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ETHEREAL LOVERS - Harassment and Molestation from the Spirit World Part 1/3


For more than 20 years now we are trying to help people who are suffering under specific forms of spiritual harassment or molestation.
Being trained over the years in the most techniques to bring any help to these subjects, it is specifically our own area of activity regularly bringing us in contact with them.
Many who are concerned are spiritual scholars.  At a certain point on their spiritual journey they suddenly start to sense, detect something they describe mostly as a strange presence or energy within them. They don’t feel whole or ‘one’ anymore but ‘twice’ so to speak and from then on the complex develops into different degrees of realness.
Scholars of Spirituality are a large group among the concerned, but by far not the only ones. Our selected examples were all at least not specifically coming from this area of activity.
Our help is pro bono even though many have to be treated in the following over weeks and months.

I am talking about so called entity-, or spiritual possessions (not to mix up with ‚demonic possessions’) – or in German ‚occupations’.
Most of you will have an idea about what I am referring to but because it is anyway hard to describe a norm within it I will come back to my selected examples to explain what can happen if one is chosen to suffer under these sometimes inner, sometimes outer forms of ,disturbances’, sometimes both.

I was confronted with the huge need for help in this sector when I for the first time was involved when so called RSPK- or Poltergeist-energy havocked a befriended family of mine.
I was quite young and not even in my adolescence. But this case should not be the only one I would encounter during the last 30 years.
I fully started to offer help during my study time in Frankfurt simply by hanging out a note at the University and the cases coming did all confirm the immense need for help by the involved parties.

To become possessed sometimes by one, sometimes by more entities, intruding the inner and/or outer personal space can happen on a subjective perception-level or objectively in the physical space also. Then it is called ,infestation’ usually and is like all forms of disturbance a huge psycho-sociological issue, from time to time developing additional psychiatric implications eventually also.

Psychiatry is believed to be able to help in the first place, but is rarely dealing satisfyingly with the patient’s needs and what they are going through and so they are usually ejected from the health-system early and sent back into their homes very quickly.
But still Psychiatry is for many the only health-sector they’re looking for help at as long as they do not feel too stigmatized by what’s happening and prefer more to withdraw from any possible help, frightened to be called insane, being full of shame anyway.
These forms of shameful retreat naturally strengthen the disturbances.
The informal energy feeding the processes has to flow off, that’s why any ask for help is the first step into the right direction.

Actually Psychiatry knows the frightening experiences I am talking about, but deals with them single-sided. ‚Bedroom visitor’-phenomenon it is called within Psychiatry and defined as a sleeping disorder. Admittedly many of the below described activities do actually take place during early sleeping- or wakeup-phases.
But for many these irritating up to terrorizing experiences in the bedroom are only a start for an ordeal that enters more and more their personal space and everyday lives.
These patients stay usually completely sane and are fully able to abstract the strangeness of what is going on.
Psychiatry in the contrary defines persons developing alleged ‘hallucinations’, like our ‘occupied’ patients, as ‘dissociative split personalities’. ‘DSP’-patients live in a more or less completely shut-off own world though, influenced by strange unseen radiation and energies they suspect to control or poison them and so forth.

Spiritually ‘possessed’ or ‘occupied’ people usually don’t have such symptoms.
They sense their occupying presences to different degrees but are very aware and clear about what is going on with them. Nevertheless Psychiatry usually tends to treat them in the same manner psychotics would be treated - with strong ataractics.
Most of the concerned subjects escape this kind of treatment early with no alternatives offered to them.

Consequently they fall into the traps of self-styled healers depleting them financially and create additional harm. With early and unproven theories they infect the minds of the patients who sometimes willingly accept their explanations in their need for help and start that way to spill the original reasons with additional and false complexes.
In the end they leave behind an even more deranged subject mostly with no treatment results although hundreds or even thousands of euros/dollars had been paid.
Unfortunately that happens regularly.

Below we have chosen three exemplary cases from our files that mirroring also a peculiar and alarmingly growing subtheme within the complex: more and more cases have a clear sexual character. They play more and more an important role in the strange and disturbing experiences patients have.
This aspect of course even worsens the difficulty for the patient to talk about.
Moreover we have to find out where the reasons for this development are coming from.
Is only a sexually overloaded society or media-environment (internet, TV) responsible? And where is the cut-set with possible ethereal origins of the intruders?
Fact is that internet forums have developed excessively as an information market. Related forums are flooded by hundreds of people seeking for help or informational exchange.
And still there will be a large number of unreported cases of course as well, but at least the web provides anonymity and the awareness they’re not alone.

For this publication we now specifically have chosen three cases that couldn’t be solved fully. We hope that they will provide models for discussion for possible successful future approaches to help.

Compared with the disturbing cases 2 and 3 the first one seems to be even ‘harmless’, but had some really surprising characteristics and an intriguing complexity with a lot of interesting implications.

So please prepare your horizons now to be broadened by something that is deeply irritating, if not right-out frightening and tormenting reality for some on a daily basis.

(personal information had to be altered to secure the patients anonymity)

In the year 2004 I was present when during a spiritual practice a young woman suddenly collapsed, fell to the floor, cramped and spoke in a strange language – something between English and German. Not being sure what was going on I watched her friend jumping from her seat and hastily approaching the trembling lady on the floor, putting her hand under the head of the collapsed asking her: ‚Jim, is it you!?’
Having been introduced earlier to this lady telling me she’d be a ‚newbie’ I was doubting now that this necessarily was a sudden breakthrough of a let’s say meaningful spontaneous mediumistic episode.
Being responsible as the then trainer for transpersonal experiences, I was relieved that after a short conversation between the two ladies the strange language turned back into regular German and after she stood on her feet again I addressed her to find out what was going on.
For all our meetings and training sessions participants have to sign a form, confirming they are not suffering under any dissociative states caused by illness or are neither involved in any kind of psychiatric treatment, nor suffering under any grave personal crisis.
Unfortunately not everybody is always telling the truth and so the poor lady revealed to me that she had come actually seeking for answers what was going on with her for many years at that time. Let‘s call her Christine in this article. She was in her mid-thirties when we met.

And this is what she told me: ‘When I was in my 20ies I had a difficult relationship with a boyfriend. When he left me I broke down and at the then upcoming weekend I wanted to go to a music festival to celebrate my pain away.
I was really silly. Everybody was on LSD and I took a good dose as well. I was putting ecstasy onto it as well and later I took even more LSD and alcohol. I didn’t sleep for the whole weekend and realized suddenly that I wasn’t getting tired. After the weekend I was like fired up, restless and at that point my friends started to report me seeing things that weren’t there.
I totally dropped out. I went lost for two weeks and I believe I haven’t slept at all during that time. After 2 weeks my parents broke into my apartment and drove me to the hospital.
Already in the days before something really strange happened. I was losing more and more control and was yelling and screaming around in my flat or out of the window. I wanted to invite total strangers to come up to my apartment.

Suddenly somebody was talking to me from behind. I turned around and there was Jim Morrison.
It was him! In person! As we know him from TV-documentaries about the legendary Rock-Band `The Doors’. And he talked to me. Somehow very calmly he explained to me that I was in a dangerous state and that I should immediately cancel my invitation to these guys on the street. Even though I was so manic I realized something like a strong mystic presence attracting me somehow. And there was also even a rest of an idea about how strange it was having Jim Morrison with me. But my fascination was bigger! I cancelled my invitation to the boys on the street and turned back to Jim.
He explained to me he had to come, because I was the incarnation of his former girlfriend in the seventies and that I had taken too many drugs at once and that I should calm down and that help was on the way. He said he knew the situation well and that he had it multiple times with her as well. It felt as if he was physically present.

Then my parents suddenly appeared and took me to the clinic!
The moment I recognized them, Jim had disappeared.
In the clinic they put me asleep and I slept nearly 36 hours. When I woke up I still was tired but everything seemed back to normal.
After a talk with a doctor I was sent home. My parents were very much worried wanted to talk to me and kept me pretty busy, but already within one or two days or so I found notes in my flat I hadn’t written. I first thought they came from my parents. But they were all signed ‘Jim’ or ‘J.M.’. 
From these notes I had to learn that I was obviously suffering under a kind of absences, trance-like states in which Jim was overtaking somehow my body to communicate to me via these notes. Suddenly an intimate kind of feeling was coming up - me and Jim Morrisson!? I talked to nobody about that. And he took advantage of every nap to write to me. His messages were mostly advices or instructions how to deal with challenges in front of me. But his admiration and Love for me he expressed always as well!

Quickly Jim became more and more present again. He behaved like a fatherly friend always giving good advices. His Love was of a pure nature and had no sexual undertones. We never stopped to write notes to each other. We used a notebook (made of paper) where we shared our messages. I was writing in my own handwriting but Jim was writing in excessive letters, mostly using a red pencil. Quickly the first note-book filled up and we started another.
More and more his presence became natural, and sometimes I even saw and heard him talking to me, even when I was fully awake and present.
Then at a certain point in time it started to unnerve me. It was as if somebody had moved into my flat to live there with me. But I wasn’t interested in a second person living in my flat, specifically not somebody acting like Mr. Wisenheimer.
He more and more demanded me listening to him. I couldn’t avoid him intruding so into my personal, even intimate life.
So we argued about the music I wanted to listen to in the evenings and we argued about my boyfriends. That became difficult anyway, to hide the presence of Jim from my friends.
It all became extremely difficult for me, having this guy with me all the time.
It all became a big mess again.
With the time everybody in my environment again started to realize something wasn’t right with me and my hidden relationship with Jim was going to disturb all my social activities and I began to withdraw myself from everything.
In the end there was only Jim and I left arguing.

