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(This report contains the observations and comments of different sitters, who were present and gave their accounts afterwards.)
'We would like to push the boundaries...!' Full Form Materialization at the Basle PSI Association, May 2016 (copyright)
It is Thursday, the 12th of May 2016, at the BPV, Basle, Switzerland.
The Spirit Team of the Felix Circle holds a séance for advanced sitters, with K.M. in the cabinet as serving vessel, resp. medium of the evening.
What will be emerging that day will for all present sitters become a séance to remember.

After a long and exhaustive sounding trance induction - via the mediums breathing technique that sounds a bit like hyperventilating - eventually the spirit teams 'main operator for séance room conversation, Hans B.', starts reluctantly to speak through the medium.
And right from the start, like over the rest of the evening, his words are accompanied by tiny little flashing dots of light flickering in dozens in and around the cabinet and where the curtain halfs do meet.

The operator speaks about the crossroads the human kind has arrived at, divided between spiritual awakening and materialistic seduction. About the value of the human being in the ballance of interdimensional dynamics. It speaks about the tendency of complex intelligent systems to develop towards even more complex forms achieving finally a transformation into structurally or dimensionally higher organized forms. It speaks about the value of metaphysical interest and activity, pushing us always to broaden our theoretical constructs about reality towards what is hidden before our eyes. It speaks about activating and interconnecting interest- and experimentation-groups worldwidely and about the outlook for a consciousness shift coming from that interlinked system - finally inspiring the 'race born from love' to find the wits to survive. 'That is what it's about: The Survival of the Human kind!', he claims. 'That is the eternal and only true purpose to communicate from the spirit world to yours!'
Hundreds of Materialized Objects and unique 'Activation Stones' like pictured here shall help to form a planetary defense network (copyright)
Then he refers to the practical aspects of the evenings séance room experimentation and to the previous and partially succesful attempts to achieve fully materialized spirit forms in different stages of completion in red light.

'We would like to push the boundaries further today with you, if you are willing to participate with your energies...!'
A room full of guests signals full support.

At that time something bewildering is starting to happen, totally new and unexpected for everybody in the room: First slightly and then with an alarming amplitude the whole séance-room starts to shake and shiver.
The event host, BPV's president, award-winning author and investigator of the paranormal, Lucius Werthmueller (57), even adresses the séance lead Julia Muegge considering to evacuate the room or at least pause the séance to find out what is responsible for this unsettling shaking of everything.
Noone could provide any idea or understand what was going on: 'First I thought, somebody was on the roof, but when the perceiveable rumbling turned more into an earthquake-like shaking, I really was worrying about the safety of our guests here in the house, until..., yes until the spirit communicator interrupted the speculations and explained the situation!', President Werthmueller explains.

'Do not be afraid!'
'It is us!'
'We are condensing matter within the room!'
'That is for the upcoming processes necessary tonight. So calm down again - that is solely responsible for the shakings in the walls and the floor and the guts!'

Unfortunately the trembling is so persistent and intensive that a couple of sitter's excitement only hardly can supress some sort of sea-sickness coming up.
In the end though nobody needs to leave the room and all affected subjects somehow achieve to succesfully defend this nausea caused by the strange trembling of the room.

The tremblings and shakings last around a short hour and until the spirit operator announces the beginning of the main experiment of the evening. Then the shaking slowly disappears.
Approx. 8 weeks ago a first form had developed behind the medium and was visible as well. It had waved towards the sitters and was built from a stream of matter coming from the mediums ear. (courtesy D.Gross, copyright)
Approx. 8 weeks before, the experiment had a predecessor, when a spirit form was building up behind the medium and waved to the sitters.
Today, the operator makes clear, they want to go a step further.
Extremely weak sounding the usually strong spirit operator gives last verbal instructions.

The tension in the room is palpable, nobody knows what might occur, but everybody is aware of the spirit team rarely disappoints...
The red light is once more altered to a level séance-room photography might be makeable - as long as there is something worthwhile to picture - and the photographer sits ready frontal to the cabinet, that is closed in the meantime!

