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This seance (on Thursday February 9th) was the second of three that were held during the Physical Mediumship Seminar and study week at Rob and Barbara McLernon's Acacia Centre - Los Molinos (near Balsicas) in the Murcia area of the Costa Blanca, Spain. Kai completed his two-hour preparative meditation and instructional talk to the delegates ready for the sitting to begin; then all participants were informally searched before being seated in the seance room.
Medium for the FEG Spirit Team Kai Muegge and his fiancee Julia, who does the circle lead when demonstrating outside of Germany
 Once again, Julia (Kai's fiancee) acted as circle leader and controller for Kai, as she sat on the medium's right - next to the cabinet. Sandra sat on the other side of the cabinet, to the medium's left. As with the first seance, there were just 20 people present for the event - including the medium himself. Julia and Sandra subjected the deeply entranced medium to a full four-limb control whenever Kai's main spirit guide - Professor Hans Bender requested that the medium be fully controlled whilst phenomena was occurring in another part of the room. The four-limb control is very effective, as both the sitter on the right of the cabinet, and the sitter on the left each hold one arm and one leg of the medium, and are thus fully able to confirm that the medium (in deep trance) is exactly in the place he should be at the time, and is totally still so - in other words - is fully controlled.
Additionally, apart from the regular calls by Hans Bender for the four-limb control to be applied to the medium, Hans also insists that the two 'controllers' beside the cabinet check one another's limbs too - so that every sitter can be totally sure that the medium, and the controllers themselves, are totally immobile whilst impressive phenomena continues to happen in the room.
I once again undertook a strip search of the medium (at his own request) before the seance, and was then able to confirm that he had nothing on his person, seance clothes and shoes that could in any way affect the outcome of the seance. I then walked with him to the seance room with his hands held aloft so that he touched nothing on the way. By the time we arrived, all the other sitters were in place, and ready for the seance to start.
The perfect location for Physical Seances at the Acacia Center prior to second Seance of the FEG-Spirit Team

 This seance lasted for a total of two hours and twenty-five minutes from start to finish. Kai made a universal opening statement/prayer, and the session was under way.
The first piece of music - a native american chant style of loud meditational music - was played as the medium began his somewhat stressful holotropic breathing exercise to induce his own deep trance. This exercise took some 10 to 15 minutes before - once again - loud rappings were heard on the floor, ceiling and walls of the seance room. These became louder and louder, until finally, the medium's control (speaking through the medium's own vocal chords) made himself heard and introduced himself.
Four of the delegates at this seance had not sat in the first session, two days previously, so Hans explained that there was a need to repeat some of the phenomena that had occurred at the first seance before moving on to a new phase of phenomena. The music was then changed to a lively CD with excellent songs to sing along to, and Hans Bender urged ALL the sitters to join in with the singing to build up the energies for the planned phenomena.
As the singing got under way, there were continued raps around the room in time to the music; the tambourine and twin maracas were levitated and played as well. Whilst this was occurring, spirit moved the medium and his chair forward out opf the cabinet - and the medium was put under the four-limb control so that all delegates could be absolutely sure that the medium was nowhere near the phenomena that was occurring some two metres in front of him; was totally immobile and passive whilst this was going on. Strong psychic breezes were experienced by most of the delegates.
Hans Bender told sitters that there were spirit people present physically, and we all heard footsteps across the floor at various times whilst the medium was under full control.
The medium was moved back into the cabinet as the singing continued. Sitters around the room were variously being touched by spirit hands on their knees and arms. Some had their faces and/or hair stroked gently and lovingly by spirit. Other sitters were reporting an interaction with what appeared to be small animals (and even spider-like beings) around their legs and on their laps.
On Hans Bender's instructions, the medium was frequently put under a four-limb control whilst lively phenomena was occurring all over the room. Three luminous ping-pong balls were placed on a small tray two metres in front of the cabinet. Twice the three were together thrown in three different directions off the tray. Spirit lights were present - two or three at a time - and moved rapidly around the room, performing aerobatics from time to time.
A trumpet was levitated, and moved gently round the room at first in a stately manner, sometimes softly 'touching' or 'caressing' sitters as it went. At this point, the trumpet softly touched me on my chest. Finally, the trumpet flew around rapidly everywhere - soaring right to the very high ceiling, and to every part of the room. An exercise was tried as the trumpet approached Rob McLernon carefully. Hans Bender asked him to hold the trumpet round its wide end whilst the spirit team tried to pull it away by means of a ectoplasmic rod. This resulted in an amusing 'Tug of War', as the spirit team demonstrated the strength of their hold on the trumpet.
Unfortunately, just as the power was continuing to build, one of the delegates felt faint, and was forced to leave the room. Everything stopped for a while whilst the lady concerned left the room, and Hans Bender explained that it would now be necessary for us to break the circle and open the exterior door for a period of about 10 minutes so that the spirit team could re-build the power base which had collapsed when the lady left the seance room. In most cases where this sort of interruption occurs during a physical seance, the session would not have been able to continue after such an interruption, but with Kai - on this occasion - we did resume the sitting after the 10 minutes break. The lady concerned was offered the opportunity to return to the sitting, but declined to do so.
However, the strength of the phenomena had indeed suffered because of the interruption, and the seance room did not feel quite so 'charged' as it had before. It therefore took a great deal of singing by us all and some time to re-establish the force field and the required reservoir of ectoplasm needed for the final phase of the seance.
When sufficient ectoplasm had gathered for the spirit team's needs (we had heard slight elecrtostatic crackles as this occurred), the signal was given (three raps on the floor by the medium's feet) and the cabinet curtains opened by Julia and Sandra. The red light was turned on, and delegates clearly saw a profusion of ectoplasm leaving the mouth of the medium, being drawn out by his hands as it flowed outwards and downwards. On the second signal, the red light was turned off, and the curtains closed.
The second time the ectoplasm was displayed in red light, a very large mass of it had now separated totally from the medium, and was lying in a large pool on the floor in front of him.
Hans Bender explained that the next time the curtains opened, he would demonstrate how he could personally activate the ectoplasm.
Indeed, when the curtains opened for the third time, in good red light, the pool of ectoplasm on the floor in front of the medium was even larger. In the middle of the pool, and apparently rising through the floor, was gradually built up (to a height of two to three feet) the arm and hand of Hans Bender, cloaked in ectoplasm - and waving at us!!!

The materialised hand waving, photogeaphed at another Seance
 The curtains closed again. The next time, we were able to see a definite column of ectoplasm next to (and on the left of) the medium, which was almost four feet tall. The ectoplasm this time was rather more nebulous and undulating than previously.
The final time the curtain was opened in good red light, Kai was encased from head to foot in a 'cocoon' of ectoplasm. This sight was extremely impressive for all to see. Hans Bender explained to us that this had been done to restore the medium's energy, which had been somewhat depleted by the earlier interruption to the seance. The spirit team had hoped to finally bring an apport for somebody present, but had been unable to do so on this occasion.
Despite the small setback, this seance was extremely successful; evidential and enjoyed by all the delegates who were present. Our thanks went out to Kai and Julia for their efforts on our behalf!!
Warmest wishes,
Robin Foy

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