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MEDIUMISTIC CRYSTAL-FRAGMENT PHOTOGRAPHY - The Secret of the paranormal Atlantis-Stones

Arcturian 'Controller' on Atlantis



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AT THE LAPISLAZULI-FOUNTAIN FROM ATLANTIS - Fantastic and Meaningful Otherworld Communication...


(all following séanceroom activity-descriptions are based upon provided details from participants and/or are overtaken from the audio recordings!) 

Maybe you have heard about full materializations, like the one of the entity P'tah in the Hanau séance room, about his messages to the human beings of Terra - or have seen the interview with Prof. Kruse about it!? 

Spirit-full materializations are in the total picture ultimately very rare events, only 'the tip' of an incredibly versatile and rich spiritual and phenomenological 'substructure'. Today we would like to introduce you to some of these countless smaller, more mundane, but no less profound, events. Meaningful messages for those present, sometimes in the form of small or larger objects. 

Meaningfully, they always relate to histories and pasts, and regularly contain direct messages from those who have already crossed over - directly to their friends and relatives in the séance room! These 'messages' and signs often manifest in our sessions into real experiential qualities and sitters feel closeness, feel touch, even experience hugs or kisses. 

The culmination of these more and more condensed motives and impulses from the spiritual worlds are then 'materializing objects' with subtle or direct meanings for the recipient(s)!

Picture A: Deceased brother materializes favorite ring as a gift (Sardinia 2019) / Picture B: Deceased grandmother sends fresh wet flower with living ant as a sign of her identity (Florida 2013) / Picture C: Deceased father materializes gold chain worn for years for son (Spain 2019)


In 2004 the newly founded Felix Circle in Hanau started its work and almost from the beginning 'meaningful afterlife and seance communication' played a distinct role. For example in the form of handwritten, personal messages.  

When our dear friend Lucius Werthmueller, author and president of the Basel Psi Association with his life partner Sabin entered the circle premises for the first time in 2009, a wax ball with a personal message materialized in his closed hands! 

Paranormal wax balls appeared repeatedly during this time and contained handwritten messages and small meaningful objects. A few weeks before, Lucius' longtime friend and famous mentor Prof. Albert Hofmann (discoverer of LSD) had died and still on the way to Hanau, Lucius and Sabin talked about Albert having promised to contact him from the afterlife.... - However, the Hanau circle knew nothing about this!

In the wax ball, which Lucius received, there was a rusty thimble, a secret sign to Hofmann's authorship, and in it a handwritten paper roll with a short but concise address, which called Lucius by his first name. He later commented on his impressions that evening: 'In the many years of my work, it has seldom been possible for me to identify so directly and clearly the message of a deceased friend as such: The typical choice of words, punctuation, ductus, the salutation and finally the coherent signature, which I recognized immediately, impressed me very much about this case! Nature and seeing its wonders were the things Prof. Hofmann discussed with me over and over again...!' 

Finally detached from the surrounding wax, the following words then appeared on the paper roll: 'Lucius, see this wonderful nature, it lives. I live. Albert'

Picture A: Shortly after the appearance of the wax ball in L. Werthmueller's closed fist 2009 in Hanau / Picture B: Writing comparison with a signature of original correspondences / Picture C: The 'wax ball' with the thimble and the scroll in it.

Thereupon the American parapsychologist Prof. Stanley Krippner expressed himself with an assessment from his original correspondence with Hofmann and also Hofmann's children expressed themselves. Krippner identified the handwriting as Hofman's, and his children - themselves at a proud age - allegedly also 'immediately recognized' the handwriting, when Lucius was presenting it to them! 

In the following years further graphological expertises would be made about the wax balls (e.g. the particularly striking paranormal 'Einer Nielsen handwriting' or the spectacular 'Hans Naegeli handwriting'), it was the high time of the paranormal wax balls and their special messages! The 'Albert Hofmann Apport' was an early example for the expanding potential of the circle!

Let us now span the arc from the early beginnings to current events since 2019! In the intervening years, beyond-contacts emerged as an integral part within a broad-based phenomenology in the Felix Circles work!


Image: Spirit Guide Sathya Sai Baba acting as a Physical Guide with a small number of former 'devotees'.

Time and again, spirit guides communicate with our guests in workshops and séances. It has always been one of our valued strengths to allow personal spirit guides to be determined by the subconscious and/or to 'activate' them. 

Since 2019, a particularly influential 'guide' has repeatedly turned out to be a late Indian guru who had a great impact on countless people during his lifetime, all of whom experienced deep inspiration and extraordinary insights through his views and demonstrations. 

Miracle man and guru Sathya Sai Baba, who passed away in 2011, attracted Western 'seekers' in particular, and in addition to the many charitable activities at his ashram, he was famous for his 'materializations'.

At daily meetings with his devotees he materialized from his empty hands 'Vibhuti', India's 'sacred ash'! The ashes, extracted from the ceremonial 'sacrificial fire' and associated with God 'Shiva' - as well as a variety of other objects (rings, gems, sweets, fruit, etc.) - were paranormally generated by him by the dozen on a daily basis. 

Sometime in 2018/2019, the Hanau Spirit Team around the late 'Prof. Hans Bender' announced the presence of 'Sai' in the séance room during a séance. Since then, during the visit of former 'devotees' Vibhuti arises in sometimes considerable quantities as if from nowhere, trickles from the ceiling or suddenly covers the different seance room tables...!

                                                                INDIA TRAVELERS

FIGURE A/B/C: Sai Baba shrine in Fabach with objects materialized by 'Sai Baba' (in spirit) / Dr. Franz Minister, Doris Ströbel (DMI trainer), Nico Minister (Head of Zoology & Landscaping in the Animal/Human/Nature Park at DMI) directly after the Sai Baba episode in Hanau 2019 / Materialized Hindu figurines and gemstones and remnants of the Vibhuti already removed from the table surface again after the séance in Hanau.

The India travelers Bruno, Swiss hypnotherapist, and his partner Theresia were the first recipients of paranormal 'vibhuti' and of materialized Sai Baba-type jewelry in the Hanau séance room in 2019. At the same time Bruno's spirit guide 'White Feather' interacted in unprecedented ways and for 'Spiritual Healing Treatments' water was informationally altered and given to take home.

FIGURE: Saffron colored rings with slight color differences were materialized to 2 visitors by the guide 'Sai Baba'. At the same time it was 'raining' vibhuti. Saffron colored dresses were worn by the Swami on ceremonial occasions....