With a thud something seems to have landed - or is it the signal to switch on the light? Julia decides to follow what the operator had told her before and switches the red light on.

 The sitters look stunned towards the cabinet. The professional camera starts to click and immediate exclamations of excitement by the sitters start to swell.
The Full Form Materialization is wearing a white garment with a massive hood. Towards the floor it appears as if the form is actually floating above the ground... (copyright)
In front of the cabinet, slightly inmidst of the opening of the curtains a comparably huge subject makes its appearance. It is wrapped totally into a white garment with a huge hood. It obviously is alive and exercises movements for all to see. It turns and looks around.
The form suddenly starts to bow three times in all directions towards the sitters and the excitement increases.
Then it turns to Julia and their both heads nearly touch each other (see photo 1). Julia is talking calmly to the hooded figure and can hear from her place the medium back in its chair breathing heavily, meanwhile the phantom once more looks straight into the room (photo 2), when the mediums body gives the signal to switch the red light off.
Photo 1: The Form bows down to Julia .... (copyright)
Photo 1 enlarged: ... and the huge hood of the garment is visible. (copyright)
Photo 1 filtered: Julia hears the medium breath heavily behind the entity in its chair...(copyright)
   Loud applause fills the room and doesn't want to end. People cheer and cry in excitement. The spirit operator is again audible and he introduces the Felix Circles Spirit Helper Aleister Crowley as the one having materialized in full form in front of the cabinet.

Some still go pale, when they hear this name. They have never really informed themselves about this outstanding man and scholar of eastern secret teachings seeking for contact with higher forms of cosmic consciousness, resp. higher organized entities within the accessable areas of astral journeys a.s.f.. For the scholars of Western and Eastern forms of magical practices Mr. Crowley was the most influential figure of the the 20th century.
We will deepen that on other occasions.
Aleister Crowley close to his death in 1947
In the meantime the medium gives newly the signal for red light and for another exposure of the scene around the cabinet: This time the garment has sunken in, only the ectoplasmic mantle still streaming from the mediums mouth (photos 3-6). An enormous voluminous mass lies in front of the cabinet still connected to the medium. It moves out of the back of the cabinet and holds the curtains purposefully apart to have everybody take a good look onto it. After a short period of darkness, only a few seconds, the whole mass is suddenly gone. Completely.
A second ago everything was covered by it and suddenly it is gone - with no place to put it either inside or outside the clothed cabinet. Everything is visible inside of the cabinet now again widely opened by the medium.
So a few minutes after the presence of the materialization everything is gone again. Sitters express loudly their gratefulness towards the spirit control closing the session of the evening from its seat in the open cabinet.
The medium and an amount of 'crude' ectoplasm, necessary to host entities in full form, in front of the medium...(copyright)
... coming out of the back of the cabinet ... (copyright)
... after the Materialized Spirit had disappeared, opening the curtains for everybody to see ... (copyright)

Seconds later the voluminous mass had disappeared after a short last closing of the curtains... (copyright)
 Other very unique and stunning things were going on in the darkness of the séance room with very finely materialized female spirit hands interacting with sitters. And in regards to 'séance-room materialization' every participant is sensing it has taken part in a history making moment.

And so even days later many still feel like 'in trance' or 'hyperactive' or 'have problems to find back' into their everyday's rhythms and patterns, so much they were shaken by the presence of the materialized spirit form, as it occurred the 12th of May 2016 at the BPV, Basle, Switzerland.

All who we were there have participated and enabled something enormous. A room full of like-minded people, mediums and experimenters, all together writing history - about contemporary séance-room experimentation and Full Form Materialization!


Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

ETHEREAL LOVERS - Harassment and Molestation from the Spirit World Part 1/3


For more than 20 years now we are trying to help people who are suffering under specific forms of spiritual harassment or molestation.
Being trained over the years in the most techniques to bring any help to these subjects, it is specifically our own area of activity regularly bringing us in contact with them.
Many who are concerned are spiritual scholars.  At a certain point on their spiritual journey they suddenly start to sense, detect something they describe mostly as a strange presence or energy within them. They don’t feel whole or ‘one’ anymore but ‘twice’ so to speak and from then on the complex develops into different degrees of realness.
Scholars of Spirituality are a large group among the concerned, but by far not the only ones. Our selected examples were all at least not specifically coming from this area of activity.
Our help is pro bono even though many have to be treated in the following over weeks and months.

I am talking about so called entity-, or spiritual possessions (not to mix up with ‚demonic possessions’) – or in German ‚occupations’.
Most of you will have an idea about what I am referring to but because it is anyway hard to describe a norm within it I will come back to my selected examples to explain what can happen if one is chosen to suffer under these sometimes inner, sometimes outer forms of ,disturbances’, sometimes both.

I was confronted with the huge need for help in this sector when I for the first time was involved when so called RSPK- or Poltergeist-energy havocked a befriended family of mine.
I was quite young and not even in my adolescence. But this case should not be the only one I would encounter during the last 30 years.
I fully started to offer help during my study time in Frankfurt simply by hanging out a note at the University and the cases coming did all confirm the immense need for help by the involved parties.

To become possessed sometimes by one, sometimes by more entities, intruding the inner and/or outer personal space can happen on a subjective perception-level or objectively in the physical space also. Then it is called ,infestation’ usually and is like all forms of disturbance a huge psycho-sociological issue, from time to time developing additional psychiatric implications eventually also.

Psychiatry is believed to be able to help in the first place, but is rarely dealing satisfyingly with the patient’s needs and what they are going through and so they are usually ejected from the health-system early and sent back into their homes very quickly.
But still Psychiatry is for many the only health-sector they’re looking for help at as long as they do not feel too stigmatized by what’s happening and prefer more to withdraw from any possible help, frightened to be called insane, being full of shame anyway.
These forms of shameful retreat naturally strengthen the disturbances.
The informal energy feeding the processes has to flow off, that’s why any ask for help is the first step into the right direction.

Actually Psychiatry knows the frightening experiences I am talking about, but deals with them single-sided. ‚Bedroom visitor’-phenomenon it is called within Psychiatry and defined as a sleeping disorder. Admittedly many of the below described activities do actually take place during early sleeping- or wakeup-phases.
But for many these irritating up to terrorizing experiences in the bedroom are only a start for an ordeal that enters more and more their personal space and everyday lives.
These patients stay usually completely sane and are fully able to abstract the strangeness of what is going on.
Psychiatry in the contrary defines persons developing alleged ‘hallucinations’, like our ‘occupied’ patients, as ‘dissociative split personalities’. ‘DSP’-patients live in a more or less completely shut-off own world though, influenced by strange unseen radiation and energies they suspect to control or poison them and so forth.

Spiritually ‘possessed’ or ‘occupied’ people usually don’t have such symptoms.
They sense their occupying presences to different degrees but are very aware and clear about what is going on with them. Nevertheless Psychiatry usually tends to treat them in the same manner psychotics would be treated - with strong ataractics.
Most of the concerned subjects escape this kind of treatment early with no alternatives offered to them.

Consequently they fall into the traps of self-styled healers depleting them financially and create additional harm. With early and unproven theories they infect the minds of the patients who sometimes willingly accept their explanations in their need for help and start that way to spill the original reasons with additional and false complexes.
In the end they leave behind an even more deranged subject mostly with no treatment results although hundreds or even thousands of euros/dollars had been paid.
Unfortunately that happens regularly.

