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By Maryse and John LOCKE

(Maryse and John Locke are well known European long term researchers and involved in many highly sophisticated experimentation attempts. Having experimented with many other influential personalities of the European and International scene, John and Maryse represent a potent alliance between a skillfull engineer (former :::::: :::::::::::) and a privy mystic.
John builds most sophicticated devices (like f.e. the germanium device as it was applied at the famous Scole-Experiments) and state of the art experimentation arrays meanwhile Maryse is a classical practical mystic, whose gigantic knowledge and awareness leads you into the realms of the unspoken and inarticulable, into the symbolic language and for all others closed gateway to the inner truth of things. Both are extremely enriching personalities and their sitting with the members of the FEG remains unforgotten powerful!
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Hanau is a charming small town of Germany, situated at about 13 miles (21 kms) from Frankfurt. Hanau has kept an human size and is split in two parts: the old town and the more modern area. The physical medium Kai Muegge invited us in his house, which is situated in the old town area. The seance in his house was organised on the Friday 1st October 2010. We drove from France and met in our Arcadia hotel with another friend, Inge, who came from Australia; we could strengthen our bonding few hours before the seance.

We were all waited by Mrs Elke Muegge, the mother of Kai, at 19: 30. She gently has organised a large table with sweet snacks and drinks, so that we could all introduce ourselves to each other, for an hour or so, before the seance. The ambience of friendship and openness was already set among us, before even going down in the cellar. We found that it was a very good idea to give us the chance to know each other. The Felix circle can be proud because its members are knowledgeable, committed and enthusiastic about sitting with Spirits. Including the physical medium, they are 9 regular members (2 were absent because of holyday) who have been with the circle for several years, which is a proof of the general harmony and joy they have to sit together. And it is this joy that they have all communicated to us, the three visitors, putting us at ease in their company.

The sitting room in the cellar has been carefully searched before we were assigned our respective chair. The medium, Kai Muegge, sat on his chair in the cabinet, and opened with a prayer of protection. While the medium was praying, Maryse already saw a large Spirit light on the opposite wall, which was telling us that Spirits were already in the room.

The music was played and the sitters sang to it. Few minutes after the medium’s usual holotropic breathing process, Spirit Hans Bender took control of the medium and spoke to us, checking if each visitor was well, welcomed us and explained to us few recommendations about keeping our legs and hands very close to our bodies in order to not create interferences within the energy field situated in front of the cabinet and in front of all of us, in the middle of our circle of chairs, on a rectangular area of about 3 m long x 2m large. It is in this energy field area that all the phenomena took place:
  • The first phenomenon that told us about the presence of the other Spirit chemists in the room was the little chime hooked on the ceiling which made noise for few moments, while we were still hearing the voice of Hans Bender talking to us from behind the closed cabinet. After about 10 minutes, Hans Bender asked that the chime be unhooked and taking away from the ceiling.
  • We were all touched on different parts of our bodies many times by the Spirit chemists standing in the room, while the voice of Hans Bender was continuing to talk to us from the closed cabinet.
  • Levitation of the trumpet that went up and down and circulated near the face of the sitters.
  • Then 45 minutes from the beginning, Hans Bender directed an experience of clicking our fingers a certain amount of times, echoed by some Spirits that made the same number of taps above us on the ceiling.
  • There have been many loud knocks done by Spirits on the wooden panelled ceiling; John made the joke that the Spirits might be building something up there.
  • Creation of Spirit lights to the great joy of the sitters. Some times a wide illuminated field, and some time the light was concentrated and had a diameter of about 1,5 cm. It was a concentrated violet light, seemingly made of plasma found in the atmosphere. It was going up and down, but also came close to our faces. This phenomenon lasted approximately 5 to 10 minutes. We were all encouraging the Spirits and were applauding. Hans Bender told us that it was only the beginning!
During all the seance, we were all singing our lungs out on the Beatles and the Queens’ songs, dancing as we sat on our chairs, laughing like happy children, clapping hands in order to express our joy and our enthusiastic gratitude, saying « Bravo» many times. No stern restrictions and censorship. Total Freedom and trust! We were all feeling good and at ease, like in a big family. To put us at ease, the Spirits themselves talked alternatively in both languages: in German and in English, and translation has been required each time by Hans Bender for those who would not have fully understood.

