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 Over the weekend of the 3rd of December we were guests at the wonderful "Banyans Retreat" in Ashford/Kent.We were invited by our hosts Nic and Steven, who run the beautiful location. We wanted to learn to know each other and then Julia and I wanted to attend a Seance of Scott Milligan. Additionally I was giving an informal Seance as well for especially interested sitters one day later.

The week end was without exception a very beautiful and succesful one. At the beginning we were right away taken by the beauty of the Retreat. 

Picture: The beauty of the location is exceptionally.
A little lake in the middle around which in early December the old tree population and bloomless flora grouped like in a "still life". Huge crinkly tree trunks, covered by bark rugged by decades it did spend shelter against the climate conditions, stretch their necks and tiny arms to the sun, before they fall back into their winter sleep. 
Exceptionally beautiful! 

Picture: The natural environment spends a grounding energy to all spiritual practices exercised at the Banyans
Impressed we were as well by the open and committed characters of the people we were conversing with over the long weekend: In the first place Nic Whitham and Scott Milligan and their partners. All 4 were receiving us with the most loving and easiest attitude we were admiring very much!

Nic and Steven, who run the "Banyans Retreat"

Additionally it was a special event we were invited to: The "Christmas Tree Seance" of the Scott Milligan Circle, that is at the time operating at the Banyan Retreat regularly. 
Scott Milligan is an extremely impressing personality. Even though very young, the deep and warm tone of his speech reflects an inner ballance only a few do achieve and a great knowledge about the secrets behind the curtain of bodily life is his great asset. His empathy is huge and very much admired by the many who follow him into his workshops and other sessions.
Humor and Wisdom is a great mixture and Scott owns both of them a lot!

Scott Milligan

The Banyan offers a large array of Workshops, Meditations and a long list of sophisticated therapeutical applications like the ECT (Electro Crystal Therapy), Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tai Chi Qui-Gong and many many more.

Furthermore their Seance Room is especially designed to provide all needs imaginable. The whole electric light-installation is controlled with a single key. By simply turning it all lights are securely shut down and the key does stay in Nics trousers until the lights are to turn on again. An unaudible ventilation system feeds the room with fresh air permanently and it is really easy to attend a seance under such circumstances and in such comfortable chairs.

The especially designed and just renovated Seance Room at the Banyans
A wooden Cabinet, reminding of the older days of the "Spirit Cabinet" is the focus point in the large room usually. This time the huge white Christmas Tree positioned 4 or 5 feet in front of the cabinet and around it in a radius of 3 feet a mountain of enwrapped christmas presents were catching the eye. 

The "Christmas Tree Seance" is an old Spiritualistic Tradition. 
The widely operating "child"-controls in Physical Mediumship are especially invited to have christmas experiences most of them never had in their short lifes. So the phenomenological part is, that these children then materialize in the room and even though the medium sits audibly confirmable by his breathing and continous remarks bound in his cabinet, in front of it we were perceiving little feet tapping around and the rip open of many of the presents. Later all the presents, provided by the sitters, were given to charity.

When Scott was taking his seat in the cabinet directed my attention to a jawdropping event. He already had mentioned it, when we were having dinner: "When I sit in the Cabinet chair and people are going to bind me there is an early ectoplasmic effect already perceiveable. In front of my solarplexus a strong draw of energy is starting and you will be able to feel that! Palpably! Its like a whirl of wind in front of it!"

The "whirl"-like materialisation of spontanous (ectoplasmic) substance in the room is a feature of my spirit team as well - and such a same whirlwind Scott was then describing to me - I was very eager to experience that.
In the evening Scott had not forgotten what he offered to me. He signaled me to come very close and I bowed down to him and hold my hand in front of his belly, I immediately recognized it: Not a "maybe"- or "good will"-wind was whirling there, but a clear, unmisunderstandable strong draw of air let me loudly speak out my surprise how strong it was!

During that night many characteristical communicators were talking.
Julia and I were adressed by the well known calm and smooth voice of "Leslie Flint". He said very nice things! He was speaking of our own work to bring through valuable messages from the disembodied world and good strong spirit related physical phenomena. He mentioned the pointlessness of mediumistic testing and recommended to not let this illuminating work be restricted by so called scientific test conditions mediums are not used to work under. Genuine Mediums can only loose in such a constellation. Furthermore a medium shall never look for reputation by those who doubt. They can only be persuaded by their personal experience. The medium has to offer his gift to the truely searching, to release their hearts from darkness and anxiety - not to those whose worldview seems to be completed and who look down to us! 

Then ectoplasm was extruded in red light, running in a thin stream downwards until it had reached the floor.
Several times it was shown. Then the medium was transported around in his chair. The christmas tree was laid down as we could later see and the chair must have been uplifted and transported over the cabinet blocking christmas-presents onto the other side of the room.

One more time the guides adressed the sitters to wish them a most beautiful christmas and new years eve before the lights went on. Scott sat with his heavy wooden chair on the oppposite site of the cabinet and the area in front of it was full of wrapping paper and ripped open toys.

After the informal FEG-Spirit-Team Seance: Scott, Darren, Steven, Nic, Kai

Thanks to all involved for the good time we had!

Please visit: Banynas Retreat
                  Banyans Physical Mediumship Section
                  Scott Milligan Site

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Enjoy this special BBC documentary about the history of the scientific evaluation of Seance Room Phenomena! Intruiging...!!!
Highly recommended:

PART 1 of 4




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Testimony by FEG Sitter J.C., United States, Seance at the Basle PSI Association Oct. 2011

From now on we will share testimonials with our readers from sitters that have witnessed the work of the FEG-Spirit Team. In this case it is a very personal message, from which we withhold some very private content. Moreover we will only publish the Initials of the participants on the web. Thank you. The Editor

Dear Kai and Julia,

I was very privileged to accompany (...names...) in attending your seance in Basel. Oh my, what a wonderful experience! Besides the phenomena you both eminate such love and warmth.

Steve and I both felt the touches, Steve felt something climb softly up his pant leg onto his thigh. I felt something very soft roll across my knee and a strong breeze across my hand.

There was so much strong knocking moving around everywhere!