Below we have chosen three exemplary cases from our files that mirroring also a peculiar and alarmingly growing subtheme within the complex: more and more cases have a clear sexual character. They play more and more an important role in the strange and disturbing experiences patients have.
This aspect of course even worsens the difficulty for the patient to talk about.
Moreover we have to find out where the reasons for this development are coming from.
Is only a sexually overloaded society or media-environment (internet, TV) responsible? And where is the cut-set with possible ethereal origins of the intruders?
Fact is that internet forums have developed excessively as an information market. Related forums are flooded by hundreds of people seeking for help or informational exchange.
And still there will be a large number of unreported cases of course as well, but at least the web provides anonymity and the awareness they’re not alone.

For this publication we now specifically have chosen three cases that couldn’t be solved fully. We hope that they will provide models for discussion for possible successful future approaches to help.

Compared with the disturbing cases 2 and 3 the first one seems to be even ‘harmless’, but had some really surprising characteristics and an intriguing complexity with a lot of interesting implications.

So please prepare your horizons now to be broadened by something that is deeply irritating, if not right-out frightening and tormenting reality for some on a daily basis.

(personal information had to be altered to secure the patients anonymity)

In the year 2004 I was present when during a spiritual practice a young woman suddenly collapsed, fell to the floor, cramped and spoke in a strange language – something between English and German. Not being sure what was going on I watched her friend jumping from her seat and hastily approaching the trembling lady on the floor, putting her hand under the head of the collapsed asking her: ‚Jim, is it you!?’
Having been introduced earlier to this lady telling me she’d be a ‚newbie’ I was doubting now that this necessarily was a sudden breakthrough of a let’s say meaningful spontaneous mediumistic episode.
Being responsible as the then trainer for transpersonal experiences, I was relieved that after a short conversation between the two ladies the strange language turned back into regular German and after she stood on her feet again I addressed her to find out what was going on.
For all our meetings and training sessions participants have to sign a form, confirming they are not suffering under any dissociative states caused by illness or are neither involved in any kind of psychiatric treatment, nor suffering under any grave personal crisis.
Unfortunately not everybody is always telling the truth and so the poor lady revealed to me that she had come actually seeking for answers what was going on with her for many years at that time. Let‘s call her Christine in this article. She was in her mid-thirties when we met.

And this is what she told me: ‘When I was in my 20ies I had a difficult relationship with a boyfriend. When he left me I broke down and at the then upcoming weekend I wanted to go to a music festival to celebrate my pain away.
I was really silly. Everybody was on LSD and I took a good dose as well. I was putting ecstasy onto it as well and later I took even more LSD and alcohol. I didn’t sleep for the whole weekend and realized suddenly that I wasn’t getting tired. After the weekend I was like fired up, restless and at that point my friends started to report me seeing things that weren’t there.
I totally dropped out. I went lost for two weeks and I believe I haven’t slept at all during that time. After 2 weeks my parents broke into my apartment and drove me to the hospital.
Already in the days before something really strange happened. I was losing more and more control and was yelling and screaming around in my flat or out of the window. I wanted to invite total strangers to come up to my apartment.

Suddenly somebody was talking to me from behind. I turned around and there was Jim Morrison.
It was him! In person! As we know him from TV-documentaries about the legendary Rock-Band `The Doors’. And he talked to me. Somehow very calmly he explained to me that I was in a dangerous state and that I should immediately cancel my invitation to these guys on the street. Even though I was so manic I realized something like a strong mystic presence attracting me somehow. And there was also even a rest of an idea about how strange it was having Jim Morrison with me. But my fascination was bigger! I cancelled my invitation to the boys on the street and turned back to Jim.
He explained to me he had to come, because I was the incarnation of his former girlfriend in the seventies and that I had taken too many drugs at once and that I should calm down and that help was on the way. He said he knew the situation well and that he had it multiple times with her as well. It felt as if he was physically present.

