Thursday, 9 August 2012


William Treurniet is a retired scientist who brings forward intruiging contents, based on scientific methodology. He writes: "I'm retired from a career in science where one is paid to study acceptable topics. It's fun now to think outside the box without being overly concerned about approval from mainstream science. Nevertheless, I use accepted scientific methodology in the exploratory research reported here. No topics are taboo, and the intention is to contribute new insights to discussions that interest me."

Robin Foys "Witnessing the Impossible" is after the Salomon-Publication and the "The Scole Report" the only full account, reporting every single of the over 600 seances held by the "Scole Group"

He summarizes his new work so: The book, Witnessing the Impossible by Robin Foy, is a diary of events that occurred during physical mediumship séances from 1993 until 1998. Because of the format, similar events are scattered throughout the book. Items in different categories of events are pulled together in this article and the categories are discussed separately. Of primary interest to the author were the physics underlying spirit phenomena and the social milieu in the spirit world. The analysis suggests that there is such a thing as spirit energy that pervades the spirit world and exists in the séance environment. Transformation of this spirit energy to some physical phenomena appeared to be accompanied by electrical effects. The spirit world is seen as an environment controlled by mental events. Interactions among the inhabitants suggest that they form a collective held together by love. The collective would consist of groups in a distributed control system where each is motivated by the same overall objectives.