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Author Marion Dampier Jeans about the strange world of physical phenomena during an Event in Sweden April 2011

This was originally a comment referring to Mr. Nielsens article below.

Marion Dampier Jeans is a well known author about spirituality in Europe today.
Especially, as a born danish, she is reviving the old knowledge regarding mediumship, shamanism and trance in the nordic countries of Europe, like Norway, Sweden, Iceland and
Please consider her strange observations directly at the cabinet during the FEG spirit team seance with K.M. and about the kicking spirit performances of the Bill Meadows Circle:
It was indeed a great experiment over that weekend with physical mediumship  in Sweden  , and a experience for my two physical circles from Denmark and my Norwegen circle also,   and  my Lawyer Jesper N Nielsen  who have studied spiritualism for years .
It was days with great teaching , and as always there was surprises  in both  Kai Mueggy and the Meadows demonstrations, the Meadows circle this time showed good phenomena with in  there  last demonstration as a end finale to the weekend .  One of there phenomena ,There  produces a face on the illuminated plage  outside the cabinet about half a meter from the cabinet it hang suspended  , a small spirit facet  of a man who talked to me , I manage to mesur the face with my fingers , and it was a small as a 7 years old boy.
There was surprises with Kai with his demonstration  , as I sat and helped to control the light and cabinet, being so near seeing the ectoplasma , and a hand materialise from the ground and upward  was extremely rewording , The hand with a arm  the arm from  the elbow raised from the floor,.. the shape  of the hand and arm was distorted  as it moved it had a life on its own , from where I  was sitting next to the cabinet I could see the  hand and arm  clearly,  there was no human hand involved for the movement was bending in a strange way   , the distorted hand could not be reconstructed, in any form or way .
another phenomena was the wind there came across me  , from my feet and the wind  raised  to the hight over the people head, as it rose  it blew across people , it  suddenly shifted direction , in mid air , this happen 3 times, there was no wind machine nu sound, .The fact that the wind suddenly change direction , only to drub on the flore , and after some 6 to 9 second, the same coldness appeared again and the wind came in ...but this time it went in  to another direction from the other side  , it  suddenly shifting direction only to again fall on to the flor . 
The room was examined by Jesper N Nielsen , only the way a magician could do , Jesper also examined the meadows circle in both demonstrations there was no chair, curtain, electric appertains  or blind there was un was examined from a point of a magician who would know if something was hidden..
It is a great thank you to Kai, Julie and the Meadow circles, for yet again a  wonderful demonstration
Kind thoughts marion         

Monday, 16 May 2011


Two times the Danish Lawyer Jesper N. Nielsen was during a seance near Goeteborg the human subject of the so called handkerchief-experiment of the FEG-Spirit Team!
Jesper is for many years interested and involved into the arts of professional stage illusion and magic.
Although he was experiencing something during the experiment he considered "highly persuasive" the next morning:

When in the 30ies Thomas Mann, the well known German Lyricist, was invited by the German Researcher Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing to join a sitting with the famous physical medium "Rudi Schneider" he did not know, that the report he was going to write afterwards still count to the most quoted observations in regard of genuine Physical Mediumship.
Thomas Mann was experiencing how a handkerchief was taken out of his hands by unknown means and in a quite peculiar way.

Since "Rudi Schneider" had joined the FEG Spirit Team the experiment is repeated in nearly every seance.

Please read, what the Danish Lawyer and Hobby Magician Jesper N. Nielsen did observe the 1rst of May 2011 during a Seance for the First Swedish Spiritualist Church:

Independent witness account
By Jesper N. Nielsen, LL.M. (lawyer)

On the 1st of May 2011 I had the pleasure of attending a seance held in Sweden with Kai Muegge as spiritualist medium. Present were - other than Kai - his “on the road” circle leader, Julia Huebner, and a group of approximately 15 attendees from mainly Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and UK. The latter were not associated with Kai nor his experimental circle, FEG, but were all in one way or another practitioners of physical mediumship.

During the seance a variety of phenomena could be witnessed by the group. This account focuses on the evidentiary value of one of these phenomena. As a lawyer I have a natural skepticism towards alleged evidence. Lawyers use many types of evidence in various situations, but unlike other academic practitioners lawyers never produce evidence; we merely evaluate, scrutinize, and interpret, all to determine the evidentiary value of a given factual circumstance or piece of information.

Keeping in mind the extraordinary illusions performed by some magicians, I was looking for things that could not be produced or manipulated by human beings or any kind of tool. I had the opportunity to check the entire seance room and search the attendees before entering, and I was satisfied that there was nothing out of the order. As a youngster I was an amateur magician, so I have a good understanding of what to look for. I should mention that I have no reason to suspect Kai Muegge nor the attendees of any fraud, but if evidence is the goal, one must have a stringent attitude towards the procurement of it.

With all settled in and the medium entranced, a wind chime attached in the ceiling began chiming. Kai Muegges spirit control took over and led the seance ahead.

Amongst the phenomena witnessed, I found the following, so called “handkerchief experiment”, to be the most interesting.