Then my parents suddenly appeared and took me to the clinic!
The moment I recognized them, Jim had disappeared.
In the clinic they put me asleep and I slept nearly 36 hours. When I woke up I still was tired but everything seemed back to normal.
After a talk with a doctor I was sent home. My parents were very much worried wanted to talk to me and kept me pretty busy, but already within one or two days or so I found notes in my flat I hadn’t written. I first thought they came from my parents. But they were all signed ‘Jim’ or ‘J.M.’. 
From these notes I had to learn that I was obviously suffering under a kind of absences, trance-like states in which Jim was overtaking somehow my body to communicate to me via these notes. Suddenly an intimate kind of feeling was coming up - me and Jim Morrisson!? I talked to nobody about that. And he took advantage of every nap to write to me. His messages were mostly advices or instructions how to deal with challenges in front of me. But his admiration and Love for me he expressed always as well!

Quickly Jim became more and more present again. He behaved like a fatherly friend always giving good advices. His Love was of a pure nature and had no sexual undertones. We never stopped to write notes to each other. We used a notebook (made of paper) where we shared our messages. I was writing in my own handwriting but Jim was writing in excessive letters, mostly using a red pencil. Quickly the first note-book filled up and we started another.
More and more his presence became natural, and sometimes I even saw and heard him talking to me, even when I was fully awake and present.
Then at a certain point in time it started to unnerve me. It was as if somebody had moved into my flat to live there with me. But I wasn’t interested in a second person living in my flat, specifically not somebody acting like Mr. Wisenheimer.
He more and more demanded me listening to him. I couldn’t avoid him intruding so into my personal, even intimate life.
So we argued about the music I wanted to listen to in the evenings and we argued about my boyfriends. That became difficult anyway, to hide the presence of Jim from my friends.
It all became extremely difficult for me, having this guy with me all the time.
It all became a big mess again.
With the time everybody in my environment again started to realize something wasn’t right with me and my hidden relationship with Jim was going to disturb all my social activities and I began to withdraw myself from everything.
In the end there was only Jim and I left arguing.

It took more than a year I opened to a friend of mine, the lady that had jumped to help me. We went back to the hospital. But the doctors and therapists again only wanted to interfere with medication that made me so tired that not Jim vanished, but me. Their theory seemed to be that when they sedated me, Jim would go to sleep as well and leave.
But he did not. He is still with me.  
What can I do!?
Can you help me?’

Of course the story was fascinating and I had never heard of a comparable story before but I needed to be careful. The biggest mistake mostly made in occupation-cases is to strengthen the entity instead of getting rid of it. Having such pitfalls in mind and being trained from my professions as a nurse, pedagogue and by previous cases I offered her to try one or two alternative ‘release’ techniques on her. Additionally no other help was anyhow in sight for Christine.

Past cases had clearly shown that docking points for the subtle intruders oftentimes could be found hidden within the patients themselves.  So the first treatment-steps always have to circle around the patient solely and illuminate personal historical, psycho-emotional and social issues. Breaking through the silence and the circle of shame in the first place and look for help eventually lets already energies flow off - in different degrees - and brings first release to the patient. The anamnesis and interviewing techniques used in Psychoanalysis and in the Holistically Client Centered Therapy induced even further release within Christine.

Talking for many hours, buried personal and family issues were excavated, emotional harm played a role and it was interesting to observe, like in many other cases, how her own statements again and again put us on the trail identifying psychological complexes suspect of having a connection with the intruder’s access to Christine’s life.  These items were intensively discussed and partially released also.
For example became Christine more and more aware how much she actually was suffering still under her father’s inability to make her feel loved or cared for.
Remember that ‘Jim’s’ main attitudes were caring for Christine’s well-being and his enduring love for his deceased girlfriend ‘incarnated’ within Christine.

The intensive interviews very much helped the situation. Christine was not anymore alone in dealing with the intruder and was gaining strength by her increasing ability to decipher possible connections to her own life decreasing the impression to deal with something totally out of hand. Gaining much more personal balance that way the arguing with Jim about personal belongings was getting less frequent. The more self-aware and responsible of her own life she became, the less reason to interfere had ‘Jim’. Her absences moved towards zero. The written notes became rarer.
She achieved ‘to have Jim totally forgotten’ from time to time and concentrated firmly on things she over the years had lost totally out of sight. Daily routines in interests, hobbies and friends returned. Jim from time to time ‘complained about being neglected’ in their both ‘relationship’ in his messages and Christine’s dreams.