It took more than a year I opened to a friend of mine, the lady that had jumped to help me. We went back to the hospital. But the doctors and therapists again only wanted to interfere with medication that made me so tired that not Jim vanished, but me. Their theory seemed to be that when they sedated me, Jim would go to sleep as well and leave.
But he did not. He is still with me.  
What can I do!?
Can you help me?’

Of course the story was fascinating and I had never heard of a comparable story before but I needed to be careful. The biggest mistake mostly made in occupation-cases is to strengthen the entity instead of getting rid of it. Having such pitfalls in mind and being trained from my professions as a nurse, pedagogue and by previous cases I offered her to try one or two alternative ‘release’ techniques on her. Additionally no other help was anyhow in sight for Christine.

Past cases had clearly shown that docking points for the subtle intruders oftentimes could be found hidden within the patients themselves.  So the first treatment-steps always have to circle around the patient solely and illuminate personal historical, psycho-emotional and social issues. Breaking through the silence and the circle of shame in the first place and look for help eventually lets already energies flow off - in different degrees - and brings first release to the patient. The anamnesis and interviewing techniques used in Psychoanalysis and in the Holistically Client Centered Therapy induced even further release within Christine.

Talking for many hours, buried personal and family issues were excavated, emotional harm played a role and it was interesting to observe, like in many other cases, how her own statements again and again put us on the trail identifying psychological complexes suspect of having a connection with the intruder’s access to Christine’s life.  These items were intensively discussed and partially released also.
For example became Christine more and more aware how much she actually was suffering still under her father’s inability to make her feel loved or cared for.
Remember that ‘Jim’s’ main attitudes were caring for Christine’s well-being and his enduring love for his deceased girlfriend ‘incarnated’ within Christine.

The intensive interviews very much helped the situation. Christine was not anymore alone in dealing with the intruder and was gaining strength by her increasing ability to decipher possible connections to her own life decreasing the impression to deal with something totally out of hand. Gaining much more personal balance that way the arguing with Jim about personal belongings was getting less frequent. The more self-aware and responsible of her own life she became, the less reason to interfere had ‘Jim’. Her absences moved towards zero. The written notes became rarer.
She achieved ‘to have Jim totally forgotten’ from time to time and concentrated firmly on things she over the years had lost totally out of sight. Daily routines in interests, hobbies and friends returned. Jim from time to time ‘complained about being neglected’ in their both ‘relationship’ in his messages and Christine’s dreams.

At that point the treatment should put more weight onto strengthening Christine’s personality also subliminally and we introduced hypnosis. Bringing her into deeply relaxed states she received strong verbal suggestions about filling-out her own body form fully, to rest strongly and self-confident within herself, to be able to shoulder all life’s challenges, and to be strong through understanding, in a new age of adulthood finally beginning.
Understanding the dynamics responsible for her self-destructive behavior, many coming from undealt-with family-affairs, made her overcome them and grow a lot at that point of the treatment.
But ‘Jim Morrison’ still was there. He lurked in the background, she could still ’feel’ or ‘sense’ his presence.

Earlier I hoped Jim Morrison to be a purely subconsciously created substitute for a lacking role-model ‘father’, in an emergency situation overtaking ‘fatherly’ or caring duties.

At that point around 10-12 sessions and nearly 5 or 6 months were behind us.
Being pretty confident from what had changed a last final treatment routine we discussed to make the entity finally leave.

Already pretty well accustomed to the suggestive routines induced by my voice and speech-mannerisms it was time to talk to ‘Jim’ now directly - in Christine’s deepest hypnotic state available!
As mentioned before, we in so far entered an admittedly ‘dangerous’ ground here because techniques like this can very much fire back not knowing how to do it properly. The moment the therapist loses control over the conversation - shows weak- or helplessness, he quickly could become outplayed by the entities wits or subversive elusiveness and everything achieved could turn into an even bigger mess!
But Jim was receptive towards my attempts to contact him and seemed eager to express his positions. He spoke calmly through the entranced Christine.

Classical ‘Spirit Rescue’-treatment as we know it from the techniques of Wickland, Fiore or Naegeli-Osjord usually follows the survivalist principle.
The classical treatment form goes that way: Utilize the therapists committed will to help both involved parties (the occupied and the occupant) purposefully, combine it with focused and strong suggestive formula and persuasive rhetoric tactics and thus make the havoc creating intruder unavoidably comprehend its momentary ‘wrong state’, its ‘sticking’ in between two dimensional planes, of the living and the dead, and finally lead the ‘disoriented spirit’ towards the light to ‘release it’ and make it leave the patient.
According to the release-techniques plan, the entity in the following understands it is occupying a wrong ‘bio-form’, creating harm for both involved. It turns towards ‘the tunneled light’, into which it then leaves, remorseful but happy. That’s the plan!
In reality it usually does not at all work that way - the occupying spirits we encountered in more than 2 decades were nasty and strong, self-confident and regularly right out brash and challenging, knowing exactly what they wanted.

Anyway, in Christines case ‘Jim’ beheld his moral attitude during the conversations and explained that the way he was connected to Christine had nothing to do ‘with going into the light’. He said his spirit did that already more than once, but that there was a connection between him and Christine we couldn’t understand from our momentary perspective and that his presence was a good one for her and was triggered by her need for help.
He mentioned for example, that re-incarnation is actually happening, but not in a time-related order as we understand it. It all had to do with systemic connections within conscious awareness-systems, he claimed.
Her alarming state had influenced the order of karmic connectedness between the spiritual planes and that a certain necessary agenda in Christine’s situation had urgently to be activated through him, because the situation was starting to endanger or even harm her. That Christine was at the same time his alleged ‘former girlfriend’ was another expression for that time-line unrelated interconnectedness between complex conscious systems human beings and beings like him were part of.
After several hours of conversation he confirmed Christine’s recovery so far and promised to turn into a state of withdrawal as much as possible. He reasonably understood and accepted as well Christine’s will and right to live undisturbed in a feeling of spiritual oneness.

At that time Christine’s relationship to the strange intruder had totally changed.
She was in peace and had learned to understand Jim more and more as a positive inner aspect, an honest mentor in times she needed consulting.
And the more she had processed her personal history, understood her psycho-emotional dynamics within her social environment and taken her life in her own hands, the less Jim interfered.

Christine was soon able to find a new relationship and started into a new job she has until today. For the following years from time to time she visited me until I lost her out of sight. Sometimes friends see her at her working place and she sends me a ‘hello’!

Within so called ‘spirit-rescue’ treatment or ‘clearings’, also ‘cleansings’, our experiences clearly show, that the classical ‘release’-technique isn’t as easily successfully executed as for example Wickland’s or Fiore’s classic books do imply.
Much more realistic in our opinion are the very much more differentiated relations between concurring spirits in one’s mind described for example in Naegeli-Osjord’s book ‘Occupation and Infestation’. Naegeli was a psychiatrist in Switzerland dealing alternatively with forms of spiritual disturbance.

Having brought this case to rest it is now time to enter the darker zones of interaction between spirits and men. This time the survivalist prejudice stands more in the focus of things, but with unnerving and haunting characteristics and implications.


Dienstag, 29. März 2016


Earlier Felix Circle Full Form Materialisation 2015
Over a year now the spirit-operators of the Felix-Circle are developing contemporary experimental forms of visible, resp. red lighted 'Full Form'- or 'Spirit-Form-Materialization, like they were reported and investigated in the past of Modern Spiritualism, mainly in the first decades.
Even though we enthusiasts today admire this form of ectoplasmic production, Parapsychology, that has grown more or less parallel to Modern Spiritualisms most earliest and strongest phenomena, somewhen in the past ended to investigate these amazing mediumistic features - mainly because of fear of ridicule and loss of integrity in the eyes of colleagues.
Maybe this was an decisive aspect also for the change within mediumistic ectoplasmics and their characteristics at the beginning of 19th century: A decline down to what is called 'partial materialization'. At first those seemed to be more acceptable and accessible for parapsychological research parties.
In the end several historical aspects and dynamics within Materialization- and Physical Mediumship research and the way mediums were eventually generally perceived by the public also played a role.

Earlier Felix Circle Full Form Materialization 2015
A revival of Full Form Materialization confronts modern mediums in the first place with the lack of existing and accessible 'memes' to link in. As we know most of mediumistical phenomena follow beaten tracks, but nothing is as far, timely and intellectually, as the mysterious spirit-related human forms that have materialized under lighted conditions since the beginning of the Age of Modern Spiritualism.
Darkness Materializations occur today, but aren't regarded as being the same even though most of the historical red light Full Form Materializations didn't offer actually more visual information besides a few exceptions.
No, red light full forms aren't demonstrated at the moment, and no contemporary informational consciousness field can be accessed to systemically link in and push an own development thus further.
Nevertheless we today share and present the following report about newest results in the Felix Circle.

 The phenomenon can utilize different expression forms and the report describes two of them in a séance in March 2016 at the Basle PSI-Association.

Besides the reports' author 18 further guests were present and witnessed what happened that memorable night in Basle a few weeks ago.

