Montag, 13. Juli 2015

ANOTHER ACTIVATION WEEKEND HELD IN FELIX CIRCLES HOMEBASE IN HANAU - Combined Phenomena, Unique High Strangeness Transfiguration and Activation Stone Materialization

For several years now it is tradition that befriended International and National Mediums visit Kai and Julia Muegge in Hanau to consolidate their Mediumships, work together in combined sessions, gain access to yet unrevealed spirit guides through hypnotical routines and let the 'Alchemists' (Felix Circle Spirit Team) work with them. Only the closest family members are accredited for these sessions with our private guests.
These weekends are then characterized by a high grade of individual uniqueness and specific combinations of present psychic/mediumistic dynamics of the participants who all with their individual assets take part in the unpredictable but always surprising whole.

This time a long termed connected mediumistic couple from Germany was visiting. And the weekend was following their main goal that was wanted to be achieved and a strict and rich list of entrancement and advanced exercises. End of the third day we together had reached the point from which both were enabled to lead their first successes into an applicable routine for different thinkable mediumistical frameworks.

Like always the entrancement and trance exercises for our guests were enriched by different sitting settings. This time we were in the position to observe a very unusually lively form of transfiguration coming with the male part of the couple. For a certain time now during his cabinet sittings D.C. recognized a strong urge to grimace ending in a constant flow of different mood-related faces rushing over his face. Meanwhile photographed it looked a bit as if a simple 'making faces' was happening the actual process is pretty impressing because of the speed and intensity the partially high strangeness faces appear.
Even though the photographing basicly is not actually showing the grade of lively strangeness going on during the process, some of the photographs we have shot do give an idea of what is going on.

We have purposefully given the pictured process something back by longer exposures, what the photographing process had taken from the permanently morphing lively process of changing faces.
Over the course of the weekend we believe we have found out more about the nature and the purpose of a certain group of entities seemingly showing off regularly during D.C.'s experimentation.

The other sitting settings showed a variety of known and unknown phenomena like for example a cascading of red lights seemingly like cordonning off the center stone in the corner of the séance room. A very impressing display all were observing. At that time it was again our guest D.C. who was in the cabinet in trance. A hard to describe thing then happened there. It reminded of modern light tubes, as if the corner of the room was cordonned off by such tubes and we observed the lights sent through them. Extremely rare this sight was and the present Felix Circle Staff only remembered one other instance when a comparable display might have shown off.

Meanwhile the session with D.T., D.C.'s partner, seemed more to attract very varied knocking sounds that moved in strange patterns over the ceiling and walls of the Séance room.
The first and initializing session held on Friday had a very special moment when the very heavy cabinet chair standing suddenly on the séance table, obviously having overcome the distance of about 8 foot (2,5 m) meanwhile the group sat tightly around the table. It was so clearly a paranormal action because it was so obviously none of the present humans who stood up in the dark, reached to the chair in the distant cabinet, took down all the instruments, that were laying on it and then brought back the heavy leather chair and hauled it over the heads of the sitters onto the table.
The spirit controls did it within seconds! In that session Kai, the regular medium, was sitting un-entranced amongst the rest of the sitters.
This recreation is showing where the chair came from and in which position it landed on the table. Six Sitters were actually positioned around the table which is an appropriate number to sit on such a table.
The last sitting with D.C. in the cabinet we again had such an undetected transport of huge objects through the room, with all participants sitting in a line in front of the cabinet. Directly before the cabinet this little chair was positioned and we had put an illuminated handkerchief onto it. This quickly landed on the floor and very quickly was moved over the floor until it tried to encircle the cabinet and seemingly was stuck under the folds of its cloth. We were all so taken by this active illuminated handkerchief that moved from left to right and right to left until it vanished as described, that we had lost sight of the table that was very well visible in front of the moving lights of the handkerchief on the floor. Even a few knockings were heard then but not as powerful as with D.C.'s wife the day before. Anyway, a sudden flash was coming approximately from the window (on the photo over the bent of the black arrow you see the lower part of a black frame: the taped window! From there all participants outside of the cabinet saw the flash emerging.).