Hans Bender ensured the mother of the medium that as a serious and adult Gatekeeper he was taking great care of the medium and of his health. For the comfort of the medium and of all the sitters, Hans Bender has asked during the seance to make sure that there would be no light coming from next room and then to open the door in order to make some fresh air entering. He also asked twice to Elke to activate the air conditioning.

Suddenly the extraterrestrial PTAH revealed his presence with a powerful voice, saying he was talking for the first time through the medium. In fact he was talking a perfect English without the slightest accent, and with a firm and strong voice, he told us that is was the first time that he was using English language, and that he has never used German or English language before, but he was using the English language that is stored in the medium’s mind. Few weeks before, the medium was very happy because he was thinking he has been contacted by a light extraterrestrial being called Sirius. He was talking about that with parts of his circle. But the name was not right. The revealed name is PTAH and he said he was from the system of Sirius; he is from the hierarchy of the group that calls itself « The Chemists ».

Some of the group have already tried to solve the riddle. PTAH unveiled to us that 6000 years ago his extraterrestrial ancestors from the belt of Sirius, in the constellation of the dog, were interbreeding with human beings, so we are all the seeds of extraterrestrials. They have stored a large amount, an important and necessary knowledge. And their program of information took place through the centuries and through one of 23 communication paths between the interstellar beings, and he affirmed that these information can be found, for example in the Egyptian and Babylonian mythology, or in some philosophical movements of the far Eastern countries, like in the Chinese Taoism, in the Indian Tantrism, and other earthly religions. Over the Silk road and through the Knights of the Temple the knowledge came to Europe, and only few adepts were knowing; for example John Dee, Wilhelm Reich, Mr Gurdjieff and naturally Mr Aleister Crowley were all aware of the extraterrestrial communications with the Humans in order to guide humankind. They have been able to use the stored information and actually to contact Sirius intelligences. He said Mr Aleister Crowley is also part of the « Chemists » and is involved in the interdimensional communication experimentation. PTAH is occupied to guard and watch the interdimensional communications and experimentations taking place in the Felix group. PTAH announced the two apports from Mr Crowley before departing.

Then Hans Bender asked the sitters if they could repeat what has been said by PTAH. He seemed not to be aware of the intervention of PTAH. Hans Bender checked with us if the apports were well arrived, as from his position in the cabinet, he could not see. Dr J. Soerderling announced him that the apports have already landed smoothly on the floor, away from the cabinet, at about 3 meters, at the moment Hans talked to us again. These apports were two pieces of paper included in two balls of white wax, written and signed by Aleister Crowley:
  • Apport A) “Every man and every woman is a star.” — signed A.C.
  • Apport B) “The unveiling of the company of an heaven.” — signed A. C.
It is to be noted that Aleister Crowley, during his physical life on Earth, has expressed his indignation concerning the undignified discrimination against women and the systematic wholesale slaughter game and malices against them, most of the time eliminating them from the enterprises, paying them less than their due and treating them as inferior slaves even in the private life, just good for sex and the kitchen… He is obviously still thinking that these inequality of conditions are an insult to the spirit within us and leaving passively the breeding of the forces of destruction can only result in filth, sordid poverty, disease, pain, and crying neglect in our society. By affirming that « every man and every woman is a star », he somehow reminds us about our EQUALITY in the Great Evolutionary Plan, and that it is only by those fights against the crying inequalities that we rise to the true light.
  • Then Hans Bender gave some instructions for setting the luminous plaque on the floor in the center of the energy field, about 3 meters from the cabinet, while we all held hand and sang. Then we have witnessed the materialisation of many different types of hands and fingers passing over it. One of the hands seemed to be more extraterrestrial than human. Alex and Herman have been required by Hans Bender to control all his limbs meanwhile the materialization process of hands over the plaque was happening. Alex and Hermann, sitting left and right to the cabinet were holding the mediums both hands and laying their other hands on the mediums upper leg. The 4-limb control should demonstrate that the ongoings were independent from any mediums involvement. Hans Bender explained that although fraud proof is thus given the touching of the medium allows too much energy to flow astray from the actual mediumistic process, why the medium is strongly affected afterwards, as additionally its energy has already been depleted by the other experiments. The other sitters were all holding hands also to form a strong battery.
  • Then Hans Bender asked that the white handkerchief, with luminous marks on both sides, be rolled like a sausage and put on the luminous plaque on the floor. Then the Spirits moved it and then the handkerchief levitated. We all applauded.
  • Behind the closed cabinet, Hans instructed how to hold the handkerchief. Then we have been asked in turn, Inge, Maryse, and John (in this sequence) to hold the white handkerchief (the luminous marks have been quickly charged with a lamp torch on both sides previously) , and the group explained how to hold the handkerchief in the energy field and wait for Spirits to lift it up above our hand; at which time we released the handkerchief and it continued to move on its on in the energy field, accompanied by the encouragement of all the sitters.
  • Because of the exceptional harmonious good and relaxed ambience in the room, Hans Bender told us the Chemists would try to present the ectoplasm in more compact and dense state in order to try to show some bodies. In the mean time, we sang, and held hands while waiting. The Chemists have been able to extract an amazing flow of ectoplasm extruding from the nose and mouth of the medium. As Hans Bender asked us to open the cabinet during 5 seconds and accorded the permission to Dr J. Soerderling (who has asked during the seance if he could take some pictures), some pictures have been taken during five different periods of 5 seconds. A shade with a red light was on during all the duration of this last experiment. Each time that the curtain of the cabinet was re-opened, the amount and appearance of the ectoplasm was different. It seems the materialising a body has been attempt. According to the quick progression of the ectoplasm extraction, there is no doubt on our mind that the full materialisation of a Spirit will happen very soon.
When Hans Bender announced to us that the powerful and fulfilling evening was over and that we had to close the seance, we thanked him and we all applauded.

