Saturday, 26 November 2011

PSYCHIC PHOTOGRAPHY EXTRAORDINAIRE: The Spiritual Artist Isabelle Duchene (many photos!!!)

Picture: Following an impulse when photographing the empty sofa,
Isabelles deceased Grandmother became visible

In my long history exploring psychic Anomalies the 'Psychic Photography' Cases always fascinated me a lot.
They are a subgenre of Physical Mediumship and the grand cases beyond the disputed hostorical attempts describe a fascinating modern mystery! Besides the fact, that some sort of psychic energy manages frequently to appear on manmade photography, on analogue as well as on digital, there have been always protagonists that were able to show scientifically observable that there is in fact something going on: Experiments with Masuaki Kyota, Ted Serious, the Scole Experimental group, Robert van der Broeke and even the FEG have been lead to succesful results!!