The materialization of the light was awesome.
I felt as though the light had a loving and playful personality.
I felt warmth on my hand as it came very near.
Steve said he felt the movement of air as it zoomed past his ear.

The ectoplasm was astounding!
I was able to see the face (in it) and to see it talking!

What strong energy to sit with strangers and for 3 hours!

I still have not absorbed it all I don't think.
This whole experience feels as though it is some type of turning point for me.
I hope Kai and Julia that we may keep in contact and meet again.

(...private content...)

I regret we did not have more time to spend getting to know the both of you.

L. has passed on your emails regarding the content of what was said during the seance and she is correct in saying this is of very great interest to me, part of my passion.

Thank you both for all that you have given me.

Kai I feel you are without reproach and the real deal.

Thank You again!

Much love to both of you!


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PSYCHIC PHOTOGRAPHY EXTRAORDINAIRE: The Spiritual Artist Isabelle Duchene (many photos!!!)

Picture: Following an impulse when photographing the empty sofa,
Isabelles deceased Grandmother became visible

In my long history exploring psychic Anomalies the 'Psychic Photography' Cases always fascinated me a lot.
They are a subgenre of Physical Mediumship and the grand cases beyond the disputed hostorical attempts describe a fascinating modern mystery! Besides the fact, that some sort of psychic energy manages frequently to appear on manmade photography, on analogue as well as on digital, there have been always protagonists that were able to show scientifically observable that there is in fact something going on: Experiments with Masuaki Kyota, Ted Serious, the Scole Experimental group, Robert van der Broeke and even the FEG have been lead to succesful results!!

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'MUR BUS LIL LOUISE' - How a materialized Girl kisses 2 Sitters in FEG-'Circle of Friends'-Seance Sept. 2011, by N. Vella

(Natal Vella, 50, Consciousness Researcher, ITC-Experimenter and Transfiguration Medium, lives on Malta. For years he is seeking for higher truths within Spiritualism. Natal is Expert in North American Natives Spirituality. At the moment he is experimenting with Crystallography)

Like last year, Mr Kai Muegge invited sitters to attend in a séance in Hanau, Germany. As soon as I got the message I immediately decided to book my reservation. I have first met Kai in Scotland at David Thompson’s séance demonstration. Although I had some disappointment by the event-organisers, I met some wonderful friends in Scotland. These were Kai, John and Maryse Locke.

I went to Hanau on the 13th September and had a very warm and wonderful experience. His friends and family treated me like a relative and I could feel their loving vibrations they were emitting.

Pic: John Locke, K.M., Natal Vella and Maryse Locke in Hanau, Sept. 2011.

Then came the day of the séance (16th September) and the phenomena were so great that time stopped. I was so impressed that I promised myself that it won’t be my last visit.

When my partner Louise and me arrived in Hanau on the 13th September it was a big surprise that John and Maryse were also in Hanau.

During the week we stayed in Hanau, John and Maryse used to pick us from our hotel and take us around everyday. They made our holiday unforgettable and I wish to thank them exceptionally for their kindness.

We used to go to visit Kai at his parents’ wonderful house. Not only the house was wonderful, but much more wonderful were Kai’s parents. They treated us with immense love. Kai’s family and friends were indeed loving and spiritual. When you get to know such wonderful persons it’s hard to let go. Unfortunately, we live in another country; Malta and we have family ties there too so there comes a day when we have to go back, but spiritually connected we are more than ever.

Although I am a transfiguration medium, Louise, my partner, never had the opportunity to experience physical mediumship. So I explained how it works and how to participate.

Pic: Natal and Louise in Hanau Sept. 2011

The séance was set to be on the weekend of September the 16th
Elke, Kai’s mother prepared plenty of food and refreshments and greeted us with immense love and affection.

It was time for the séance to begin. Kai was in perfect condition and we were all united as brothers and sisters to participate in the séance. It was around 9.00 pm. We left all our belongings; rings, cell phones etc and emptied all our pockets and went down the cellar ‘séance room’ to prepare for the sitting.

We were 9 sitters. Me and Louise, John and Maryse, Kai’s partner Julia, Mr Polin, Mr Switzerland, Kai’s mother Elke, and Kais’ sister in law, Stephanie. Male and female energy was balanced and I was expecting great phenomena. Kai went into the cabinet and we were seated like the diagram below:

Kai, assisted from Julia and Stephanie, his sister in law, took his seat in the cabinet while we sitters sat down on the chairs.
Everything was ready, the lights were switched off and Kai started his holotropic breathing technique to get in trance.
I could immediately feel the energy access all the room.
It was getting intense. After a few moments, my partner Louise shouted ‘’Ma’’ which means Mum.
She had just experienced a human hand touching her and since it was her first time in a séance of physical mediumship, she was startled. So I told her to keep calm and that these things are normal in a séance. Then I also experienced hands touching me. They touched my hair, eyebrows, face, hands and legs. These hands were caressing me. It was a wonderful experience. Then, John, who was on the opposite side, also felt hands touching him. Things were getting intense and all the sitters were being touched in different parts of their bodies.

What amazed me was that Kai was not yet in full trance and the phenomena already started to take place.

Kai was coughing and his voice was tuning up so that his spirit guide Hans Bender spoke to us.

Knocks were all above and around us at that time.
Now Hans Bender’s voice was getting clear. He greeted us and welcomed my partner Louise as a new sitter. He also welcomed all the sitters in the room. Hands were still touching us and we sitters were greeting them.

Then orbs of intelligent lights were hovering around the sitters and touching every one of us. Then all of a sudden, a loud bang was heard on the floor. Someone must have hit the drum on the floor.

One has to remember that the séance lasted around four hours twenty minutes and the phenomena were continuous and I don’t find it easy to describe it bit by bit, but I try to explain all the phenomena I can remember.

Hans Bender told us to chant so that the energy will gather more power. Everyone was singing loudly to the music. We could see the hovering lights in the cabinet over Kai’s head and also sparks of light the lighting around the cabinet.

Hans invited us to hold hands together so to get all connected. I was holding Louise’s hand on my right and Julia’s hand on my left side. Suddenly I heard Julia saying that hands were touching her and then I felt a hand which pressed firmly and strongly Julia and my hand as they were clinched to each other.