Picture is showing a possible traveling curve of the table. The visible lower section of the black frame there is the taped window from where the flash emerged which we believe brought the huge spiritual center-stone in. An activation stone that is activated by higher social activities, like the receiver D.C. and his wife have proven to be involved in.
At that time, approximately with the flash coming D.C. in the cabinet had strong visual impressions to say the least and recognized that something was frequently pressed against his foot.
We lit up the lights and found in front of the cabinet the huge new Center Stone. In the prefield it was told the stone was basicly materialized for the publishing efforts of D.C. for the crystaline network.
We recognized that the small table in front of us was hauled over us into our backs and put onto the put aside seance table, that stood there in our backs.

After the flash we found a huge 'activation stone' in the entrance of the cabinet, slightly put into the folds of the curtains. With torch/flashlights we searched for fingerprints on it but found nothing.
At the end of the weekend the participants reflected about the rich days and expressed their favour for the idea of a network existing solely from its active parts, no directors, no chairmen, only spiritually seeking people who work to define the network by spreading its unconditional social laws of love and compassion and forgiveness!

A new website will show international network connections to all participants! This will define the network very well and help it to reach to its paradigm shift we are seeking for!

Activate the Crystaline Network: Love one another!

Thanks to the visitors of the weekend!


Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

NEW OBSERVATIONS IN HANAU or being a guest in the House of Felix (still standing) - by Author C. Dresbach

Picture: The eight stones that appeared in quick succession in front of the author under white light conditions from the eyes of the medium, observed from a very close proximity, less than 4 inches away (10 cm).
Dresbach provides in his newly written exhaustive description extensive content from a very rich and special private séance in Hanau. He covers this time the phenomenological side but as well the surprising 'spirit-philosophy' the spirit team shares. The translation is on its way and as an appetizer we like to share with you one of the close range observations the author was allowed to make by himself during the séance...! 

'Hans, the spirit control asks me to observe the ongoings from close range and under the illumination of a torch/flashlight. J.M. shines therefore with a whitelight torch/flashlight directly into the face of the medium. I am thus enabled to look into the face of the medium in close proximity, from less than 4 inches (10 cm). 
First I see nothing unusual, but then under the left eye a thick swelling is developing. The medium grabs with its finger for it and pushes the bump upwards. And then I see something dark coming out from under the eyelid. Another crystal with the size of a thumbnail jumps from the eye and falls to the floor. Immediately afterwards the next crystal jumps from the same eyelid.
I try to observe the ongoing even more thoroughly.
Under the other eye one more bump is developing, as if the crystal comes from under the eyeball from the inner of the head forward. And as well this stone is being pushed upwards and out of the eyelid. 
All in all 8 crystals come to light that way. 
Meanwhile Julia collects the fallen stones from the floor, the medium wants to retreat and asks for a few seconds of regeneration. We just want to start to sing, when the medium comes back out: two more stones come via the eyes and fall under our eyes directly into the hands of Julia.
Now the medium really retreats into the cabinet and the lights are being distinguished.
Just when the music started for a break of a second a glistening white light shines up left above the cabinet. It is so glistening, that for a moment I can see Julia and Elke sitting besides the curtain slit in front of the cabinet. Afterwards I have a strong waveform-like flickering in front of my view. 
We start to sing still amazed about the seen bright light, when in the darkness suddenly a green glowing threedimensional heart appears. It seems to float up and down in front of the cabinet .' (Excerpt from UPCOMING REPORT)
The Séance was a private one for very special friends what mostly become somehow mirrored in the strength and complexity of the presented mediumistical contents! This was as well the case at that day!

In German the report is online and linked on our german site, coming originally from TRANSINFORMATIONEN.DE.


Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Babylon Tv's 'Stadt am Ufer'-Documentaries are going online

Between the years 2004 and 2008 the medium was employed at the small Daily News and Documentation Film Company BTV, after his former long term employer VIVENDI UNIVERSAL INTERACTIVE had left to Northern Ireland. Kai was originally part of the Start Up Software Company Sierra Coktel when it was swallowed by VUI. Between 2004 and 2006 he was part when BTV produced 3 full feature documentaries about Germanys Drug Capitol Frankfurt for two German TV stations. Unfortunately the concept BTV was realizing was in the end contradicting the 'Family-TV' concept that was favorized everywhere at that time. Babylon TV managed to show the exhausting street life from the dramatic perspective of the protagonists that live there.
We will be bringing up all three parts. At the moment 'Stadt am Ufer I' is fully available and it starts  here.

'Stadt am Ufer I' tells the story of the Frankfurt/Main Redlight District at the Main Trainstation inmidst of the city as a central point of activity of a social phenomenon that went out of control in the eighties: In the Park-Area 'Taunusanlage' a vast open drugscene developed, the biggest in Europe, and the film tells about the political and social dynamics that created that rare phenomenon, that basicly exists until today. Moreover the viewer learns about the crack wave and encounters countless protagonists who tell about personal persepectives and consequences....
STADT AM UFER I tells the story of a most infamous place in Germany, its political and social dynamics and its people. A thorough study, 'a kaleidoskope of disturbing images and conditions', a reflection of societal and urban living from the eighties until today...

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2015


For 20 years former Scole Sitter and Researcher Dr. Hans Schaer is holding his Ibiza Week with Materialization- and Physical Mediums from around the world. In the fifth year the Felix Circle is visiting resp. its medium Kai, me, this time again with my wife, Julia, the circle leader.

It all began with the Scole Group and their mediums and Stewart Alexander who were the first protagonists of the Ibiza weeks.
2015 there was the Bill Meadows Physical Circle, Warren Caylor, us, Dr. Hans Schaer and the Basle PSI Association plus friends present and it was a week really to remember. It had a special kind of harmony, the former years were already moving towards to but not having reached this years level of friendship and trust inbetween the present parties enabling the fulfilling settings the group was sitting in.

Sitters did sit up to six hours daily in Physical Circles. Many spontaneous events were held, when for example, meanwhile working at the PC in the classical 'Scole-Room', the 120 kg heavy black 10 feet to 4 feet oak-table started to jump under the laptops of the mediums. Quickly several sitters where at hand and a spontaneous sitting was created, many times in good light conditions. The massively heavy and huge table started to lift completely even with no hands at all laid upon. It simply floated like a boat in a heavy sea with all legs levitated meanwhile all did hold their hands above it!

Estimated 120 kg table that levitated completely and floated even without hands in the air
Different constellation of sitter groups used the séance room more or less over the whole day.
Other highlights were the scheduled mixed 'Séances for Table Levitation and Associated Phenomena' held there with different mediums - and the scheduled full feature cabinet seances of them of course as well. 
The regular séance room of the Finca de Bouganvillas
Over the 10 days we experimented with different cabinets. Finally for the Felix Circle Control Entities it was chosen that the in the photo displayed setting would be the most fulfilling in contrary to the former room-corner solution. The small bathroom entrance thus became the curtain area of the cabinet and the bathroom itself the cabinets sitting space.
In the case of Kais séance directly left and right at the bathrooms entrance two chairs were placed for two medium-controllers, holding the medium during his trance.
In Warren Caylors case a gagging was provided helping to demonstrate the autonomy of his Direct Voices speaking around the area of his head and from time to time even from locations independent from his physical body like from the ceiling or in table séances from under the table.

