Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Seldom published Ectoplasm-Photos: THE MEDIUM HUBERT FERIHUMMER

The Austrian Medium Hubert Ferihummer was tested by a committee of citizens 1923 , that produced several photographs of his materialisations. Well known the medium became because of multiple witnessed self-levitations under good light-conditions. Unfortunately only two photographs survived the second world war and were presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (courtesy of) 2005 from a private collection.(end)

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Wendel said...

Dear K.M.
Congratulations for your high impressive blog with good photo gallery.
These of Brazilian's mediums, and also of Margery are very important photo evidence for materializations.

Please let me your e-mail, that I want to make contact with you.

By the way, the youtube video of table tilting of Felix Circle is so interesting.

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