Then Hans, the spirit control of Kai, told the Swiss guy to pick a handkerchief which was illuminated and hold it high so that the spirit entities could move it. At first the handkerchief fell on the floor. Then it was my turn and I did hold the handkerchief high and suddenly it was taken from my hand and flying across the room to the delight of the sitters.

Then the trumpet was on the floor and it rose up in front of me and Louise and Hans Bender invited Louise to hold it from the front. At first she couldn’t get hold of it and then I managed to help her do it and we both held the trumpet. Hans told Louise to pull and she felt that the opposing force which was pulling against her was extremely strong.

Then the hovering light appeared again and all the sitters were being touched and it also banged on the drum.

I could see that one of the lights was getting bigger and I could clearly see a young beautiful lady’s face. She was touching my face and I could feel her etheric hair hit my face. I told this girl in Maltese language ‘’Mur bus lil Louise’’ which means ‘’Go and kiss Louise’’ and to my amazement she went to Louise, kissed her and she felt her sit on her lap. It was an incredible experience remembering that nobody in that room can understand Maltese language. I understand that there is only one language in the spirit world and all earthly languages are understood by all the spirits.


The red light was switched on and in front of the cabinet, on the floor, we could see a sort of white fabric covering something flat on the floor. Then all of a sudden we could see like a mass of ectoplasm in the shape of a sponge jumping up and down.
It was amazing, considering that the red light was on, we could see it very clearly. Hans Bender told to open the cabinet and put the red light on and we could witness Kai with a large mass of ectoplasm all around him and he was pulling larger and larger volumes out of his mouth. Then again the red light was put on and we could see a large mass of ectoplasm around Kai and on the floor but this time a hand emerged and waved from the ectoplasm and it was very clear for us to see.

Then came an astonishing moment for our great friends John and Maryse. Hans Bender told them that he had a present, an apport which came from Kai’s mouth. It hit the floor but since it was dark, nobody knew what it was.

Later on, when the séance was over, we could see that the apport was a small Buddha, a golden statue with initials on its bottom. It made me so happy to see John and Maryse delighted and happy. It was wonderful. They surely deserved it, no doubt. They are truly spiritual and a loving couple.

Pic: The apported Buddha for Maryse and John Locke, apported by the Medium through its mouth...

Earlier in the séance Hans Bender told us that “Yellow Feather” was going to speak to us. In fact, Yellow Feather did come and spoke through the voice box and his voice was well above Kai’s cabinet.

Yellow Feather greeted everyone and told us that was going to reveal a secret.

"THE SOULS SPRING" (German: Die Quelle der Seelen)
through the Direct Voice of "Yellow Feather", the 16th of September 2011
(YF: Yellow Feather / HB: Hans Bender, Main Control)

YF: "My name is Yellow Feather – and I am speaking through the ectoplasmic Voice Box!"
HB: "Please bring up the music, I try to establish the Voice Box!"
YF: "… (not understandable) I want to reveal a certain story to you. The story is about a certain location! The Source of the Souls."
Yes, the Spring of the Soul! From where the soul runs like water into many rivers. These rivers flow to the North and the South, as well as to the east and to the west.
They flow along countless moons!
And not only along, but also deep into!
This flow of the soul….
Yellow Feather wanted to tell you a secret!
About the secret path of the soul!
There is a location! And this location is called: the Souls spring, the source of the Souls!
From this location the souls run down like water into many streams and rivers of many different directions, times and different dimensional planes.
The soul is not a one dimensional being!
There is a source field.
And this source field turns into many rivers, many of the rivers of life.
This field feeds many children!
And every single one of these children is brought on its path for one connecting aim.
It tells about the true meaning of life!
These children are not aware of each other – only frequently from time to time- when they have fulfilled their task they return to the mother field and become aware what they really are.
It was for them like being in a theatre – and the play was so good that they forgot that it is only an act.
And afterwards they became aware, it was only an act!
And all the rivers are ageless,eternal, streaming to and from the Source of the Souls, die Quelle der Seelen.
But for what purpose?
Over the many planes they're rushing on their waves they transport information and knowledge, recognition and awareness, they have collected.
Knowledge and information in gigantic amounts, swallowed within milliseconds- eons and galaxies of knowledge were achieved by the seeking soul and contained.
And at a certain point information becomes so compact, that it oversteps once again the borderline, the frontier to the material, to the physical.
This is the moment universes are given birth!
And your every soul becomes hosts for new life!
And the secret is, that every universe was once a soul that once sprang from the spring of souls to flow into space – the universals womb, the primordial Mother of all beings of a future history.
This is the path of the soul!
“Yellow Feather” through the FEG Medium, 16.09.2011

No one noticed that it was getting late and Hans Bender told us it was time. He greeted us as the energy was getting low and he finally left back to his world.

Then the lights were switched on and to our amazement we noticed that the séance took about four hours twenty minutes. It was a record. Wow!! We were enjoying it so much that it was like an hour has passed.

It was a fantastic evening and I could see a great improvement on Kai and his spirit team’s ability from my last years visit.
I am sure that as long as the spirit team and Kai are committed he will progress more in the near future. Full materialisation will be the next step.

I have to say this before I finish my writing. Physical Mediumship needs a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get results. Unfortunately, other materialisation mediums are getting commercial, and that is very bad. Mediums must not let persons who think of money to interfere in their mission. Seances of physical mediumship should not be with forty sitters but less than fifteen. People want to see the phenomena not darkness. They want to participate and it’s impossible for a person to have an experience with forty sitters. Only a few will experience something and the others will all be disappointed.

Kai and his family they were real blood brothers and sisters I am proud to say.
Thank you Kai and thanks to Kai’s family and friends for the warm days we had.

