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JOAO IN WINTERTHUR 2012 - A Photo Tour to the Spiritual Superstar and 'Healer of the Century'! (more than 100 photos)

A few weeks ago I was in the lucky position to work as the official photographer for Spirit Services Gmbh, Switzerland, that organize "Joao in Switzerland"-Events in Winterthur and next year is Basle, Switzerland!

Joao de Deus - or John of God - how his community is calling him is today in his early 70ies and is described by many as the most influential and succesful healer personality and incorporating full trance medium of the New Age.

When he was 9 years old João Teixeira de Faria, what his real name is, had a religious vision, that did send him on a lifelong mission and seemingly triggered his legendary healing potentials. Already in his early ages, the story goes, at the spiritualist center of his home town, where he was lead by his vision, he was fainting for the first time and incorporated one of his main spirit personalities with the age of sixteen, who exercised the healing rituals over the patients at the center!

Brazil is the largest existing spiritualist country of the world, where more than 85% of the inhabitants believe in a life after death and the communion between spirit and man. Thousands of spiritualist communities are spread over the country, where mediums work with spirit entities for information or to do healing work, like Joao.

Like in Germany it was originally the experimental, non religious arm of spiritualism, the so called spiritism, that was exercised in Brazil until its influence became so huge that the countrywide building of the countless spiritualist centers took place.

So for the regular brazilian citizen, the mediumistical incorporation of a deceased spirit is something completely normal.
Besides the service and the healing work, it was the physical mediumship feature of full materialization, that is until today lively exercised. And also among the full materialized spirits, it is the healing work, the most of them exercise in incorporated condition!

So in the meantime Joao works with more than 60 spirits of different rank. These 60 spirit personalities are always with him and his healing work meanwhile only six of them do incorporate Joao. These are  Dom Inacio de Loyola, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr. Andre Luiz and Dr Jose Valdivino.

Dom Inacio for example is the Jesuits founder, meanwhile the others huge benefactors of the past of Brazilians Society were.

Other Entities known by name are: King Salomon, St. Francisco de Assis, Dom Ingrid, Dr. Jose Penchiado, St. Francisco Xavier, King David, Mestre Kutumi, Dr. Jose, Irmã Sheila.

Basically one can say, that all the entities, as well as Joao himself, draw their power from the christian catholic believe system, resp. Jesus himself as its representative and the mentioned entities that all have a link to brazilian christianity! Joao himself is a strong believer, whose whole actions and words are interwoven with his deeply anchored image of brazilian christianity. In his interviews that becomes especially clear.

Over several trance rituals that seem to switch off his patients sense for pain completely the entities healing work is exercised. A legendary quasi-surgical eye-treatment for example, that was already exercised by many other great healers of Brazils past, is also utilized by Joao, when he scratches with a non-sterile kitchen knife over the eyeballs of his patients and "digs" into the mucosa areals under the eyelids. The eyeball, that is highly sensible (remember how one is affected when something is under the eyelid) seems to be anaesthesized during this treatment, that is affecting more than 25 different diseases and their symptoms.

The eye scratch treatment

Like most spiritual trance healers do, during the manipulative action Joao scratches a mysterious substance from the eyeball that is regarded as the physical display of the diseases negative energy!

Another spectacular treatment, also long since known in Brazilian Spiritual Healing Work, is is the intrusion of a 18 cm long surgical scissor with a piece of cotton wool at its end, up and into the nose, where it, when it sticks completely in the head of the patient, is forcefully turned around there and pulled out again...

The nose treatment
Again the patients look as if in a trance and, following Joao, having been given a 'spiritual aneasthesia', feeling no pain at all, even though many hear like if 'membranes were pierced' and a lot of blood is flooding from their noses.
Pic: the 18 cm long surgical scissor
Also scalpels are being used and cut several centimeters into the bodies of the patients, also with the goal to treat several different diseases and their symptoms.... Oftentimes Joao puts his fingers into the opened areals and seems to grope for something inside. Shortly afterwards the cut is closed, suturated with surgical threads.

All these ritualistic exercises are not allowed in Europe and so in Winterthur we saw Joao act a little bit different!
The european events are mass-events! In Winterthur 12000 people were lead along Joaos place in the so called "Entity" Room, right besides the Operation-Room.

The logistics behind were planned and exercised by Pablo Suetterlin Werthmueller and his staff of Spirit Services Switzerland, and hundreds of helpers, who gave their time freely to be part of that event!

Followers, believers, scholars of spirituality and countless people with several different and heavy diseases flooded over the area of the Eulach-Halls, Winterthur, all dressed in white to represent the etherical, as it is wanted by the Casa-Entities in Abadiania, Brazil, where they unleash their powers usually - in a "Spiritual Hospital", as they do call the Casa del Inacio de Loyola - the home of Joao...!

At these european events everything is done to copy the conditions at the Casa, but for 4000 people the day!