Report of the K.M.-Séance (Felix Circle) in Basle, Switzerland, 10th of March 2016
by M.K., Circle of the Primordial Light, Switzerland

(M.K. (45) is a successful businessman from L., Switzerland and for many years involved in sophisticated Physical Séanceroom-Experimentation. Together with his wife he is investigating the phenomena for several years now extensively.  In his own house he in the meantime has created an exclusive experimentation-room and sits for phenomena several days a week. Since the beginning of his interest he thoroughly studies the nature and conditions of modern physical mediumship phenomena in trainings, lectures and workshops in Switzerland and other countries. He is familiar with nearly all demonstrating western physical mediums and has thoroughly taken part in related North American Indian ceremonies over the last years. Edit.)

This evening I am sitting on the far left side of the room.
The mediums induction does take longer seemingly and I speculate that might relate to the grade of deep trance that is wanted to be achieved. In my report I will mainly focus onto a new phenomenon that has happened this evening and will touch regular or already multiple times described phenomena only superficially here.

Apportation of Gemstones the day of the Materialization
After loud knocks at the ceiling and upwards floating little lights inside of the cabinet, with the first words of the trance-entity the medium right away produces apports of a common nature (a diversity of gemstones of different cut and color) that fall to the floor in the darkness. One of them is a larger red one and newly unique in its form and according to the main spirit-control ‘Hans Bender’ specifically suitable for healing treatments but also for experimental groups and settings. The stones form enables a permanent transfer of energy entering it on its broader side and delivers it at the thinner part, he claims. This time it is not given to a sitter and it ends in the collection of the BPV.

The medium (entranced by the spirit Hans) then steps in front of the cabinet and approaches those sitters in this séance for advanced participants who have brought their own beforehand received ‘activation’- and ‘healing gemstones’ to energize every single one of them. He stiffly walks from one sitter to the other who all hold their stones ready 'for action'. 
In the following the medium entranced then moves his hands above the stones until a strong light emanation appears and is directed into the stones. 
Later the medium is back in the cabinet and the spirit announces ectoplasmic experimentation with the help of energetic potentials also provided by the sitters, as he claims.

At first a slightly self-illuminated tiny ‘ghost’ floats through the room like sometimes in previous séances, a thin ectoplasmic strand, looking like spider webs, pale and milky in the darkness of the room.
After this unknown spirit-form has appeared that way, the spirit communicator asks for powerful singing to introduce a first stage of further ectoplasmic production. 

After a short time the ladies at the cabinet (who during the darkness phases of the séance hold the medium at all four limbs as a form of control. Edit.) open the curtains, red light is lit. Inside the cabinet we see a substantial fluorescent spherical form, hovering to the right of the mediums head height. Form, compactness and color remind me of a past workshop in H., when the communicators of our ‘Primordial Light-Circle’ (‘Klares Urlicht’-Zirkel - a term from the Tibetian Book Of The Dead, describing the unique kind of light shining at the end of ‘the tunnel’ we enter when transitioning. Edit.) were materializing and appearing in front of us.

Cabinet then is closed again and we are asked for more powerful singing for letting the next form emerge. After several minutes the trance personality announces one of the mediums main guides from the spirit team ‘Alchemists’ would shortly materialize behind the medium and that he, the communicator, now has to withdraw and cannot talk anymore then.

PSI Associations President Lucius Werthmueller receives the permission to photograph the form.

The both controllers to the left and right of the medium are instructed to shine intermediary strong light into the cabinet enabling me to see sufficiently.
As instructed by the spirits after a countdown they open the cabinet, drawing the both curtain sides widely apart two consecutive times.

From my perspective I see the medium sitting more or less opposite to me, from out of his right ear a connection is visible to the figure on his right. 
Behind and besides the medium in full size a spirit has materialized. 
The ectoplasm the figure is hooded by is extremely dense and white (some sitters described it ‘whiter than white’, Edit.) and looks unliterally said like new white sheets of linen.
What I see immediately reminds me of historical photography of Materialization.
This kind of substance I have never before seen with my own both eyes. 
The outline of the spirit materialization that has built is clearly visible: the head, the shoulders and the arms. Details of a face I cannot distinguish, for this I sit too far away from the cabinet. 
I see the mediums hand reaching around the waistline of the ‘phantom’. 
(Some said the spirit-form waved with its hands towards the sitters. Edit.) 
The ectoplasmic mass covering the entity falls down to floor-level, I see it behind the feet and chair of the medium laying there.
Then the curtains are closed again and ‘Hans Benders’ voice reappears and thanks us. He closes the circle quickly to release the medium from the trance eventually.
The evening was a memorable and amazing experience.
The camera unfortunately did take too long to focus onto the spirit-form in the back of the cabinet and no photo was unfortunately successful.

M.K., Circle of the Primordial Light, Switzerland

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

All You Need is Love:
Kai and Julia Muëgge Visit Western Rural New York

By Sondra Choto and Lily Choto

This article, or portions of this article, may be freely copied, with
kind acknowledgement of authorship.

On Friday and Sunday, 31 July and 2 August, 2015, my daughter Lily and I were privileged to experience two séances with the German physical medium Kai Muëgge and his wife Julia Muëgge (of the Felix Experimental Group), and many other sitters.  We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Neal Rzepkowski who has hosted Kai the last three years at his charming geodesic dome home, TiOmime’, in Cassadaga, New York.  We are very grateful to Julia, who acts as the circle leader; to the spirit control “Hans the Alchemist” (who presented himself in previous séances as “Hans Bender”, b. 1907-1991); and no doubt a host of spirit helpers behind the scenes, who together produced phenomena so breathtaking that it took us a few weeks to process what we had experienced, seen and received.  
Background:  The Felix Experimental Group (FEG)
Prior to each séance, Kai presented an introductory talk, sharing how he came to develop his mediumistic abilities in his childhood, the evolution of the Felix Experimental Group in Hanau, explaining how he is able to enter into a trance by use of “holotropic breathwork” (developed by Stanislav Grof).  This loud and rhythmic breathing helps Kai disassociate from his bio-form into a pre-birth state, so that the spirit control, Hans, can overtake Kai’s nervous system to control the movement of Kai’s body and talk through Kai.  Kai mentioned that physical mediumship circles are a means of reacquainting Westerners with the spiritual phenomena that used to be much more common, for the purpose of spiritual growth and development.
Protocol of the Séance, Control of the Medium and Sitters
Kai outlined the do’s and don’ts of the séance room and the responsibility each of us would play to achieve successful phenomena.  Above all, a happy heart and loud singing along with the music by all was requested, as it generated energy that could be used by the spirit control, Hans, and his spirit team.  The room would be in blackout.  He explained we may feel a friendly touch, or tap from a ‘hand’ form from spirit, and that all of these touches were meant to communicate positive feelings, to not be startled, but to call out to the group above the music when such a tap happened or any other phenomena was experienced.  We would all be sitting in hand-chain, holding our neighbors’ hands, except for brief moments to relax.  Holding hands meant there was no question that anyone would be free to walk about in the séance room during the experiments.  Under no circumstances were we to touch ectoplasmic productions, without the permission of Hans, who knows when the ectoplasm is stable.  Touching these products without permission would make the ectoplasm whip back into Kai’s body, possibly resulting in internal injuries.  Kai showed us a couple of burn scars he received when a sitter or sitters grabbed an ectoplasmic production without permission.  All sitters were to keep their legs right under their chairs and not to extend them out, to prevent interference with the energy field which would be built up in the center of the room and used for the production of the phenomena.
During the séances, four-limb control of the entranced medium was employed throughout, meaning Julia held Kai’s right knee and arm, and Neal held Kai’s left knee and arm, with the exception of those times when Kai retired behind the curtains of the cabinet to be prepared by Hans for further experiments.  Julia and Neal both had sitters to their sides who placed a hand on them at all times to make sure they stayed in place.  Julia would hum whenever experiments were in process in blackout so that the sitters would know where she was at all times.
Inspecting the Room Prior to the Séance
Since we intended to write a summary of these two séances for dissemination on the internet, I asked Kai in advance if Lily and I could inspect the séance room beforehand to make sure the room was clear of anything that could possibly be used to fake phenomena during the séances.  Kai readily agreed.[1]  I thoroughly checked the room on Friday night and Lily Sunday night.  Julia was the only other person in the room on both nights while we checked the rooms.
The room was set up with a medium’s cabinet at one end of the oval area bounded by the sitters in their chairs sitting close to one another.  The cabinet was roughly 7’ high x 3’ wide and 4’ deep, with 3 wooden walls and roof and a black curtain covering the entry.  The inside of the cabinet was completely empty, other than a wooden chair and an empty plastic bucket Kai would use during the séances to keep his plastic water bottle.  In front of the cabinet was a circle of folding chairs (enough to accommodate 18 sitters on Friday and 16 sitters on Sunday, if my memory serves me), with an open floor space in the middle.  An overturned plastic bucket was duct taped on half of its circumference to the floor, which was placed in the ‘focus area’ at the far end of the open floor space opposite the cabinet.  Atop this bucket were a few hand shakers/rattles, a small hand tambourine or bells that would later be ‘played’/moved around by spirit.  Julia’s chair was on the immediate right of the cabinet, and a small table to the right of her chair held a small red-light lamp with a dimmer switch; a small white light torch which Julia would use during the séances to illuminate the focus area when she changed out the objects that would be used for experiments, and prior to certain experiments, when Hans instructed her to do so; a small black digital recorder; a wand metal detector which Julia used on all sitters prior to their entering the séance room; and an electronic device she used on the sitters to detect tiny lenses of any hidden cameras that could be hidden in their clothing or on their persons.  Near this table, on the floor was a small tray holding items that would be used for spirit to possibly interact with us during the séance:  a white handkerchief, several ping pong balls, a ceramic tile, and a conical cardboard trumpet about 12-14” long.  The music player was on the floor to the right of this table.  Rev. Kevin Lee controlled the music player on both nights.
Prior to the entry of the sitters in the séance room on both evenings, Lily and I each inspected the entire room:  the wooden flooring; under chairs; ran our hands on the curtains of the cabinets; checked behind the black curtains covering mirrors on the walls; looked within, behind and on top of the cabinet; and checked the extra furniture stored at the far end of the room which was not part of the set-up.  After Lily and I were respectively satisfied with our surveys of the room, Julia patted us down and used the metal detector and the tiny camera detector on us to make sure we had not ourselves brought anything into the room.  We were then assigned our seats to await the rest of the sitters coming to their seats.  Each sitter was patted down, wanded with the metal detector and checked for tiny cameras.  We both emphatically state that there was nothing suspicious of any nature that could conceivably have been used to fake the phenomena we witnessed.  (On Friday evening, Lily and I sat almost opposite one another, she on the side of the room to the left of the medium, while I sat on the side of the room to the medium’s right.  She was the second person down from the medium on her side and I was the third person down from the medium on my side.) 
On Sunday, while all the sitters were being seated, Dr. Neal examined Kai minus his clothes in a separate room to make sure nothing was concealed.  Kai explained during his introductory talk that when he has multiple séances at one location, he alternates the nights when he fully disrobes.  So during Friday’s séance he did not disrobe.  On both nights, when we were ready to begin, Dr. Neal stood on a chair to remove the light bulb from the one ceiling fixture in the séance room.

