Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Different Dissolving States of Ectoplasm Photographed by the FEG-Documentation-Team

Ectoplasm! This peculiar substance!

The documentation through the FEG-Documentation Team and Circle Lead goes far beyond the most visual evidence presented in the case of this substance.

Through the history of Physical Mediumship the elusiveness of ectoplasm is legendary!

Especially the building and dissolving processes of this strange etherical fabric was never visually documented before the FEG-Documentation.

Even though Schrenck did film the retraction of ectoplasm into the mouth of Stanislawa P., the several photographed dissolving stages of an ectoplasmic column through the FEG-Photo Documentation Team is historical and unique!

Today we present the photo row "THE SMOKE COLUMN" that shows the dissolving process of an ectoplasmic creation!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Because of the ongoing distribution of theorizations by a group of negativists, claiming the FEG medium hides props to hoax at his body, for another time the medium did allow being checked naked. Usually the medium wears during seances a black tshirt, thin black cotton trousers, chosen to apply an easy 'search on the cloths' - during which in no case something was detected, resp. found!
This time the experienced staff of the event organizer 'Basler PSI Verein' was present at the check on the naked body.
From there the medium was directly guided into the Cabinet!

Meanwhile his cloths were taken to be checked the medium presented besides his naked body - he only wore a tiny blue slip without 'legs' (no "boxer-shorts) - the area between his buttocks and under his belly.
Neither fishing rods nor large quantities of cloth, no handgloves, no properties to fake the light-, the wind-, the touch-, nor the trumpet-phenomena could be detected whatsoever on his body!

Moreover coloured tea was consumed by the medium to show that nothing hidden in the stomach resembling ectoplasm is thrown up later to fake it (the dark color of the tea must have an influence on bright white material that is regularly presented by the control entities).

From the moment on it could be clearly stated none of the supposed properties were attached onto the mediums body, the medium in front of the staff then slipped into his checked clothes and was directly guided into the seance room without touching neither subject nor object.

Then the seance started and achieved quickly a known high quality.
Naturally the medium was additionally controlled frequently during phenomena occurrence on all 4 limbs by the adjacent sitters to prove neither hands nor feet are involved whatsoever!

About the seance of the 14th of June a sitter wrote:
'The small sitters group - the FEG spirit team doesn t allow large quantities of people sitting in multiple rows, just one central circle is allowed - enabled it to be personally touched deeply.
During the Seance i became aware of mysterious amounts of light, many spirit people, faces, forms and shades of light.

The control entity 'Hans Bender' and his loving and caring attitude to enrich us spiritually has demonstrated to every degree how unbelievably benevolent, loving, patient and compassionate the spiritual beings and teachings are! My experience of their influence has enabled me afterwards to become more sensible and aware in regards of their communion with us in the future!

The many touches on legs, arms, upper body and on the head, the mysterious knocking sounds from the ceiling, the floor and everywhere else, the handkerchief experiment, the morphing compaction of different forms and hands in front of the illuminated tile (plaque) were joyful, enthralling and beautiful to experience.
To see ectoplasm live was the overwhelming climax of the evening!

Picture: Large amounts of ectoplasm on the floor with foggy or smoky characteristics. It flows around the mediums feet meanwhile in front of the sitters eyes a strange handlike pseudopodia erects out of the middle of it and waves to the sitters

I am grateful for this experience i am still reflecting on today: it was a milestone on my way to converse with the spirit world!'

We again send this information out as a signal to all who are part of the denunciation team, using every nasty gossip to discredit the medium - but also as a strengthening signal to those who were stalked by their nasty telephone calls trying to destroy the good relationship we have with many people!

Many of our closest friends that know the medium personally for many years and have sat with him countless times have expressed their disgust, that the medium did allow this heavy intrusion into the intimacy of his body to prove something, the Adepts and Initiated do know, can never be proven to Negativists and Dogmatics of this kind.

To these supporters and friends the medium wants to send the message, 'that even though you are disgusted as i am, be aware i do not do this for the molesters and denunciators!

I do that for you all! That you can stand full of persuasion behind me!

I know many of you reject being influenced by the campaign, but we all know how such allegations nest in the back of the heads!
To chase these nasty mind intrudors out - i do that for you, being fully aware of your trust, friendship and support (special regards to Maryse for your friendship and wisdom!)'

So let's keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The famous "Uberaba Sittings" of Brazil and the New Book of the Main Photographer

Picture: Another one of the strange Photos taken in Brazil in the 50ies and 60ies. Besides the well known medium Carvalho two additional ectoplasmic mediums were serving their energies...

The sittings that produced the first colour pictures of materializations were the so called Uberaba Sittings, that started 1950 and found their climax 1963.

A new book (in Portuguese) was recently released that describes these sittings thoroughly: "O fotógrafo dos Espíritos" by Nedyr Mendes da Rocha (1932-2010).
This is an account, that was long awaited because Mr. da Rocha had the opportunity to make hundred photographs of spirit materializations around 1960 with the mediums Mrs. Otília Diogo and Mr. Antônio Feitosa.
Moreover he was an intimate part of the Uberaba Group enabling his story to go in detail!

Picture: One of the the first Colour Photos shot by Rochas, showing the medium Feitosa and the the famous Full Materilization "Sister Irma" besides guest sitter Chico Xavier.

The website spiritistknowledge.blogspot.com does present us first translated excerpts and provides additional materials from the book in the future!

Picture: Mrs. Diogo and Mr. Feitosa are handcuffed and bound to the chair. Only for a few seconds these ectoplasmic creations were exhibited to the light to be photographed. Typically are the multiple streams of ectoplasm from multiple face orifices. Especially interesting in this case is the large tongue-imitating substance coming from the mediums mouth!