One who also knew Sai Baba personally is the economist and parapsychologist Dr. Franz Minister of the institute of the same name in Fabach/Germany. The 'Dr. Minister Institute' or 'DMI' teaches modern ESP techniques to executives from the German-speaking economic community. 

Minister is an initiated practitioner of several parapsychological schools. His intensive studies with Milan Ryzl on psychokinesis and clairvoyance in hypnosis form the background for his current teachings. Minister met the guru in India a few years before his death and the events that followed became the basis for the very personal relationship between the two. 

Promptly, during a Hanau workshop, the famous 'Vibhuti', Indian figurines, jewelry and gems appeared for the first time before the eyes of the whole family and everyone present. Franz Minister, initiated into a multitude of occult secrets, tells in detail on his website the course of further events in India, Hanau and Fabach!


Picture: The author, spiritual influencer, and well-known Swiss medium Brigitte Voss with Kai Muegge - directly after the strong final session of her private workshop in Hanau, in which her guide 'Sai Baba' materialized 'Vibhuti' and directly through her - or through her hands - a striking ring....

So more and more often former 'devotees' as guests in Hanau received Sai Baba-typical materializations in a remarkable way. During the visit of the well-known Swiss medium Brigitte Voss, who also maintains a deep connection to Sai Baba, her 'Guru in Spirit' first manifested Vibhuti, which trickled out of our superimposed empty hands. 

The climax was reached when subsequently the Swami, as part of a deep hypnosis with Brigitte, put her hands into a movement typical of him. 'We could all see how suddenly from her empty hand, which she had been circling in front of her at waist level, a ring fell to the floor, fitting her perfectly,' Julia describes the events - that can be taken as the guru's attention and appreciation!

'I suddenly had like a kind of pressure on my chest and there it was, the ring, falling to the ground!' reported Brigitte. To establish spirit guide connections of high energetic quality and creative power and to activate them, so to speak, are extremely elaborate spiritual disciplines and second highest mediumistic creation category (all highest mediumistic expression in experimental materialization phenomena is the presence of whole spirit beings in the séance room). 

Brigitte's humanistic mediumship, anchored in the depth of her being, as well as in her behavior towards others, is the spiritual carrier force for her results with her guide. Already in earlier joint sessions this became apparent, powerfully and clearly. At that time her deceased partner 'Steve', front man of the internationally most successful Swiss rock band 'Gotthardt', manifested himself and communicated unmistakably clear with her via knocking signs from the walls...!


Picture: The influential Spiritual Teacher couple Frank and Eva, who besides their worldwide study and Spiritual Journeys worked from a center in Hadamar near Giessen...!

Also visiting us for years in Hanau is the graduate psychotherapist, medium and Spiritual Teacher Frank Huber. In the early eighties he and his wife Eva studied with Maharishi and Krishnamourti and thus laid the foundation for their partnership. Eva had to leave her place at Frank's side early in 2017 due to serious illness. 

Around Eva and Frank, people from their region gathered and practiced Spiritual Techniques and shared ancient knowledge. It was clear to all how Eva's personality stood out in particular, with behavior that gave everyone the impression that she was an initiated ancient soul - not only in this life. Journeys to the holiest places and greatest spiritual teachers around the world subsequently deepened her insights, which she then shared with her students. 

This work was obviously so powerful that even today, years later, groups gather in the name of Frank and Eva to share quality spiritual moments together. We have experienced countless sessions in Hanau with Frank in particular. He often acts as a holding control for me, the medium, at the same time, which makes sense considering the focus on his person and the manifestation of extraordinary phenomena through his late wife Eva.

Eva seemed to accompany Frank's visits to the Circle from the beginning and initiated - partly announced by other international mediums - many meaningful object materializations. As a guest of the Hanau Spirit Team, the greatest objects of spiritual significance ever were materialized for Frank through her mediation and very special messages were delivered to him in this way! Repeatedly Frank has then led whole groups to Hanau to demonstrate to others the powers and their association with Eva.


Martin from the group is there for the first time! From the direction of the cabinet, the medium's trance guide speaks about spirit guides! 'Who exactly are my spirit guides!!!' Martin spontaneously asks himself. At that very moment the spirits ask him to come forward to the medium...! Years before, by the way, Martin had traveled India and heard about a guru named Sai Baba....

In the bright red light right next to him, no movement of the medium remains unnoticed by Martin. He can observe the empty hands of the medium exactly. He sits directly in front of it. 'Hans Bender', the main Spirit Control Personality now reveals that 'Sai Baba' is present and as a sign of Martin's Spiritual Guidance 'Vibhuti' is materialized: And then all can see how it starts to trickle out of the hands, a light fragrance of incense sticks spreads into the air and suddenly the memory awakens in Martin, of the ashrams, the bhajans, the mantras, etc....

Picture: 'Magic Ring' for the amplification of healing energies, generated by a special team of Spiritual Doctors, presided over by the grandfather of the medium.

An Northern American Indian guide comes forward through 'Hans'. He claims to have contact with an Andrea in the room, which he wants to refresh! She knows what it's all about, he says. Andrea was in Hanau for the first time! Nobody knows about her connection to a guide called 'Yellow Feather'! Out of a light discharge 'Yellow Feather' then materializes an elaborate Indian ring for her!

Another sitter receives a ring with magical symbols, which is supposed to make spiritual healing treatments more effective!!!


Mediums main Spiritpersonality ‘Hans’ claimed, Eva was at that moment in Shamballa, in a place that was called by all 'Crystal Citadel'. 

‘In it, the Ascended Masters keep an ancient artifact saved from the sinking days of Atlantis. Designed by spacefaring engineers, a certain number of highly complex vital technology machines were spread all over the continent, which were able to intervene into the clockwork of the planets overall creation and let the engineers influence the course of evolution and mankind on Earth at the behest of the Elders.

The lapis lazuli fountain was originally a naturally terraced structure made of marbled stone, which was able to channel water back into and through the ground over several levels. On all levels a highly complex alien technology was built in, amongst others a kind of optical fibre technology sending light-rays permanently through the structure!

Through the well, the Atlantean nature-and-technology wise were able to intervene into the entire water infrastructure of all living beings and the natural environment.

On the successive days of the cataclysm the fountain decoupled and its flows were caught in time! They resembled lapis lazuli, which, stony and immobile, was to trap forever the ancient technology of the Fountain...!’

