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Independent Witness Reports: Karin and Walter Schnittger

Picture: The "Copernicus" Apport from the 15th Dec. 2009 - a 1973 stamp from Poland, a steel ball and a miniature key! Unknown to the Felix Group was the fact, that Schnittgers were travelling in 2009 on Copernicus traces in Poland and Germany!

Seance Felix Circle December 15, 2009

Witness Report by Karin and Walter Schnittger

(Karin and Walter Schnittger are interested in spiritual matters and philosophy for 25 years.
Among many others they participated in the Scole sittings many times.
Their homepage: has started to provide information
received through half trance dialogues with the Claudius Congregation.)

After a warm welcome by all group members we, Walter, my husband, I and one more guest this evening, a lady from Australia, were guided down to the Seance Room – which was equipped with the familiar traditional English Cabinet at the end.

Objects like a trumpet, a drum, a bell, a plaque and a wind chime at the ceiling could be seen. We were seated near the “point of action”.

After listening to the instructions for a successful seance, given by the circle leader, the medium went slowly into the state of deep trance.

Since this witness report is not the first, and it will not be the last, I shall not go too deep into details. We therefore just state in summary what Walter and I were able to witness.

After the medium got into the trance state, Hans Bender, the spirit communicator welcomed the group and the guests. He told Walter and myself: “I have the feeling that somebody is approaching that close that it will be possible to potentially provide a direct message to you. It is a deceased scientist, but I cannot yet recognize who it is. I perceive that he feels attracted to you and that he is only present this evening because of you. As far as he will be able to make himself recognizable, the progress of the evening will show this”, Hans Bender continued.

Throughout the seance Hans Bender gave instructions to the circle leader to change the position of the drum and trumpet and to dim or increase the brightness of the plaque (a wooden phosphorescent square of appr. 18 cm x 18 cm) etc. He as well asked the sitters several times to hold hands to strengthen the energy for the physical phenomena. Music and singing was also requested. He announced the building of energy clouds, which actually was then recognized by some sitters throughout the duration of the seance. Hans Bender told us that the energy field was initiated and would build up slowly now.

Walter Schnittger: Constantly flowing object
Karin Schnittger: Mountain Range

First phenomenon experienced was the sound of the wind chime from up the ceiling which we heard repeatedly throughout the séance. After that not only tapping noises were heard originating from different spots at the ceiling, they sometimes even followed the rhythm of the music. The trumpet went up into the air several times, it came quite close to Walters face and even slightly touched the circle leader’s forehead.

Quite loud raps and taps were heard by the sitters several times. While some sitters felt the usual coldness around their knees, others felt a draft over their face.

Picture of ectoplasmic structures seen by the witnesses - Karin Schnittger: Wrist with pointing finger and thumb

After about an hour of action the activities focused on the plaque. These phenomena were highly interesting. Various shapes were seen on the plaque throughout the duration of the seance.

I myself saw many images appearing on the plaque of which I would like to describe three, the ones I saw with clear features, as shown below: Fan Structure, Mountain Range, Wrist with Pointing Finger and Thumb.

Karin Schnittger: Fan Structure

Walter saw: Small Fingers, black area in shape of a cloud within the centre of the plaque’s luminous surface with no connection to the fringe of the plaque.

Walter Schnittger: Fingertype Object

Walter Schnittger: Black object in the middle without visible connection to the outside

The phenomena with fingers and different shapes happened several times during the duration of the seance. Twice we saw the plaque rotating slowly by approx. 90 degrees.

It might be interesting to mention that Hans Bender worked in close cooperation with the so called chemists. In one particular occasion we heard a low-voiced conversation between Hans Bender and the chemists – obviously to discuss the next steps.

At one point of the seance Hans Bender asked the circle leader to hold the trumpet with the wide opening close to the ceiling, at the same time asking the sitters to jointly count from three to one, three to zero, and last but not least 10 to zero, a procedure which seemed to be new to the group sitters.

Arriving at the zero of the last counting, a noise like the dropping of an object was heard by some sitters. It was assumed by the circle leader that this was the materialization of an apport which was confirmed by Hans Bender later on, stating that the apport includes a message from some spirit person for Karin and Walter Schnittger.

Close to the end of the séance H.B. mentioned: “If the information is correct that I have available here, there is a greeting from a deceased friend of Walter and Karin here somewhere in the room”.

After turning on the light in the séance room there were three wax-ball type apports on the floor, one pretty large and 2 smaller ones. As we learned later on after the opening of the wax balls, two of them had a connection to us.

The small one contained a stripe of paper with pretty clear handwriting in a foreign language. It was identified later in the evening that it was a message in connection with Red Cloud.

Picture: "Red Cloud is my name". Message in the Sioux/Oglalla sub-dialect "Lakota". The Felix Groups connection to the Harrowgate Rainbow Circle, whos main spirit-guide is "Red Cloud", may be behind this short greeting message.

The large apport shows a stamp from Poland with a picture of Nikolas Kopernikus and in addition a small key and a steel ball of 9 mm diameter. It is now work in progress to solve the riddle, we believe it has a symbolic meaning. Anyway, besides our work to solve it, we are open for all constructive proposals.

This apport was a big surprise for us. Almost exactly 5 years ago, Nikolas Kopernikus surprisingly contacted us in one of our regular trance sittings with the Claudius Congregation. This summer we visited the most important places of his life.

The second smaller apport connected to us was announced by Hans Bender as a greeting from a friend of us. The apport shows on a small piece of paper a signature and some Rongo Rongo type signs (Easter Island language). Interestingly the signs on the apport are identical to those received with the Scole film work about 13 years ago where we participated. At that time we received 2 double lines with in total about 55 Rongo Rongo type signs that we were unable to decipher.

Picture: burnt paper piece with 6 rongo-rongo-like not yet deciphered glyphs and the signature of Dr. Vladimir Delavre (deceased 2007)

Now we have some of them again and we will again try to get the meaning. Good hints or proposals are more than welcome.

The second part took us about 3 days until we had the solution. It is as always, once you have it, you just don’t know why it did not come to your mind first place.

It was a big joy for us when we finally identified it as Dr. Vladimir Delavre’s signature. His signature is a typical Doctor’s signature as you find them on prescriptions.

Picture: Delavres original signature, taken from his defunct publication "Transkommunikation" from the nineties

He passed over in 2007. In addition to his profession as a medical doctor, he is well known because of his very interesting work in trance.

We now are very happy about his way to send greetings.

We had conversations with Vladimir during lifetime and a communication with him in February 2009 during a Claudius Congregation sitting at our place where he asked us to pass on a message to his wife.

So, one riddle is solved, 2 are still open.

Finally, we are very thankful to the total Felix Circle team that we could participate in this séance on December 15, 09 and we send greetings to the Spirit World, which keeps us busy with their riddles. If we would know how to pose them a riddle too with our greetings, we definitely would do it. (But maybe the way we all behave during lifetime may already be riddle enough for them).

December 21, 2009

Karin Schnittger

Walter Schnittger

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FULL ARTICLE: A JOURNEY INTO PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP - The ZERDIN Weekend 25th/26th. September 2009 (many photos and sketches)

by Kai Muegge/Lucius Werthmueller



During the weekend of the 25th and 26th of September 2009 a distinctive group of international authors, scientists, journalists, experimenters and pioneers of the Spiritualistic Scene was joining together a weekend with the Rainbow Circle and The Meadows Circle, organized once more by the Noahs Ark Society- (now defunct) successor, the ZERDIN Phenomenal.

Organized by the international Coordinator Dennis Pearman and his wife and editor-in-chief of the “Zerdin Phenomenal magazine”, Rosalind Pearman, all guests were booked into a beautiful hotel, an old manor, still in possession of all its historical charm and very well out staffed for its guests in every sight.