At that point the treatment should put more weight onto strengthening Christine’s personality also subliminally and we introduced hypnosis. Bringing her into deeply relaxed states she received strong verbal suggestions about filling-out her own body form fully, to rest strongly and self-confident within herself, to be able to shoulder all life’s challenges, and to be strong through understanding, in a new age of adulthood finally beginning.
Understanding the dynamics responsible for her self-destructive behavior, many coming from undealt-with family-affairs, made her overcome them and grow a lot at that point of the treatment.
But ‘Jim Morrison’ still was there. He lurked in the background, she could still ’feel’ or ‘sense’ his presence.

Earlier I hoped Jim Morrison to be a purely subconsciously created substitute for a lacking role-model ‘father’, in an emergency situation overtaking ‘fatherly’ or caring duties.

At that point around 10-12 sessions and nearly 5 or 6 months were behind us.
Being pretty confident from what had changed a last final treatment routine we discussed to make the entity finally leave.

Already pretty well accustomed to the suggestive routines induced by my voice and speech-mannerisms it was time to talk to ‘Jim’ now directly - in Christine’s deepest hypnotic state available!
As mentioned before, we in so far entered an admittedly ‘dangerous’ ground here because techniques like this can very much fire back not knowing how to do it properly. The moment the therapist loses control over the conversation - shows weak- or helplessness, he quickly could become outplayed by the entities wits or subversive elusiveness and everything achieved could turn into an even bigger mess!
But Jim was receptive towards my attempts to contact him and seemed eager to express his positions. He spoke calmly through the entranced Christine.

Classical ‘Spirit Rescue’-treatment as we know it from the techniques of Wickland, Fiore or Naegeli-Osjord usually follows the survivalist principle.
The classical treatment form goes that way: Utilize the therapists committed will to help both involved parties (the occupied and the occupant) purposefully, combine it with focused and strong suggestive formula and persuasive rhetoric tactics and thus make the havoc creating intruder unavoidably comprehend its momentary ‘wrong state’, its ‘sticking’ in between two dimensional planes, of the living and the dead, and finally lead the ‘disoriented spirit’ towards the light to ‘release it’ and make it leave the patient.
According to the release-techniques plan, the entity in the following understands it is occupying a wrong ‘bio-form’, creating harm for both involved. It turns towards ‘the tunneled light’, into which it then leaves, remorseful but happy. That’s the plan!
In reality it usually does not at all work that way - the occupying spirits we encountered in more than 2 decades were nasty and strong, self-confident and regularly right out brash and challenging, knowing exactly what they wanted.

Anyway, in Christines case ‘Jim’ beheld his moral attitude during the conversations and explained that the way he was connected to Christine had nothing to do ‘with going into the light’. He said his spirit did that already more than once, but that there was a connection between him and Christine we couldn’t understand from our momentary perspective and that his presence was a good one for her and was triggered by her need for help.
He mentioned for example, that re-incarnation is actually happening, but not in a time-related order as we understand it. It all had to do with systemic connections within conscious awareness-systems, he claimed.
Her alarming state had influenced the order of karmic connectedness between the spiritual planes and that a certain necessary agenda in Christine’s situation had urgently to be activated through him, because the situation was starting to endanger or even harm her. That Christine was at the same time his alleged ‘former girlfriend’ was another expression for that time-line unrelated interconnectedness between complex conscious systems human beings and beings like him were part of.
After several hours of conversation he confirmed Christine’s recovery so far and promised to turn into a state of withdrawal as much as possible. He reasonably understood and accepted as well Christine’s will and right to live undisturbed in a feeling of spiritual oneness.