Your friends Natal and Louise.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

WHEN THE PIANO PLAYED... - The Trondheim Séances Oct. 2011 by M.D.Jeans

Pic: The Trondheim Fjord. The Divinity of Natural Creation is palpable at Places like this...
Directly on the other side of this Panorama the Séanceroom was located

The séances were held on the Island “Tautra“, one hour from Trondheim, in the middle of Norway! “Tautra” lays at the end of the “Trondheim fjord” and the two-days event was organized by Monica Haugen from “spiritus omni”, promoting Norwegian mediums, their history of phenomena within International mediumship.
Co-host was me, Marion Dampier–Jeans, as organizer for the promotion of “Physical Mediumship” in Scandinavia.

The room was the largest room that Kai Muegge, the Physical Channel for the Spirit Team of the German “Felix Experimental Group/FEG”, who travelled with partner Julia H., had demonstrated in by then!
The room was of a wooden building and had 70 m2 and a height of 3.4 m (11 feet). Attending were 17 people on Saturday and 15 on Sunday!

Pic: The extraordinary location: the Séance Room behind taped windows
at the Shores of the Trondheim Fjord...

The room was then stripped from furniture, except a sofa and a large grand piano. Because of the extraordinary size of the room it was examined by 3 people, who also had to sweep the high ceiling with brooms, so that it was clear no hidden installations were present.
After a short final meditative preparation, the medium Kai stripped naked in front of me in a small backroom and redressed after I had checked all 4 pieces his “experimental dress” consisted of: A very light dark cotton shirt, a light cotton trouser and a pair of shoes. I was urged by him to closely observe every of his movements. From the backroom he then walked with both hands up (to be observable) directly into the prior checked cabinet and sat there immediately. He did not touch any objects or persons on his way in!
Like everybody else Julia H. was searched as well and was found free of hidden objects. The preparation was completed!

Pic: The Seance room finalized for the Sitting...

The first night it took a little bit longer than the second night for the old Professor, Mr. Hans Bender, the Spirit Control of the Medium, to come through (could be the size of the room) but he welcomed on both nights all with wise and kind words.

Nearly as soon as “Hans Bender” talked the instruments between the cabinet and a 2.20 m away located “Focus Area” began to move!
After an introduction “Mr. Bender” told that there were people in the room who wanted to make themselves present to some sitters.
One of the names he mentioned was “Pedder”. A very typical name, but he spelt it, so there was no mistake possible. Additionally Hans Bender advised us to listen to certain sounds on the floor. We could hear somebodies feet on the floor, what sounded like dancing. A lady named Målfrid Hollberg was delighted to recognize her deceased dancing partner “Pedder”, who seemed to dance over the floor!
After this the piano began to play! This was situated at the side of the wall, away from the cabinet. We could clearly hear somebody trying to play the piano. There were as well rappings on the top of the piano, which were pretty loud. There was no access to the piano from the Circle or the cabinet.
I sat closest to the cabinet and could follow every detail. Every movement and breath taken by the medium, I was sure of. Additionally I asked on both nights of the séance, that the person next to me had its hand on my knee as well all the time, to give confirmation I neither did move no inch out of my chair. This was done and confirmed ..

The handkerchief experiment was a success as well.
From the moment that Robert Guin, a young Norwegian physical medium, sat down he was touched by materialized hands all the time, it did not stop but strengthened further when his leader of the circle Monica Haugen was given the hanky to hold. Hold by her, it moved dithering with a speed and hit Robert all the time in the face, meanwhile the touches increased further, on both their hands (Monica and Robert) at the same time. Suddenly the hanky was grabbed firmly by unseen hands and went out of Monicas hands up into the air and travelled outside the circle, and far up the ceiling…
Spirit lights also happened! Some were blue in color and were flying around outside the circle and as well up to the ceiling. Frequently they flew wildly fast!
Always when phenomena had established Julia and I were asked to hold the medium at all his 4 limbs, his legs and hands and to tell the people as we did so! Meanwhile the phenomena were further happening.

Pic: Organizer Monica Haugen of "Spiritus omni" (far left), Marion Dampier Jeans (far right), K.M. and his partner Julia H., together with gifted Spiritual Healer Trine B., in front of the Grand Piano, that was played by materialized hands

Ectoplasm was also extracted, in a light white color - like candy floss – “Hans Benders” materialized hand was presented. The FEG-Spirit Team presented, due to the fact, that the second night had a stronger atmosphere, on both evenings different experiments…
So the second night for example “Hans Bender” told us he would see if it is possible to show us faces of spirit in the ectoplasm!
It was and this ectoplasm had a different texture! It appeared grey, was more thick, and was close to the mediums body. When the red-light-torch was shone on to the ectoplasm a face of a woman with dark hair was visible. The face was visual for all to see, was deep-set into the ectoplasm, face flat. There were rough parts within the ectoplasm and small rough patches hang from the “fabric” of the ectoplasms makeup. The faces were seen by all Sitters.

Hr.Bender then out of the same material again materialized his hand. This time the mediums hand did hold a considerable volume of this peculiar substance in one of his hands, close to the body. Out of this hand a second hand grew in front of all and waved to them!

Pic: One of the oldest monasteries from the 14th century in Norway
was the scenery for the sittings

In part 2 I will explain what I personal saw and recognized, for example the mediums miraculously extended hand I felt when I had to hold Julias hand across the mediums leg for control reasons.
Stay tuned.
Marion Dampier Jeans

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Pic: Chateau Belvedere. Vienna is the last imperial city in Europe. Today the lifepacked agility of a 1.8 Mio. inhabitants counting Metropolis combines with the breathtaking art and architecture of the past...

For the second time the FEG Spirit Team presented their ability to converse with the human realm in Vienna, Austria, in front 18 spectators out of different Intellectual Circles of Vienna!
The event was organized in cooperation with the K.- L. institute in Vienna and among the invited guests were engineers, therapists, physicians, scientists, psychiatrists and other consulting professions.
Some of them had some kind of experience with spiritual matters, at least the event organizers and their friends, others not.

Picture: Barbara and Ernesto K.-L., long time scholars of the mysteries of mediumship and occultism and experienced event organizers

After the room was properly checked and afterwards guarded by a "sceptical" sitter, the medium additionally stripped his cloths completely in front of the event organizer Ernesto K.-L., redressed and entered without touching nothing his checked cabinet at the end of the room.

Picture: The next morning. On the lower right side the ventilator is still positioned....