Friday Night, 31 July, 2015
Kai Goes into Trance, Hans Speaks
After the lights were off, and only the small torch was on, the music began with the otherworldly song “The Stillness Sings” by Lex Van Someren.  We sang and ohm’ed melodically, building up lovely waves of sound vibrations.  Kai entered the room breathing loudly and rhythmically in the manner of the “holotropic breathwork” to enter trance.  He held his hands above his head to show he was bringing nothing into the room.  He then put his hands in prayer position over his heart and silently gestured to thank each of us as he walked around the circle.  Kai entered the cabinet and resumed his loud breathing while we all sang to the music; it was a lovely experience of togetherness.  Neal sealed the door with a blackout curtain, and returned to his seat.  The torch was turned off.
After a few minutes, we did not hear Kai’s heaving breathing, while we kept singing.  Suddenly, knocks from the ceiling began, and several sitters exclaimed “Yay - thank you spirit - we can hear you!”  We heard a few more knocks from the ceiling, signaling that Kai was in trance, controlled by Hans, supported by his spirit team.  While we sang, small white lights spiraled upwards in front of the cabinet, like fast moving fireflies or white sparks from a campfire.  “I see white lights!” sitters exclaimed.  Lights then appeared within the cabinet behind the black curtain - flashes of white light of about 6” in diameter and slower moving dim patches of the same diameter.  Julia heard Han’s voice coming through and shouted, “Quiet!”  The music was turned off.  Han’s voice was loud, with a clear German accent, the voice of an older person; later, his voice showed itself as eloquent, academic, scientific in tone; slow in pace yet full of excitement and warmth.  “Good evening!” he greeted, to which we echoed, “Good evening Hans – welcome - thank you Hans!”  Hans began by expressing his heartfelt thanks to Dr. Neal for all he does to make these events happen, as well as Julia.  He explained what the sitters were to expect for the evening’s activities, which would be divided into three segments of experiments.  The first part would be held in complete darkness to protect the medium.  (At this point, Hans told Julia he was aware that there was a little bit of light near her on the floor, which she promptly extinguished.)  During the second part of the evening red light would be used so that we could see better, while the last part would consist of a display under red light of the ectoplasm which Kai’s body would produce through his mouth.  Hans explained that we would be building a bridge between our world of dimensional understanding and his.  He explained that when he was on the earth he was very much interested in these kinds of interactions, but he did not refer to himself as “Hans Bender” (German lecturer and researcher on parapsychology 1907-1991) during this talk, or at any other time during both séances, although he had mentioned this name in the séances we experienced in 2013 and 2014.  Later he said that it was difficult to prove his earthly identity, and left it at that.  After he had been talking for possibly 10 minutes or more, a female sitter yawned.  Hans then joked that they’d better get busy and show us some things; his (spirit) colleagues were reminding him to move on as the sitters had come to see phenomena – not just to hear him talk![2]
Spirit Plays with Musical Instruments
Hans then instructed us to sing loudly and heartily with the music to build a ‘web of energy’ in the room and at the focus area where the bucket was taped to the floor, upon which musical instruments were placed on top and around it on the floor.  There was one small piece of luminous tape on the bucket to let us know where the bucket was.  For the rest of the evening, the music was upbeat lively music, such as the Beatles.  We then heard the two tambourines and shakers jingle weakly and heard them move in a somewhat desultory way on the floor.  Hans commented that we had successfully built energy in the room, asked us to confirm that we had heard the instruments move, and asked us to continue singing.  We could see that there was some object obstructing the luminous tape on the front of the bucket, and then the bells were briefly shaken with more force, and a bit more rhythmically to the music.
The music was turned off and Hans then gave another talk, one of quite a few he gave both evenings in between the experiments.  Although he can be verbose at times (he alleged he was a lecturer in the earth plane, after all), we were truly impressed with the tight organization of both evenings.  It seemed that all was nicely coordinated, that Julia always knew exactly what to do, and Hans always carefully explained what to expect next, how long it would take, and why they were able to achieve the phenomena that we saw, heard and sometimes touched.  Unfortunately we were not able to retain everything he said, but have perhaps remembered what was most important.
PART 1:  Touches of Hand-like Structures
Hans announced that there were some spirit visitors who would like to come around and touch sitters – would that be agreeable to all the ladies and gentlemen?  “Yes!”  He asked, ‘Do you want them to step forward into the circle?’  “Yes, yes!” we exclaimed.  We continued to sing.  Soon sitters all around the room shouted out simultaneously that they were being touched on their knees, heads, etc.  I was touched twice on my right thigh, poked once in the belly button, and touched on the head by something which felt like the legs of a large spider-like form stepping gingerly around my crown, but this was not a frightening sensation.  Fred sitting to my right was touched quite a number of times, and since I was holding his left hand, I could also feel some of what he was feeling. 
Afterwards, Hans explained that actually what we were feeling were energies that materialize into hand-like structures.  What we were experiencing was energy imitating the human touches that we know.  This was a little unsettling to hear, as one would be thrilled to have materialized human hands touch us, not just creations which imitate the presence of another person.  However, we truly appreciated this experiment for what it was.
After a second round of hand-like structures touching the sitters, Hans asked if all the sitters had been touched.  Some said, “No!” (including Lily), but Hans said that he would have to cut this experiment short.  He said unfortunately they could not always guarantee that all sitters could be touched, but they had done their best.
Luminous Plaque
Hans explained they would try to show recognizable hand forms against the background of a luminous plaque/tile roughly 6” x 6”.  Julia used her small white light torch to walk to the bucket and placed the tile/plaque on top of the taped bucket.  She waved the torch above the surface of the tile a few times to illuminate its light-sensitive surface, and then returned to her chair.  In complete darkness, Lily saw little dark rounded shapes making their way across the glowing plaque, but it was not all that clear.  At one point I saw a black curtain-like covering drawn completely over the plaque, making the light disappear for a few seconds, which I found more impressive than the hand forms they were trying to show us.  Lily saw blurred dark shapes that covered one corner of the plaque, but did not see them as a discernible hand.  (In previous séances in 2014 and 2013, Lily and I did see very distinct hand forms with fingers that moved like hands).  Hans asked us if we had all seen a hand, and it seemed a majority of the sitters had seen a hand, but Lily and I cannot honestly say that we saw hands, per se.  However, as it was an experiment the spirit controls were exerting themselves to present to us, we certainly are not complaining! 
Ping Pong Balls Cancelled
Hans then told us that they had planned on doing an experiment whereby the spirit hands could move illuminated ping pong balls in the focus area, but he said that they (i.e., his spirit colleagues) were not having much success with it, so they would cancel that experiment.  He complained that they were not used to Dr. Neal’s wooden cabinet, which was making for some difficulties, so they would have to move onto the next experiment.  So if our memory is correct, we then moved onto the trumpet phenomena. 
Using Our Combined Bio-energetics for Trumpet Flight
Hans, in control of Kai’s body, moved his chair out of the cabinet to sit between Dr. Neal and Julia, who then placed their hands on him in four-limb control.  Hans held a cardboard trumpet that had several small pieces of luminous tape around the bottom edge; he then tossed the trumpet into the focus area.  He asked each of us to squeeze our neighbors’ hands tightly after counting down from 5 to 0 and continue to squeeze.  He explained this would contribute bio-energy to help make the trumpet defy gravity and fly.  Success!  We were delighted and awed to see the trumpet lift off and sweep about the room above our heads, high and low, making adept figure 8’s and occasionally touching sitters about their faces, heads, legs, and arms.  Hans asked Dr. Neal to confirm that the medium was indeed in 4-limb control while the trumpet did its rounds and that Julia was still in place.  The trumpet hit me twice on the chin and I complained that it bonked me.  Hans replied humorously that that was why it was made of cardboard.  He remarked at how silently the trumpet moved so quickly around the room, inferring that we did not hear any secreted mechanisms moving the trumpet.  He explained that the trumpet was not being controlled by a materialized human entity, but by materialized energy, coupled with our bio-energy.  After several minutes of flying, the trumpet fell to the floor and dragged around a bit as the energy dissipated.  Hans moved back into the cabinet.
PART 2:  A Stunning Event
We were told to sing heartily in preparation for the next event.  Hans moved back into the cabinet to build up the energy around the medium.  Around this time we saw white firefly lights about ¼” in diameter spiraling up outside the cabinet, then within it, casting light up to the ceiling.  From the cabinet, Hans asked Julia to clear away the trumpet from the focus bucket.  We continued to sing.
I’m sure Hans said something briefly to preface the event, but we were not given a clue as to what was coming.  WHAM! – the entire room lit up like high noon with white light!  What was unique about this – besides the fact that a light came on like that in the first place – was that we did not see the source of this light.  The light shone everywhere in the room for a couple of seconds.  (Later I thought it was like there were some huge beings looking down at all of us wee ones in Dr. Neal’s darkened séance room.  Somehow the beings made the roof dissolve and turned on a light to shine down evenly, throughout the little room.)  Needless to say, all the sitters exclaimed loudly, thanking Hans for the light!  He then asked Julia to take her torch to the bucket to see what was there.  She discovered a very large, clear cut crystal which even under the red light from the torch we could see was quite beautiful.  I have included a photograph of this crystal which we took at the conclusion of the séance.  The apport is approximately a 3” diameter object with a diamond cut of about 2”.  It has a lovely star-like design in its facets.   
Figure 1: Dr. Neals exquisite 3'' diameter crystal apport.
Hans said this gift was made in the ethereal realms, a gift to thank someone special, Dr. Neal, for all he has done in furtherance of the spiritual message.  Hans said that the spirit team is building a global ‘crystalline network’, consisting of circles of individuals raising their energy, becoming better human beings through their spiritual work.  This gift was meant for the purpose of activating the network, and Hans explained he wished to use the apport to continue the activation process on earth, or give it to someone else.  Hans gave no suggestion on how to use the crystal.  We believe the gift is a beautiful and powerful reminder for all of us to actively work to become a better human being on this earth through heart-based actions.  The message, we believe, is ‘Hey, look what we went to all the trouble to give you – from across the veil, no less - brought in for you in a flash of light.  Now continue to raise yourselves and others up, continue to work in your development circles to add to the betterment of humanity.’ 
Hans explained as human beings we have no idea how powerful we are, and to understand that our actions affect realms beyond our awareness.  That is why we must focus on actions of heart-based love and spiritual growth which build up the ‘informational density of the dimensional whole.’ We interpreted his message to mean that when all of this is shared, it is used to build up the informational density that we all ultimately benefit from.  Important heart-based information is added by each one of us into the database, so to speak, whether we have a development circle or not, whether we are “mediums” or not.  The crystal was given through the power of love, which apparently underlies a whole lot of other operational laws we here on this planet cannot comprehend, as Hans repeatedly reminded us.  On Sunday, in the midst of a related discussion, Hans said, “All you need is love!” 
Special Delivery
After we sang some more, Hans said he wanted to bring the medium out of the cabinet into the red light.  He opened the curtains and slid the chair out a bit so that we saw him clearly in the red light.  Suddenly Julia got excited and told us to quickly, quickly, get closer to the medium.  She said we could get up from our chairs and come close to the medium, so long as we all continued to hold hands.  We quickly moved to gather near the medium.  Julia said to look at the medium’s feet, and said, ‘Look here, look here!’  I was looking at the floor for quite some time and nearly missed the show.  (At this point I also noticed that Dr. Neal was actually lying on his back on the floor, looking up at the medium’s face, which concerned me for a few seconds as I thought maybe he had fallen or something.  On Sunday I asked him what on earth he was doing, lying on the floor Friday night?  He said that as he knew what was coming, he wanted to get as close as possible and in the best position!) 
Julia then commanded us to look at the medium.  All the sitters were positioned between 1 and 4 feet from the medium, kneeling, crouching and standing (Dr. Neal lying), and the red light was quite good.  Lily was very close to the medium, about 2 feet away with a clear view of his face.  The area of skin under the medium’s eyes began bulging, and Julia kept telling us to ‘Look, look!’  With his fingers, the medium was gently pressing the flesh on the side of one eye, while pulling down the lower lid slightly so that we could see a small, dark, ½” wide object pop up from under the eyeball that fell with a ping onto the wooden floor.  Two or three objects came out in this way, from both eyes:  first, we would see puffy bulges appear on his face, right below his eyes, then he would gently press the side of the eye, holding the lower lid open, and the objects landed with ‘pings’ onto the floor.  Amazingly, at the same time that all this was happening, a large black flattish object was being expelled from his nose - ‘ping’ – onto the floor with the others.  Altogether 6 objects came through, although initially Julia found only 5, but when cleaning up later, found the sixth, one of two small black teardrops, which she gave us on Sunday. 
Lily said she paid special attention to see how these objects emerged because any skeptic would say the medium had simply tucked the objects in his eyelids beforehand, but it was clear that these objects were materializing from the bottom of the eyeballs.  I also observed the procedure closely and saw the objects emerge from under the eyeballs.
When the medium was back in the cabinet, Julia gathered up the little apports she found with her torch and asked us to go back to our seats.  The red light was turned off, and from the cabinet, Hans told us all that the gems were more activation crystals they wished to give to the Choto family in recognition of their sharing of these matters with others.  Lily was stunned, completely surprised that we would receive any gifts from spirit.  Of course I was also stunned, but there was a part of me that was not surprised at all.  Hereinafter I shall refer to these gifts as our jammin’ gems.[3]  Hans said these gifts would be ‘activated’ by our heart-based actions, our further development of our circle, and being better human beings.  We thanked him most sincerely.
Figure 2: Close up of 'Jammin Gems'.
Pictured in Figure 2 are 2 large red and blue ovals, each 1.8 cm x 1.7 cm; a black rectangle, 1.8 cm x 1.58 cm (which came from the medium’s nose); a small light blue rectangular gem, 1 cm x .8 cm; and 2 black teardrop gems, each 1.8 cm x 1.8.  After the séance, Kai called the black teardrop a “black comet.”  Black comets are reminders that within us all is a black sun which represents the true knowing of who we are.  Note that the teardrop black comets have sharp ends, and that they arrived from under the medium’s eyes with no collateral damage.   
Figure 3: Size comparison between Dr. Neals Stone and the Jammin Gems
Figure 4: Detail of 'Jammin Gems on busticket
Figure 5: A photo we took on Saturday, 1 August of our jammin’ gems, the bus ticket with the words ‘jammin gems’ written on it, and Swami Muktananda’s book which I had brought with me for the weekend in New York, but had not yet read.
Our Power to Create
Hans asked the sitters why the spirit team had chosen the medium’s eyes to bring the crystals through?  Eyes, he said, are the windows into spirit, and one of the softest parts of the body.  Kai must drink a lot of fluid before séances to moisturize his eyes, and to produce ectoplasm.  Hans said, “The body is a portal to higher dimensional realms.”  These crystals are a reminder to be a better human being here, on earth.  Hans said that as humans we are very fortunate to be in the earth plane to experience love on physical and emotional levels, and that 'enlightenment, release, and epiphany' can all be achieved here and now, as an embodied person, rather than later
You see, said Hans, it is all up to us how to use these stones or how to be inspired, or to inspire others, with them.  Hans said there are many layers of reality, of causation and that we must realize that “ONE WORD” from us as a human being has repercussions across many spiritual realities.  We underestimate our power to create.  We do not understand the power that we hold within our being.  Hans said again that we as humans are not designed to understand this play between the two planes of existence.  However, he emphasized how important our choices and creativity are.  “One word” from us ripples out to add to that informational density, out into the enfolded spiritual dimensions. 
PART 3:  Self-illuminated Ectoplasmic Constructions
Hans began the last part of the evening by explaining we would see self-illuminated ectoplasmic constructions.  He used the analogy that just as the artist on earth uses colorful paints, brushes and canvas to paint a masterpiece, he and his fellow alchemists produce beautiful experiences and gifts for the sitters using ectoplasm as their medium.  Just as the painter delights in stimulating the beholders of his or her paintings, Hans said they love to delight the sitters with their creations.  After his talk, we sang loudly and then saw more flashes of light in the cabinet, rectangular light shapes and long teardrop formations, which moved slowly in the cabinet and then disappeared. 
As we sang “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” a palely illuminated whitish formation of about 6 inches wide by two feet tall with a kind of gauzy structure emerged between the cabinet curtains.  The sitters exclaimed delightedly, “Thank you – welcome - hello!”  It bobbed gently into the open space.  The bottom of the form swept the floor as it moved.  At the top of this construction were dark blobs which might have represented the beginning of a face.  The configuration of the black blobs reminded me of a cobra face, especially since it was at the top of this skinny form.  Lily thought that possibly spirit was controlling the long skinny form where the black blobs were, as if the structure were dangling from a point of control.  While we continued to sing, the structure came forward towards my side of the room.  The structure was swaying and seemingly coming closer to the sitters near me and we kept coaxing it closer.  But it seemed to be spending a lot of time in our corner of the room and I began to feel guilty that we were monopolizing the formation so that the rest of the sitters could not see it very well.  Later, when Lily and I discussed what we had experienced, she said the form stayed close to her, Dr. Neal and adjacent sitters on the opposite side of the room, and since it did not move out further to the other sitters, she began to feel guilty as well that they were monopolizing its time.  We pondered how it was possible that we both thought the structure was facing us simultaneously. 
After this structure withdrew to the cabinet, a self-illuminated construction of about 1.5’ high x 1’ wide was seen peeking between the curtains of the cabinet and floated about 4’ or 5’ above the floor.  It looked like a three dimensional fabric drapery with two fuzzy dark spots (3/4” in diameter) underneath its gauzy surface.  The two dark spots were about 1/3 of the way from the top, representing what could be interpreted as eyes – but were too close together - a rudimentary form and not too attractive.  Lily thought it looked sort of like a grade school art project/Mister Potato Head where placement of features is not accurate.  Lily and I found it hilarious – although if I had seen it out of the context of the protected séance room, for instance, walking alone one night, it would have certainly been a scary sight.  Although the sitters encouraged the “face” to come out further, it did not venture forth and disappeared behind the curtains.
At the conclusion of these displays, Hans commented how one can understand how people who see ghosts represent them as wearing bed sheets, and that what we had just seen were early templates, ancient forms.  At times they reminded me of Casper the Friendly Ghost.  I was not wholly clear what he was trying to convey during this portion of his talk, except to say that the constructions were meant as a means of demonstrating how ectoplasm can be made visible with self-illumination in these archetypal forms. 
