Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

A CLOSER LOOK - A Composite! Not a Photo!

A closer look at the Composite from the 'Mitzi Mange Materialization' Photo Nr.2
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT A PHOTO. IT IS THE RESULT OF MIRRORING AN IMAGE AND DUE TO THE NATURE OF A FACE MANY THINGS MIRRORED CAN TAKE A FACE-LIKE LOOK. So in the end it is nothing more than an interesting result in so far that actually such a complete face evolved from the editing.
Author and Investigator William Treurniet says: 'Also, if the formation of the etheric form had gone to completion, the features may well have changed shape or become something else. So the result you show says very little about the appearance of the intended face.'
If the visible face actually shows what was covered by hair is actually quite questionable, nevertheless the result was worthwhile to present, we think.
Undisputable in fact is the Materialization that was the source of the photograph (shown on image 4 below). This is the true sensational result of this story!




Enjoy, K.

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