In the course of the upcoming Seance very important observations could have been made by several sitters, that throw an interesting light onto the mechanics and character of the presented "ectoplasmic materialisations".

One of these observations was made by Ernesto K.-L. himself, who sat directly at the cabinet and was responsible for the control of the medium and the light for the whole evening!

Picture: Mediums Partner Julia H., responsible for the Organisation when demonstrating at different locations

The other extraordinary observation was made by the complete sitters group during one of the 4 limb controls. During these controls the medium is hold on all four limbs and speaks at the same time! They shall show, that the medium, fully controlled by holding, is not involved in producing the parallely occurring phenomena!
All sitters at that moment sit in chain as well, so that in the end everybody in the room is controlled.
These controls are well known and countless times the medium had proven it is not involved in what is happening at the same time.
At several stages these controls are exercised during the Seance - always when strong phenomena are occurring, like spirit lights flying through the room, or materialised hands show themselves in 2 m distance from the medium!

But this time the hands showed an interesting other feature. Even though they are sometimes described as flat and usually crawl from the floor over the drums (bucket) rim, they this time did perform a drumming that showed they at least have to have a considerable mass and weight to perform such an audible action!


The sitters were astonishingly observing the hands performing, which in no way came from the cabinets direction but from the small space between them and the drum (bucket), positioned opposite to the cabinet in the bow of the U-Form, the sitters were sitting in.

Later then, after 2,5 hours of Seance, the throw-out of huge ectoplasmic masses from the mediums mouth is always a highlight and a moment of cognitive dissonance for the unexperienced sitters mentalities.

Loud choking noises prepare the sitters for the strange display that shortly afterwards is presented: With both hands the medium literally shovels volumes of white mass out of his mouth, that fall to the ground in front of him.
Seconds later this mass shows its morphological ability to form, reform, deform and move autonomously!

But this time an accident occurred. The small Ventilator in front of the Sitter sitting on the mediums left side, Ernesto K.-L. (E.K.L.), was still throwing a considerable breeze of air onto the medium. Normally the trance personality orders all coolness spending devices to be turned off during several phenomena, especially during the ectoplasmic out-throw.

But as it has occurred many times before, when "accidents" have brought unexpected insights f.e. in science, a peculiar behaviour of the presented substance could be observed by the controller (E.K.L.).

The presented substance at that stage has a thin, veil-like appearance, something that later changes into a more chaotically arranged cotton-wool looking appearance.

But fact is, that E.K.L. was able to clearly observe how the substance did part itself, did open a pathway, so to speak, to let the incoming stream of air pass through without causing too much tension within the substances structure!


This "path" within the veil-like looking "fabric" did open and close periodically, clearly showing its dynamic and morphological ability to react on environmental influences autonomously.
No earthly "veil" or cottonwool is able to do such actions.

We from the FEG are considerably happy about these observations, leading us a step further in understanding the character and mechanics of mediumistic ectoplasmic display!

Picture: Water Installation at Chateau Belvedere...

We want to thank the K.-L. Institute for their superb organisation and an unforgettable Seance the 30th of September 2011.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Witness Report: NEW PHENOMENA SEANCE 30.08.2011

Report of the séance Tuesday, 30.08.2011, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Written on the 1.9. and 2.9.2011 on the basis of notes taken in the hours after the sitting.

(text, diagrams and sketches signed with "MN" by Dr.Mnahm. Additional Photos, sketches and their captions added by the administrator! We are again thankful being allowed to use Dr. Mnahms report, who is an independent observer, creating these reports originally for his own purposes and files! The Admin.)

Pic: The photographed masses at the outside-cloth of the cabinet, showing different unknown faces (enlargement see below)

This time, we were 9 sitters in the usual cellar room in Hanau, including 6 members of the circle: Kai, the medium in cabinet, Jochen (Jo), Julia (Ju), Alexander (A), Elke (E), and Steffi (S). In addition, there was one regular guest, Kosta (K), and two other occasional guests, Renate (R), and I (I). Jochen was operating the CD player; Steffi and Julia opened and closed the cabinet curtain when required. Steffi also operated the red lamp according to the instructions given by the trance control personality HB, speaking through Kai. However, the red lamp was prepared for a special purpose this night, and Jochen had a torch with red light that he used when needed. Elke was operating the ventilator to cool the body of the medium when requested. However, it was turned on almost throughout the entire sitting. This time, the small window of the séance room was completely sealed with tape and it was not possible to open it.

Diagram by MN

The room was completely darkened. All sat on their chairs when Kai entered the room at last. After an opening prayer, Kai induced the trance state by his rapid breathing technique while Gregorian chants were played. Already after a very short time, after about two moderate breathing turns, HB announced his presence and opened the sittings with warm greetings. Already during this brief breathing session, sitters reported unusual winds in addition to the “wind” produced by the running fan, which produced a continuous current of air in the middle of the room. This current of air is hardly felt directly at the outer parts of the room by sitters on the chairs. In addition, distinct and frequent touches by something solid were reported by all sitters already in this early stage of the séance, the trance induction. In particular, I was touched twice on my naked left forearm, and once something with the weight of a hamster or a little rat seemed to crawl up my belly up to my chest region, from where it left. Jochen was tickled two times at the back of his head, and was kicked in one calf from behind. It is interesting to note how the quality of the touches has slowly changed since the first sittings in which they were reported. The very soft and fleeting quality from the beginning has entirely ceased, now solid and almost “heavy” objects seem to cause the touches.
In the course of the rest of the sitting, I have observed the following phenomena.

1) Raps: Already during the early stages of HB’s communication, raps were heard on the ceiling. We sang quite loudly to “Hey Jude” and other well-known songs, and the raps were of impressive strength and loudness, seemingly trying to keep up with our noise. Sometimes, the raps would strike (almost) simultaneously with reported touches. They also came from the wall behind Steffi. Moreover, something was hitting the drum rhythmically and quite audibly.

2) Lights: Soon after HB had taken over control, very bright lights with a diameter of about 1 cm were seen. They moved extremely quickly and seemed to pass from inside the cabinet to the outside frequently. Their quality was different from the usual phosphorescent lights seen at the sittings. They were much brighter, and white-yellowish in colour instead of the soft phosphorescent green. Moreover, the movements were much faster and erratic.