Further Ectoplasmic Creations
Hans explained the final experiment would involve the medium displaying ectoplasm expelled from his mouth and showing what the ectoplasm could do.  As we sang in the dark, the medium sat behind the curtains of the cabinet.  Gags and struggling moans from the medium indicated the ectoplasm was coming out of his mouth.  Hans stamped the medium’s foot loudly several times (since Hans could not talk with ectoplasm in the medium’s mouth), indicating to Julia it was time to turn on the red light and open the curtains so that we could view him.  The first time the curtain was open, we saw a wide band of whitish ectoplasm about 2” wide and 2’ long hanging out of the medium’s mouth.  It reminded me of a very large tapeworm, dangling from the mouth, and the reason I thought of a tapeworm was that it looked flat, quite unlike the more puffy/voluminous expelled ectoplasm we had seen in 2013 and 2014.  Truly, it is remarkable how many different qualities, consistencies, moldings, densities, and structures that ectoplasm can assume, an ideal creative medium for any spirit team to use to delight the sitters!
The curtain was closed and reopened a second time after the foot stamping signal.  We saw that this ectoplasm dangled from the medium’s mouth and was now longer, about 3’, touching the floor, and that a flattened adult-sized hand structure had formed at the very end of the ectoplasm.  The hand structure was moving around a bit.  Its fingers were curled under on the floor.  A sitter who was closer to the medium remarked that he thought he saw a black signet ring on this hand, but I did not see a ring. 
The third time the curtains were re-opened, the ectoplasm now was folded upwards in mid-air, like an elephant trunk raised up, with the hand construction looking relaxed, but moving around a bit.  This hand was a one-dimensional, flat, ironed hand – so unlike a hand construction we saw in 2013 which was more defined, plump, and moved more. 
Hans Allows us to Touch the Ectoplasm
Hans said the final demonstration would be under red light, whereby sitters could touch the ectoplasm.  Julia opened the cabinet curtains and Hans emerged with a large blanket of thin and gauzy ectoplasm which resembled a large, irregularly and intricately woven fish net that you could see through, approximately 3’ x 3’.  The borders of this netting were fairly wide, perhaps so that Hans could grip the blanket well at the edges, as he stretched the netting out further and manipulated it.  Hans showed how the ectoplasm could be sticky by just pressing it against the curtains of the cabinet, where it was held fast, and then stretching it out even further, showing its elasticity.  As a further demonstration he then unstuck it from the curtains and threw it over Julia, which looked rather comical.  Lily thought Julia looked as though she was covered by a large porous thin pizza dough.
Hans moved the medium about the room.  Who would like to touch it, he asked us?  A lady sitter shouted from across the room that she wished to touch it.  I said, “Me too!”  Hans approached the lady sitter and asked her to uplift her face to him (bear in mind, that we were all in hand chain while Hans roamed about the room holding valuable ectoplasm which formed part of the medium’s own physical/spiritual being).  This lady at first did not understand what she was meant to do, but once she got it, Hans then draped the blanket of ectoplasm on her upturned face and asked her to tell us what it felt like.  I believe she said it was wet.  Next, Hans came over to my side of the room and asked me to turn my face up to him and he threw the netting of ectoplasm on me.  He asked me what it felt like and I said it felt like a wet dish rag.  However, that analogy was not at all correct.  Actually, what it felt like was a heavy, super-saturated piece of fabric, perhaps a large bath towel.  I did not notice any particular odor to it.  A trickle of something wet dropped from the sheeting of ectoplasm onto my left cheek close to my nose.  It was a bit itchy and felt like it kept running down my cheek, but of course I could do nothing to itch my face as we were all holding hands.  Hans then moved on to several other sitters to let them experience the ectoplasm.  I kept wiggling my nose and cheek to try to get relief from the feeling of this line of trickling moisture which it seemed had been left behind on my face.  Briefly, the “head” of this line of moisture seemed to be trying to go up my left nostril!  Later when I discussed this experience with Lily, I could not account for this feeling of a trickle of a heavy kind of moisture that persisted on my cheek even after the séance closed.  After the séance, in Dr. Neal’s kitchen, with my fingers I actually wiped at my left cheek to remove what I thought was going to be a watery substance – but of course there was absolutely nothing to be wiped off my face as all of the ectoplasm had been safely returned to the medium and could not have remained on my cheek. 
Closing Prayer
As the evening came to a close, Hans asked Julia to say a prayer.  He explained he would do a countdown after her prayer, and when he reached ‘0’ in the countdown, Kai would instantly return to his body in the exact same moment he had left his body, during the holotropic breathwork.  Hans bid us farewell and we thanked him.  Julia said a lovely prayer of thanks for the inter-dimensional communication and blessed all sitters with a safe drive home.  Hans did the countdown to ‘0’ and Kai returned breathing heavily, sounding disoriented and asking Julia if everything was okay.  The sitters left the room to gather in the kitchen and share what we had witnessed.  Kai and Julia, after resting, etc., joined us to discuss the evening’s incredible events. 
Sunday Night, 2 August, 2015
On Sunday evening, Kai gave an introductory talk similar to his talk on Friday.  Lily inspected the room and found nothing suspicious and that it was set up the same way as on Friday.  The events of Sunday evening were unique from Friday’s séance.  We have sat in four séances with Kai since 2013 and each one was unique and precious.
Hans Gains Control
After we were all seated in the room, Lily now sat on the wall to the medium’s right and I sat on the wall to the medium’s left.  We were in seats further away from the medium than on Friday.  There was palpable excitement in the room from the sitters.  Fred again sat to my right.  When the song “The Stillness Sings” was turned on and we began singing, Kai entered the room breathing deeply, quickly and almost painfully, it seemed, using the holotropic breathwork to get into trance, held his hands in prayer to thank us, and went into the cabinet.  After several minutes of singing in the dark, we could no longer hear his labored breathing, and we saw a small white light spiraling from the cabinet, followed by a patch of circular, foggy light and another small light.
Similar to Friday, we heard bangs on the ceiling, and one extraordinarily loud bang on the door heralded the successful entry of Hans the Alchemist and his crew, and the successful control of Kai Felix by Hans the Alchemist.  “Quiet!” Julia said.  We heard an enfeebled, old man’s voice asking from the cabinet whether we could hear him.  We replied no, that we could not hear him and to speak up.  In response we were startled by a flash of brilliant bright white light about 6” in diameter and 3’ above the floor within the cabinet curtains.  We shrieked with delight, and thereafter Hans’ voice became stronger and he sounded younger. 
Touches from Hand-like Forms
After Hans’ greeting, we proceeded with the events.  Hans’ talks were shorter Sunday evening than they had been on Friday.  The first experiment involved building up the energy web in the room by singing exuberantly, or la-la-ing if lyrics were unknown.  Soon enough, sitters felt hand structures tapping or touching them throughout the room.  Lily was hoping to be touched by spirit hands since she was not touched on Friday, and indeed felt five separate occasions of quick taps on her knee and one lingering touch of finger-like forms gently caressing the hair on the top of her head.  She said it felt rather like a rubber chicken foot loosely twirling around in her hair.  I was touched twice on my right knee.  Fred seemed to get a lot of touches also, including touches in his hair.  Later on Hans asked the sitters whether anyone had felt touches that seemed to be loving, and Fred said that the touch on his head felt like a caress.
Musical Instruments
During the second round of hand structures going about the room touching us, the musical instruments started playing and moving about.  They were more energetic than they had been on Friday night and we were delighted they were playing with the beat of the music for a few seconds.  We thanked spirit for their effort.  During all this touching and the playing of the tambourines on and around the taped bucket, Hans continually asked for Dr. Neal to confirm that the medium was still under 4-limb control.
Ping Pong Balls Move
Hans asked Julia to place the ping pong balls in the focus area for the hand forms to move.  She flashed her white light torch on three ping pong balls painted with luminous paint to get them glowing.  These balls were on a little tray that she put on top of the taped bucket.  When we were all singing in the dark, we could see that the balls were being covered/blacked out by ectoplasmic ‘hands’ and heard the hand forms knocking against the tray.  “We can hear you – wow - thank you Spirit!” we exclaimed.  These hand forms then got more energetic and succeeded in knocking the whole tray off the bucket.  “Wow!” people shouted.  One ball rolled over near Lily and the other two balls, near Brian, were moved around by the hands almost like field hockey style, where you dribble the ball and then change its direction.  One moved quickly under Lily’s chair and then out again into the focus area.  Hand forms could clearly be seen grasping the balls.  The sitters were loudly appreciative.
From the Fingertips
Hans came out of the cabinet and sat on his chair in the red light.  At length he thanked all those working in their circles, and made a special mention that one of the sitters, Dwanna, received an apported emerald gem[4] at the first séance Kai held on Wednesday, 29 July (which Lily and I did not attend).  He emphasized that apported gifts were not meant to make some feel special or some feel left out, but that every person's efforts to be a better human being are so important.
He then asked, ‘Is there an Andrea out there?  Andrea – come down here and sit by me.’  Andrea popped over and sat at the medium’s feet.  Hans told her to carefully check his hand and arm to make sure there were no objects in his hand or somehow on his arm that should not be there.  We clearly saw Andrea run her hands all over his hand and up his bare arm (he was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt).  We could deduce something was about to be apported.  The medium held his right arm parallel to the floor about 3’ from the floor, the palm down, with Andrea’s two open hands cupped below.  Andrea’s hands were perhaps 12-16” under the medium’s right palm.  Hans then moved his right arm and hand up and down, flexing the fingers in and out from fists to open hand as if it was under some kind of energetic control, and said, seemingly to his spirit colleagues behind the scene, ‘Yes, the medium is ready, go ahead!’  He then made a number of straining noises to seemingly give birth to something.  In about 4 seconds after he grunted I clearly saw a sparkling object fall from below the tips of the fingers of his downturned hand into Andrea’s hands.  Because of where Lily was sitting, however, she did not see that the object fell from the tips of his fingers, but she did see a shiny object fall directly into Andrea’s hands.  We were delighted!  After the séance we saw the apport was a small clear gem about 1.5” in diameter.  As she sat on the floor before him, he cupped his hands around hers, and said the gift was recognition of her many years service to spirit.  Hans told her that the body is a portal to higher dimensions.  This was a gift with no strings attached, she could use the crystal as an activation crystal (or not), but that her gem was already activated.  He talked to her for quite some time, until he remarked she must be tired there on the floor and released her to go back to her seat.  We laughed.
Like a Movie Projector
Hans then went back in the cabinet and the red light was turned off to pitch dark.  Julia was asked to take her white light torch to shine all around the focus area around the bucket.  Lily and I think this was done so all the sitters could clearly see there was nothing on the floor or the bucket prior to the experiment.  Hans said to his fellow alchemists, ‘We are all ready.’  Immediately a huge flash of light illuminated the room, followed by exclamations of amazement.  Unlike the flash of light we had seen Friday evening, Lily and I saw the source of the light which flashed Sunday evening – a free-floating light perhaps 6” high and roughly rectangular, high above the cabinet, near the ceiling.  From this little rectangle the large, bright flash of white light illuminated the area near the bucket, with the rest of the room behind the sitters left darkened.  The little rectangle brought to my mind an old-fashioned movie projector set up high in the projector room of a movie theater from the early 20th century. 
Figure 6: Rev. Kevin Lee's apported lavender crystal, 3" in diameter
 Julia was asked by Hans to take her torch to see what had been transported into the séance room.  She found a large, round, gorgeous lavender crystal about 1 foot from the bucket in the clear open floor space.  This, Hans said, was a gift to Rev. Kevin Lee of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in recognition of his years of service through his Church, and that the crystal was activated.  Again, Hans said that Rev. Lee was under no obligation to use his crystal at all; he could even give it to someone else.  After the séance Lily and I got a close look at Kevin’s crystal and saw that it had some lovely attributes to it.  The color changes from lavender to blue and then to a kind of salmon color, depending on how it is held.  I remarked to Kevin that the design in the middle of it looked like the looped bow of some kind of micro-organism.  He said it reminded him of an ancient glyph.  Later I saw photos that Kevin put on Facebook of his crystal that showed a star-shaped design similar to Dr. Neal’s crystal.  See photo of Kevin's lavender apport, Figure 6.
Hans Explains How Objects are Apported
Hans then came out of the cabinet to talk to us, sitting in his chair in the red light.  He said he wanted to explain that these apports are all brought in on light energy.  “Light energy is how we communicate in the spirit world,” he said.  He used the visual analogy of a big paper map, where in the physical realm humans would have to travel between Point A and Point B, but in the Spirit world, the alchemists can fold over the map so that Point A and B are touching and pierce a pin through the middle to prick a hole through both page/dimensions of the map, through which light is shone, enabling the transportation of objects into the séance room.  “Do you recall how at the beginning of the night my voice was weaker and after the flash of light my voice became stronger?” “Yes!” we replied.  He explained how his voice was amplified, and his presence brought closer with the light energy.  “Would you like me to demonstrate how we can create this light to transport objects?” he asked.  “Yes!” we said.  In the red light, Lily saw him lift his left hand up to the level of his chest, with palm facing out towards the sitters.  A bright white light then flashed in mid-air about one foot in front of his hand, for which we all thanked him – yet again - amazed. 
Quantum Light Being
From the cabinet, Hans said that everything in his spirit world, even a stone, has a soul, and that often stones have very wise souls.  He described Dr. Neal’s verdant and beautiful property as having many living creatures on it, flora and fauna, all with souls.  “There are various little beings who look into the windows of this house at night, wondering what the humans are up to!”  Hans said the alchemists would bring in one of the little invisible nature spirits which often moves in and out of Dr. Neal’s home.  He called it a quantum light being.  “It will be illuminated and might fly, crawl, or sit in your laps.  If you’re lucky, you might see its wings,” he said. 
Thereafter a little white light about ½” in diameter flew around in erratic quick movements, zig-zagging about the room, certainly not graceful as the trumpet had been on Friday.  When it came close to me I asked it to slow down so that I could see its wings, but it did not comply with my request.  A sitter on the opposite side of the room, however, remarked that she could feel a fluttering of the air seemingly caused by flapping wings.  Lily also felt the flapping of the wings, but did not see the wings, and no sitters commented that they had seen the wings.  It then settled on the floor close to me to rest a bit and shortly left us.
Another Use for Ectoplasm
The final experiments involved the medium expelling ectoplasm from his mouth for display to the sitters, demonstrating another use for ectoplasm.  From the cabinet, Hans explained that it would take about 7 minutes to get the medium ready.  We sang cheerfully, and when he stomped his foot for Julia to open the curtains, the ectoplasm we saw under red light looked very different from the ectoplasm that had been produced on Friday night.  It looked like a stream of a frothy cloud-like whitish substance hanging from his mouth about 8” wide and 1.5’ high, quite different from the flat tapeworm like projection on Friday.  (I always feel sorry for the medium when I hear his retching, struggling to bring out the ectoplasm.  He struggled more on Sunday evening than he had on Friday.)  
The second time he stomped and Julia opened the curtain, we saw ectoplasm on the floor, no longer connected to the medium’s mouth, resting between the medium’s feet.  It looked like a pile about 1.5 feet in diameter of billowing cumulus cloud, or whipped cream – which was moving subtly, as if breathing.  Slowly it changed shape and extruded up to form a vertical column structure of about 2 feet. 
When Hans retreated to the cabinet, he was then able to talk and announced that we had some visitors to our circle, and that they were working on bringing them out.  He said that they did not know who these visitors were, but hoped that somebody would recognize them.  When Julia was told to open the cabinet curtains, she told us that we should quickly get up from our seats to get closer to the medium, so long as we all held hands.  Clearly, we saw the medium’s face was now covered in a more solid white ectoplasm, an asymmetrical face mask of ectoplasm with holes in it, within which were embedded photo-like portraits framed in oval holes of ectoplasm.  Both images were fairly large.  I would estimate them to be about 2.5 inches each.  One of the portraits was on the far left of the medium’s forehead, and one dangled on the right side of his chin.  I could see that both portraits were of men, but only caught a brief glimpse of the image on the forehead to just recognize that I was seeing a man, with no more details seen, as it was positioned in a patch of shadow where the red light could not reach.  Other sitters asked to see the forehead image better, but the medium did not move during this display and Julia’s red lamp could not be moved to illuminate the image on the far side of the medium’s head. 
The image on the chin was very easy to see as it was fairly large and the red light was illuminating it well.  The portrait was that of a man wearing dark sunglasses.  He looked to be a Caucasian in his 40s with a receding hairline, rugged features, and looking a bit stern.  I thought it odd that an image of a ‘visitor’ would be obscured, wearing sunglasses.  I looked at it fairly long, trying to remember the details of the face.  Unfortunately nobody said that they recognized either image.  Later Dr. Neal told us that the image on the medium’s forehead, which he could see since he was so close to Kai, was that of a younger white male with a short beard, looking to be a modern “hippie” type. 
I have included a photo from Kai’s website, Figure 7, which shows a 2012 event where three similar miniature portraits were displayed in his ectoplasm (but these portraits seem to be smaller than the two portraits produced on 2 August 2015).  The photo also shows that the medium was actively working to stretch the ectoplasm, apparently to show the portraits to best advantage.  But on Sunday evening, 2 August 2015, the medium was immovable, sitting there like a statue covered in his curious ski mask.  I only wish that it had been possible to have a photographer among us who could have captured these two miniature portraits.  Although these types of images are nothing new in the long annals of modern spiritualism, they are so rare that it hurts to think that the two produced through Kai on 2 August 2015 have not been recorded.  See the works of Sir William Crookes (who photographed the full-form materialization of Katie King), Dr. Baron von Schrenk-Notzing, Dr. Gustave Geley, Dr. Richard Hodgson, Mme. Bisson, James Hervey Hyslop, Charles Richet, Dr. Eugene Osty, Dr. Richard Hodgson, Dr. L.R.G. Crandon, Dr. W.J. Crawford, Dr. William Creighton, Dr. T. Glen Hamilton (whose Intention and Survival has photographs of miniature portraits embedded in ectoplasm), Robin Foy, Grant and Jane Solomon, Stewart Alexander, Tom Harrison and a host of others whose names I do not know or cannot recall.  There are photographs on the internet showing spirit faces presented in ectoplasm as a way of communicating their presence to the sitters without materializing their bodies, which would take a lot more energy to accomplish.
Figure 7: 2012 photo from Kai’s website showing three miniatures, the medium actively working on the ectoplasmic production.
At the end of the séance, Hans thanked us again, and asked Julia to close in prayer.  Kai returned safely to the body, breathing heavily as expected, and rested for a few minutes before joining the sitters afterwards to share the evening’s successful communications.