Then it was time! Eva announced her renewed work in the séance room! Her daughter Miriam was on the spot, the first time with her. A special gift was promised, which father Frank and daughter Miriam would immediately know how to classify. There would be a connection directly into the time before Eva's passing, but also a fundamental meaning should carry the special gift in itself! 

Again light explodes before the chest of the medium and from it a heavy object falls to the ground. An elaborately designed crystal lotus flower. An audible wave of amazement and excitement passes through those present. 

A few days before her death, Eva had gifted Frank with a glass lotus candlestick that looks like an earthly version of the crystal lotus flower that had just materialized. Miriam says, 'No gift could have been more typical from my mother than the gift of the sacred flower!'

Eva meanwhile communicates on the level of the 'Ascended Masters' with the Mahatmas themselves and sends her Spiritual Gifts directly from Shamballa, the secret control center of the 'Ascended Masters' in the Tibetan Himalayas. 

Hans explains that Eva is now also preparing something special for her present group. Meanwhile, notices the speech-control 'Hans', the sitters should direct their attention back to the medium: This still sits in the red light in the center of the room and speaks and acts as 'Hans', in a deep full-trance! Here at this moment 94 crystal objects begin to emerge from the medium's skull openings, about a dozen of them from the eyes - excellently visible in sufficient light!

Picture: Daughter Miriam receives Lotus Crystal Flower through her mother, the 94 Activation Stones, the Magic Ring for amplification of healing energies and the collected 'Vibhuti'.

In the tradition of 'activation stones' or '-artifacts', the gemstone-materializations are always handed out to the participants without exception. They are supposed to bind the supernatural light ray forces of the involved human souls in the light. But also in the earthly to symbolize to the present ones the indispensable importance of their personal light-work and to appreciate it! To prepare the true in the light activated individual to set up for the times of the confrontation of existential cosmic forces here on earth, for 'the final battle' between good and evil...! 

To make them aware of and ready for their very own role in the upcoming ‘karmic wars’ on the side of the light-forces!

Julia shows around the stones to the participants in the circle. Meanwhile, 'Hans' takes over the narrative again....


Hans: 'When the Old Empire was in its last throes, the old continent was swept by the tides into the depths of the sea, it was the sons of Sumer, the later founding fathers, who made sure from exile that few of the magical installations of Atlantis could be taken to special places. The lapislazuli-fountain has adorned the crystal face of Shamballa ever since, and Eva sends her thoughts and wishes to you from that place. 

The installations of Atlantis were supernatural technologies connecting into the inner morphogenetic structure of all human existence on earth. The psychophysical machinery was providing the higher infrastructure for every social and individual inner dynamic and human evolutionary force in the world at that time, represented in the material. Maintained by those beings who wanted to bring ascension to the planet already at that time - and who failed already at that time because of destructive deceit and corruption. 

Today the lapislazuli-fountain is able to use only a fraction of its former properties, but when the Masters and Mistresses approach it in times of need and necessary orientation, fragments are released from the frozen river in time and fall at the feet of the Masters, where they disappear on the spot and start their journey through space and time to those who called them! There they eventually donate their power and inspire orientation to those who will become the spiritual and moral backbone of an upcoming New World. A world which they themselves will help to create! The fragments activate and identify some of these chosen individuals", Hans was claiming...!

With the light switched on, while Julia still makes her round with the 94 activation stones, the fountains  fragments were beginning to protrude the wooden ceiling of the seance room one by one.

Picture: The 17 
 fragments of the lapislazuli-fountain of Shamballa falling down through the ceiling everywhere in the seance room and the Indian ring provided by 'Yellow Feather' that night.

'Eva is now joined by El Morya, who has already fully materialized several times through our portal work and its gatekeepers in your experimental rooms, and stands by Eva! She wears a saffron-colored dress while doing so, and an auric shield of light and heat surrounding and protects her at the well, from the cold of the ice blizzard raging around the peaks of the Himalayas, hiding Shamballa behind a wall of white...!'

It takes a while for all 17 fragments of the fountain to arrive individually - with a banging noise - through the ceiling of the Hanau seance room. They are later handed out to all group members. For the tasks ahead they for sure are in the right hands there!

Here we now end our narration about the 'Meaningful Messages' in the work of the Spirit Teams, with Kai and Julia Muegge and the Felix Circle and we hope you enjoyed it!

The spiritual worlds are freed from the burdens of materiality and so they further on will send their messages on many different levels of meaning! Reason for all us light workers here on earth! Sharing their strength and radiance forever...!



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Attention Disclaimer!


In its message, the ET demands from us a truly fatalistic view of things that is worthy of discussion! It comes from a being who has seen species and planetary systems come and go and who has obviously deeply internalised a knowledge of reincarnation, who sees death as the greatest mystical experience!

This is beyond what the average person has probably ever contemplated or thought about! It is against this particular background that the message must be seen - or be evaluated.

It tells us a lot about how extraterrestrial ways of life may feel!


Since 2004, the so-called gatekeeper personality 'P'tah' has been communicating as a higher organised being for E.T. and I.D. contacts in the séance room work of the Felix Circle and the Materialization Medium Kai Mügge. In the spirit of a New Age spiritualism of the 3rd millennium, survivalism (proof of the survival of the personality after death) is only one area of application of many in our experimental work. Partly in years of collaboration with the Basel PSI Association, a new generation of modern physical mediumship was ushered in, which has been successfully demonstrating Experimental Spirit Materialization worldwide for years. In the process, cooperation developed with the Zeta Reticulian, who uses a 'consciousness technology' developed there to manifest in séance-room on Earth!

Materialized Zeta-Reticulian 'P'tah' about
- the development of mans cosmic awareness
- the history of human-alien/I.D. contacts in spirituality
- about the current global crisis!

Exclusively we would like to offer you some excerpts from the transcription:


In all these efforts, we Spiritual Beings, who have a positive attitude towards the human being, are in the process of creating the 'Spiritual Sovereign' in man! A human being aware of his cosmic nature. A human being aware of his profound and far-reaching cosmic affinities, which are distributed over all spaces within and beyond. Kinship to countless other humanoid species that have entered different evolutionary paths in this dimensional space, still inconceivable to man.


In recent decades, however, the indications in regards to spirituality have also changed for that which was particularly in our interest! And what we are expressing in an urgency, because this incredible creature with its intense capacities and abilities - and its evolutionary consolidation in a dualistic world of experience, has allowed itself to become corrupted to an ever greater extent. This is no secret!

