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This photo is only reproduced in the French editions of Schrenck-Notzings "Phenomena of Materialisation". In France Juliette Bisson published under her name the hundreds of images been taken. Under them a few not reproduced in Schrencks publication like this one. Eva Carriere (Eva C., Marthe Beraud) was sitting in a kind of tent, while the onlookers were seated in a white light around it. We see Juliette Bisson opening the curtain after the medium was frequently asking under moanings and groanings, like during a childbirth, if the sitters can see the manifestation, the "birth of an ectoplasm"....



Dr. Francisco Ponte, a dentist in San Juan, was president of the Spiritualist Federation in Peurto Rico. From around 1912 until 1920 he conducted seances with the local medium Carmen Wey, a thirty-five years old housekeeper with low education. The seances took place in Pontes office. The medium sat in a dark room behind a curtain with luminous stripes forming a cabinet. The participants between 12 and 15 persons sat in an adjacent room, bathed in dim red light. The mediums self induced hypnotic state initiated the phenomena. Messages were found in seaaled boxes. Ectoplasm coalesced into hands and feet or faces. Luminous clouds and hands and flowers appeared. Unseen hands left their imprints in paraffin baths from which plaster casts were later been made.

In 1923 Ponte sent an account of his experiments to Walter Franklin Prince, then principal research officer of the SPR and presented to him an album of 35 photographs illustrating most of the phenomena. These photos displayed at last an overview of most of the effects produced by mediums in the first decade of the 20th century.
As far as we know a SPR-investigation never was conducted.

Manifestation of a luminous hand during mediums trance state

Ectoplasm coming out of mediums stomach and mouth

Ectoplasm turned into human shape and expression

Apported natural flower in paraffin shell

Paraffin glove

Full paraffin gloves filled with plaster

Paraffin feet

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FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE INTERNET: 1925 STANISLAWAS TELEPLASM AGAIN FILMED BY DR.MED.SCHWAB, who already achieved highly interesting Teleplasma photographs with the Berlin Medium Vollhardt (Pictures presented in a former article) persuaded 1925 Stanislawa P. to try to achieve new Filmrecordings of her extruding ectoplasm (then teleplasm). The filming could actually been done: The cabinet curtains were being held open and for 30 seconds blinding white light of the Magnesium flash flooded upon the stream of ectoplasm, leaving Stanislavas mouth. After the 30 seconds Stanislava suffered a colic attack from her renal calculi (x-ray-proved). Besides an unusual menses was been stated.
The next day though everything was fine again! The Sittings progressed, but the controls of Stanislava strongly forbid any further experimenting with Magnesium Flash, resp. the filmograph.
Nevertheless at the end of the row of experimental sittings the controls once again allowed the process and so 22 mtrs. or 120 seconds of Film again were exposed to the medium in blinding white Magnesium-light. During the process 6 persons observed the teleplasma in whitest light. They described that the substance was developing, wormlike extruding in all directions, sometimes revolving itself again, with lifelike movements, that filled areas with mass where seconds before holes were seen in the substance. At other areas the substance seemed very thin where suddenly breakthroughs of underlying shifts of the substance were observed to occur, protruding into an unknown formgiving matrix.
Again the medium suffered directly afterwards the same conditions like after the first filming experiment.
Schwab reports that it happened that a full flow of ectoplasm flooded directly into his hand that was positioned by the medium under its mouth. Schwab tells he closed his hand completely around it (see last photo) and was immediately recognizing that he wasn't able to sense anything in his hand. Two seconds later his opening hand revealed, that the substance had changed its density and seemed to been gone.

Stanislava tied up and bound with her sunlamp-glasses extruding that peculiar substance that can be clearly differentiated from all sorts of drapery. In some areas it seems transparent, while in others it presents its knotty structure.
Therefore an artist was especially asked to produce fraudulent ectoplasm. Not until he was allowed to free a hand the artist was able to start the fraudulent exposure. Schwab especially refers to the visual differences the photos present. While the artists drapery only hangs down the mouth Stanislavas ectoplasm shows tendencies to broaden and is actually erecting itself round the navel-area against the camera lens.
Seen from the side Schwab again wants the reader to become aware of the differences between Stanislavas genuine product....