The Felix circle is based on the respect of each human — the respect of the medium, the respect of each members, and the respect of the visitors — thus the great harmony and the safety that we can feel in this exceptional circle; and thus the great success concerning the apports and all the other numerous phenomena. We want to emphasise the great nobleness of heart and the righteousness that we have found among all the sincere friends we met there. A special thank you to Mrs Elke Muegge for all the organisation that ensured the success of this event and to the circle group for their acceptance of us into their group.

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"EVERY MAN AND EVERY WOMAN WILL BECOME A UNIVERSE" - Communication with Non-Human Intelligences 1st October 2010 (with interesting photos)

Because I am the Medium myself I am not allowed to file a report.
Nevertheless I want to provide you with the Spectacular Materials the Seance has produced - so to speak.

For the first time the Main Control "Hans Bender" was temporarily giving up to one of the gatekeepers of my Mediumship. As one of the "gatekeepers" in the hirarchy of the "chemists" - the group of entities, working from behind, under them "Rudi Schneider", very probably the deceased "Schrenck-Notzing" and Switzerland Psychiatrist "Hans Neageli" - this communicator claimed to be positioned on a higher level or plane than the earthly scientists.

To make it short, he did claim, that there is a system of 23 interdimensional communication paths, that are used for interstellar and interdimensional communication.
When we are communicating with our deceased ones one of these paths has to be used and higher organized beings have to watch these processes.

Later reports shall specifiy that the entity, calling himself P'tah, coming "from the system of the dog", the Sirius-System, was claiming that through 6000 years of history of the civilization of human kind existential information - stored within the human nature was partly revealed and transferred through the milleniums until persons like John Dee, Wilhelm Reich, Gurdijeff or Aleister Crowley were using it for their efforts to communicate with non-human intelligences.

P'tah was specifying that by describing their contents as being part of the egyptian-babylonical mythology, of tantrism, taoism, and that the "knights of the temple" finally were bringing "the information over the silk road to Europe" and others more.
He was claiming that Aleister Crowley, who was one of the most influential mystics of the last century (the satanist story is a tabloid invention!) was one of the last adepts who was dealing with this knowledge:
Apported then were two ORIGINAL HANDWRITINGS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, which seem to refer to this alleged fact. Later Ptah was additionally specifiying that Crowley already had coded his writings and that the explanation referring an "Unveiling of the companies of heaven" actually did mean "Every man and every woman become A UNIVERSE", not "Every man and every woman is a star"! P'tahs further pleas regarding this shall be discussed somewhen else!
Original Handwriting of Crowley - the similarities are striking - see below
Click to enlarge

Then "Hans Bender" took over again and continued a seance that was tremendously powerful.
For the huge success of the seance we once again have to thank especially the guest sitters, with whose energies the power of the medium rises and falls - the couple of french ITC-Researchers, Maryse and John Locke, real adepts referring the Phenomena of Mysticism and close friends of the medium for a couple of years, and a young medium from Australia, also a very dear friend (whose allowance wasn t requested to use her name), sitting for the third time with the FEG.