At that time Christine’s relationship to the strange intruder had totally changed.
She was in peace and had learned to understand Jim more and more as a positive inner aspect, an honest mentor in times she needed consulting.
And the more she had processed her personal history, understood her psycho-emotional dynamics within her social environment and taken her life in her own hands, the less Jim interfered.

Christine was soon able to find a new relationship and started into a new job she has until today. For the following years from time to time she visited me until I lost her out of sight. Sometimes friends see her at her working place and she sends me a ‘hello’!

Within so called ‘spirit-rescue’ treatment or ‘clearings’, also ‘cleansings’, our experiences clearly show, that the classical ‘release’-technique isn’t as easily successfully executed as for example Wickland’s or Fiore’s classic books do imply.
Much more realistic in our opinion are the very much more differentiated relations between concurring spirits in one’s mind described for example in Naegeli-Osjord’s book ‘Occupation and Infestation’. Naegeli was a psychiatrist in Switzerland dealing alternatively with forms of spiritual disturbance.

Having brought this case to rest it is now time to enter the darker zones of interaction between spirits and men. This time the survivalist prejudice stands more in the focus of things, but with unnerving and haunting characteristics and implications.


Dienstag, 29. März 2016


Earlier Felix Circle Full Form Materialisation 2015
Over a year now the spirit-operators of the Felix-Circle are developing contemporary experimental forms of visible, resp. red lighted 'Full Form'- or 'Spirit-Form-Materialization, like they were reported and investigated in the past of Modern Spiritualism, mainly in the first decades.
Even though we enthusiasts today admire this form of ectoplasmic production, Parapsychology, that has grown more or less parallel to Modern Spiritualisms most earliest and strongest phenomena, somewhen in the past ended to investigate these amazing mediumistic features - mainly because of fear of ridicule and loss of integrity in the eyes of colleagues.
Maybe this was an decisive aspect also for the change within mediumistic ectoplasmics and their characteristics at the beginning of 19th century: A decline down to what is called 'partial materialization'. At first those seemed to be more acceptable and accessible for parapsychological research parties.
In the end several historical aspects and dynamics within Materialization- and Physical Mediumship research and the way mediums were eventually generally perceived by the public also played a role.

Earlier Felix Circle Full Form Materialization 2015
A revival of Full Form Materialization confronts modern mediums in the first place with the lack of existing and accessible 'memes' to link in. As we know most of mediumistical phenomena follow beaten tracks, but nothing is as far, timely and intellectually, as the mysterious spirit-related human forms that have materialized under lighted conditions since the beginning of the Age of Modern Spiritualism.
Darkness Materializations occur today, but aren't regarded as being the same even though most of the historical red light Full Form Materializations didn't offer actually more visual information besides a few exceptions.
No, red light full forms aren't demonstrated at the moment, and no contemporary informational consciousness field can be accessed to systemically link in and push an own development thus further.
Nevertheless we today share and present the following report about newest results in the Felix Circle.

 The phenomenon can utilize different expression forms and the report describes two of them in a séance in March 2016 at the Basle PSI-Association.

Besides the reports' author 18 further guests were present and witnessed what happened that memorable night in Basle a few weeks ago.

Report of the K.M.-Séance (Felix Circle) in Basle, Switzerland, 10th of March 2016
by M.K., Circle of the Primordial Light, Switzerland

(M.K. (45) is a successful businessman from L., Switzerland and for many years involved in sophisticated Physical Séanceroom-Experimentation. Together with his wife he is investigating the phenomena for several years now extensively.  In his own house he in the meantime has created an exclusive experimentation-room and sits for phenomena several days a week. Since the beginning of his interest he thoroughly studies the nature and conditions of modern physical mediumship phenomena in trainings, lectures and workshops in Switzerland and other countries. He is familiar with nearly all demonstrating western physical mediums and has thoroughly taken part in related North American Indian ceremonies over the last years. Edit.)

This evening I am sitting on the far left side of the room.
The mediums induction does take longer seemingly and I speculate that might relate to the grade of deep trance that is wanted to be achieved. In my report I will mainly focus onto a new phenomenon that has happened this evening and will touch regular or already multiple times described phenomena only superficially here.

