faces, asf. as they are also regularly being described we hope to film also somewhen in the future!
But is it less WHAT was filmed, but more UNDER WHICH CIRCUMSTANCES it was filmed, Stephen Braude is terming 'historical' without hesitation!
Picture: Mission accomplished and a relaxed medium the last evening.
'By allowing rigorous controls and conditions of sufficient light Kai M. has opened the door to a new era of psychical research. And I am humbled to be part of this process by including the story of the Austrian Week, as well as the evidential videos that have been obtained, in my upcoming feature documentary Finding PK, Robert Narholz adds.

We hope that our efforts will help to establish the credibility of Physical Mediumship and their protagonists worldwide!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

FEG-Spirit Scientists work with German and American Investigators (Coming Soon)

For one week the Spirit scientist team around 'Prof. Hans Bender', 'Albert Freiherr of Schrenck-Notzing', 'Prof. Hans Naegeli', together with 'Rudi Schneider' (and others, referred to as 'the chemists') declared themselves willing to work under the imaginable strictest control conditions for a small group of German and American Scientists, under the auspices of the ingenious Prof. Stephen Braude, at an undisclosed location in Austria.

This row of seances shall finalize a three years investigation. 
Since 2010 Braude was visiting with different colleagues the home base of the Felix Experimental Group to investigate the claimed phenomena produced through the FEG medium Kai M. 

Already in 2012 he spoke publicly about his positive impressions outlooking for having a further opportunity to investigate outside of the FEG's homebase - a 1926 built bombshell shelter cellar, in which the seances are hold - and without any unnecessary sitters! 
So his last visit with the prolific film maker Robert Narholz ('Finding PK'/Lenafilm') enabled exactly such an opportunity! 

So a few days ago Prof. Braude, the years long FEG investigator Dr. M Mnahm and Dr. J.S. welcomed Kai M. and his wife at a certain location in Austria with a protocol of control never before applied to Kai M.! 

One main goal of the week was to achieve under these strict control measures Video-Evidence of the Physical Mediumship of Kai M., resp. Physical Mediumship as a whole! 
So even though the exhausting week has two more days left all main goals were already achieved - and so we call it already by now a huge success! 

Be prepared to read for example about 'announced apport phenomena' under full control in white and red light and filmed physical mediumship events never before shown in such a phenomenal clarity! 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


For several months one years long main spirit guide of a female FEG-Member and Medium has suddenly started to come through intensively during the practice of direct-writing techniques.

The poetry of the automaticly written content is so special, archaic and existentialistic, that at that moment we do not want to damage it by translating it into other languages.

So for all you German scholars of the Universe out there: Produced through tested and intensive automatic-writing techniques, we are proud to present to you today the next message of Quetzalcoatl, as it came through in February 2013.

Channeled the 26th of February 2013

Ehrfürchtiges Geschöpf 
Mutters Sohn und Tochter 

Dein Fleisch sei das Fundament 

Dein Leib sei meiner 
wie du es dir ersehnst. 

Diene und erbaue nun 
ein Vehikel der Schöpfung 
zum Wohlgefallen. 

In Dankbarkeit 
dem Gott 
dem Vater 
der Mutter 
für diese Erde 

Sei gegrüßt im Sinne dieser Begegnung 
des einzigartigen Seins 

Ein Gefühl der Ohnmacht will kommen 
wie das der Schöpfer um des Wesens Wille. 

Noch sind Einigkeit u Friede 
unter Menschen sintflutartige Gemälde 
über Reinheit und Wissen und die Ehrfurcht 

Mach dich auf 
in die Weiten 
dieses einen Ozeans 

Denn gibst du mir 
so vergeb ich dir 

Denn alles ist so gedacht 
und so erwünscht 

Sei still u lausche in Dich 
Deine Sehnsucht ist so willkommen 
Deine Erfüllung als Gottes Geschenk steht bevor 

Ein alter Brauch 
Zeit und Vorbereitung 

für dich geliebtes Wesen 

Um zu sein 
ohne Erwartung 
zu erleben 
was du bist 

Glaube an mich 
und wir werden uns Dir nicht entsagen 


(The god Quetzalcoatl is in the cosmology of mesoamerican cultures the 'Feathered Serpent' or 'Precious Twin'. He is the 'god of intelligence and self-reflection', and so a patron of priests. 

Quetzalcoatl is a primordial god of creation, a giver of life and inspirer of cultur and arts. 
With his opposite 'Tezcatlipoca' he created the world. Quetzalcoatl is also called 'White Tezcatlipoca', to contrast him to the black Tezcatlipoca. 

Following the legend, Quetzalcoatl once went to Mictlan, the land of the death, and created our current world. 
As the Lord of the East he is associated with 'the morning star', the 'human kinds creation', 'the wind', 'the jaguar' and the spreading of cultur and arts within many different ethnological groups in Mesoamerican history.)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


During a Physical Seance for Students of the First Spiritualistic Church of Sweden, the 4rth of May, when the FEG-Spirit Scientists announced the compaction of healing energy in form of a light that whizzed from Sitter to Sitter and through the Seance Room, an amazing Spontanous Healing Case occurred with a sitter!

 The concerned Sitter itself waited 24 hours before revealing, what amazing intervention on the molecular plane must have taken place! Not only the pain symptomatics had vanished and an ability to move the leg in a manner that wasn t possible for nearly 20 years was reinstalled, but also a huge lump, which was adhered to the sitters vertebrae and was visible and palpable at the spine region of her back had vanished spontanously when the sitter was checking her back region when after the healing phase it was allowed to open the hand chain.