For such a purpose huge areals are needed and the Eulach-Halls in Wintherthur were offering exactly this:
- a main hall, where approximately 2500 people could wait and listen to spiritual lectures and music the whole day.
- an adjacent hall, representing the 'meditation room' where more or less permanently around 1000 people were sitting, guided to meditate in 4 or 5 languages, german, english, french, italian and portuguese for the healing entities and healing processes in general.
- the adjacent 'entity room', where Joao was receiving the people, accompanied by several helper mediums that partly overtake the entities intermediately after or before they were with Joao and another opportunity to meditate for approx. 250 people 
- the adjacent 'surgery-room', where especially chosen patients were receiving a 'spiritual operation' or a 'spiritual cleaning', all provided by the more than 60 helper entities around Joao and the organization.
- an adjacent 'recovery room', where all those who were really affected by the strong energies, that are in charge, could rest on beds and a staff of professional nurses and physicians was looking for them
- the 'crystal bed' room, where up to 15 people could parallely be treated by coloured light emissions, pulsing through highly pure crystals onto the patients chakra areals (see Photo)
- a huge tent were a traditional soup was given to those that have undergone spiritual surgery and that was used to give out tasty meals around noon
- an inside cafeteria, where all the time a bakery was offering snacks and coffee

Many times over the three days spontanous healing events were taking place. In the end there was a small room full of crooks and wheelchairs, left behind by patients that stepped back out of the hall otherwise than they have come: healed! 

Now enjoy the photo tour, leading you deep into the world of brazilian healership and its today practice in Europe and the unbelievable logistics behind: (click 'Weitere Informationen' below)

Thursday, 9 August 2012


William Treurniet is a retired scientist who brings forward intruiging contents, based on scientific methodology. He writes: "I'm retired from a career in science where one is paid to study acceptable topics. It's fun now to think outside the box without being overly concerned about approval from mainstream science. Nevertheless, I use accepted scientific methodology in the exploratory research reported here. No topics are taboo, and the intention is to contribute new insights to discussions that interest me."

Robin Foys "Witnessing the Impossible" is after the Salomon-Publication and the "The Scole Report" the only full account, reporting every single of the over 600 seances held by the "Scole Group"

He summarizes his new work so: The book, Witnessing the Impossible by Robin Foy, is a diary of events that occurred during physical mediumship séances from 1993 until 1998. Because of the format, similar events are scattered throughout the book. Items in different categories of events are pulled together in this article and the categories are discussed separately. Of primary interest to the author were the physics underlying spirit phenomena and the social milieu in the spirit world. The analysis suggests that there is such a thing as spirit energy that pervades the spirit world and exists in the séance environment. Transformation of this spirit energy to some physical phenomena appeared to be accompanied by electrical effects. The spirit world is seen as an environment controlled by mental events. Interactions among the inhabitants suggest that they form a collective held together by love. The collective would consist of groups in a distributed control system where each is motivated by the same overall objectives. 


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REBECCAS GIFTS - The Physical Mediumship Community has a new and promising representative... (with amazing photos)

Rebecca Millman, Mental and Physical Medium from Perth, Australia

Even though Australia is a Commonwealth state under the english crown not many Physical Mediums have emerged from there. Naturally we know about David Thompson, who has settled there and who is something like a flag-ship of the english based Physical Mediumship Movement!

Rebecca Milman is organizing for several years exciting tours to Australias haunted locations
 Now a young woman has stepped forward who was born down-under, who has a long history in studying the nightside of nature, who is a respected Perth mental medium and who was led during her trance development into the realms of physical communion with what we call the Spirit World! 
Rebecca Millmann is her name and friends of Ghosthunting tours know and appreciate her like her students who visite her psychic mediumship and awareness-workshops.

As a respected worker on this sector it is now pretty interesting, that her spirit team did lead her onto the path of physical phenomena - admittedly on an early stage, as she writes - but obviously already by now demonstrating for small interested groups main and stronger features of the classical range of Physical Mediumship abilitites, like spirit lights, makro-pk (moving and levitating of objects), extrusion of ectoplasm, and handforms and faces appearing from it.

During her trance work, Rebeccas mediumship suddenly produced Physical Phenomena. Rebecca uses a classical cabinet, like all working Physical Mediums of the New Age do.
During sessions with her home circle  already the first photos have been taken of interesting ectoplasmic formations. Unfortunately the photos solution is quite low, so we have done what we could in altering the photos to a better!
Nevertheless the photos show, what they show and this is in both cases creations based on ectoplasmic extrusion: something like a psychic rod, reaching to a fan from the cabinet - and a seemingly bulky threediensional head.

On her website we read about Rebeccas development circle:
'The "Beyond the light circle" started in 2010 as a Trance Development Circle, this circle was originally set up so that medium Rebecca Millman could further develop her trance mediumship. However the spirit people working with Rebecca began to show the group that this gifted medium had the ability to develop Physical Mediumship which is the rarest form of mediumship in the world to date.

The "Beyond the Light Circle" 2012
 The Physical Mediumship development circle originally consisted of 7 members however it has now grown to 10. A special thanks will always be given to the 6 members of the group who still sit with in the circle and showed continuist commitment, respect and a belief  in the spirit team and Rebecca in the early part of her development. The group now sits weekly and with the help of  all that now sits in the group and our spirit team we have been able to achieve wonderful physical phenomena on a weekly bases.'
Rebecca Millman of Perth, Australia
We very much hope that Rebecca is strengthening the amazing features of her spirit team further, that obviously wants to develop her to a Physical Medium of Australia! Moreover we would like to welcome Rebecca in Europe to introduce her to the english and european-mainland physical mediumship scene!