Wednesday, 8 August 2012

REBECCAS GIFTS - The Physical Mediumship Community has a new and promising representative... (with amazing photos)

Rebecca Millman, Mental and Physical Medium from Perth, Australia

Even though Australia is a Commonwealth state under the english crown not many Physical Mediums have emerged from there. Naturally we know about David Thompson, who has settled there and who is something like a flag-ship of the english based Physical Mediumship Movement!

Rebecca Milman is organizing for several years exciting tours to Australias haunted locations
 Now a young woman has stepped forward who was born down-under, who has a long history in studying the nightside of nature, who is a respected Perth mental medium and who was led during her trance development into the realms of physical communion with what we call the Spirit World! 
Rebecca Millmann is her name and friends of Ghosthunting tours know and appreciate her like her students who visite her psychic mediumship and awareness-workshops.

As a respected worker on this sector it is now pretty interesting, that her spirit team did lead her onto the path of physical phenomena - admittedly on an early stage, as she writes - but obviously already by now demonstrating for small interested groups main and stronger features of the classical range of Physical Mediumship abilitites, like spirit lights, makro-pk (moving and levitating of objects), extrusion of ectoplasm, and handforms and faces appearing from it.

During her trance work, Rebeccas mediumship suddenly produced Physical Phenomena. Rebecca uses a classical cabinet, like all working Physical Mediums of the New Age do.
During sessions with her home circle  already the first photos have been taken of interesting ectoplasmic formations. Unfortunately the photos solution is quite low, so we have done what we could in altering the photos to a better!
Nevertheless the photos show, what they show and this is in both cases creations based on ectoplasmic extrusion: something like a psychic rod, reaching to a fan from the cabinet - and a seemingly bulky threediensional head.

On her website we read about Rebeccas development circle:
'The "Beyond the light circle" started in 2010 as a Trance Development Circle, this circle was originally set up so that medium Rebecca Millman could further develop her trance mediumship. However the spirit people working with Rebecca began to show the group that this gifted medium had the ability to develop Physical Mediumship which is the rarest form of mediumship in the world to date.

The "Beyond the Light Circle" 2012
 The Physical Mediumship development circle originally consisted of 7 members however it has now grown to 10. A special thanks will always be given to the 6 members of the group who still sit with in the circle and showed continuist commitment, respect and a belief  in the spirit team and Rebecca in the early part of her development. The group now sits weekly and with the help of  all that now sits in the group and our spirit team we have been able to achieve wonderful physical phenomena on a weekly bases.'
Rebecca Millman of Perth, Australia
We very much hope that Rebecca is strengthening the amazing features of her spirit team further, that obviously wants to develop her to a Physical Medium of Australia! Moreover we would like to welcome Rebecca in Europe to introduce her to the english and european-mainland physical mediumship scene!