On schedule were 3 Séances between Friday evening and Saturday evening and so the most guests arrived Friday during the day. The weather was fine and a clear blue sky was unfolding upon Oxfordshire and expecting the visitors from their more or less exhausting journeys.

It is not for the first time that a ZERDIN-event - the organization is originally U.K.-based - turns out to be a multinational gathering with interesting personalities from 8 different countries in this case (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, USA, Colombia, Great Britain).
Not only the possibility to socialize internationally and to exchange experiences and knowledge from different cultural backgrounds is a fascinating opportunity - one gets additionally an idea of a worldwide movement - creating a belt of spiritual awareness around the planet.

At 6 p.m. – the most guests had already met and introduced themselves in the Hotel Lobby - all visitors of the semi-public séances (only for Zerdin-members) came together in Wroxtons "Jennys Sanctuary" - the very special place where in the last years Ron Gilkes and his wife held hundreds of Physical- and Materialisation-Séances. Three completely staffed séance rooms with manufactured cabinets of different size, adjustable light- and completely blacked-out conditions were offered to the Zerdin-Staff for the planned event.

The crowd was there officially welcomed by ZERDIN Friday evening. 25 sitters are in fact a moderate number of people in comparison to usual public séances, but ZERDIN is interested to ensure everybody can see from his seat and nobody is disadvantaged in an overcrowded room. That is why the theses gatherings are restricted in number - for everybodys’ advantage.
Introducing Dennis Pearman outlined once more the certain different terms and conditions under which mediums and their “spirit-teams” work together and interact with the physical part of reality.
He declared specifically, that the spirit teams of both upcoming circles apply a certain ethereal energy that is spent not only by the medium - as it is mainly the case with ectoplasm-based phenomena - but also to a huge amount by the sitters.
Energy based phenomena are thus mainly produced by a groups energetic effort, channelled and catalysed by the present mediums.

From that moment on a fascinating tour through the wonders of the nature of man began and Sunday we were leaving enriched in many ways.
Please enjoy the upcoming reports by Lucius Werthmueller and Kai Muegge, who want to provide a glimpse for the reader on the marvels that were unfolding in Wroxton September 2009.

the 26th of September 2009

by Kai Muegge
I am a 40 years old Journalist from Germany, for many decades studying the effects science does sum under the term "paranormal". Especially certain physical phenomena that are accounted of since the early days of Spiritualism do fascinate me much and I am very well acquainted with the issue, its literature and its controversies.
In the question, if "Physical Phenomena" actually do occur - to different degrees, with or without mediums - the central dispute within the scientific parapsychological Community does escalate.

Already as a young lad of 12 years I was confronted with the issue and experienced in the burdened family of school comrades the complex reality of a Poltergeist-Outbreak in their flat. For many, Poltergeist-Phenomena are uncontrolled mediumistic abilities, unleashed by certain “focus persons”, the mediums.
Very quickly I was into the Phenomenology of Spiritualism - especially “Physical Mediumship” - fascinated by what scientists were confronted with at the time and how it became a worldwide movement.
Naturally I also became aware of the fact, that with the years several tricksters were caught in faking physical mediumistic phenomena to gain money or reputation.
Were all physical mediums fakers? Everybody who knows the countless international experimental efforts and their details and outcomes - from the publications – has to become persuaded, that "Physical Mediumship" is a fact.
Since 2005 I am experiencing in a Physical Circle in Germany many of the described effects, but the 26th of September I made one of the most impressive experiences in this field one can make.

During the Saturday event with The Meadows Circle I had a top seating-position in the first row besides the wife of the medium, whose job it was to control the light, to handle the music and several items the partially materialized spirit forms asked for to operate with.
What moreover predestines me to write this article about The Meadows Séance the 26th September is the fact, that it was me who bound, checked and secured the medium and cabinet - and checked the mediums’ state and position of the bindings I had applied several times during the séance, always immediately after phenomena were occurring.
Finally I was chosen to shake the materialized hand of one of the spirit controls, "Jonathan".
Especially this highlight of the evening was observed by me under most satisfying conditions. Standing in bright red light in front of the cabinet, no one was as near as I was that moment to the bound medium and the materialized limb. These convincing circumstances and what I have experienced there I describe in full below.

But who is Bill Meadows? Is he maybe a clever trickster and his present circle members helpers to deceive the international sitters-crowd in the room? In my humble opinion fraud seemed impossible or at least extremely hard to exercise - and I will tell you exactly why that is the case.

The Meadows Circle is a circle of senior-spiritualists from South East England.
Bills hands show clear signs of age, with age-spots and slightly arthritic fingers. On his right hand he wears a ring that will later on play a special role. This ring cannot be taken from his finger. Several guests were trying and checking the conditions the ring was on, but none was able to pull it over the knuckle.

Present from his circle was his his brother, his wife and the oldest sitter of the circle, Monica, approximately 80 years old. Monica and Colleen, Billd wife, were sitting in the first row on my sides. For 16 years the circle is already experimenting and accordingly its results and "spirit rapport" are so very stable and capable enough to perform in public Séances.

At the entrance as always everybody was body-searched, including the ZERDIN Staff, the medium and the Meadows-Circle Members by two of the international guests that have never seen or had contact with the medium before. The body searches are always playing an important role –they are part of several efforts to ensure to a most possible satisfyingly degree no obvious fraud is involved in the performances.

In the first row of six seats in front of the cabinet between every circle member a guest sitter was positioned and everybody was advised when phenomena were occurring to control his neighbour by holding hands.
This simple practice excludes basically the possibility of accomplices from the first sitters’ row and is also part of the usual procedure done at Zerdin Séances to prevent critics’ attacks.

The well-known Australian lawyer and author of articles and books about mediumship and its connections to an Afterlife, Victor Zammitt, and me were searching cabinet and armchair, before we secured the searched medium safely with Velcro-Strips and cable-binds to the cabinet-chair.
This chair had not 4 legs but left and right from the seat downwards one trapeziformed metal pipe, with no elision, where the mediums feet were bound to with a broad Velcro-Strip and upon it was additionally a cable bind fastening the captivation. The hands were secured the same way onto the armrest of the chair.
Asking the medium to try to slip his hands out of these it became immediately obvious: these hands were securely fastened. If he even though freed his hand it would take minutes to re-establish the original securing-state. The only 2 pliers in the room, that could cut open the captivation Victor and me sank in our trousers until the séance was ended.

The medium now was ready, and beginning to induce his trance state his narrow body sank even deeper into the armchair. Then his wife closed in front of everybody’s eyes the curtain - made of only one drape that left openings on the left and the right side of the cabinet - and the last white light bulb was taken out of its socket.
With an opening prayer spoken by Dennis Pearman the séance finally began.

The physical and spiritual phenomena in the following two hours were happening in such a quick succession and were additionally partly recurring (f.e. the drum- and the harmonica-play) that I luckily am in possession of an audio recording of the evening, without which the exact right order of events could not have been reproduced by me.
The events I do account of on the other hand were observed by me with all senses highly aware and from the viewpoint of a scientist observing seldom wonders of nature.

As the reader may know, in public Physical Séances, the controlling entities are seeking to demonstrate their supernormal origin not through certain knowledge - although in between the physical demonstrations such knowledge is sometimes demonstrated - but mainly through experiments that defy physical and gravitational laws.

During the song "Welcome to my World" Bills trance state was completed.
And while all still were singing along, his first control was crying against the music to lower its volume. "Marie" was introducing herself, complaining, she thought "the Music would never stop" and if something "was wrong with the audiences’ ears".
Such a humorous opening quickly broke any reluctance of the sitters and the rapport between the communicating spirits and the audience was developing very natural and lively in the following hours.
“Marie” was the Spirit of a 9-10 year old girl that died in a German concentration camp. She was mostly charming with us, making jokes with some and allowed the backwards seated persons to stand up, when phenomena should be occurring.
"The shiny trumpets in front of the cabinet please", she asked for and Colleen, the mediums wife, who was talking very lovingly, like a loving grand-mother, to her, positioned the trumpets in front of the Curtain.