3) Shining structure. Yet, light of the familiar phosphorescent green colour were seen at a later stage of the sitting. It seemed rather dull compared to the usual lights, as if covered by a somewhat transparent veil. At times, one could discern two or even three centres of luminosity in close vicinity. The entire luminous object moved as a single unity and also performed curious rotation movements around its horizontal axis. It frequently hovered in front of my face at a distance of about 50 cm. The softly shining object was continuously visible from all sides. It did not become invisible to one’s sight when it turned to the sitters at the opposite side of the room, as it is usually the case with the normal greenish lights appearing at the séances. It might be inferred that a transparent veil could have covered such a light, but dispersed and reflected the light emitted from its covered source. Even more so, as I felt something soft touch my naked right knee briefly when the light hovered in front of my belly region at one time. During the appearance of this light, we were asked to from a chain with our hands – the only time a chain was requested during this sitting.

After a while, when it seemed established that the light was functioning in a stable manner, HB asked for a small pause. The light disappeared, and Jochen and Steffi positioned the red lamp in front to the cabinet (See sketch of the séance room). The red lamp had been specifically prepared for the phenomenon to follow: The movement of the structure that comprises the phosphorescent greenish light through an area illuminated with dim red light. For this purpose, the lamp had been lowered to c. 50 cm above the floor, covered with a cloth and turned on to only a very low degree. In this way, a small area between the lamp and the floor was lit with dim red light. Its diameter was about 50 cm as well. Jochen covered the floor with black cloth to provide a uniform and dark background. After all was set up, Steffi turned the red light off again. If required, Jochen used his red light torch to check things. The curtains of the cabinet were closed throughout the time to follow.
Soon after it was dark again, the dim greenish light appeared again und moved all around the room. Yet it seemed to have an affinity to the red lamp, hovering around it very much. On about five or six occasions, Steffi counted from 10 to zero on request of HB. At zero, she switched the red light on for 2 seconds, and turned it off again. The structure was trying to move through the cone of red light within these two seconds. The first two attempts failed, it missed the red light. It went down to the floor very quickly, moved across it and flew upward again, but it missed the illuminated area on its way. The next time it managed to fly through it in a similar kind of vertical U-turn. It flew from the right side of the cabinet in more or less my direction (see sketch below, arrow No. 1).
Subsequently, I saw the luminous structure cross this area two more times. Both times its route was almost identical, moving downward from the side opposite of the cabinet, crossing the red light in the direction of the cabinet, and then abruptly lifting upwards again towards the ceiling (arrow 2. + 3.).

Diagram by MN

It was plainly visible that the luminous structure consisted of a white veil-like mass, similar to a handkerchief. But it seemed irregularly formed and more massive (see figure 1). When it flew around the room, it emitted a dim greenish light, in particular at the side pointing towards the direction of flight. Seen against the red light, its body appeared as a black mass or opaque veil. When it crossed through the red light, it appeared in snow white colour. Immediately after rising sharply from the floor again into darkness, the dim greenish glow would become visible again. The structure seemed to fly on its own behalf with purposeful movements. When it passed through the red light, no thread or any other supporting structure attached to it was visible from my position. The structure seemed to float freely in the air.

Figure 1 by MN

Witness sketch by JH

4) Mysterious faces: After the previously described events of the sitting, we made a small pause. The lamp for the red light in front of the cabinet was removed again. Alex left the group because of other responsibilities. His chair remained empty for the rest of the evening.
The next part of the sitting was dedicated to another new phenomenon, the photographic documentation of ectoplasmatic displays outside the cabinet curtain. Already before the sitting, Kai had asked me if I wanted to operate the camera. I readily agreed. Kai and Jochen instructed me to take pictures when they (or, HB, respectively) gave a sign to do so. Now, I went to the camera, standing next to it.
After we had spent some time in darkness again, a sign to take a picture was announced by HB, who spoke out of the cabinet. After such a signal, Jochen had to light his red light torch for four seconds and shine it directly onto the cabinet curtain: In that moment, I was to take a photograph with an exposure time of about two seconds.
In total, I took four photographs. I’ll describe what I saw / photographed below.

(i) The first photograph shows a white structure on the cabinet curtain which is blurred because of its movements and being overexposed. Nevertheless, I could clearly see this white structure hanging at the outside of the cabinet curtain. In it, it contained faces as previously reported from Eva C., Mary Marshal or Linda Gazerra. In particular, the middle area of one face with its nose and a smiling mouth including teeth was well visible (see fig. 2).

(ii) The second exposition was largely similar to the first picture. Again, a detailed face was visible to me, even better than during the first exposition. However, the photograph is too blurred to show anything recognizable. The white mass of these first two expositions seemed to hang in the area of the aperture between the two curtain halves. Then, HB announced that the next exposition would occur at a different location.
(iii) The first picture of the third exposition is again very blurred and overexposed. Yet, I could clearly see at least two distinct faces embedded into the white mass. Moreover, this mass seemed to hang directly on the right side of the curtain (seen from my position), not at the area of the aperture between the two curtains. Immediately after I took this photograph, I pressed the release of the camera again.
(iv) This second picture of the third exposition is much clearer because Jochen was just about to switch the red light off. Thus, the exposition time in the red light was less than one second, and the blurring and the overexposure notably reduced. The outlines of two faces are visible on the picture (see figure 3).