This was a very convincing phenomenon. A handkerchief with pieces of luminescent tape was held by sitters towards the middle of the room until an entity had a sufficiently tight grip on it to take it out of the sitter’s hand after which the handkerchief flew across the room in a varied movement and landed on or near another sitter. I had the opportunity to hold the handkerchief twice as I let go too soon the first time and was prompted to pick it up and try again. But at both times the handkerchief was being gripped and pulled. Once in the air I was left with only the visual sense. But while holding it I could see the entire handkerchief as well as feel the gripping and pulling. And this was the most interesting part: The handkerchief was being gripped and pulled in every part of it. When a piece of fabric is being gripped or pulled at, the one holding the other end will sense it and it will be isolated to the part of the fabric that is being gripped or pulled. I.e. if two corners are being held the other to corners will hang loose. And if all corners are pulled one will feel the etches stretch accordingly while the middle will sway. The same is of course the case whether the fabric is being pulled by a hand, strings, or some type of gripping device.

But this was different. I could feel the handkerchief being gripped at every part. Much like if I had been holding something stiff like a piece of wood or metal where no part will sway or hang. If you hold out a piece of metal or wood and someone grabs around it you will feel the grip, but the item will remain solid, quite unlike the case of a handkerchief. In this case the handkerchief somehow felt solid. But at the same time it fluttered in the air (the part of it not in my hand).

The only similar sensation I can think of is the feeling you have when the wind is pulling hard on a kite that you are holding in your hand, or if you shake your towel at the beach on a very windy day and the wind pulls at it and blows air underneath and above it. The power of the wind gets to every part of the kite or the towel at the same time which can clearly be felt when holding it in the hand. But in this situation there was no wind, yet the movement and force felt when holding the handkerchief would correspond to being in a wind tunnel.

In terms of evidentiary value I found this phenomenon to triumph many of the other phenomena witnessed. It was possible to use both the senses of vision and feeling and the combination of seeing a handkerchief dangling/fluttering quite naturally whilst feeling a very forceful grip and pull on every part of it with no directional orientation was, to me, very defiant of any “natural” causes.

- Jesper N. Nielsen

VERY RARE: SPIRITISM IN BUENOS AIRES - with widely unknown photos

The Association of Psychological Studies and Progress, Buenos Aires, Argentinia, was officially launched on 1 January 1900. The founding group has been running since 1888 - around a medium of Spanish Origin, Doña Francisca Lozano Latorraca (known as "Sister Paca).
Picture: Scientific Devices, Cabinet, Cameras: The Experimental Room in Buenos Aires

All in all in thes laboratory the founders were able to witness the production of different phenomena: Materialization of plants (flowers), minerals (stones, shells, small objects) and animals, including the alleged materialization of various live birds in cages securely sealed.
Picture: With the medium "Sister Paca" the first ectoplasmic formations were photographed in Argentinia: On the knee of the sitter front left the ectoplasmic production is positioned. The sitters were claiming the creation was resembling a hand!

In addition levitating tables, chairs and mediums were witnessed, paraffin experiments were done, direct music and voices were heard and the effects of "contacts" between mediums and spirit on the ectoplasm, showing faces with different characteristics.

Picture: Details of a partial face-materialization. Taken during experimental session on Christmas eve 1934 in the Laboratory. The photograph was obtained by magnesium flash. (Source: Spiritualism , 13, No. 152-153, January-February 1937, p. 7).

The Laboratories main history in ectoplasmic materialization, which included human faces, animals, etc. (Marino, 1963) and many other indefinable ectoplasmic productions were achieved by Doña Francisca Lozano Latorraca (known as "Sister Paca).
She constituted the first photographic "evidence" of ectoplasmics obtained in Buenos Aires by Argentine mediums.

Picture: Doña Francisca Lozano Latorraca is extruding ectoplasm in an experimental session with a second medium called "A. Montenegro"

Picture: In this stereo image the ectoplasmic structure seems to connect the both mediums. Such strange ectoplasmic behaviour is widely spread in ectoplasmic mediumship in South America, especially in Brazil, where the "interconnecting" ectoplasm can be watched on many photos! (please visit the articles about Ectoplasmic Mediumship on here and here)

Later the medium A. Montenegro was producing creations with characteristics very similar to the phenomena produced by other mediums in Europe, whose images are well known.


Sunday, 15 May 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE OCCULT - A Berlin Photographer at the FEG

During several FEG Seances the Berlin Photographer Alexander Gehring was present to photo for his Diploma at the University of Berlin under the title: "Photography and the Occult"!

The presented photos were chosen under artistic points of view.
Some of them we present here today!

Photo 1: The moment of tension. The Circle Leaders hand is holding the curtains ready to be opened to exhibit what the mediumistic field is able to create

Photo 2: Somewhen during the red light phases taken this photos shows autonomous ectoplasm freestanding in front of the medium and an etheric hand coming from behind

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) Photo 3: Like spraying out of the mediums mouth the etherically thin veil- and spiderweblike substance is spreading over the mediums whole body

Photo 4: The Flame of Life!
Claimed to have compacted ectoplasm to a highest degree a flame like independent mass is showing off, operating freely in red light up to 1,5 m in front of the closed (!) cabinet

These pictures do not follow a "prove"- or "evidence"-, neither a "documentation-agenda - but only an artistic one!