"Do you want to check the medium?" Colleen was asking the audience, but we were still satisfied so far and so the music started again on Maries’ request. The bright red light shining during the conversation was now unlit.
12 seconds later the trumpets rose from the floor and were handled for several seconds as if one or more persons in front of the curtain were manipulating them. The trumpets had illuminated tabs around their broader ends and were very well observable. They did huge leaps up to the ceiling and above the first rows heads.

Suddenly one trumpet was suspended in midair. Victor Zammitt was asked to step forward. Red light was lit. Everybody was seeing the trumpet somehow attached to the curtain in head height and Victor was requested to pluck it from the curtain. Several seconds later, it was my turn to step forward, while little "Marie" was commenting proudly, what she was conducting. I also plucked the trumpet and positioned it as requested back on the floor in front of the curtain.

While doing this, no music was playing and I was standing maybe 2.5 feet from the medium. Bright red light was illuminating the curtain, but not a slightest impression of movement or sound I had from behind the cabinets’ curtain, right before Marie said: "Kai, you can check the medium!" I grabbed for the curtain, and unsure what to find there after the obvious activity, I lifted it largely aside to have and to give a good view on what was behind. And there he was Still sunken in his chair, sleeping or unconscious, the fastenings in the exact same position and tight as before as far as I could assure this with my own hands and eyes.

The curtain was closed again and promptly Jonathan, another “control” was speaking.
Away was the charming flair of Marie and now the earnest tone of an adult became audible, shortly greeting the sitters, before requesting music.

Red lights were unlit and almost immediately from a small table (one and a half foot from the cabinets’ right side) an illuminated plaque, a quadrant piece of wood with fluorescent paint on it, began to travel in huge protruding moves in front of the first sitters’ row.
Again one could only have the impression, as if a person was marching up and down the room displaying the plaque to the audience in several movement patterns.
The medium never may have freed himself in that short time, and every sitter present sat controlled in the sitters’ chain.
So who was it?
At the same time loud knocks were suddenly heard out or from behind the cabinet.
What was this man unleashing here...?

"Raps! Who is there? Anna?"
Colleen asked and the raps were answering two more guesses until Marie was heard, laughing and admitting gaming around with Colleen. Now Marie addressed a lady sitter from New York and described her not long ago deceased mother correctly. Marie was several times expressing her fondness for hair and described then how the curly hair of the sitters’ mother were beautifully framing her face and were falling on her shoulders.

Marie began asking some sitters questions - with the impulsive curiosity of a child - and expressed again and again a considerable knowledge of the sitters’ affairs.

After a few more seconds of Music "Ralph" was shortly “coming through”, nearly inaudible, also addressing several sitters, before lights were again unlit on request, Music was starting and almost immediately the trumpets in front of the cabinets’ curtain began a quaint step or march, like illuminated shoes doing a stiff dance. Suddenly one and a half feet behind them the illu-taped drumsticks rose from their original position on the ground, and began to drum on a small drum also laying there.
Additionally now a harmonica was linking in and playing along. And when the music was slowly fading out the invisible drummer performed a technically “correct” drum-whirl (double hit left, double hit right) that implied some technical knowledge on playing the drums.
The drumsticks fell onto the ground and Marie called Victor and me to check the medium.
The same second Colleen lit the red light. Victor was already at the curtain and lifted it enough to look into it - but only to expose the obviously sleeping medium, sitting in the exactly same position as minutes before. I in the meantime also reached for the curtain: Both hands of Bill were sticking as firmly in their captivation as his feet did. Victor and I assured this by checking the bonds also by touch. I tried to stick my little finger in between the tightly fitting bonds, but could not. So the medium was strapped safe in his armchair. “Everything’s in order!” Victor called out, while reaching back to our seats.

“We wanna show, what we are able to do! We wanna show something new!” Marie announced and the weak voice of “Ralph” added: “Can you see me now?”
It was not more than 10 seconds after we had checked the medium, when a grand figure of a huge person was stepping one and a half foot forward behind the curtain on the cabinets’ right side and showed its outlines to the audience, enclosed by the curtain. Bright red light was illuminating the whole scene, when two seconds later on the cabinets left side an additional figure showed its own tiny outlines, Marie's outlines. Marie again charmed and joked around, moving behind the curtain to become more visible before the figures withdrew again.

After another minute of Music we were witnessing another mystery: When the bright red light was again shining on the cabinets’ front, we became aware, that something was slowly lifting the one-piece-curtain more and more upwards. It seemed as if one or two hands were rolling the drape upwards. Slowly the mediums captivated feet became visible, and then his knees, his belly – and then I was called to check the medium.
When I arrived – just a second later - the curtain was still being brought slowly upwards, even though both tied up hands - obviously playing no part in the lifting process - were meanwhile completely exposed to the audience!
Slightly above the mediums hands the lifting of the curtain stopped.
I was advised then to slowly expose the rest of the mediums body to the audience and to check him one last time, before another climax of the evening was taking place. And so I did.

The curtain was drawn again for a few seconds of music when I was called back to the cabinets’ right side (right side from sitters’ views). From under Colleens’ seat the powerful red light was directed onto the area where I was standing - “Jonathan” wanted to materialize his hand and show it to the audience.
From behind the curtain, flat on the floor, as if someone was lying besides the medium on the carpet, a right hand was slowly scooping forward until 10 cm of a lower arm was also exposed. Lying flat on the ground the hands fingers were stretching out like after a long sleep.
It was a very slim and graceful hand with long, nearly female fingers and very neat nails, although it seemed to be a young male hand without any signs of age. Every finger was well outlined and its ring finger showed neither trail nor sign of a ring. Now the hand was turned 90 degrees around its axis, was slightly lifted for me to grab and to shake it. It was a warm and friendly grip that enclosed my hand.
I shook it 3 or 4 seconds before its fingers patted friendly on my hands back like patting someone’s back or shoulder.

When the grip was loosing I was opening my hand and the hand slowly withdrew.
“Go check the Medium” I heard from behind the curtain, exactly the moment I lost the hand out of sight. No other sound or movement was recognizable behind the curtain from my position. Without hesitating I pushed the curtain aside. The scenery I revealed was exactly the same like the many times this evening before: Medium was lying still in his chair, no sign of activity, slowly and patiently breathing. His right hand stuck in the firmly closed Velcro-wrist-strips, the ring on its finger, all fastenings in the same position as I had left them at the beginning of the séance, the securing cable-binds were unopened on every of the mediums 4 limbs.
I want to emphasize the impressive time frame in which the hand vanished and the medium was exposed to the audience by opening of the curtains. 1.5 seconds it took.
We have to consider, that Bill might have not been able to lay his hand so flat on the floor in his seating position. He would need to have been at least partially unstrapped to come down to the floor to show a hand under the curtain, as we have seen it.
How should he bring back on his ring onto his finger, jump back on his seat, fasten all bindings, bring them in their original positions – in 1.5 seconds???
In proving the involvement of a supernatural spirit agency, this was surely one of the most persuading experiences one can make.

Still being flabbergasted about what I had witnessed I heard Marie say goodbye to the audience before the final music-play was one last time accompanied by her drumming and when the song was finished, the drum sticks fell on the floor, Marie called out: “Good Night!!!” and Colleen lit the light.