Most intensive rap-phenomenon everywhere in the room, dozens of touches, floating handkerchiefs and trumpets, Independent Light phenomena, and other experiments of the afterlife scientists concerning partial materializations, amorphous ectoplasm and pseudo hands, and red light photography of ectoplasm!

Today I present the complete photographic material that was produced and the apported handwritings.


Kai/FEG Chairman



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Independent Witness Reports of FEG-Seances - Today: Donna James, Researcher UK

Séance with the Felix Experimental Group
16th September 2010

Hanau, Germany
By Donna James
(Donna James is a Researcher from UK.
Among many other activities she is publishing her research efforts on her blog

On Thursday 16th September, I was among 6 invited guests who were privy to an evening of physical mediumship courtesy of Kai Muegge and the Felix Experimental Group members comprising Elke, Jochan, Hermann and Alex. Although I did not know it at the time, the medium Kai was actually celebrating his birthday that day but he did not mention it at all and neither did his Mum Elke or any of the other circle members. If you are new to the work of the Felix circle then this will immediately give you a tiny glimpse into the dedication, commitment and passion they have for their work to attempt to prove the continuation of the existence of life after physical death. Why else would Kai choose to spend his birthday with a group of strangers, sitting in the dark and enduring all sorts of physical rigours put upon him by the FEG team Spirit side for our benefit when he could have been out partying with his friends!

On arrival we were all welcomed warmly by Elke and after introductions and light refreshments Jochan spoke to us about the evening’s proceedings and various do’s and don’t regarding séance protocol which was especially pertinent as among the 6 of us that were guest sitters, 3 were first timers at a physical séance. Kai then joined us and spoke a little about phenomena at previous sittings before we were all led downstairs to the small basement room where the séances are held.

After the room had been inspected by 2 volunteer sitters, with everyone seated, the séance room door closed, the medium settled in the cabinet and all lights extinguished, an opening prayer was offered up. Jochan had control of the CD player and gentle meditation music was played while we were all invited to relax and enjoy a period of stillness.

Kai started his holotropic breathing routine which he has developed in order to help him enter the trance state. After a few minutes we heard the delicate sound of the wind chime which was suspended from the ceiling and which is often the first indicator that Spirit are present within the FEG circle. The rapid breath sounds coming from Kai settled into more rhythmic breathing with voice like murmurings. Words were starting to form from an older male voice quite dissimilar to Kai’s own, which were difficult to make out initially, but slowly the words became clearer and clearer until specific German speech could be heard and the circle members welcomed Hans Bender, the spokesman for the team on the Spirit side. Hans then addressed us all in English, welcoming us to the circle for the evening and announced that the Spirit team had lined up a full schedule for us.

Lively music was played which we were encouraged to sing along to and almost immediately rapping and knocking on the ceiling and wooden panelling in the room was clearly heard. Sitters started reporting being touched on the leg at the same time the knocking was heard from another part of the room. Then it was my turn to have my left knee touched, very gently but also firmly so that I was sure it had taken place. It was definite and precise. Other sitters continued to report being touched on their legs and one on his head and forehead while we also heard knocking and drumming as well as feeling vibrations from the floor through our feet. While the sitter to my right was having his left shin touched, I could also feel my right leg being touched at the same time. Cold breezes were reported by sitters and said to be coming from the opposite direction to where Elke was sitting and where she had control of an air conditioning unit to help with the extremely high temperature in the séance room. On Hans’ instruction several times during the evening, the cabinet curtains were opened and the cold air was aimed at the cabinet in an attempt to help cool the medium down.

Jochan was the first person to see a small light floating in mid-air and then we were encouraged to keep the energies going by singing and calling to it. It flew around the circle, stopping and hovering in front of various sitters as if having a good look at them before moving on! It then disappeared for a few seconds before re-appearing even more energised than before, moving rapidly around the circle, dipping low and then shooting up high again whilst everyone was calling to it as if attempting to get its attention so it would hover in front of them! Hans called out for the cabinet curtain to be opened and we could see the light float in and out of the cabinet through the opening several times before Hans asked for the curtains to be closed again and the light delighted sitters with some more visits and flights around the room before disappearing.