Man was slipping away from us and our sphere of influence was shrinking. At the same time, the brotherhoods from many sectors of interrelated spaces started to repeatedly issue warnings and related them to us. However, since these warnings were - in relation to Terra - future prophecies, they were subject to the unreliability of probability vectors. Often the reported time frames or the predicted events were inaccurate and a fatal ignorance of the Brotherhoods' warnings crept in.

 arnings from the brotherhoods about negative dynamics within the duality in which man experiences itself as part of reality - a duality that was constituted on the trinity of body, spirit and soul, in which good and evil had become distinguishable for man. He is though also subject to forces that are inevitably part of reality in dual space. When there is light, there will be darkness not far!

The analogues of love and hate, of creating and destroying, turned out to be dimensional dynamics of the dual space. Vibratory variables that repeatedly brought man into the dilemma of each individual decision-making. Each of these can ultimately be broken down to their positive or negative elements and the shades in between.

And man, in his ignited materialism with technologies and their advancements, too often chose false directions. Entire societies eventually devoted themselves to unworthy virtues that negated man's true nature.

A true nature that was once given to him. Given to him by a being, by the one and all, a collective which in its own nature completely eludes definition, whether singularity or multiplicity. Man was created from a gigantic supernatural morphogenesis. As countless equally humanoid life forms were, scattered throughout the cosmos: the humanoids of our double star system, the humanoids of the Pleiades, of Orion, of Sirius, of Aldebaran, of Vega, of Arcturus, of Alpha Centauri, and so on and so forth.


Therefore the true 'Spiritual Sovereign' is deeply intertwined with his nature of birth, death and rebirth, celebrating life as well as death, as the truest and deepest mystical experience left to modern man. He confronts death openly, the great taboo subject of your societies! The Sovereign knows everything in ballance, that every action is reflected in mirror-universes and may be thrown back onto you and the causative plane in a potentiated manner.

The Spiritual Sovereign would find ways of managing reality that do not hinder life!


Participation of beings not from this side, but of beings of an interdimensional nature from 'the other side'. They have been living on earth together with you for thousands of years. And by and large behave inconspicuously. Many are parasites attached to the human ethereal presence.

Like ivy on trees, these beings - most of them without identity or self-consciousness - instinctively align and attach themselves to humans and feed off their energy.

And just as human needs and pleasure addictions escalated into an endless greed for more, parallel to this, on the level of these beings, highly questionable motives for occupation and attachment arose. Particularly sinister are those entities that are nourished by sexual energy or even human fear.

For these beings, fears always contain a higher energetic potential than pleasures, because fears all contain the primal fear of dying. Never having overcome this, fears contribute to those beings the power to create higher forms of themselves. Remaining in the background they created a plan unfolding over decades in human time to tap into their escalated greed for negative human energies and emotions a never-ending source!


In dual existence everything exists in the field of tension between the two poles! Evolution occurs, paradigms are changing, when the both extremes allign for harmonic balance: On the one hand there is the potential of human beings cosmic heritage, on the other hand there is the chance of human redemption in reach in simply finding yourself in each other!

This will give you back the sovereignty and strength to free yourself from the current situation. Now benefit from what we are adequately describing here today in this form!

You must now come together again, build trust, the ts and the trenches that have arisen must be filled in! This conflict-laden time now does truely require the divine human being to overcome that which divides families, partnerships, societies and nations! This is where the reactivation of the Spiritual Sovereign is needed!

This is where the human being can now prove and realise himself! Realise inter-human relations in their most significant forms and unite in the ecstasy of being!

Facing life and death as if they were nothing but a dream, but a speck of dust in the winds of the cosmic tides! Never give up life to avoid death. Death is the culmination of life and will be for very many the greatest mystical experience of the whole lifes' treasure!  

There are so many much greater dangers in this life than the virus!

Life is dangerous! And if you don't want to miss to live you have to face it and the fact of the circle of life an death! We all do!

A great task is ahead of you! And you will master it on behalf of your divine trait to ultimately grow from great challenges! Grow beyond your momentary selfs and current situations to ultimately transcend both!

Reflect on yourself! Trust in the heritage of power from wise communicators and spiritual helpers! Trust in the architecture once invested in the construction of man! Trust those allies, who use every open heart to step in, to put the pieces together into a greater whole!

Reactivate the network! Start small and bring your closest friends back together! Discuss! Many are still avoiding each other because they shy away from conflict in this global discourse! Because behind the mask they cannot see the other's opinion! So people are avoiding communications at the moment. This plays into the hands of their opponents. Curfews are preventing spiritual evolution. In places where life usually flourishes, culture is now dying!

They must be reactivated! You have no other choice. Otherwise you will go down in the annals of this cosmic sector as those who have been given everything and have had everything taken from them!

Begin in small ways, with your partner, exchange, make love, open the spaces, widen the circles and let in friends!!! Take active part in the long process of coming to terms with the past that still lies ahead of you at the moment! The widespread social arguments will  discuss and question the current ways of dealing with the crisis! Legal issues will play a role. Accusations and counter-accusations will rise and lower.  

And all this will already be igniting at a stage when the right eventual concepts are still being formulated! And that takes time! T

 Trust has gone lost! And so especially those who have surrendered in the chaos of irrationality to the manifests of disinformation and to the narratives of deception need to be re-awakened! Even if they are those with whom it was previously considered impossible to communicate, now you will be going to open your arms, the magnanimity of love has the power to defeat hate! The magnanimity of love is stronger! Build the new world on it and on trust and confidence!

 The network exists! It lies there unlit..., like an abandoned idle building site..., but in which everyone has their place - and only has to find it again!

Thursday, 17 December 2020

THE THIRD AND HIGHEST STATE OF ACTIVATION! About creating Magical Objects...!

Materialized Gemstone turned into a spiritually enhanced magical ring (with thanks to Wolfgang Schwab/c)


For decades spirits do come forward in mediumistic sessions with objects they claim to be interconnected with, or bound to, their ideals, teachings and advices. All sorts of gems, semi-gems, sacred figurines become materialized and then presented as ‘Activators’ before handed over to sitters. 

Wolfgang Schwabs second magical beauty... (c)

At first defined as direct appreciations about sitters’ spiritual discoveries and awarenesses made on their journey into Spirituality, they turn then more and more into ‘the Activators’ of communicated messages, teachings and spiritual content - and of ones own thought-reactions during the séance, triggering all sorts of inner associations -  about spirits and their possible goals and purposes in the Multiverse!