I did not trust my eyes. Although the drum was played nearly all the time the song went, the captivated man suddenly sat with his knees 10 cm distant from the first-row-sitters’ knees opposing him – transported out of his cabinet, that stood - left behind him - with closed curtains.
After a “shock-second” from the sitters aroused something like an applause, that was immediately suppressed by Dennis and Colleens gestures reminding us the medium was slowly awakening and now needing silence. As quick as possible we cut open the cable binds, unstrapped the Velcro-Strips and let Bills brother and wife guide him into an adjoining room, where he recovered within 15 or 20 minutes approx.

Finally there is nothing more to say. This most thorough account ever written about Bills séances describes this classic performance of Physical Mediumship in all its convincing details.

We have to thank Bill Meadows and his Circle, ZERDIN phenomenal and Ron Gilkes and wife for a weekend that will stay long, long unforgotten.K.M.

Presentation of the Apport Phenomena happening at the Circle of Humanity, N.Y.

During the weekend another interesting event was the Presentation of Apports by Dr. Ken S. and his séance partner Roberto S., received in high numbers during sittings of the “Circle of Humanity” in New York City.
Dr. Ken. S. is a graduated Chiropractic and part of the Circle that consists of 4 sitters.
Three of them were present in Wroxton.
The Group sits in the dark and uses a table to communicate with different spirit-controls by table-raps. Luminous tapes are positioned on the table, on a trumpet and on a tambourine acting as “focus-objects” for Physical Phenomena.

By then the apports seem to be the central phenomenology within the circles work and Ken announced the number of 49 apports received during 14 sittings. The appearing objects don t fall from the ceiling, but are regularly found after the séances on the table or on the floor in the very small séance room. Many times, they seem to adhere to several communicators spelling messages par table raps. All the 49 objects Ken was presenting on Saturday, the 26th September 2009 at the ZERDIN phenomenal Weekend in Wroxton, Oxfordshire.

Pic: Even though mainly stamps and coins from all centuries and countries are mainly received, also ear-rings, cuff-links, an old pocket watch and Indian artwork can be found under the objects.
Pic: All of the coins and stamps have been identified by the group and the help of several specialists.

Pic: The significance of the apported objects is for example well displayed by an ancient coin allegedly from the era of Alexander the Great.

Pic: Dr. Ken S., Dr. Hans Schaer and Lucius Werthmueller (f.l.t.r.) examine the interesting
array of apported objects

Regarding the large variety of apported coins and their probable conditions of appearing we want to add an interesting episode. When Lucius Werthmueller of the Basel Psi-Association was arriving Friday afternoon at the Hotel, in the lobby he introduced himself and his family to the Norwegian author Jostein Strommen and his wife Lise. His suit-case was standing beside him on the Hotel Floor. Later he also met Dr. Ken Saari.
When Lucius a few minutes later opened in his hotel room his suitcase a Norwegian coin lied surprisingly obvious on his clothing as if arranged. Did Ken induce apport No. 50 during Lucius short chat with a Norwegian? We naturally cannot say this for sure but it seems so.
Lucius could not find any rational explanation for the strange object in his luggage.

Ken is a very sympathetic and nice character, very eager to exchange ideas and making international contacts to share experiences, proposals and ideas to develop energy-based experimental groups.
Roberto in the contrary appears to the outstanding as the outbalancing counterpart in their both Joint Venture, the “Circle of Humanity”. Roberto is an explicit patient, but impressive positive character. He has Colombian roots and combines his sympathetic appearance with a big heartiness.

What is additionally interesting is the rapid succession of developing new phenomena at the “Circle of Humanity” after arriving back home. New entities promptly started to lift the trumpet for the first time and a week later the first energy voices were speaking their first reluctant words through it.
Apports have also happened again in large quantities.

An impressive plan the intelligences meanwhile have announced. They want to proceed in several steps, they described this way: “The appliance of red light shall be achieved in the near future, white light 30% chance within 5 years, 80% chance within 10 years, and 95-100% chance within 15 years.”
Accordingly, this is what the Circle is striving for, as Ken announces - full materialization in white light - the "ULTIMATE proof"!

We will follow the Circle of Humanities development closely and report further in the future.


Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Dear Friends,

in New York the Chiropractic Dr. Ken S. is leading a developoment energy-circle, whose apports we will present in the upcoming Article about the ZERDIN EVENT in September. Now again this circle seems to leap forward quite a bit! Read, what Ken reports in his 2 last Newsletters, both from last week.
The Conditions are the following:
They use a table and sit in a circle. No cabinet is used and was not requested by now by the Spirit Team they work with. They sit in the dark with luminous tape on the table, a trumpet and a tamborine on it. The controls announced the appliance of red light in the near future, white light 30% chance within 5 years, 80% chance within 10 years, and 95-100% chance within 15 years. This is what the Circle is striving for, as Ken announces - full materialization in white light - the "ULTIMATE proof"! Their room is very small. About 8x10 feet with a 7 foot ceiling.
"Small room better for energy containment.", Ken says.

Here are the highly interesting Newsletters:
2nd of October 2009
Dear Spiritual Likeminded Friends & Collegues,
Roberto, Brenda and I just returned from France and England on Sunday evening after having sat in 4 different physical circles for 8 sittings over a period of 11 days. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. We sat with the Yellow Cloud Circle in France, the Rainbow Circle and the Meadows Circle in England, and of course, my own circle, the Circle For Humanity. Many thanks go out to Kevin & Tom in France for inviting us, as well as Dennis & Roz of the Zerdin Phenomenal organization in England for organizing and orchestrating the perfect physical mediumship event.
Also, many thanks to the mediums and their circles for sharing their gift in these demonstrations.
Since we returned. our own home circle has shifted into second gear. We had two sittings this week and they left 15 new apports, including 2 model cars - one being a 57 Chevy, the old car that my father used to drive when I was a young child. They aslo apported an Eisenhower silver dollar which we found right on top of the tamborine which was sitting on the table BEFORE the session began. We had the door to the seance room open and the light was on. When we walked in to commence the session, we found the apport sitting right in front of us on the tamborine.
We were told by Red Cloud, gatekeeper of the Rainbow Circle in England, that we would be having 3 new spirit team members: Crow Foot, the adopted son of Sitting Bull (Remember Custars last stand?), Xavier, an 8 years old lad from the south of London, and my mother, Mary.
At both sittings this week, Xavier dropped 10 marbles on the floor all around us. We could hear them hitting the floor all around us. Twice, John was lifted approx. 6 inches off the floor and roched back and forth in his chair and carried about 4 feet to the wall. Patty and Roberto had Francois stroking them on the arm, shoulder, back, etc. on several occasions. Xavier levitated the tamborine above our heads and played it vigorously for about 4 minutes as the table also levitated and spun around with precision along with the music. Thomas Jefferson knocked VERY loudly on the table to the tune of Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heavens door - Amazing. The trumpet rose up off the ground and while suspended right in front of us, we all heard ver heavy brething and a voice attempting to speak. This may be the beginning of voice communication that we were told we would have -Fantastic! Needless to say, we are all very, very excited and looking forward to our next sitting on Sat. night.
Have to run now. I have several patients waiting. If they only knew what this letter was about!
Regards to All,
Ken & the CFH of October 2009
Dear Friends,
It is with great pride and jubilation that I hereby announce that the Circle For Humanity has commenced voice communication with our friends and guides in the spirit world. It happened last night at a special Saturday night sitting at approximately 8:15pm. After experiencing much physical phenomena, one of the trumpets levitated up off of the floor and swayed to and fro to the music along with the tamborine approximately a foot above our heads. After about 4 minutes, the tamborine came in for a gentle landing on the middle of the table like a Harrier Jet landing on an aircraft carrier. The trumpet continued to hover above us when suddenly it stopped. We then heard a sound coming from it so I quickly turned the music down all the way and instructed everyone to remain silent. All of a sudden, a voice came through - the voice of little Xavier. He uttered three simple words very clearly that will change our lives forever: "I Love You". This moment will remain frozen in time and indelibly etched in the minds and hearts of all of us for rest of eternity.
Just prior to this sitting, we sat with two relatives in from out of town who were not
ready and not really prepared to sit and have this wonderful experience, hence the energy and the vibration in the room were extremely low. Spirit did however manage to apport 5 more objects into the room prior to ending the sitting, after about 30 minutes. They apported 2 small toy cars, 2 stamps with the name of a native American tribe, and a large gold commemorative coin. That makes a total of 69 apports in 12 weeks.
They also lifted John up about 12-14 inches off the ground while sitting in his chair. I confirmed this by reaching over and holding the left handle on Johns chair and felt it to be over a foot higher than mine. They also rocked him back and forth like a rocking chair while he was airborne. John is 6 foot, 3 inches and weighs in at 240 pounds. They also transported him backwards about four feet to the wall and we all could hear him banging against the wall.
Thomas Jefferson communicated through the table and tapped out the letters g-u-e-s-t.
I asked him if there was a guest in the room and he said yes. I then asked the guest to spell out his name using the table and the alphabet and he spelled out the name: J-o-h-n A-d-a-m-s
I then asked if he was the second president of the US and he said yes. After a 5-7 minute conversation, I invited him to stop by anytime and that I would "leave the light off for him".
We also had a new guide come to us who will be a regular member of the spirit team.
Her name is: Two Horses, a native American Indian squaw who is also the daughter of Crow Feet
(aka Little Bull) the adopted son of Sitting Bull. (No Bull!) We now have 10 guides with us and they told us that there would be more. Greentree continues in the role of Control (gatekeeper).
They told us no guest sitters tomorrow night (Mon) so they may have something special planned for us. Thank you for allowing me to share the progression of my circle with all of you.
It is so incredibly amazing that I wish I could share it with the whole world. Spirit willing, maybe some day I will. To be continued....
Ken & the CFH