Pic: One of the faces within the mass photographed

5) “Flower” and column: For the next step of the sitting, HB announced a new display of ectoplasm. On the mediums face, a “flower” of ectoplasm would be visible, and also a column rising from the floor. The speciality of this display would be that all the ectoplasm was to be produced not through the medium’s mouth, but directly from the surface of the face and also independently from the body. Jochen had to dim his red light torch even further by adding the green filter. After some singing in darkness, we all heard a sort of sizzling noise coming from inside the cabinet. HB informed us that the body of the medium was being reconfigured for the next ectoplasm display. The sounds heard were said to be due to miniature electrical discharges. Eventually, these noises ceased. Then, sometime later, the medium stamped with one foot as a signal that the dim red/green light should be turned on and that the curtain of the cabinet should be opened.
Jochen shone the torch onto the body of the medium, constantly circling over the body. Indeed, we were able to see a large white structure resting on the face of the medium, which was turned upwards. Beneath the right side of his body, a white column of fine white material was growing and rising upward. The arms of the medium were hanging down at the sides and did not move, as did the feet which were resting on the floor (see figure 4). We had not heard the typical choking sounds that have usually preceded the production of white masses from the mouth in the past, indicating that their origin was different this time. We watched this display for about five seconds, when the medium stamped with one foot again to signal the end of this display. HB tried to produce another display, but finally announced that not enough energy would be available and that the sitting needed to be closed.
However, he announced that one more phenomenon had been prepared by the Chemists, the entities working in the background.

6) Apports: Being already a little familiar with the phenomenology of the circle, I expected that we were about to receive one or more apports. This was indeed the case. The curtains of the cabinet were held open by Julia and Steffi during HB spoke. Jochen still circled the torch across the medium’s body. HB claimed that the mouth of Kai was empty, and he opened it wide. Jochen shone the torch directly into Kai’s open mouth but we could not see anything suspicious – although this was an admittedly short and quite imperfect inspection. Nevertheless, the medium closed his mouth again and immediately started coughing. He spat out two small objects that fell somewhere onto the floor. HB then spoke again, and stated that the two apports were a present for the guests who had had the longest way to Hanau – i.e. Renate and I. then, he said Good-Bye to all of us and counted from five backwards. At zero, Kai awoke abruptly from his trance and seemed a little disorientated, as usual. Still in the red light of Jochen’s torch, several sitters searched for the apports on the floor. In the meantime, I went upstairs and left the séance room. When the two items had been found, the rest of the sitters including Kai followed one by one. The apports turned out to be two little brass figures, a Ganesh elephant and a figure that might represent Krisna. The Ganesh went with me, the other figure with Renate.

Apports of the 30.08.2011 arriving through Mediums mouth

The sitting took place in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, because it aimed at testing if new phenomena can be shown to spectators. Apparently, this was the case. Several new phenomena that had been previously announced by HB were displayed for the first time. I am curious about the future development of these phenomena, which, according to HB, are supposed to become increasingly stable and robust in future. And again, I am very grateful to Kai and the circle members for being invited to this exciting evening.

M. MNahm

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

PROVEN! Apported message IS written in the handwriting of the deceased Prof. Naegeli!

CLICK TO ENLARGEPicture: The apported objects of the 10th of august 2011: the "Naegeli"-document (an recipe-paper-sheet with handwritings on it), and the indian miniature

The 10th of August 2011 in the rooms of the well known Basle PSI Association, during a seance of the FEG-Spirit Team around the main trancecontrol "Hans Bender" with the medium K.M., one of the peculiar waxball-apports fell from the ceiling to the feet of the sitters!

In it a message of the 1996 deceased Psychiatrist Prof. Hans Naegeli, who was a colleague of the living "Hans Bender", who is today in spirit the trance control of the medium.

What happened in the Seance was published here and at several other places!

The apported message was written on a seemingly original recipe-paper-sheet of the named Psychiatrist. Today we know, that the living Prof. Naegeli was actually writing messages to his friends on such recipes (compare pictures above and below).

Now we are able to compare an original handwriting of the living Prof. Naegeli with the apported message. Furthermore we will present in the following a confirmed "Prof. Naegeli" handwriting:

The above presented comparison shows, that the apported message is in fact written in Naegelis handwriting!

We consider it as proven, that the message is thus genuine.
How else may the original handwriting have been achieved - additionally produced on a recipe-sheet Naegeli was using during his lifetime to write short messages to friends!

We see in this tangible evidence massive implications - not only for the FEG but for the whole field of occult or spiritistic respectively parapsychological studies - regarding the question how occult phenomena might work.

For us it is moreover massive evidence, that personalities, even after they have died, seem to exist in something like a consciousness field, from which they get in contact with us and are able to cross-breed thought and materia and give birth to such delicate physical phenomena evidence!

In humbleness we await further wonders from this dimensional realm!

The FEG, early Seaptember 2011

Thursday, 11 August 2011

High Strangeness! Strong Evidence? FEG-Spirit Team Seance at BPV Basle achieves one of the most interesting apports ever...(photos)

Picture: The personalized recipe of Prof. Naegeli and his message to the medium. The miniature statue of the indian god Ganesh additionally fell from the sky 1 hour before Seance started, when Circle Leader and Medium were sitting on the balkony of the BPV.

Already early in the FEG`s work partly highly persuasive Apport-Phenomena have taken place. Even though some may regard this class of classical paranormal event as suspicious - suddenly appearing small objects, easy to smuggle into the Seance room - the case with many FEG Apports is another:
From the beginning the Apport Phenomena of the Felix Circle contained mainly "Super-Knowledge" or "Survival Evidence". Many times both! And many times so striking, that a fraud could never explain all aspects of the event!

Another clou of the apports were handwritings and signatures of deceased personalities, oftentimes adding to language-related typicals, idioms or outdated grammar!
Another mystery is that these handwritten messages are without exception arriving in balls of wax, allegedly to secure them against certain conditions of the paranormal "transport".

I want to quickly name here three of those events:
Mercury Apport: An antiquarian Newspaper appeared 10 minutes after Circle Leader and Cardiologist Dr. Jochen Soederling, in a spontanous pre-seance-talk about the Scole Group and their phenomena - referred to their Newspaper-apport. Then, minutes later, a 50 years old Newpaper appeared with the same discussed characteristics like the Scole Apport, namely with an article about paranormal phenomena.

Einer Nielsen Apport: Danish Author and well known medium Marion Dampier Jeans receives a message from famous Danish Medium Einer Nielsen. Not only that the message in fact contained the handwriting of Einer Nielsen (expert advice: Poul Blak, Denmark), written in a Danish grammar from the 50ies when the medium lived, the message was additionally referring to ongoings in Marions Physical Circles, no-one present was aware of!

