Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The famous "Uberaba Sittings" of Brazil and the New Book of the Main Photographer

Picture: Another one of the strange Photos taken in Brazil in the 50ies and 60ies. Besides the well known medium Carvalho two additional ectoplasmic mediums were serving their energies...

The sittings that produced the first colour pictures of materializations were the so called Uberaba Sittings, that started 1950 and found their climax 1963.

A new book (in Portuguese) was recently released that describes these sittings thoroughly: "O fotógrafo dos Espíritos" by Nedyr Mendes da Rocha (1932-2010).
This is an account, that was long awaited because Mr. da Rocha had the opportunity to make hundred photographs of spirit materializations around 1960 with the mediums Mrs. Otília Diogo and Mr. Antônio Feitosa.
Moreover he was an intimate part of the Uberaba Group enabling his story to go in detail!

Picture: One of the the first Colour Photos shot by Rochas, showing the medium Feitosa and the the famous Full Materilization "Sister Irma" besides guest sitter Chico Xavier.

The website spiritistknowledge.blogspot.com does present us first translated excerpts and provides additional materials from the book in the future!

Picture: Mrs. Diogo and Mr. Feitosa are handcuffed and bound to the chair. Only for a few seconds these ectoplasmic creations were exhibited to the light to be photographed. Typically are the multiple streams of ectoplasm from multiple face orifices. Especially interesting in this case is the large tongue-imitating substance coming from the mediums mouth!


Ademir Xavier said...


As I wrote you, people can write to Leonardo Zoais (atendimento@candeia.com) to purchase Mr. Da Rocha book from Candeia publisher. (please, write in English...)

Now, I have just one comment to make about the color photo. The materialized spirit named herself sister Josepha (in Portuguese, 'sister' is 'irmã'). She was the spirit of a discarnate nun that further stated to have lived in Germany. According to Mr. da Rocha book, people could hear this spirit talking in german inside the medium´s cabinet.

Ademir Xavier

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