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Slightly enhanced version of one of the four experimental pics

After the first "Psychic Photography"-Experiment, held after weeks of preparation at the end of July 2009, and after a summer holyday-break the Felix Group came last Tuesday, the 11th of August 2009 together to see, what the spirit-control-team was planning and if further photos could be achieved.

Much earlier than normal, the channeling sitter announced he recognized the energy matrix of the entity, that considered himself as "Hans Bender", the deceased icon of German Parapsychology.

So after 10 more minutes of very audible trance induction "Hans Bender" this time spoke at much more length than the times before. Before he began to give very thorough descriptions how we had to execute the single steps of action to do our part of a succesful outcome, he first greeted every single of the present 10 sitters and thanked them being part in his experiments.

He explained, that in fact the channeling sitter has no bigger part in the production of the "psychic photos" and other phenomena than any other attending circle member. The possibility to give through highly detailed channeled instructions is the only reason why the sitters channel-efforts were essential.
A second slightly enhanced photo out of the row of 4 experimental photos

Hans Bender explained, that it is the trance per se, that opens the access to deeper realms of reality, where it is possible to influence the dimensional matrixes that create the physical realm and enables us to produce "Physical Phenomena". That deeper level is a spiritual level, because the highly complex physical reality is nothing but a mental, a spiritual concept, that interacts with our consciousness to create the illusion we live in as long as we are burdened with our physical body.

That is why spiritual entites are freed of the limitations of time and space...
The two positive pics unaltered

After he mentioned that today there were 2 loving spirits standing very near to the circle he goes on to reveal his highly peculiar code of conduct for todays experiments.

This time 4 photos were planned by the "chemists" he told us and that maybe the enclosing spirits were able to display themselves somehow on the outcomes. If that happens, one sitter immediately recognizes who these close standing entities were, he said.

click to enlarge
Then we were instructed over 20 minutes how to achieve positive results:
- Three sitters had to be involved, one photo-snapper, one, that immediately overtakes the shot photo and stores it into a wooden box, and one sitter, that finally guards the box with all photos in it until we were told to look into it.

- The photo-snapper had 15 minutes after all preparations were done (placing the mirror on the table, chosing the polaroid we were instructed to use, having the box ready) and the light extinguished again to choose freely a moment from which one he had 1 minute - but definetly not longer than 14 seconds for each shot - to shoot all 4 photos and give them to the adjoining sitter.
click to enlarge
- The photo snapper should open the polaroid to illuminate the shooting process with the green control light; after everybody saw the photo transported to the outside, the cam had to be closed immediately avoiding the green light destroying "the chemists" preparations.
Unfortunately the fact that after the closing of the cam the reopening took several seconds to lit the green light back on - and only 14 seconds were allowed as maximum - brought us into a considerable time-pressure that lead to the fact that two of four times the "snapper" forgot to close the cam, before he overhanded the photo to the adjoining sitter with the wooden box.
that maybe caused the two non-result photos.

- Finally after all photos were stored into the box it had to be overhanded to the circle leader, who should hold the box exactly 37 minutes in front of his belly, between the navel and the lap-area. What shall I say - we do not know why - but the spirit-entities may have had their reasons, we considered.

Exactly 37 minutes after the last photo was taken we left the seance room and lit the bright white light in the Seance-rooms corridor to check the outcomes.
click to enlarge
Who the two figures are we by now have not discovered. We even do not know, if these figures are the spirit entities allegedly standing near to the sitters circle as it was mentionede by "Hans Bender".
Fact is, that despite it was announced, no one was able to identify someone on the photo.
On the other hand the pics are basically much too cloudy to identify someone without a shadow of a doubt.
Nevertheless three sitters, a mother and her two daughters, meant they maybe have an idea who the figures are and they are researching at the time and checking old family photos.

What seems to be obvious is that the right handed figure is a child and the left handed an adolescent or a young adult. When we discover more, we will let you know.

Here we close our informal report in the hope to develop that highly interesting joint venture with a motivated spirit team to further heights in the future.

UPDATE: One lady sitter in the meantime has obviously identified the two figures. They are their two favorite Aunts, hanging as a historical photo in her living room.

It may be legitimate to consider, that this photo, seen daily by the lady sitter - who bythe way was the one sitter storing during the experiment all made photos into the wooden box - may have played a role as master-sample, so to speak for the creation of the "Psychic Photo".
Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Picture: The paranormal Picture of the 29th of September, again conducted by "Hans Bender & the chemists"

(IMPORTANT: All photos can be enlarged by clicking on it!)

Tuesday the 29th of September the Felix Group again was enriched by the trance-appearance of the deceased German Scientist and well known Parapsychologist "Prof. Hans Bender".
This time Hans Bender outlined the possiblities of the group and asked the group to decide which steps it wants to take to progress into the future.

He moreover explained that a certain series of tests "the chemists" were conducting, including the paranormal appearance of a huge mass of water falling from the ceiling weeks ago and the production of several paranormal Photographies were successful, why a further joint venture between the trance personalities and the group will be constructive.
On the other hand, Hans Bender explained he actually wasn t in charge determining who is "coming through" and that he eventuelly will change place with other entities, resp. that further communicators will join him.

The young mediumship of the entranced sitter is responsible that at the time always only one communicator is speaking through it, because the sudden change of etherical energy matrixes of different communicators "looping in" (sic) are in such a soon state of mediumistic development answered by the mediums body with severe headaches and certain signs of dehydration. The central communicator is despite of this narrowness able to gain informations of further spirit-personalities present, that normally would like to come through by themselves.

Hans Bender moreeover told that the security of the medium is always in their focus and that they have done different tests to benchmark its capabilities. Very strong reactions of sleeplessness, cramps and migrane attacks the night and the morning after were the results of them. Such reactions today have vanished completely and the assimilation of the external consciousness-matrix works fine so far.