Ectoplasm was becoming visible in different aggregate states. In Warren Caylors Cabinet Séance from the 27th under a slightly glowing white plastic table (a turned around strong shining plaque was making the table glow in a pale light) several times the sitters could clearly see a foggy white substance appear and move strangely, as if something wanted to build under the table. It was alleged that one of the child-controls that sometimes work from under the table in Warrens séances was wanting to materialize and to a certain degree it had succeeded. Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph it.
The Spirit Controls of Kai were allowing to photograph after the first visible extrusion from his mouth the 25th of May. Slowly and with no help of hands the substance left the body. At the same time it came out of the dark of the cabinet climbing along the cabinet curtains into the red light. 

The extrusion from his mouth turned into a hand and showed its lively features and a ring that it was wearing. 


After stretching the susbstance coming from the dark of the cabinet on its left and right side (see photos) by walking into the room the medium drew substance from the curtain on the left side and attached it to his wifes head and neck area, meanwhile at the same time it clinged to the curtains with strange like malformed broader pseudopodias. On the right hand side the substances look and its 'hanging' down the curtain reminded of ectoplasm produced and displayed in Schrencks sessions with Eva ('Phenomena of Materialization', Munich 1925)(see last photo).

Photographed ectoplasm at the Week for Advanced Physical Mediumship on Ibiza 2015. Well visible are the attaching pseudopodias coming from the dark of the cabinet on its right side. Later the medium walked into the room stretching it and it became clear it was attached to his back as well. Parts that adhered to the curtains were then adhered to Julia as long as the spirit personality through Kai was explaining its stretched out and well visible features...

With the medium Kai in full holding control at hands and feet by two control persons the Felix Circle entities levitated a cardboard 'trumpet' in wild patterns around the séance room, interacting with sitters and showed clearly its independency from the medium.

A very impressing expression of Warren Caylors Mediumship this year were the dialogues between the different control entities. Their voice mannerisms are so different in pitch, resonance and emotion (Tommy childish mischivious high pitched, Yellow Feather old wise humorous compassionate coarse, Luther primitive in approach rough authoritative with the voice resonance of a cows voice box, Jessica extremely sensitive quiet female) that it is fascinating to listen to them in a discussion situation.
In one instance three of them discussed heated about to wake up Warren from the trance inmidst of the séance or not. Two spirits wanted to, one said to let him sleep. The spontaneity and by natural dynamics determined interplay of extremely those different voices demonstrated their indepedency from each other and from the medium. 
Would that not be fascinating enough the entities frequently want to have red light to show the usually bound Medium is still gagged and carry on to speak then in the dark again.
The climax of that impressive somnambule Direct Voice Dialogue is achieved when Warren is then actually woken up by materialized hands slapping him loudly and his own voice joins the dialogue as well. At that point in time the voices happen to appear partially so chaotically jumbled that they even appear to overlap. The quick exchange of voices, moods and spontaneous remarks are really stunning.

Besides the Phenomena control- or spirit-entities of present mediums talked about their goals and reasons for the phenomena and the objects they are regularly bringing in and revealed a lot about their real motives.

From the beginning of the movement on spirit entities produced precious objects overhanded to sitters eventually.
Strong apportation phenomena write the history of the Felix Circle from the beginning on. From handwritings of the deceased arriving in waxballs to energy uploaded gifts for sitters of all kind and the arrival of the so called activation stones in all sizes the apports never failed to impress.

Highlight of this development are the activation stones materialized by spirit controls and overhanded to spirit workers and committed sitters who are willing to share knowledge  and time to bring people together for higher purposes. The 'Message of the Stones' can be found here, a transcript quoting the spirit itself.