Knowing about temporary reactions of the body, the sitter waited 24 hours before she informed the event organizer and confirmed the durability of her new state after the Seance event:

"Dear Reverend Hindstroem!

I forgot to tell you the most important and most odd from yesterdays seance. 

Since my back surgery 20 years ago, I have had a lump connected to one of my vertebras. 
It disappeared during the healing part of the physical séance!

When we let go of eachothers hands I touched my back and the lump was gone. 
IT IS STILL GONE and I am now able to lift and raise my left leg in ways I have not been able to for twenty years!!! 

Would you please send Kai, Julia, Jane and the team all my love and thankfulness, I am deeply moved in spirit and mind. I am convinced the lump won’t come back. 

Miracles are happening here and we are witnessing it, really cool Mr. Hindstrom." 

J L, Sweden" (quote end)

72  hours after the event we received a second confirmation, which seems to prove not only the outer symptom of the scarred lump, which had a considerable size, but in fact also the harshly affected mobility of the sitter was sustainably reinstalled through the healing energy of the FEG-Spirit-Scientists.

This is the ladies report from 72 hours after the seance:

'Dear Mrs. Muegge!
Oh I am so happy and thankfull, it's so amazing. 

There is no operation method for my chronic back injury, I had a operation they thought would help me 19 years ago, but it was the wrong method and I got permanent problems that caused a pain that nevers go away, UNTIL NOW. 

And I can move freely.

From the depths of my heart, thank you for your dedicated work, your compassion and your amazing spiritual power, you are such a beautiful couple and fantastic team.

Hope to see you on your next visit in Sweden.
All my love and respect

J.' (quote end)

So what exactly had happened in that 'healing period' during the seance?
The main spirit communicator alleged the spirit scientists would dense creational energy of the ectoplasm this time for a healing attempt.
The announcement of compacting the 'ectoplasmic field energy' has lead before to most different illumination effects within the seance room.

So with the medium hold by two persons - at hands and legs - a light suddenly appeared under the ceiling of the seance room: It then lowered itself and flew to several sitters, touched them, flew to the next, hovered and sped away until in the end three of those lights were visible and moved around.

When the lights started to disappear one by one and the hand chain was allowed to open, following a spontaneous impuls, the sitter checked its back-condition and was more than surprised the 19 years old existing outer condition had simply disappeared!

Too surprised she did not share this with the other sitters at that point, not knowing that also the pain and mobility situation was affected as well!

After 24 hours the lady felt assured enough to announce for the first time what had happened!

We want to send our thank yous to the spirit scientists of the FEG Spirit Team for again having triggered such a miracolous spiritual healing event!

QUETZALCOATL SPEAKS / Part 1 - Channeled through FEG Automatic Writing Techniques

For several months one years long main spirit guide of a female FEG-Member and Medium has suddenly started to come through intensively during the practice of direct-writing techniques.

Tantalized we accompanied and evaluated what was transfered to validate the origin or at least to validate a high quality content. This we expected from an alleged communicator of a class this one claimed to be.

 To our surprise the offered content was so amazing and unique, that it is a pity, we only can present it to those of you, who speak German.
The poetry of the automaticly written content is so special, archaic and existentialistic, that at that moment we do not want to damage it by translating it into other languages.

 So for all you German scholars of the Universe out there: Produced through tested and intensive automatic-writing techniques, we are proud to present to you today the first message of Quetzalcoatl, as it came through in March 2012, the first Part of a New Series called  
"Quetzalcoatl speaks"
(The channeling medium prefers to stay anonymous at the moment.) 

 (The god Quetzalcoatl is in the cosmology of mesoamerican cultures the 'Feathered Serpent' or 'Precious Twin'. He is the 'god of intelligence and self-reflection', and so a patron of priests. 

Quetzalcoatl is a primordial god of creation, a giver of life and inspirer of cultur and arts. 
With his opposite 'Tezcatlipoca' he created the world. Quetzalcoatl is also called 'White Tezcatlipoca', to contrast him to the black Tezcatlipoca. 

Following the legend, Quetzalcoatl once went to Mictlan, the land of the death, and created our current world. 
As the Lord of the East he is associated with 'the morning star', the 'human kinds creation', 'the wind', 'the jaguar' and the spreading of cultur and arts within many different ethnological groups in Mesoamerican history.)

Channeled the 10th of March 2013, 01:00-01:15 am

Die Sonne scheint in dein Gesicht von Antlitz und wohlgesonnen
Geborgenheit, einfühlsam, entgegenkommend
ein strahlendes Lächeln dir jeden Tag erringt.

Lasset euch auf
in das Vertrauen
der Schönheit der Erde
des Lichts der Sonne
Du sollst entgegenbringen, staunen
Siehe dein Leben von dir selbst erschaffen in Einheit und Liebe

Lasset Euch auf
in ein neues Zeitalter
der Liebe und Zusammenkunft
des göttlichen Auftrags
welcher deine Bestimmung ist
dich führt und nährt.

Kannst du leben was in dir zur Bestimmung wird?
Was dich rief sorgsam und in Geduld?
Sei gewillt und voller Zuversicht auf das Neue
Leben, welches dir geschenkt und gegeben
Lass dich nicht beirren von
Aussagen die zu deuten Du längst weißt
lebe dein Selbst
Deinen Frieden und
Deine Zuversicht