What was a very desired topic to talk about with the spirit team was the question if finally guest-sitters are again being allowed to join us. With a hint, that every guest-sitting is in sight of the groups development a lost sitting, Hans Bender expressed the teams admission in regard of the fact, that the group wants to share its experiences. That is totally in accordance to the will of the spirit team as a whole, we were told, even if "Hans Bender" sees the Groups development as extremely important in the first place. So we were given green light for guest seances every 6 weeks under certain special conditions.


Hans Bender informed us, that the chemists announce a probability of 73% to exercise one single succesful "psychic" photography (in former sessions up to 4 photos were produced).
We were reminded that the photography-experiment would empty a certain power-field, that has to be filled up again for further Physical Phenomena. the group decided to do the experiment nevertheless.
After a break of 20 minutes in which all the preparations had to be made the modus operandi should be the same like in the former sessions for "Psychic Photography with the Chemists":

- Use the same camera like before
- Photograph directly into the mirror positioned on the seance table
- Absolutely no light is allowed besides the control light of the camera, that more or less enables the group to watch the sitter pulling the trigger and watch the photo come out.
- Immediately afterwards the camera has to be closed to unlit the green control light, that must not fall onto the outwards transported polaroid.
- A second sitter overtakes the photo immediately after the closing of the camera and stores it inside the wooden box, she is holding in readiness.
- Finally Circle Leader overtakes the box and holds it in front of his solar plexus until seance is ended.
- Everything has to be done in total blacked out conditions
- Do a control photo

Exactly following the orders the second medium in the group, the 40 yrs. old Pedagogue Herman H., received the information that this time only one face will become visible on the photo, what could be confirmed later.

Picture: the control photo, done minutes later under non-experimental conditions, shows
what normally should have been visible on the photo

Picture: The only one experimental photo as it came out of the cam - unedited

Picture: The experimental and the control photo besides show very obviously, that the experimental photo was an absolute success. The mirror arrangement is completely unvisible
and the picture again is clouded with some kind of mist, out of which several structures emerge

Unfortunately it was not possible to gain any informations about the face resp. the head that has become visible on the pic. The last time it became quite obvious who was showing themselves on the photo.

Even if we consider, that it is our mind-own shape-perception that lets us see the face, we can state one thing as very obviously: That what must have been shown on the photo isn't by no means there - compare with the control photo.

Picture: See the face as we have figured it out

That is the reason why we are pretty sure, that the face is the actual "message" in the photo and the whole session a great success, performed by the spirit team, lead by Hans Bender and the chemists.

Possibly we can get additional informations about the photo content from "Hans Bender" later as soon he is able to come through again.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, 27 August 2009

Power-Demonstration of Spirit Team: Huge water-apport and in-depth-messages by Spirit "Prof. Hans Bender"- with photos

Picture: Seance room after the huge water apport. (click to enlarge)

"I hope you will forgive us. You became unwillingly part of an "the chemists" experiment, testing different densities to bring objects succesful through in the future! I want to say sorry, but you can be sure it is only water - to be exact: 1,0 Litres of crystal clear blue pure water. Is everybody okay again?", the spirit or trance-entity "Prof.Hans Bender" asked smirkingly the sitters, who, sitting in their wet trousers, answered : "Yes, no problem, Hans! We will be dried again soon!"

Approximately half an hour before: The group had its different topics of the opening and early seance modus operandi already done, like the greeting, the prayer and two hypnotic visualisation-practises, that all in all shall optimize the conditions of the group and the surroundings.

In the following phase, we call "free speech", sitters chatted and sang and laughed and had no restrictions whatsoever (exceptionally the basic behaviour-rules naturally) in their communication attempts. This phase is therefore to relax the sitters concentrations on our issues and give subconscious impulses more room!

The entrancing sitter then announced, that "Hans Bender", our new groups guide, would definetly speak tonight, what enlightened the sitters perspectives for the evening.

But at this point it seemed "Hans Bender" was some kind of unsatisfied and we were permanently requested by the sitter, who at this point was already receiving content from the Spirit-Energy-Matrix of Bender, to speak with one another or to sing with the music.

SPLASH! With a loud splash, like a balloon-made water bomb, a huge mass of water came down exactly above the center of the seance table, splattered in all directions and drowned everything, mainly the sitters laps and trousers.

Picture: Note the water around the table on the floor.... (click to enlarge)

...and on the sitters trousers. (click to enlarge)

A few seconds later we sat in the light and watched a little bit guessless round the table which still was permanently dripping off huge amounts of water, that were alotted on the tables surface.
We at last decided to dry it with towels after we had exercised a taste-probe and some photos!

Water apports are very seldom, but not unknown. Even Nandor Fodor doesn t mention one case in his Encyclopedia, even though we know, that water apports actually did happen from time to time. But they are very seldom indeed!

Soon after everything was in order again, for the first time "Hans Bender" this evening came through with a unmistakable presence and charisma, that astonished us.

For the first time he was so well assimilated with the mediums body that nearly for an hour we were allowed to ask questions, that were so thoroughly answered with wisdom and humor, that we all were deepply impressed.

In the last sittings, "Hans Bender" or "Imperator", how he used to call himself during his first appearances, was mostly only very pragmatic and only giving instructions before vanishing.
This time everything was different.
He moreover offered us a new experiment in psychic photography, but explained certain energetic issues and warned us to produce a failure this time. He recommended to wait until next week with the next "psychic photographies" and so we did!

The uploading of mental energy fields, that enables our consciousness to interact with the plane of existence we call reality, the question why he, Hans Bender, was seemingly not yet involved in any reincarnation-process and the difficulties in communicating with the spirit world, were his issues and answers on sitters questions he explained to us in depth.

Additinally you can watch the photos, that show the circle-situation seconds after the masses of water were arrived - please additionally note the visible wet trousers of sitters!

At the time we are actually speechless how the spirit world feeds us evidence. We definetly cannot explain, why we are so privileged. We only want to motivate other groups to follow us asap!

We will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading


Kai for the Felix GroupAnd here is the rest of it.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

"Hans Bender" and "The Chemists" conduct "Psychic Photography" Experiments - The Felix Group in 2009 Part II (with Photos)

The Felix Circle has started to do experiments in Psychic Photography, conducted by the deceased icon of German Parapsychology "Prof. Hans Bender".

With the end of 2008 one of our trance-personalities, "Rafael Gutmann" announced to change place with a higher levelled personality. The mentioned entity first came only through under very unnerving circumstances. The trance induction had changed and was accompanied by heavy hyperventilating and the entrancing 10 minutes were very exhausting for all present. Later the entity explained that energy assimilation was the problem. Moreover the replacing entity did not want to reveal its name and to work under a pseudonym at the beginning. At this time it only could speak in a very difficult, but interesting manner.
It sounded like a radio, that looses its signal, the pitch of the voice seemed to increase and decrease in a way, while it was permanently changing its audiobility. During this its say levelled between faster speakings in a higher pitched voice with changes into a slower very deep gruntling voice that was nearly unaudible. Very interesting to observe that.

Rafael had already told us that behind the flamboyant pseudonym "Imperator" was diguising an influential German Scientist, that wanted to work with us, but not to reveal his identity, unless it was clear, that a transferring of information through the entranced sitter, the medium, was makeable.
Later we learned, that "Imperator" choosed this name, because some of his scholars called him so unofficially.

"Imperator" changed a lot in our whole process of sitting we had applied for over nearly 4 years.
He urged us to discuss certain spiritual issues and inspired a whole new set of meditation and visualisations for the whole group. Moreover he wanted us to reflect on the possibilities of ITC, psychic photography its possiblities and boundaries.

Especially he introduced to us a planetary energy that shall be used by spirit helpers, and instructed us in meditations to communicate with that energy. At the same time we implied many of Robin Foys and the Scole-Entities' advises and somehow the trance contents seemed to interact and somehow replenish with these.