Copernicus apport: Former Scole Sitter Karin and Walter Schnittger receive a wax ball apport with antique objects refering to Nikolaus Kopernikus, whose trails they had travelled 3 months earlier during the summer, after Kopernikus had tried to "come through" Karin Schnittger during her mediumistic activities.
Picture: Apport-Phenomena are a common occurrence in the environment of messengers of the FEG-Spirit Team. This miniature fell from the sky inmidst a talk between Medium and Circle Leader 1 hour before Seance started...

These events at least for the present leave no room for doubt regarding the paranormal origin of the events.

When this week after the summer break, at the 10th of August, the FEG-Spirit Team was holding its first Demonstration Seance at the Basle PSI Association, the sitters like always were told, that the Apport Phenomenon by now only has happened in the Home- and Development-Circle of the Medium.
The more it was surprising that during the Seance a new wax-ball apport was achieved!
Picture: The Wax-"Ball" in the state of its arrival, a lighter besides it to show the size. These waxballs have multiple arrived in FEG Seances, mostly containing strong survival evidence...

After the Seance many of the Sitters, among them long term friend Dr. Hans Schaer, the BPV-Team around Lucius & Sabin Werthmueller-Suetterlin, the FEG-Trance Medium and Circle Leader Dr. Soederling, were carefully opening the waxball.

In it was an old yellowed personalized Psychiatrists recipe found (see photos), with a handwritten message obviously adressing the medium.

The Psychiatrist is "Hans Naegeli-Osjord", died 1997, and is allegedly one of the 5 "Chemists", working in the background of the main communicator "Hans Bender"!
Both men had a connected history - were working together in some fields.
During several meditations especially done to identify the Spirit Team behind Main Communicator "Bender", "Hans Naegeli" was persistently named as a part of them.
Picture: Prof. Hans Naegeli-Osjord, former chairman of the Switzerland Psychiatrists association and freethinking pioneer implementing spiritual healing methods succesfully into his treatments. All Forms of Possession were his specialties.

Long term chairman of the Switzerland-Psychiatrists-Association "Hans Naegeli Osjord" was a pioneer in finding new approaches and treatments to several widely spread psychiatric syndroms. With a vitalistic and nature-philosophic approach he treated and cured many patients with the classical methods of Magnetic-, Prana- or Spiritual Healing.

And now - with the Apport - it actually seemed as if "Hans Naegeli" was personally outing himself as being in fact a part of the Spirit Team.

When you regard the presented photos, please be aware, that personalized recipes are for every Physician highly sensible objects!
He has under all circumstances to avoid, that his recipes can be misused by third parties! That`s why it is highly unlikely, that anybody but Naegeli himself was possessing this kind of paper.
Additionally we strongly expect the handwriting as being his own!
Picture: Frontal view onto the mysteriously achieved recipe of Prof. Naegeli...

This will be examined by involved Parapsychologists the upcoming days, who own original handwritings of "Naegeli".
We have no doubts, that it will be Naegeli`s Handwriting and we will announce it with waving flags, when we have received the confirmation.

The text on the recipe says:
"That you achieve Manifestations of Telekinesis and Teleplasm during your states of obsession, I am with you Mr. Mugge. With very kind regards H.Naegeli"

Assumed that this is Hans Naegeli`s original handwriting, he seems to clearly identify himself as actually being a part of the FEG Spirit Team and responsible (besides others) for the strong manifestations of the FEG-Group and of the FEG-Medium!

The unprobability to obtain a personalized recipe of him and the fact, that no handwritings of Naegeli are anywhere publicly available, we count this apport to the most strangest, but also most persuasive we ever had so far.
And even if Naegeli`s handwriting was available in the internet for example (it isn`t!) - the written message is so personal, that this text never could have been used in another context as this one: A message of the deceased Prof. Naegeli to the FEG-Group, resp. to the Medium himself!

Spirit is reality!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Unrevealed Secrets: The FEG Photo Archives! Part 1

PART 1: The Ectoplasmic Hand Compaction erects from the Floor!

It is one of the main demonstration features of the FEG Spirit Team during Cabinet Seances: After the medium has produced a large mass of veil like substance from his mouth onto the floor, within seconds out of the etherically foggy substance a hand compacts and begins to erect itself from the floor to wave to the Sitters.
The deep trance process' main spirit control "Hans Bender" alleges it is his hand.
He claims he holds the hand of his spirit- or etherical body at the same time into a certain device like place within the communication area he is communicating from, does the movement there and at the very same moment the transferred ectoplasmic substance does build his hand here in our realm visible for all present!

Picture: One more photo showing another incident of that kind, taken just a few weeks ago at the Basle PSI Association. Watch the foggy mass stream all around the foot area of the medium. Out of it
"Hans Benders" hand has erected. Following are then obvious waving motions of the large white hand, which is neither in the short film clip, nor in this photo very well visible

Picture: Sometimes the outflowing ectoplasm is collected on the mediums lap. In these two photos the measures and form of the hand is better visible, meanwhile the movement of the hand is again captured in two stages. In this photo the waving motion starts with the hand on the left side...

Moreover watch the morphing substance disintegrate partly in front of the lower leg of the medium

CLICK TO ENLARGEPicture: In this second photo the waving motion is captured showing the ectoplasmic hand bent to the right...

Upcoming next: The mysterious FEG Spirit Lights Photographed...!!!
Stay Tuned

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Different Dissolving States of Ectoplasm Photographed by the FEG-Documentation-Team

Ectoplasm! This peculiar substance!

The documentation through the FEG-Documentation Team and Circle Lead goes far beyond the most visual evidence presented in the case of this substance.

Through the history of Physical Mediumship the elusiveness of ectoplasm is legendary!

Especially the building and dissolving processes of this strange etherical fabric was never visually documented before the FEG-Documentation.

Even though Schrenck did film the retraction of ectoplasm into the mouth of Stanislawa P., the several photographed dissolving stages of an ectoplasmic column through the FEG-Photo Documentation Team is historical and unique!

Today we present the photo row "THE SMOKE COLUMN" that shows the dissolving process of an ectoplasmic creation!