'Why the eyes?', some do ask. 'Why are the spirits using the eyes for the apports?'
When spirits are apporting objects then they are always interested in that they are regarded and accepted as what they are, objects from another realm of existence.
The ways they appear oftentimes equal their special origin. During Felix Circle Demonstrations for example usually objects materialize from the several times beforehand checked bare hand of the medium in lighted conditions. In the case of the eye- or eye-ball apportations spirits are simply looking for peculiar locations at the human body to make objects appear from.
One of the most sensitive organs is the human eye. All of us know, how the eye reacts if there is only a small particle behind the lid. With bigger objects the eye usually would start to water massively, increase blood circulation and try to get rid of the foreign object and normal the situation.
Moreover the human eye of course a long history of symbolism and mysticism. 

Apportation in Ibiza 2015 was happening under not less strange conditions. Mainly healing stones and activation stones were apported. Besides the eyeball- and spontaneous oral apportation one activation stone appeared during an 'Alchemisten'-Séance (Kai M.) in a very peculiar way.
A sitter described that during the séance, with the medium behind closed curtains from 'above the cabinet' with (quote) 'the most intense light flash, enough to lighten up the entire room with the intensity of a halogen beam, the larger of the two stones appeared at the end of a light beam, instantly and in perfect harmony with the voice of Hans Bender telling us what was happening as it happened, in perfect is VITALY important to note that the destination of final resting for the larger stone was a good 6 feet away from the medium.
The smaller of the two, a 'Violet flame stone' was apported from under the eyeball of Kai, again not only was this done in bright red light, but also having been filmed. It was illuminated even more so by the brigthness of Julias iphone, used to record the entire event as it unfolded.' (quote end)

Huge spiritual 'activation stone', having appeared at the tip of a light beam on the floor, coming from a huge flash above the cabinet. The distance between medium behind the curtains and object, that arrived totally silently, was about 6-7 feet.

The object visible behind the right eye lid suddenly seemed to have vanished and Julia was directed by the spirit-control towards Kais left eye where a similiar hardened area became tangible for Julia. In the end it was the medium itself who pushed the object outwards...

Stunning are the Caylor apportations that happen inmidst of a conversation, like this one...

During a healing routine the largest of stones were apported through the mediums eyes as healing transmitters for the clients.

All participants have enjoyed their stay a lot and the wonderful atmosphere that was coined especially by our generous host Hans Schaer. May his engagement carry on to nourish the scene for a lot of forthcoming years.

Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Huge Healing Gemstones materialize from under mediums eyeball visibly behind lids during healing routine

More Eye Apportation with this time huge gemstones - at the last day of the 'Week for Advanced Physical Mediumship' at Hans Schaer's Finca de Bouganvillas with Warren Caylor, Bill Meadows Physical Circle, Felix Circle Medium and the Basle PSI Association...!

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

THE MESSAGE OF THE STONES - Transcript by O. Gross

The transcript is refering to unique excerpts of a séance, when allegedly the trance- or spirit-personality 'Hans' is talking to the sitters via the medium of the Felix Circle Kai M.

Phase I (Welcoming and Introduction)
(With the first words of the trance personality very audibly a huge quantity of stones was apported/materialized into the séance room…)
Here I am amongst you and am feeling very much at home. That's why my todays 'coming through Kai-Felix' from the start onwards is a gesture of notice and regard.
It is all about the so called spirit world - of which I am a messenger - that in a 160 years old tradition wants to bind the western spirits on a long term base. Embodied spirits that on another plane might be involved in this for a very long time, because of karmic destiny.
That might be those amongst you who are so very committed and sensitively doing this work - with an untiring reservoir of inspiration and energy. You are, your souls are, involved eternally into this mission and you will carry on to be a part of it, even from station to station on the timeline- and cause-related plane of existence, where life and existence reveal themselves as they do at the moment.

Dear Friends, the evening is to share some specialties, to show attention and respect to those meant and of course to advance the higher phenomena.
It's many times the phenomena that draws people towards our work and into the séance rooms and so we do not get tired to bend and manipulate the time-space - to show who we really are!
Alright then, please feel welcomed personally by me in gratefulness and sympathy. 