I Visited a Jeweler
Back home, on 8 August I took our jammin’ gems to jeweler Lee Krombholz who examined each apport under his gemological binocular microscope and declared that the small light blue jammin’ gem was cut glass and all the others were molded glass.  I was not surprised that these jammin’ gems are not literally gems.  Why would Hans the Alchemist and his team send us precious gems to tempt some to covet or even steal them?  Hans told us that all the apports had been made by his team from their dimensional realm.  Therefore one might hope that there would be something unique or anomalous about the apports, but it seems that our jammin’ gems are ordinary glass that could have been made anywhere on this earth.  Again, I am not surprised or disappointed.  If the alchemists had sent us items that had mysterious attributes that could not be explained, controversies would undoubtedly break out around them, which would only distract us from the real message:  they are gifts from spirit.  With that said, however, I have no idea at the time of writing this report if any of the large apports have been examined by a gemologist.  I assume that they are made of glass, but of course, I could be quite wrong.
Honestly, we feel so humbled, having received these six little pieces of molded and cut glass through Kai Muëgge’s eyes and nose.  We plan to have our jammin’ gems properly mounted to keep them secure in a little display box.  If Queen Elizabeth were to present us with the Koh-I-Noor diamond, we would not be any richer than we are now with our six jammin’ gems.