...and the drapery, that was exposed by the artist!
This piece of teleplasm that was extruded by Vollhardt-Rutloff Schwab compares....
...with this piece by Stanislava and mentions the distinct conformity in its irregularity, its perforation and disruption, its sudden purposefulnes of the mass to irregularly positioned areas and its accumulation to achieve especial forms like in the following two pictures.
This is the first of two photographed stages of a building miature-phantom, when the substance gravitates to a headlike part, where it becomes thicker and thicker.
The second stage was photographed from a larger distance and shows the rounding of a head and the contours of arms. The curtain wasn't closed between the two stages and the 6 acdemics present observed again the complete evoluting of the mass.
Again the teleplasm is arching forward.
Dr.Med.Schwab closes his hand around the teleplasm. But the teleplasm changed its density and vanishes unobserved.

At the time the Felix Circle searches for the films, that Schwab and Schrenck had produced with Stanislawa. Probably they are stored in Freiburg at the Institut of Psychology. As soon as we find out something about them, we will let you know!(end)

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Originally the first time published were Randones psychic feats after photographic experimentations with the photographer Benedetto in Carreras "Luc e Ombra". When the first image of the materialized spirit form was achieved, we present here, it was the 18th of March 1901. The announced phenomena were prepared by a spirit team and with a friend of the Family, a Miss Maaza, the experiment began early in the morning.
In the corner of a room two chairs were prepared, one for the medium, one for an announced spirit entity, no one knew if it would be able to achieve to materialize. In the opposite corner, the photographer, the mediums brother Filipo, and the familiy's friend were waiting for the trance.
Still standing in front of this seating arrangement, the medium fell in trance and Filipo had to position his sister into focus. Then he reports: "Suddenly something appeared around my sister, what looked like cotton-wool. This substance grew into something like a cloud, now floating mainly upon the stool prepared for the spirit, that wanted to show up."
After the foglike substance retreated from its wrapping around the chair, before the eyes of the two witnesses, directly near the medium in a half lying position a second person with black eyes had appeared.
Miss Randone moaned heavily in that second and Miss Maaza overhanded to Filippo the photographic apparatus and he exposed the strange image for 30 seconds to the photographic plate.
Pic: The Phantom appears for the first time and could be identified weeks later by her own mother. Isabella, called Bebella, was the daughter of a local souvereign and died early in the age of 16
All in all after 11 minutes the phantom was gone. It vanished in short stages from the moment of the image-taking on. 3 seconds after the end of the plate-exposure to the light the form was completely dematerialized.
The weeks after this incident, many were shown the photo, but none was able to identify the spirit entity.
So during following seances, the spirit came through and announced she was a beautiful bride, that had died in 1889. She revealed specific details about her identity while she was speaking through the entranced medium.
"Bebella", how the sitters named her first, gave further information, that made it possible to identify her as the 16 year old daughter of a local souvereign, died of nephritis and scarlet fever so early.
Her original name was "Isabella" and her mother identified her without a doubt on the presented photo.

Pic: "Bebella" materialized the second time the 27th of June1901 and was from then on Randones main spirit control
3 months later, the 27th of June 1901, Miss Randone again fell into a deep trance. Immediately the same cloudlike substance appeared around her and again the phantom appeared out of it, this time draped in white and materialized from head to toe. Again they were able to take a photo, but because this time the light wasn't good it came out very dark.
From then on "Bebella" became one of Randones main controls and further on materialized regularly during her sittings. Moreover reported is, that Bebella produced flower apports mostly by day in front of many witnesses.
Miss Randone held successful seances until 1906.
(From Lombrosos Hypnotic and Spiritistic studies)(end)

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Dear Friends, again we present today pictures from Brazilian Materialisation Experiments, that are not so well known under European Researchers. The captions being used are the originals of the specific publications where the pics once were published and do not represent the opinions of the authors of this bolg! Enjoy!Photography that shows the medium Antônio Alves Feitosa, supplier of the ectoplasma, with the spirit materialized directly behind him(Sister Josepha). On his right side Francisco Cândido Xavieir, another brazilian Medium is standing. This photography was done by Nedyr Mendes da Rochas in the year of 1965, in Uberaba, MG, using a camera WING marks Roleiflex and movie Kodacolor of 100. The development of the materialized figure was done in darkness, this photo was done by photo-flash. It is interesting to notice the ectoplasma coming out of the mouth of the medium, like if it were clothes, "falling" downwards to the ground. This materialisation was achieved through a "joined" mediumistic approach, and when this photography was done, a third medium, Otília Diogo, was seated inside the cabin.