Apportation of Gemstones the day of the Materialization
After loud knocks at the ceiling and upwards floating little lights inside of the cabinet, with the first words of the trance-entity the medium right away produces apports of a common nature (a diversity of gemstones of different cut and color) that fall to the floor in the darkness. One of them is a larger red one and newly unique in its form and according to the main spirit-control ‘Hans Bender’ specifically suitable for healing treatments but also for experimental groups and settings. The stones form enables a permanent transfer of energy entering it on its broader side and delivers it at the thinner part, he claims. This time it is not given to a sitter and it ends in the collection of the BPV.

The medium (entranced by the spirit Hans) then steps in front of the cabinet and approaches those sitters in this séance for advanced participants who have brought their own beforehand received ‘activation’- and ‘healing gemstones’ to energize every single one of them. He stiffly walks from one sitter to the other who all hold their stones ready 'for action'. 
In the following the medium entranced then moves his hands above the stones until a strong light emanation appears and is directed into the stones. 
Later the medium is back in the cabinet and the spirit announces ectoplasmic experimentation with the help of energetic potentials also provided by the sitters, as he claims.

At first a slightly self-illuminated tiny ‘ghost’ floats through the room like sometimes in previous séances, a thin ectoplasmic strand, looking like spider webs, pale and milky in the darkness of the room.
After this unknown spirit-form has appeared that way, the spirit communicator asks for powerful singing to introduce a first stage of further ectoplasmic production. 

After a short time the ladies at the cabinet (who during the darkness phases of the séance hold the medium at all four limbs as a form of control. Edit.) open the curtains, red light is lit. Inside the cabinet we see a substantial fluorescent spherical form, hovering to the right of the mediums head height. Form, compactness and color remind me of a past workshop in H., when the communicators of our ‘Primordial Light-Circle’ (‘Klares Urlicht’-Zirkel - a term from the Tibetian Book Of The Dead, describing the unique kind of light shining at the end of ‘the tunnel’ we enter when transitioning. Edit.) were materializing and appearing in front of us.

Cabinet then is closed again and we are asked for more powerful singing for letting the next form emerge. After several minutes the trance personality announces one of the mediums main guides from the spirit team ‘Alchemists’ would shortly materialize behind the medium and that he, the communicator, now has to withdraw and cannot talk anymore then.

PSI Associations President Lucius Werthmueller receives the permission to photograph the form.

The both controllers to the left and right of the medium are instructed to shine intermediary strong light into the cabinet enabling me to see sufficiently.
As instructed by the spirits after a countdown they open the cabinet, drawing the both curtain sides widely apart two consecutive times.

From my perspective I see the medium sitting more or less opposite to me, from out of his right ear a connection is visible to the figure on his right. 
Behind and besides the medium in full size a spirit has materialized. 
The ectoplasm the figure is hooded by is extremely dense and white (some sitters described it ‘whiter than white’, Edit.) and looks unliterally said like new white sheets of linen.
What I see immediately reminds me of historical photography of Materialization.
This kind of substance I have never before seen with my own both eyes. 
The outline of the spirit materialization that has built is clearly visible: the head, the shoulders and the arms. Details of a face I cannot distinguish, for this I sit too far away from the cabinet. 
I see the mediums hand reaching around the waistline of the ‘phantom’. 
(Some said the spirit-form waved with its hands towards the sitters. Edit.) 
The ectoplasmic mass covering the entity falls down to floor-level, I see it behind the feet and chair of the medium laying there.
Then the curtains are closed again and ‘Hans Benders’ voice reappears and thanks us. He closes the circle quickly to release the medium from the trance eventually.
The evening was a memorable and amazing experience.
The camera unfortunately did take too long to focus onto the spirit-form in the back of the cabinet and no photo was unfortunately successful.

M.K., Circle of the Primordial Light, Switzerland