Then, what many already were expecting "Imperator" identified himself as the deceased german icon of parapsychology "Prof. Hans Bender". He was it who brought our change in modus operandi in fact in connection with the ITC-issue. Besides he was giving us many datails out of his life, he mentioned names, year dates, things he had done and things he ignored during his earth-time. He also told us of experiments he was once part of in the ninetees
regarding his passion-issue: ITC respectively EVP he was once very involved with, working with Friedrich Jürgenson, Klaus Schreiber, Ernst Senkovsky, V. Delavre and many others.

Hans Bender (1907-1991) was in fact part of ITC-experiments from both "sides", means he was involved in the nineties so far, that he was an answering entity from beyond, when German and Luxembourgian researchers were contacted by him. During these transcommunications he called himself "Spook-Bender" like he did communicating through our entranced sitter.

Bender instructed our group finally approximately 6 weeks ago - around the beginning June - now to begin to try first experiments. We were urged to organize the no-more-produced polaroid 600 model and sufficient films. After informing about and some expensive Euros later we had several polaroid-cameras out of different production years and fabric-new films.
After this was achieved and we sat ready to snap we recognized that the preparation process seemed to take longer than expected - now a mirror was requested - large enough to focus onto it and in a way positioned to have an sufficient visible area, that reflects the area above the seance table.
That area was many times in the months before mentioned as the area where new phenomena should appear!

So again a week passed and so we sat Tuesday, the 21th of July with nearly the complete group, 9 out of 11 sitters, and were awaiting if "Hans Bender" this time wanted to process what he seemed to have planned.
After the sitting-contents of the first 90 minutes until the break at 10 p.m., Hans Bender came through quickly and well ballanced for the medium, now perfectly assimilated.
He greated those back from holiday, he thanked the others who organized the needed objects and announced that after an enquiry at "the Chemists" - a word resp. a group of spirit-helpers he mentioned for the first time - he was instructed to inform us, that one photo is possible today to be taken, unless his following instructions were absolutely thoroughly followed:
We were instructed to:
- choose one sitter besides the circle leader and the awoken medium, so that three are involved
- prepare absolute total darkness, if any light touched the outside transported photo the "Chemists" work is destroyed
- place the mirror on the Seance-Table, resp. in a position where it reflects the area above the table.
- have the awoken medium-sitter open the polaroid-camera, that a green light illuminates the whole photographing
- position the chosen sitter besides the photographer ready to take directly the snapped photo and to
immediately put it into the wooden box to overhand it to the Circle Leader Dr. P.J., who not until the end of the
seance around 11 p.m. is allowed to let loose of the box and to open it to look if the experiment was susccesful!

So after these instructions "Hans Bender" withdrawed and the medium awoke.
We were eager to see if it was really possible to get some results.
We lit the lights to organize everything what was requested, switched off the lights again and began to talk freely, knowing, that the moment the sitter opens the camera (the Polaroid 600 has to be swung open to be able to snap) and the green light appears on it, seconds later the photo will be taken.

And so it went! Although the photographer forgot to close the swung open part after the photo was transported outside and taken by the one with the box, we achieved a first exciting result, especially if we compare it with the two control photos we shot soon after the discovery.

That is one of the control photo we took, showing what is to be seen under non-experimental conditions and without the involvement of Hans Bender and his chemists. The reason why the center of the focus is positioned too far to the left hand side is the fact, that the lens of the polaroid is positioned besides the "searcher". Everytime you snap near obejcts you are a bit too far left! The white area beside the mirror is the white Seance table.

The "one" picture that was produced under the aide of the chemists and conducted by Hans Bender. Again you can see the edge of the mirror and the white Seance table behind. The position of the camera was more diagonal, thats why the flash-reflection is a bit more upwards. Besides the peculiar image that has developed it is interesting, that nearly all reflecting-attributes showing in the control photos aren t visible.

Cut out and enhancements - but we can not definetly state what it is though. Absolutely sure is, that it is no reflection of anything in the room. We sit in a completely wooden paneled room, and a reflection would have shown maybe the diagonal wooden ceiling panels but nothing else.

The moment the picture was taken two sitters had interesting visual sensations. One of them saw a grey whirly sea out of an unknown substance directly above the mirror, while the other sitter saw for several seconds, demonstratetively long, an old mans face with grey hair and a thin and long nose - probably Hans Bender - although she never had seen him before.
Both women usually only very, very seldom see anything in the darkened room and never things, that aren t objectively there...!

What the picture shows is a mystery but in our eyes definetly a tendency towards results of other groups and experimenters in psychic photography.
Maybe it shows an underwater-scene, or a cave scene - some see faces, others not. Is it originally a work of art what the image presents or a photo of something natural...?
Even if we never learn what it is, we are very lucky and highly proud and thankful again being able to show what commitment and disciplined work can bring forward.

Unfortunately the Circle closes for 2 more weeks now because of the holdays.
We are highly looking forward whats to come.

If any reader knows, what the image shows, please contact us.

I close with many "thank you's" referring to "Hans Bender" and his chemist-team.

K.M. Chairman Felix Group

Friday, 19 June 2009


As a paranormal researcher you are privileged to regularly meet people that sometimes offer weird tales and experiences they have or had. Most of their stories can be counted to that class of subjective experiences, with which the Modern Parapsychology began its work:
Phantasms of the Living (Guerney, Myers, Podmore)!
That was the publication called that laid the basis for the first large research-effort in anomalous human experiences. Husbands and Sons "announced" their deads on the killing fields of the world by appearing as an apparition in their homes, where their wifes and relatives were waiting for their safe homecoming.
People had prophetic dreams or could see the future aso.
Others felt the presence of long gone friends and relatives still active in their surroundings.

Without wanting to diminish this kind of paranormal experience, I as a researcher and journalist resp. publicist am also always searching for less anecdotical examples and looking for more tangible, evidential stories.
That is very difficult in the field of the paranormal because these elusive, transient anomalies follow - as indicated by the word parapsychology - an agenda, a psychology we cannot understand by now in full and it is really difficult to replicate f.e. physical anomalies that happen under very subtle circumstances.

Such physical paranormal interactions with us humans, that leave physical evidence are accordingly very rare and every researcher, that stumbles upon such a case feels privileged!

So it came, that the eleventh of June 2009 a young woman in her thirties approached me after a lecture at the "Basler PSI-Association". With her it seems was a motherly friend that immediately confirmed all the weird details Hadia N. told me about her "ability"!
To produce peculiar paranormal anomalies on digital camera-photos.

Most of of you know, that especially that claim was always a very controversial discussed issue under paranormal researchers.
The photos of Mumler, Hope, Parkes and Reeves - were they really all faked? Latestly since we met
Ted Serios, Masuaki Kiyota and the outcomes of the Scole Group we have learnt that psychic influence on photographies is possible!

So I was immediately very interested in the two women, that approached me in Basel. Hadia expressed she did not know who to adress with that issue, but since her father had died approx one and a half year ago, she received these strange images and she wasn t sure if these were messages from him. I remember hearing them discussing some really strange descriptions of the anomalies on the photos.
The first photo, made at the "Buschberg, showing the "Gwaeggi".

About a "ghostly bird" in the woods, I heard them talking, about an "distinctive 'manikin'/figurine hanging in the sky", about strange structures, streaks of light and orbs with structures and faces.
To put it shortly, my interest was awakened and I was more than happy, that when I arrived in Germany the first photos were already emailed.

The first photo I opened was the "gwaeggi", the ghostly figure, a mythological bird-like entity the swiss people know from their historical popular beliefs, photographed at the "Buschberg", a real "Power-Place" near Basel, well known by all living in its surroundings and many times used by esoteric groups to experiment there.
I must admit, that I realized the whole dimension of the case not until I saw the upcoming photos, forming all together the strange influences aspects that were interacting in Hadias pics.