Sister Josefa materialized in the city of Andradas, through Otília Diogo. The face of the entity is in no way identical with the face of the medium. This phenomenon also happened in a session arranged for local reporters.
The completed and now autonomous acting materialized form of Sister Josefa with her bulky and complicated clothes. The marvellous entity is hugging Francisco Cândido Xavier and Wanda Marlene. The photo, of Nedyr Mendes da Rochas was made in front of a group of attending medics. Notable photography of the materialisation of Sister Josefa, in Uberaba. Sometimes, during seances, sitters are able to witness, when her face undergoes various "modifications".
Waldo Scallop and the reporter José Franco being touched by Sister Josefa in the famous experimentation of the 3rd of January 1964.
The reporter Jorge Audi with Josefa posing beside him. Like José Franco, Audi had attitude of humility and deep respect when the materialização saw.The famous photography of the reporter Mário de Moraes beside the materialisation of a medical Doctor Alberto Veloso, discussing issues concerning the healing procedures following. (Photo of Nedyr Mendes da Rochas)Total Materialisation of Alberto Veloso, who was a surgeon working with Dr. Waldo Vieira, before he died.
Here we see a Materialisation Experiment from the Eighties with the medium Ivam Feirreira Castro in the Santuario de Frei Luiz.
And this is, what he materialises, the full form of a German doctor called "Friedrich Stein", who immediattely began to treat several sitters inside of the Seance Room.
Illustration of spirit control "Emmanuel's" magnificent Materialisation through the medium of Chico Xavier by the artist Joaquim Alves, of the Spiritualistic Federation of the State of Saint Paul-FEESP, who was present at the phenomenon. During Emanuels last appearance he said to the sitters: "Friends, the Materialisation is a phenomenon that can dazzle some, but let them also benefiting from physical cure. However, it is the power of the bible, it is like a rain that fertilizes the most beautiful flowers, reaching millions of souls. Because of the will of spirit, from this moment on, these meetings are terminated." And from that day, Chico - the discipline in person — never again carried out a materialisation seance

Materialisation of the spirit "Ana", in 14/12/1953, where the medium Peixotinho can be seen in ordeal (sic) laid on the bed. This medium carried out experiments at the home of Francisco Cândido Xavier allowing, through his faculty, in the main close friends of the sitters to materialise.

Another materialisation carried out by the medium Peixotinho. the peculiar face of the form was identified by sitters as a close friend, died during a car accident.

Process of extruding ectoplasm for a partial materialisation of the spirit of Lady Maria Gonçalves Duarte, who in life had been the wife of the spiritualistic Portuguese speaker, Isidoro Duarte Santos.

We hope you have enjoyed our little tour through the times and spaces of international Physical Mediumship. Upcoming there are peculiar other very seldom published images of international Physical Mediums through the centuries!
Be prepared.....(end)

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Pic: Stanislawa is seemingly able to extrude the mysterious substance out of her mouth through the meshes of a net, that should prevent the medium to use any fabricated draperies.
Pic: Front View of Ectoplasm protrude through the net around her head.

25th of June 1913 the well-known German researcher and author of the classical "Phenomena of Materialisation" achieved to film a short sequence, where one of his subjects displayed ectoplasm in front of a historic cinematograph. Not only was it possible to show ectoplasm in light red-light-condition, but also its retreat back into the organism of the medium Stanislawa P.
That same female was also the subject that was able seemingly to protrude her ectoplasm through a fabricated net, in which her head was contained not having the possibility to bring anything fraudulently out of her mouth or her stomach outside the net into the experimnentation area - the cabinet - that was always observed from a battery of cameras, at least one inside of the cabinet.
Today that small piece of film is archived at the University of Freiburg at the institute of Parapsychology. Below you can see 20 frames, chosen by Schrenck himself that show the retreat of the substance back into the body of the medium.

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