Australian Art-Collector Matt Tones integration of materialized gemstones into a modern piece of Art...


Activating - in the aftermath of the spirit contact - the sitters memory, profound thoughts and inner knowledge surrounding the given messages from the spirit worlds at that specific evening - the Activation is actually more than that: spirits ethereal concepts are becoming manifest that way! 
Values and virtues - from spirit-messages and -teachings - are turning into a human beings involvement and condition!
That represents a dramatic change in the ‘quality of interconnection’...!
An ideal becomes flesh and leaves imprints in the sands of time...!

Another example from Matt Tones Collection...


In a third step the human being finally tunes in, alligns with the message, becomes an ally himself in a cosmic endeavor spirits are involved in for aeons...!
 In this stage the sitter adds own concepts into the shared system of value!
The materialized gemstones become concepted and then manufactured into unique inspired jewelry or pieces of extraordinary art! 
In such cases ‘Activation’ has succeeded and the Activation-object represents one more human being returning in taking part in its divine plan!

A very special gift with implemented magic gemstone...

Kai from ‘Spirituality of Manifestation’!

Tuesday, 20 October 2020


A slim being stood besides the cabinet, claimed to be a Zeta, an alien being, a doorkeeper, showing up in its alien appearance...


As it was announced we achieved to hold in Hanau the first purposefully onto Full Spirit Materialization focussed sitting! Until today the by the spirit controls demanded sitter structure of sitters with multiple experience made in at least 3 previous sittings was by now regularly only provided by sitter groups organized by the BPV (Basle Psi-Association) in Basle, Switzerland.

At the BPV we in the meantime have a history of experimental spirit materialization and ectoplasm phenomenology starting 2009 and lasting up to this day. This is an extraordinary and unique achievement we are very proud of! 

Nowhere else in Europe one can attend - as a member or as a guest of the Society - this class of highly sophisticated manifestations of Modern Western Spirituality. Due to Corona we were now trying to re-route the energies towards Hanau as well and it was a promising start!

More impressions by sitter Sabine S.


The spirits announced at that particular evening one of the Zeta-Reticuli-Starsign gate-keepers to materialize in its alien presence. Sitters and Medium meditated and entranced for approx. one hour before the main spirit control 'Hans' started to deliver a message from the entity. This message was about the cosmic human being and its potentials and purpose in the momentarily escalating conflict between participating ethereal elementary powers following the global outbreak! Moreover the message referred to future developments in Hanau.

At the same time besides the cabinet - inbetween Julias place and the hung cloth over a hoola-hoop-ring - the entity appeared in the spectrum of visible light, namely in red light.

Sitter C.W. did draw this and wrote: 'I have received very important information and healing has happened (the night before she attended a healing séance also), so that my trust in God and the spiritual world could and can grow further. I have the feeling that something has "healed"! I have the feeling that this was caused by Hans and his information but also by the materialisation of the Guardian. Thanks to all involved!'


Let's listen to what the sitters were able to observe. Physiotherapist Jens F. for example explained: 'For me the entity was looking like a neophyte or novice in white!' and a friend adds 'I saw his white hooding slightly above the black cabinets ceiling on my opposite side of it...!'

Biologist Brigitte H. is writing: 'When Julia was allowed to turn on the light for the first time, we only saw the curtain from the cabinet. Of course everybody expected that the materialisation would take place in front of the cabinet. At the 2nd and 3rd time the direction of the torch was right. The figure "stood" between Julia and you (the medium) beside the cabinet. That was very special.' 

'It was an extremely thin figure. Under the cloth a head was visible. The shawl was folded around the head in a special way (on the side and a slight throw over). As if the body had extremely narrow shoulders (...), the cloth ran down loosely. There was nothing to be seen at the bottom. I found the figure not very tall (1.70 m/5,5 feet?). Others described him as "at least 2 metres tall". Hans had indeed announced a "small creature" of Zeta Reticuli. (...)'

'At that point in time where my seat was it suddenly became very cold!', Saria remarks and a number of sitters agreed in a discussion directly after the sitting.

Directly during the gathering after the experiment, Sitter S.G. drew this spontanously...


Spiritual Teacher Frank H. details: 'I could see it very well every time it was illuminated by Julias torch. The first time it very clearly stood upright right besides the cabinet, clothed in ectoplasmic robe. The second time it had somehow moved its head forward and i could clearly see the white hooding as well! The head area was extremely well visible (under the robe) and the opening behind which the invisible face must have been!' 

In the following we publish the drawings made partially immediately after the séance...



Wednesday, 30 September 2020

THE MOST IMPRESSIVE EXPERIENCE - Report on the Cabinet Séance in Hanau on Saturday, September 26th, 2020 with Kai and Julia Mügge - BY KARSTEN BREITUNG.

Things K. Breitung took home from the séance in Hanau

 Two things in advance. Firstly, it was the most impressive experience of my existence so far. At least of the existence that I can remember. The birth of my daughter and getting to know my wife or girlfriend (we are not married) I will leave out of this catalogue, because this is a different league. So I am talking about experiences outside of child and wife. Secondly, before I start the actual text, I would like to point out that small mistakes might have crept in. Here and there I will certainly use a wrong description or describe a situation not a thousand per cent correctly, maybe because it was somehow different or I did not see it exactly from my sitting position. Moreover: I swear on my soul that I am telling the absolute truth here! Nothing, but nothing at all, arises here from any poetic freedom. From time to time I will take the right to interpret something. Under guarantee every single sitter had here and there own interpretations or thoughts concerning the phenomena and apparitions, which is normal and also good. And in addition: The group of eight ladies and four gentlemen was fabolous! All immediately befriended. There is no other way to do it. Sympathy all along the line. Corona in the contrary does not stop at séances, there are fewer seats and there is at the moment no direct body holding control of the medium in its chair, therefor we were working with glowing pieces of tape letting us always detect the position of the meduim. It's all a bit different - all over the world - at the moment, but the séance still worked, even if the people involved were restrained in their actions compared to normal conditions. 

