Sunday, 22 August 2010


The 10th of August we had scheduled a Seance only for a group of special Friends from Switzerland. These were, besides the complete FEG, Sabine Suetterlin, Lucius Werthmueller, Pablo Suetterlin-Werthmueller and Robin Suetterlin-Werthmueller from Basle.

Lucius and Sabine were present, when one of the FEG's strongest Survival Evidences was received - from a deceased close friend of them, the LSD-discoverer and philantropist Albert Hofman: After a considerably heavy object was heard falling onto the tables surface, it was somehow mysteriously softly placed into Lucius hand, as if it wanted to say: It is for you! Already at this moment Lucius was intentionally foreseeing, that this might come from Albert Hofmann.

Anyway! Since then a close relationship, a good friendship has emerged - after several visits and events in Basle where K.M. lectured about different Topics within the Physical Phenomena complex.

At the end of the seance they newly attended the 10th of August, again everybody present was guessing that it might have been one of the most strongest Seances the FEG ever had.
Unfortunately the presented photo-material is NOT from this seance, because although photographing was - following the entities wish - thoroughly prepared - we in the end weren't allowed to photo! The Ectoplasm photos I present are from another Seance, that was slightly weaker, but at least showing the same - slightly diminished - features.

At first, very important, I want to mention, that also the 4 limb control (both hands and legs are controlled, resp. hold by the sitters left and right), was exercised during this seance, meanwhile the controls, even though it was always announced and the sitters prepared, haven t applied it during the last seances.
Strongly persuading the control is, regarding the way the medium is hold and the fact, that the phenomena carry on to happen. During the sequences the medium is controlled in the shown manner he is sitting perfectly still.
The 4 Limb Control exercised

Today I refer mainly to the last stage of the 2 hours lasting seance, because I can apply photos and audio:

Three times this was done during the seance over several minutes although the medium was obviously needing much more power to uphold the phenomena.

Please receive the short audio clips HERE

In the final "Red-Light Phase" for several seconds the most dense form of the substance - that is in the first stages of the seance building up spontanously everywhere in the room, knocking, touching, pulling and so forth - is shown partly extruding the mediums body. Once parted from the organism it is able to perform self consistent movements as we already have recorded and presented to the public.

The exhibition of the ectoplasm is done during several curtain openings by means of the Mediums hands!

First of three exhibitions:

"The Cocoon":
Medium is completely wrapped into ectoplasm.

Drawing of Sabin Suetterlin showing the medium vanished behind a veil of ectoplasm

In another seance this week the phenomenon could be photographed slightly weaker - but you can see a semi transparent material, that even though it is extremely low red light - we have dimmed it additionallz to show the ectoplasm now full 5 seconds - you can see through it mediums hands, legs, the stool-seat.
Substance looks wet if you play with brightness, gamma correction and contrast.

Click to enlarge, recognize the transparent feature ot the substance, even though the red light is extremely dark! Especially the area around mediums hands show the feature very well. Also are the legs and the parts of the seat inbetween them visible...

Second exhibit:
The mass has parted from mediums body and lies, 30 cm high in front of it, when Hans Bender, the spirit control, opens the curtains. Out of this mass, suddenly a HAND ERECTED itself and WAVED TO THE SITTERS (hear the audio recording!!!!)

Sabin Suetterlin describes how completely unawaited the hand suddenly erected out of the mass on the ground. Additionallz she is mentioning, that despite of the red light she perceived the ectoplasm obviously bright white...

A few weeks later a comparable action with a smaller amount of ectoplasm could be photographed during a seance with Tom and Lisa Butler from the AAEVP

Taken one second after the first one we can see, that the hand has erected itself out of the mass on the ground

Enlarged the handform looks slightly better recognizable.

The erection of the hand out of the mass is very good perceivable here

Third Exhibit:
the mass has diminished, but the medium is bending forward and even though you have heard him loudly breathing with open mouth permanently throughout the period of time since the last opening, he suddenly gasps and begins to spit like crazy: On the recording you hear parallely metallic objects fall to the ground: MATERIALIZATION/APPORT OF THREE INDIAN HOLY MINIATURE STATUETTES - see photos!

Medium bends forward and gasps and spits three metallic pieces out / listen to audio recording

Apported indian statuettes of gods and goddesses

For the first time the apport process happened in this close connection to the mediums body and although it was dark, the recording seems to show the apports were spit out!
Unbelievable? Absolutely!

Enjoy the fantastic material


Unknown said...

Interesting. You finally say its quite unbelievable. Well - one step is made - I guess we knwo where the spirits shopped the appports. I found a site that offers at least two of those apports and I would say they look identical with those. Don`t get me wrong - I dont say that is a proof for a fraud - no way. Its just - as I think an interesting fact. If you want Felix, I may send you the link or post it here. Regards, Tom

Unknown said...

pardon...I meant Kai, not Felix :)

KALIA Mind Expansion said...