Hans could often be heard speaking from the cabinet whilst phenomena was taking place, and when he was called to by either Jochan or Hermann during the séance he replied instantly from within the cabinet. Hans announced that they would attempt the handkerchief experiment next. Jochan had previously explained this to us upstairs in the pre-séance briefing and had shown us the handkerchief that was to be used. It was a white cotton handkerchief with four small luminous tabs, one fixed to each corner so that its movements were clearly visible to sitters in the dark. Hans asked that the handkerchief be given to the sitter immediately opposite Jochan who was to hold it by one corner and reach out so it was being held in the force field in the centre of the circle. Hermann explained that when the sitter felt tugging on the handkerchief he was to let go of it. Hans instructed everyone to join hands and then we built up the energy by encouraging the handkerchief to ‘fly, fly, fly’! Small upward movements were seen in the bottom corner of the handkerchief but when it was let go, it fell to the floor. Hans suggested that I held it but only after a minute or so he interrupted and asked that it be passed back to the first sitter who took it again and after more vocal encouragement from everyone we saw the handkerchief floating in mid-air and the sitter announced he had let it go. It flapped and floated in the air, sometimes limply and sometimes fully expanded like a sail with wind behind it. After a short time it dropped to the floor.

The experiment was repeated with the handkerchief being held by the sitter to the left of Jochan, who gave us all a bit of a false start when it was discovered he was out of his chair in an effort to hold the handkerchief over the force field in the centre of the circle, and us sitters opposite thought the movements we were witnessing was the hankie in full flight! Once it was established the sitter was back in his seat, the experiment was re-started and we again witnessed the handkerchief in flight, completely independent of any human hand.

Hans then asked for the handkerchief to be put away as next they wanted to show us the structures on the illuminated plaque. Jochan slowly introduced the glowing plaque into the dark room and placed it on top of the small bongo drum that was on the floor in the force field area. Hans asked for Jochan to check that the position of the drum was central in the force field and told us that Rudi Schneider was conducting this part of the experiment with the Spirit team. After a short burst of singing by sitters a dark finger like structure was clearly visible on the illuminated plaque, swiftly followed by a display of 4 small fingers which looked as if they belonged to a child’s hand. If you imagine the plaque to be like the face of a clock with the cabinet some distance away at 6 o’clock, the structures were appearing on the plaque from the 3 o’clock angle which was the same side that I was sitting on. There were several displays of the structures on the plaque, sometimes singly, sometimes several finger like shapes at a time, creeping across the plaque from the side for all to see.

The next phenomenon sitters enjoyed was the trumpet display. After briefly charging up the luminous band on the trumpet under the red light to make it a little brighter, Jochan placed the trumpet in front of the cabinet, instructed sitters to hold hands and music was played for sitters to sing along to. Hermann who was sitting to my left put both of his hands on my left arm so that I would know he wasn’t playing any part in the trumpet’s movements. After a short time the trumpet was seen to be twitching, it started to lift off the floor but then fell over. Jochan stood it back up again and singing re-commenced. After only a few seconds the trumpet started to move again and then lifted up off the floor into mid-air and flew around the room, from side to side, up and down, much to sitters delight. Whilst watching the trumpet display I was touched on my knee again and other sitters also reported being touched. Hans could be heard speaking from the cabinet while all this was taking place so in effect there were 3 types of phenomena being demonstrated simultaneously.

The final event of the evening was to be able to see ectoplasm being extruded from the medium in red light. Hans explained the procedure in German then Jochan repeated it in English; the medium would stamp with one of his feet 3 times which was a signal for the red light to be turned on, the cabinet curtains were to be opened and sitters would be able to view the ectoplasm for 5 seconds before the light was to be turned off and the cabinet curtains closed. Hans then asked for the red light to be turned on so that sitters could see that the medium was in the cabinet in the trance state, and we all agreed that we could.

The ectoplasm demonstration procedure was carried out four times in total. When the cabinet was opened the first time in red light, ectoplasm could be clearly seen emanating from Kai’s mouth and flowing downwards. Each time the cabinet was opened it could be seen flowing further down his body until on the third opening it was in such copious quantity that it was covering his entire body, his arms could be seen underneath it, and it was spilling down over his feet and onto the floor. It was bright white in colour, shimmering and vibrant as if it had a life of its own. On the fourth time the curtains were opened which was only 10 seconds after the previous display, every trace of ectoplasm had completely disappeared. With that fantastic demonstration, the séance came to a close and everyone thanked Hans and bade him farewell.

I am very grateful to Kai, Hans Bender and the FEG team both here and Spirit side for the opportunity to sit with them and witness the events that took place during the evening which is the product of their hard work and dedication. I’d also like to thank them for their hospitality, for all the efforts made on our behalf during the evening and for their continued commitment to the future development of the physical mediumship of the FEG circle.