 Well, Kai's introduction was extremely impressive - here you have an absolute expert on the subject in front of you giving a concrete speech. With a truly impressive voice he sounded from afar throughout the large room. A highly intelligent guy like a bear. And one of the best known and most successful physical mediums of the present time worldwide! I want to emphasise this here very clearly. Kai Felix Mügge was examined countless times before seances. Made naked and stripsearched, led into the cabinet under guard. Holding control, double holding control. And he always sat/sits there in his deep trance, oblivious to the phenomena that occur on a massive scale. He is the "gate" to the world of spirits, a kind of "entrance" that makes multidimensionality visible. Afterwards Julia Mügge taught the seater how to protect the medium and to protect the success of the seance. I don't have to go through all this again, the educated one in this subject knows about it. Otherwise, you are welcome to study the seance rules, which can be found here and there on the net, and also on After about 90 minutes, in which Kai and Julia talked (Kai retreated then into a preparation for the complex trance state), sitters introduced themselves personally to each other, in which last questions were asked, things were put down, toilet visits etc., we finally went down to the sanctuary. Just one word: The Seance Cellar! I myself was still briefly on the toilet when I noticed it: The whole troop was now walking down the stairs. So quickly disinfect your hands again and follow them! I was practically the last seat in the row, which of course doesn't matter. We were examined with a metal detector, then we went into the Hanau Seance room. The seats were assigned, you sat down, woof! Now you were in, now you were there! A great, pleasant tingling, for sure! Now I want to come to the phenomena that took place step by step or experiment after experiment, of course with the help of the energy output of the participants, so we were told. Julia had - I just forgot - presented the equipment in the room. Balls, trumpet, cloth, drum, tambourine and so on. And the physical medium Kai Mügge followed. An event! In his trance-breathing he came in, which was already heard when he was still outside the seance room. He sat down in the cabinet, which had been allowed to be examined by a sitter before, even the back part on the wall. Nothing! Only the curtain going around and the wall, that was it. And now Kai was in the cabinet on his wooden chair. Lights out! Music. The connoisseur knows how it works. 

 After perhaps ten minutes, flashes of light joined the room. A warm welcome was the reaction from the seats. This intensified gradually. The voice of Hans, the main controlling spirit, sounded, then long awaited! Powerful it spoke out of Kai's body. I love this voice, I already know it from online seances. But it is something completely different when you really hear Hans live and on location! It has a calming, ordering effect, explaining and explaining without a hurry. This has nothing more to do with Kai's actual voice. Hans is speaking through Kai's body, Kai himself is somewhere else with his mind. Now some small memory gaps follow from my side. Forgive me if I easily mixed up the sequence of events or if I remembered something vaguely here and there - there were hundreds of thousands of impressions that I had to process. Impressions and experiences that I have never known or lived through before. The shaman drum sounded by itself! Hans breathed heavily inside Kai's cabinet, Julia hummed and sang to herself in her corner, from which she did not move a millimetre in the dark. And the drum sounded extremely loud and as if played by an expert - one could even hear the rolling of the fingers on the drum's skin. Wow!!! Every one of us sitting there was stunned. An impressive experience already! But only an introduction. Everybody knew: There's a hell of a lot more to come! And so it was. In a soft white light Julia put a tambourine with lights on the wooden floor. Then darkness again. Julia humming again "in her corner", Hans explaining from the cabinet or just before the cabinet. Kai's body changed position from time to time, but only up to a strict line. The cabinet chair never slipped further into the space of Spirit activities. We sitters- each equipped with a phosphor dot on our clothes, said "Ah" and "Oh", when the tambourine rose and rattled. ALL seats in their places, Kai or Hans loudly talking behind his line (the knees of Kai's were also marked with luminous dots), assistant Julia in her own place. 

Now we should always say when we felt touching. And I tell you: It was crazy! Actually almost the holiest moments for me! The musical instrument was whirling wildly around, except for the spirits there could NOBODY be in front of our feet! I was touched four times on the palms of my hands, extremely clearly! It felt like cold, dry, nudging fingers. They poked quite hard. Again and again I gave a loud signal when a touch was made, other seated people did the same in quick succession. I had the impression that there were invisible children playing around in front of me. Children or just little creatures. It was really cute. No trace of insecurity or fear, it was rather amusing. My knee was touched too, but only once. SENSATIONAL! Days before the séance I had thought about how I would react to being touched, but I didn't come up with a result, of course! Now I know: I felt it as loving! Like: "See, we are here!" Unbelievable! A seated person should now hold a cloth, stretched out wide in front of him. The cloth was provided with many illuminated spots. Gregor now had the cloth. Lights out! Nothing happened for a few seconds, then you could see the shadows of small hands! Moving black fingers! The cloth was moved, bent up, finally Gregor let go of the cloth or it was plucked from his hand. The cloth whirled wildly and quickly around in the air. Then slower again. Again and again one could see fingers against the background of the light spots. Every sitter who saw the fingers yelled out so loudly, and so did I. The cloth now fell to the floor into the Spirit Room at the feet of the sitters. There it meandered around, twitched, shot sometimes there, sometimes there. It did indeed stay in front of MY TWO FEETS, which were in light grey woollen socks. And suddenly something grabbed my left ankle! And there was definitely NO ONE in front of me! At least no visible person who was faking all this! Awesome! "TOUCHED AT THE FOOT!" I cried out loud. The cloth did not move any further now, Julia fetched the cloth back under the light white light of a small torch. I must say that all these touches convinced me of the existence of the spiritual world. CONVINCED! 

 So, I may be scolded, but the order of events might get a bit confused now. As I said: There were simply too many impressions that came over me. Stones or gemstones apport from the eyes of Kai. He bends over, pushes his eyelids around, and then: BATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZBATZ ... Feel 20 gems of dark red colour (as we Sitzer found out later on), poured out of the eyes of our beloved medium! Rolling around on the floor! In addition, two large red giant gems crashed onto the floor from somewhere. One of them was picked from the air by Kai after there was a bright blueish flash with a bang between his hands! Many people in the audience flinched from the bang and so did I. Hans now said words of thanks to the two women who were to receive the two huge stones as a gift. We loudly thanked Hans, who was very generous in this meeting, again with humility. The new owners of the large stones also thanked the spirits. Extremely touched they were of course, because such a thing is a great honour! A gift from the spiritual world! Top! Next came something that made us as a whole group of seated people really freeze in awe! Hans announced something and Kai or Kai's body formed a PORTAL out of the air! 