A Recognition?
I continue with reference to footnote 3. 
Early on the morning of Tuesday, 25 August on the bus commuting to my office, I finished reading Play of Consciousness.  I glanced at the last photo of Muktananda, on page 293 of the 1994 edition.  It shows him looking to be an older man, with a receding hairline, wearing a beard and sunglasses.  A visceral shock of recognition slapped me on the side of my head:  the miniature of the man with the sunglasses presented in an ectoplasmic frame from Kai’s chin was Muktananda!  I shared this thought with Lily and a few of the sitters who had been at Kai’s séance on Sunday, 2 August.  Admittedly, the portrait we saw on Sunday evening appeared to be of a Caucasian, and Muktananda was Indian.  However, what I could remember of the mouth area especially matched well with the photograph in the 1994 edition of his autobiography.  Lily has an eye for detail and could see, despite the sunglasses being worn by the man in the ectoplasmic portrait, that his eyes were set deeply on his face, quite like Muktananda’s eyes.  There are a number of other photos of Muktananda in his autobiography and on the internet which show him at different ages, looking boyish and thin, older and plumper, wearing a loincloth, a monk’s robe, western clothes, and various styles of sunglasses.  In some of them he wears a beard, in others he is clean shaven.  In some of them he is so dark he looks like an African, while in others he is as pale as a Caucasian.  I then thought I would search for videos of him on You Tube.  Immediately one popped out to my attention and grabbed me, and said to me, ‘Yes, that’s him.’  It shows him in his 40s or 50s, with a receding hairline, in a saffron monk’s robe, with the round smudge at his third eye, wearing sunglasses. 
Why would Swami Muktananda show himself in a Kai Muëgge séance to me?  I certainly never met the Swami, as he died in the early 80s.  In the last six months or so I have been searching for answers and a supporting base of understanding about the energy sensations that I began to experience in 2011.  Play of Consciousness is the third book by Muktananda that I have read.  Although I had brought it with me on the weekend trip to Cassadaga thinking that perhaps I would have time to read it, I had only read a couple of paragraphs on Sunday, 2 August.  That evening, I used Play of Consciousness as a receptacle to keep our jammin’ gems safe since I wanted to share them with any sitters who had not seen them from Friday’s event.  I wrapped up the 2003 bus ticket that had “Jammin gems” written on it and the six jammin’ gems in a plastic sandwich bag held fast with a paper clip, which I stuck into the middle of the book.  I then placed the book itself in a clear zip-lock freezer bag.  I left this book, which has Muktananda’s painted portrait on the cover (Figure 5), on Dr. Neal’s kitchen table while the Sunday séance was held where Kai produced ectoplasm with the two embedded miniature faces.  Was there some kind of energy from the book that was used by Hans and his alchemists to produce Muktananda’s face with Kai’s ectoplasm in the adjoining room?  I loved Muktananda’s book on meditation which I read in early July, and was looking forward to reading Play of Consciousness.  Indeed, when I finally read it, I found valuable information that I needed to know about the shakti-kundalini spiritual process.  Was Muktananda responding to my positive reception of the two books I had read by 2 August, and my anticipation of reading Play of Consciousness?  Was that enough of a connection to bring him to show himself to me? 
I can never be sure that Muktananda showed himself to me in the ectoplasmic miniature portrait on Kai’s chin on 2 August 2015, nor am I attached to the idea that the guy in the dark sunglasses was Swami Muktananda.  But I must say that I sure am enjoying how consciousness seems to be playing with me. 