The "Gwaeggi"!

No question, the "gwaeggi" was there, but at first sight I wasn't really impressed. It was just shortly later that it seemed to me, that the gwaeggi was actually part of the very varied disturbances, that were displaying in Hadias photos.

My amazement grew immediately when I was revealing the second photo Hadia had sent to me: I immediately saw him displayed onto a night-sky with an obvious orb-like structure above it: the glowing "manikin".

The glowing figurine in the night-sky, the "flying manikin" Hadia N. was talking about.

In my Interview with Hadia a few days later I learnt, that she never sees the anomalies until she uploads the pics from her cam and look at them on her PC. And not only in this special case, before she snapped the photo, she said to herself something like: "spiritual world, if you are really existing, and if you are home to my father now, who maybe sends me the strange anomalies, please give me clear sign!"
"And then there it was!", she explained.

The figure in the sky definetly not looked as if it was manipulated and the information the photo contained also had no hint that it was faked. Naturally I also checked not only all Festivals in and around Basel, where maybe night-balloons or illuminated kites could have been released at that date, I also checked all catchwords under youtube and figured out that after all what I had looked for NO such a kite or balloon exists at all!

Enlargement of the area. Note a slightly darker area above the manikins head.

Visual information of the night sky is highly consistent and bears no hint for a cropped and pasted part of the picture
The inner structures of the anomalies show interesting details...

Light inside of the figure is equable

But the most baffling "apparition" on Hadias photos in my eyes was yet to come.
On a family gathering Hadias brother-in-law was annoying her.
Looking at her doing photos, he was unnerved, because he knew at that time, that she was on the chase of "paranormal anomalies" coming up in her photos and connecting them to her dead father - and he regarded that all as pure non-sense.

So during a discussion, if these anomalies do show themselves on the photos or not she snapped the scene and said to her brother-in-law something like: "Finally even you will see, that these anomalies do exist!"

On first sight a peaceful family scene, photographed the moment Hadia argued with her bro-in-law, who considered her chasing anomalies in her photos as pure nonsense
Later she discovered behind her brother-in-laws hand the most weirdest anomaly ever showing on a digital photography in my humble opinion. Naturally they checked all possibilities in solving whats behind the hand, but even the bro-in-law was astonished and clueless regarding what has formed in the photo.

The person stated, that he had absolutely nothing in his hand at the time of the photograph...

What is that structure? Looking crystal-like and at the same time liquid. Absolutely no sign of a manufacturing hand-loom, so drapery of any kind can be excluded! Is it a foil of any kind? Everybody involved says "no", there was nothing, what anyhow would match that strange structure! Also blurrings can be excluded, there seems to be no movement of any kind apparent.

To be sure we did test photographies with kitchen foil:
Immediately identifiable is the kitchen foil in this test-photo

In this photo of the original anomaly we have extrapolated the inner structures

Enlargement of the Inner Structures of the Anomaly
For comparison the same Filter laid on the Kitchen-foil-test-photo

Same cut-out as from anomaly and enlarged for comparison.

In our opinion we can definetly also exclude kitchen foil! The details of the anomaly, its smooth outlines and structures, are lacking in the foil comparison photo.
Also the foil-photos show no such gaslike expulsions shown in the following photo-enlargement of the anomaly.
At the bottom of the left side blurrings or a gas-like discharge is being shown.

At that time of the investigation an email arrived, where Hadia admitted she found out the Gwaeggi was actually a Glass-Sign in the woods. That immediately reminded me to stay on the ground with all presumptions, learning how quickly everyday objects can turn into simulacrums.
But even if the Gwaeggi was explained now, the many other noticeable ununsual objects could hardly be so easily explained.
After all, it was in fact me, who had send Hadia back on the Buschberg to verify, if there is really nothing between the two poles on the photo, where the Gwaeggi appeared.

So lets move forward and look at some more of her photo-anomalies.
Shortly after Hadias father had died her loved pet passed too! Several months ago she cowered at the place where the little dog was always sleeping and photographed herself in an adjoining mirror, thinking heavily of her dog, wanting him to show on the photo.
Hadia N. photographing herself and wanting her dog appear on the snapshot...

To her total astonishment, when she uploaded the photo she revealed an image she immediately connected to her dead dog.

Hadias deceased dog. Did he show up on Hadias photo?

Before we come to noticeable light effects and structured orbs, that are the next class of anomalies, that shows on her photos, I want to present one more photo, neither Hadia, me, nor a specialist in digital photography could explain.
Photo in question with anonymized faces.

Interesting area-cut-out with anomalies. The structured orb is obvious but the much weirder "apparition" on the photo are the black lips of the person. The woman is a friend of Hadia and it can definetly be stated, that her lips were rose or red, but in no case black.

I admit, the black lips seem not to be so spectacular, but in regard that there is no known digital-photographic-failure-process, that produces such an anomaly - following one expert who I let have a look on the photo - we have to count them into the row of Hadias psychic photography-ability.

A next class as already mentioned are noticeable orbs and light phenomena on the photos:Not only between Hadias Grand-Parents a very especial orb shows up.

Enlargement of the Window-Orb.
Photographed under the roof of the house, where Hadia lives...

Note the same inner structure of the orb...!

Hadias Daughter, acoompanied by a division of Orbs, again those with the inner unexplainable structure.

Enlargement of the most "active" area on the photo.

It is very important to note here, that the permanently appearing orb does not appear all the time on a same place of the lens. It is always positioned in another area of the snapped pics! Naturally I wanted Hadia to clean her lens, what she as a matter of course already had done a thousand times before. But nevertheless the bloom-orb appears, wherever it wants to on Hadias pics.

2005 Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona presented a study that showed that most of the photographed orbs are miniature particles illuminated by the flash or other light sources in the room, especially reflections. In his study he presented evidence that showed that clearly. Normally these particles are out of focus and because of this heavily blown up in the final picture.

But Gary also stated, that there are classes of orbs existing that seem to be unexplainable by now. Especially those that seem to be illuminated from within and some of those that show inner and sharp structures.

Now lets have a look again at Nadias Orbs, this time at those that appear to have faces in them:
This time at the knee of the woman an orb appears with pale face in it.

It takes a time, but when you have seen it once it is very clear!
Light changes in contrast bring the freatures a little bit forward!

For those that still cannot see the face.

On the child-photo is on the left a rose orb. Take a closer look:
Enlargement of the area
Colour and contrast adjust and enhanced
And for those that still cannot see the face.

As already been told I requested Hadia to again clean her lens, no matter how often she already had done it. Hadia did as I told her and snapped two photos after the cleansing, one in the afternoon and one at night to see, if still in front of the dark sky still orbs are showing up!
This came up in the afternoon:
What is that white flying thing?
A butterfly? A blossom? Also the Enlargement cannot clearify it.

Without moving the camera, a relatively large illuminated object seem to show up and move a pattern at the night sky.

The atmospheric anomaly enlarged.

How often do you see something on your photos, that you cannot explain? The normal middle-european citizen would probably answer: Between very seldom and never!

The mere mass of objects or "apparitions" on Hadias photographies implicate something really special.
Interesting it is moreover, that the anomalies began, when her father had died and Hadia believed to get signs from him from the afterlife.
Another very interesting circumstance is, that Hadia photographs with two digital cams, one a Nikon Coolpix P4 and a Canon Powershot SX10.
On both cameras the anomalies show up.

At last an announcement to the readers: It is important for us, that if you have any clue, whats behind one or the other anomaly, to contact the author under

Maybe all the anomalies are synchronicities or simulacrums?
I do not believe that!
But even then the case is and stays outstanding.