To be honest: It looked like an effect from a Hollywood movie. However, this was not a trick or CGI, but a fact that happened in front of our seeing eyes! Although I was/am confused Kai reached into the air. I don't know whether it happened under white light or red light - at some point the senses can't grasp it anyway ... Fact: He tore something similar to a dimensional hole from thin air. Hans had explained it beforehand and did so during this process - I don't really remember, it was too bizarre! Kai tore around, light off, light on, light off, light on ... The "hole" was stretched out, bluish edges. Kai's left naked arm was suddenly crossed by taut blue lines, one could see this optically only briefly, but very precisely. Then this gape opened. The "dimensional hole" suddenly appeared even bigger and then twitched away into the darkness, while Hans noticed loudly that something had "come through" ... . Suddenly Kai was sitting bent over in front of the cabinet, at his feet a big pile of ectoplasm! I guess the pile was about 30 centimetres high and half a metre wide. The whole thing hovered just above the wooden floor, jerking slightly to and fro, while slight dents appeared on the surface, growing upwards. The light was turned off, and then turned on again shortly afterwards. Hans asked, I think I remember, for a moment for complete darkness. And shortly afterwards Julia illuminated a small part of the ectoplasmic pile with a shielding hand, which still moved slightly on its own! It took my breath away when I saw that! As I said: I am stating the pure facts here! Nothing is invented or even lied about! A kind of arm with a hand now rose from the pile. The arm was very clearly visible, the hand looked somehow just like a hand. It was as if the fingers would only unfold properly later. The arm itself was very clear; you could even see veins sticking out. All of this was in slight, very strange movement. It swayed a little, as if there was a breathing process. Then suddenly it all disappeared, very quickly. Like a kind of light switch effect. At this point at the latest I was somehow completely speechless ... 

 Hans then rang the end and talked for a few more minutes about the meaning of death. He said warm-heartedly that no one needs to be afraid of death. Something wonderful would come for ALL! This was once again like a huge liberation. I was completely happy inside. I have no idea what followed. I only know that I went up the stairs, together with the rest of the seats. Upstairs we gathered again at the big table where Kai had given the introductory speech, it was now shortly after 11 pm. I put the belt of my trousers back on, put my shoes on. I sat down. Now we sat down and chatted a bit, Julia joined us, later Kai. Kai said goodbye to us and said GOOD NIGHT. It seemed to me that he was still half in a trance. And I too felt as if I was in the state of passing over into the realm of dreams. It presented itself so strangely somehow, I can't describe it. My thoughts also went back to Hans, who always wanted us to see Kai's empty hands. And they were always empty! Fractions of a second, apporte, lightning, portals ... A different world! Farewells. Finally we got the stones as a present from Kai's eyes. The two giant stones were given to the female sitters named by Hans. New-sitters were getting a small metal souvenir of the FELIX CIRCLE. So did I as first sitter. I beheld the luminous point, little gemstones, net of precious stones, the metal badge and a napkin from Kais's table round for all eternity - in a small wooden chest. This is like an ark of the covenant for me, not a joke! Sometime last farewell words. Clock: 23.35 hours. I'm already outside the house, it's raining. Open the umbrella! Slowly along the Salisweg, the Köppelweg, the golden meadow ... I'm in the city. Towards the Hotel ZUM RIESEN. Like floating. Really like floating. And thinking about what I have just experienced ... Probably insights into something else ... Something else that exists like my feet or hands, so real ... And by which i was touched. Something that radiated love, no hate, envy, evil or anything else negative ... Karsten Breitung, 28.9.2020, Monday

Saturday, 5 September 2020


  In the night before the Full Materialization séance at the BPV, the Ascended Master El Morya Khan materialized where me, Kai, the medium and my wife Julia were accomodated. It happened all like a lucid episode or like a quite typical preparational dream, as they happen a lot! In this episode I was meeting the main spirit control 'Hans' who introduced the Master entering the room. I looked to the door and there he was. Lights were suddenly dimmed but i saw Hans making a gesture towards my hands. I looked at them and I was holding my mobile in my hands. I started to film!

The next morning I awoke and remembered everything so clearly that I jumped to my phone searching the film. Nothing was there. I understood it was all only a dream, a dream preparing me for the Spirit session the upcoming evening.

In that séance El Morya materialized and was described by the participants the way I remembered him to look the previous night. Everybody was delighted and touched and we received several drawings about that memorable night at the Basel Psi-Asssociation.

We went home to our Airb'n'b tired but happy. Arriving there I unlocked my phone and without opening any program the phone was playing a video clip:

We were stunned. Julia had helped me to search the phone in the afternoon looking for what I believed was not only a lucid episode of a preparational dream. Nothing was on the phone.
Now the clip was embedded as newest entry inbetween the rest of the photos.

The spirits had manipulated my mobile device!
On the recording you can clearly hear me breathing deeply behind the camera - sounding as if I was sleeping - and before me the entity shrouded in ectoplasm with a shiny blue crystal on his head was moving slowly. Flashes of light were shooting from his body illuminating it brightly!
The only difference was in my memory there was more to see than on the mobile device that looses a lot of exposure light when filming in darkened conditions.

So what exactly had happened: Had I filmed a dream that did not appear on the phone before the related séance was held? The alternative was: The spirit had actually materialized in my bedroom!!!

Definitely all this is another 'high strangeness'-event in the environment of my mediumship...!

Here now follow two video analyses:

1. Only illuminated flsh like sequences extremely slowed down and some enlarged
2. Complete Video with slowed down illuminated parts

Thanks for reading and watching!


Tuesday, 1 September 2020


Chohan of the First Divine Ray El Morya Khan the way he appeared in the BPV séance in August 2020...
The photo is taken when he was filmed during an apparition-episode one night before the actual séance
at the bed and breakfast where Kai and Julia were staying!


Then Hans announced that El Morya Khan wanted to show himself to us. He asked us to hum a loud OM when he would materialize (unfortunately we were not allowed to sing).

At first, flashes of lightning became visible on and in the cabinet. Julia had precise instructions as to what she had to do when the portal was stable and the Spirit appeared.
After she had opened the cabinet, El Morya Khan stepped visibly before all present. The whole room was illuminated by his light. The whole figure was shrouded in ectoplasm and on his head the blue "crystal" was wonderfully visible. 
At chest height I saw a portal and whenever I looked into it, I had the feeling that I was looking into infinity. Likewise I saw an arm under the ectoplasm mantle (other seated people saw two arms). 
The figure bowed to each sitter and then retreated back into the cabinet. It was, as always, a magically beautiful evening with the Spirits - and with Kai and Julia.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Sitter E.K.