000Dear Moles, typical for many genuine phenomena is their ambivalence. The same it is with our apport phenomena. Some are highly evidential (Mercury Apport, DeLavre-Apport, Albert Hofmann Apport, der "Waxy Wings"-Apport) - some do look like as if I have bought them around the corner in an esoteric shop. To state that quite clearly: I haven t and I never have in the past.
That these objects - of which some do look new, others obviously old (Winston-Apport, Jewelry Apport, Mercury Apport, Uncle-Apports) once were manufactured in this way or another is a hypothesis the controls support: They say these are objects, that were forgotten. No one living remembers them, and then they are able to push and pull them through the multidimensional grids to present it to us "because they love us".
We are absolutely aware, that there are hundreds of merchants offering these things.
On the other hand we had apports, that were simply not fakeable, in the first place the Mercury and the Kopernikus-Apport, at last the Uncle-Apport of last month also.
We consider it unlikely to have genuine AND fraudulent apports. Kind Regards


Unknown said...

Oops I fear you got me wrong. I want again point out I have no doubt this is no fraud. My question when seeing this was only "where from" - any existing 1:1 object somehwere to be found? Or mabye not? Antique or new? Since I have no chance seeing, touching, feeling or observing it (besides I am no CSI agent and no expert on checking materials, fingerprints and so on...) the only question I was able to answer me was that one "is this maybe an object never been produced and out of this world, or is it maybe very old" - so I did my little reasearch just for fun and checked the shops and looked for smiliar items. Not to blame anyone - I worship your work very much - but simply to contribute my little part of investigation. Finally I found 2 of the objects and the manufacturer. No big step but for me finally a little answer in the question "are those objects of usual kind, new, earthyl made or maybe unique and not only from heven sent but also made there". Okay, I also could have asked that and - used to your fiendly words you would have answered. But it was late night and I could not fall asleep so some google works made my night. :) I am as new to this stuff as I am amazed by it so this is just my way to get closer to things. Since the item is 100% genuine/original to the one I found - interesting. Next question I asked myself was. Did one of those items vanish at the manufacturers shelves when it appeared on your side? Did it really ome from there or is it a copy made by spirits? Means - nowhere did one of those disappear as this simply is a new one. Again as I think an interesting question. :) You got my point? Again - I am a fan of your work and love to see how you make efforts investigating the beyond. Fullest respect and no will to set any negative points on your work. Kind regards! moles aka tom

KALIA Mind Expansion said...

Tom, many thanks for your supportive words and interest! I can tell you we are breaking our heads about exactly these questions for nearly 6 years now. With every object we are discussing and have several times did research (Mercury Apport, DeLavre Apport) - what by now always only have deepened the mystery in a way that new coincidential connections were revealed. Could you please give me the link where you have found exactly the same figurine (ehm did you know the measurements?)? A member of our circle also has excavated a site (unfortunately I cannot find it again atm)where ALL EVER MANUFACTURED Figurines of indian gods and goddesses were listed - with photos - they were throusands! Really! I mean alone this fact makes it pretty difficult to really identify such an edition. But lemme see please!
Thanks again for your support,
Kai, FEG

Unknown said...

Kai, my pleasure. Sure. Here is the link. As said I am curious and willing to support you in your investigations as good as I can.

Here`s the item...

The company says they produce the item in two materials, the one on the picture and also in the colour and material on your page with a light golden shine (not shown on the page)

I made some photoshop closeups and made comparisons. Same object, if at all very minimal differences - most differences just look as if they exist - if you change the colour (by photoshop balancing) to the golden tone one on your site they really match. Especially in size of course.

The link has loads more of those figurines in miniature size.

I tried to get in contact with the producer, sending your image and asking him if he agrees this statue is made by his company - but I guess the company has ended production - or existence since the mail was refused by the words "unknown recipient"

So I cannot say how old it is - or could be. But as said - each little step is an attempt getting to know more and for sure not all roads may lead to the clue but I have the strong feeling there is someone who wants us all to get to know more and more.

Your Circle is making such breathtaking efforts and I am sure a lot of people out there will collect little puzzle pieces as well. Whatever I can do I will do.

Nop doubt for me all your efforts will continue in spectacular discoveries. I send you my strongest wishes and power for further events. Hope to be a visitor of one of those soon. Heard you have one in december? The place to be... :)

Warmest regards to you all,

Unknown said...

...I have to add: for sure I did not know the size. Although I think the comparison to the one cent coin on the photo eases guessing the relations. Eases - not makes it safe.

I may be wrong, maybe the size of your item is slightly smaller. But I can tell you I scanned hundreds of items and also I made an item to item comparison with layover in Photoshop.

I also counted lines on the clothing etc... Some shades and structures differ a little bit - look rounder - but that may also be because of age/used condition of the apport or beacause of the different light or maybe its a combination of different perspective and light. Or maybe its a very close but not identical object - I am honest enough to stay open minded for all possibilities.

However - its interesting - it wont solve any riddle. But let alone your reaction and interest on my information shows anyone out there you are really interested in facts and do an impressive investigative job, seeking for evidence and truth and not just insist on belief and wishful thinking. I really worship this. I met enough people out there who already have a shocking static opinion concerning the beyond - how can they. The only thing we know is that we know less than little. I am no 2012 guy but I share the feeling the world is up on learning some exciting news thta may change everything. Let`see - or hope we may see it. As seeing - is believing the easiest way - also for open minded people. Tom