Closing Remarks

Lily and I have spent many hours discussing the two séances; making recordings after the events to try to capture as much detail as possible; transcribing the recordings; debating how best to present all of the marvelous experiments and uplifting messages given to us by Hans and his Alchemists to you, the reader.  It was our labor of love, a job we were privileged to be given, to offer as a gift, just as Hans and his Alchemists have used Kai’s ectoplasm to give us their creations to delight and inspire us.  Hans kept reminding us that, as embodied beings, we have great powers of influence and creativity, connecting us to unseen higher dimensional realities; indeed, influencing by our intentions, actions and words other dimensional realities.  “Our bodies are portals.”  That is the message we would wish to leave you with – to make yourself a portal of love, joy, forgiveness and to share those gifts with the world.  Raise your frequency, shine your magnificent lights brighter and brighter.

Sondra Choto and Lily Choto
September 22, 2015

[1] We have received no remuneration for writing this report from Kai or any other source.
[2] Later in the evening during a lull between experiments, a loud lingering yawn emanated from my own mouth - quite beyond my control after a day-long drive to Dr. Neal’s.  I promptly apologized to the group, “I’m sorry!”  Hans then took the opportunity to explain, much to my embarrassment (I was grateful for the lights being blacked out), that a yawn will bring the energy in the room down for everyone concerned.  A yawn signifies fatigue and boredom.  If a person needed to yawn, they should do so as quietly as possible.  Thereafter, I tried to sing as lustily as possible to increase energy which I may have diminished with my yawn. 
[3] Early on the morning of Thursday, 30 July, on the bus commuting to work, I opened up a used book I had just received from Amazon, Play of Consciousness – A Spiritual Autobiography by Swami Muktananda.  Inside this book I found a bus ticket from 2003.  In the upper left corner of the little ticket someone had written, ‘Jammin gems.’  What an odd thing for someone to write on a bus ticket, I thought.  Then I thought that the following day I would be attending a séance with Kai, through whose mediumship many gem-like objects materialized in the séance room.  The word “jammin’” also had significance as I frequently ask my husband to make me some of that jammin’ tea (Celestial Seasons ‘Jammin’ Lemon Ginger’ tea).  The synchronicity made me smile.  Hans talked often during both séances of receiving an ‘epiphany,’ becoming better human beings, obtaining ‘release’ here on earth.  I smile again because that is exactly what Muktananda’s book is about:  consciousness. 
[4] Lily and I did not see this emerald gem.  We would love to see a photo of it.