The conditions of 2020 made our Spirit Communication demonstrations impossible for months, our events were cancelled and cancelled worldwide. For more distant countries the restrictions still apply!

We are all the more pleased about the first possible séances in Hanau and a short time later under strict conditions in Switzerland.

For the mediumistic organism in the field of physical mediumship demands, after years of regular demonstrations, the outflow of subtle energies, as it happens during the séances. If one pauses too long, mood swings, physical imbalance and depressive moods become apparent.
Permanently morphing approx. basket-ball-sized spirit portal in front of  mediums chest,
for the first time photographed

But perhaps the pent-up energies were partly responsible for the fact that the experimental results were particularly impressive, especially in Switzerland, and revealed particularly impressive photographic material: for the first time, the so-called spirit portals could be photographed in different stages of their interactivity! For the first time a double portal could be photographed.
Meanwhile a double-portal had opened through the lower one above the floor one of the Joy-Guides sticked its head after whizzing as a shining orb through the room...

The joy-guides of earlier séances from the region of the nature spirits, which had not been manifested for a long time, appeared again and after one of their lightning-fast flights through the room, one of them stuck his small child-like head through the portal and was photographed! 

The portal-photographs are basically very impressive, in the gif we see an open portal morphing and in the single photographs we see active portals at the moment of transmission! 

The Medium visible through the blueish light beam the portal is sending upwards...

The partly strict conditions under which we demonstrated led on the other hand to exciting new possibilities in the observation of the phenomena, for example at the Basel Psi-Verein. Since each participant and the medium wore a luminous sticker, it was possible to look through the whole room even in the dark. This is a clear plus in proving the inactivity of the medium during the highly active phases in the séance room.

Alone 13 objects from those here depicted - had exited the mediums eyes.
Others fell from light dischargings manifesting in front of the medium...

In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we were able to observe and photograph complex portal activity and the manifestation of objects, as well as some old and particularly beautiful objects brought along for recharging. All fotos were taken there by Markus Kappeler, Switzerland entrepeneur and highly involved activist and host for extensive private experimentation sessions. 

In Basel therefore, intense high strangeness and Spirit full materialization awaited us!

In the two regular Basel demonstration séances with a large number of new 'sitters', the levitating objects and the musical instruments played in the middle of the room were particularly impressive for the participants present. In the backlight of the stickers glowing opposite, one could see exactly how targets were played or levitated without the presence of human help!

Impressions by C.Knöpfli about the Materialized Mahatma El Morya in Basle August 2020...

The highlight was, as always, the 'Advanced Séance' with a group of participants who had already attended at least 3 regular demonstrations in the last 2 years. Then you are allowed to attend experiments on Spirit full materialization!

Impression by Raffaella Forte showing the Fully Materialized Mahatma El Morya ...

And this time it happened again in a very powerful way. Spirit Control 'Hans Bender' explained the reasons for the appearance of a very powerful special guest and delivered a message (see below). And then the 2.10m tall figure of El Morya Khan appeared from the cabinet self-illuminating the whole time from his shining crystal on his forehead plus massive flashes discharging from his heart-area, the Chohan (ruler) of the 'First Ray (Blue) of Divine Will and Power', he is a direct 'promoter of human evolution' and is connected to many spiritual and magical organisations - like ours.

His energy is understood to be straight, clear, disciplined and royal. He is considered a sublime and trustworthy authority in his system of 'Ascended Masters'. 

CGI by Prof. E.Kruse, scientific consultor for the Basle Psi-Verein about what he observed 
during the Full Materialization Séance 

Who is El Morya Khan? 

El Morya Khan was a prince born in Radjut, India.
He was one of the Eastern initiates of the highest degree of the so-called White Brotherhood. He died in 1898 and was titled an 'Ascended Master' by Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical Society.

He was first mentioned in the letters of the masters (Mahatma letters),
which were transmitted to Helena P. Blavatsky by telepathic means.
He was the master to whom Alice Bailey owed almost all her books.
According to Annie Besant, El Morya lives in Shigatse in Tibet.

He is in contact with Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Saint Germain,
Djwal Khul and other masters of the Theosophical Society.
There is also a relationship with the Spirit Communicator 'John King', who is a legendary figure in 'Modern Spiritualism'!

Dr. H.B's impressions in regards to the self-illuminating Materialization

El Morya Khan's Message to Humanity, 
August 20, fully materialised, Basel Psi Society:

'Your society is currently suffering from profound disagreements!

While these were already serious before the current crisis, now degrees of disorientation and disintegration are emerging that require my intervention.

The spirits of the Western Hemisphere, which by their very nature have hardly noticeably shaped and shielded your societies, have been levered and deliberately weakened by our opponents. A not insignificant battle within this war for the spirits and hearts of humans and many other species out there is taking place right now, in the vast space of this cosmological conflict!

It is striking you humans in the core of your being because it is also your own darkness that is staring at you, pulling you out of your midst and putting all the cycles of disaster into action.

For this reason dive into my light of activation, into my light of healing. My apparition activates control at times when things seem to be taken out of your hands. It shows the urgency of reaching out to those who have let themselves be taken over by the darkness and who are pushing forward the divisions within societies rather than healing together. My apparition and my light lead you into readiness. Follow the light in thought, speech and action and spiritual allies of great influence will accumulate again. In the protection of my light the great whole can be recognised and fear can leave the hearts! My light shines inside and outside! There it takes place, the adventure called life, as beautiful as it is dangerous. Your present lives are a short passage, they pass you by, will be finished tomorrow! Are you ready!?

Now take my light and carry it to the people, show them my presence, my light and my divine appearance, which is yours!'
Certified biologist B.H. describes her impressions: 

'And then El Morya Khan stepped out of the cabinet: A slim tall man, wrapped in a thin but solid 'cloth', in a whole shaped like a bell, no noticeable wrinkling. Transparent in the area of the chest and head, a slender arm clearly visible underneath, the hand towards the chin. The left arm I have only seen in outline.

Flashes of light in quick succession illuminated the whole figure. But the most impressive was the large blue light in the area of the forehead and the crown. Like an evenly shining crystal, great blue! (...)

In the light of the flashes of light the body behind the transparent cover of ectoplasm became visible again and again. (...)

The thing that touched me most was when he bowed to us in a semicircle (...), facing everyone, without jerky movements, but gliding.'

We are thankful for the spiritual allignment and integration of all sitters that night! 

May the light shine on!