Phase II (Explanation and meaning of the 'activation'-stones)

Four of you will receive one - and dear friends - as a gift coming with no requirements at all!
It's from our regions of life and existence.
The stone is an analogon for becoming a part in a higher organized system, all of you already had contact with. The stone is a physical equivalent and represents your opportunity to become a real part of it.
When that happens in your spiritual work things will develop positively and in fact palpably - like for example within healing work the stones can be applied and will go recognizable in high resonance with patient and the practician.

But what activates the given stone? Dear Friends, simple 'doing'!
Again and again in Kais environment the question is discussed, in how far Christianity, Spiritualism or whatever believe-system might have the highest spiritual potential!?
We believe that simply being a good man, following the natural senses for good and evil you all have within, is still one of the best counselors in life.
Simply being a good man expressed in word and action - especially within the area of Spirituality! 
Unfortunately this complex is specifically poisoned by personal animosity and negative influences, even though all participants should seek for the same, us and you: with permanent, enduring, advancing and connected effort bringing down the wall between our worlds.
The stones play their part: The more stones we hand over to humans, the more the wall will tumble down.
Down between the humans and the spirit worlds, down between souls and hearts by picking the stones from the wall and making them shine!
When a certain number of planetary stones have been activated an access to a higher organized system of spiritual activity, content and phenomena will unfold and interlink.

Everybody sitting or working with 'the Alchemisten' (spirit team) or other mediums of 'the crystal network' will have the opportunity to take part sooner or later!

But be assured nobody wants to integrate you in a system against your will by overhanding stones!
The stone comes as an offer with no condition. Without any - if you want, you can leave it here! But if you choose to accept it, its power should not be underestimated.
And if the power maybe does not immediately and blatantly shows up, bear in mind it has to be activated and the activation requires a continuing, patient, in love exercised interaction with human beings. Working with the spiritual mediumistical is in the first place interactiv work with human beings.
Come together with joy! The people that sit in the circles and the cabinets and work for insight. The valuables of interacting with other human beings, the dynamics within the experimental group, should be appreciated more than to keep always looking for the personal goal, when working with the spiritual realm - always look for the human relations in the first place.
THAT activates the stones! Being a prototype in advanced interpersonal affairs in words and actions! THAT activates the stones.
Being an example though does not mean to overfocus on the activation.
Every minute of a combined effort seeking for the spiritual awareness as a greater good is worthwhile to be exercised and experienced!

At a certain moment in time the floodgates of knowledge will open and then everything will flow in harmony and perfection and you will participate in a wave of epiphany and global enlightenment and your wishes will have become reality!

Video: Materialization of the smallest size of 'Activation Stones', the 'Violet Flame', 
representing inner spiritual committment and given to a fellow medium

Phase III (after strong and impressive ectoplasmic materializations have demonstrated their autonomy and form-building ability...)

Let us refer once more to the important question: „Phenomena, but what then?!"
Friends and comrades, we want you to comprehend the spiritual-mediumistical work in the first place as a significance, as a value of a new kind of social philosophy!
The interactions with the spiritual realms, the combined transcendental study, as a common goal of a spiritually aware society for the greater benefit of all.
The joint higher goal shall strengthen and guide and heal the relationships between the humans!

For this reason our medium is doing the work, have we chosen it, because in its mission it does not know no grudge. A life always positively strengthening, understanding, forgiving and diplomatic.

This is it, dear friends! Working together for the gifts and the values of the spiritual world, hand in hand with your confederates, friends and mediums, with the common goal to experience together the insight into the higher truths and wanting to share it, maturing together in an interplay of giving and taking.

Friends, the stone exhorts and enables, stays the analogon, the metapher for the enlightenment of the one as for the whole world!
The more of you work in that manner, the more the wall will come tumbling down, the more denser the crystalline network of stones will become, the more overwhelming the paradigm shift will be you are all waiting for.

Hans, der Alchemist

The Stones that had materialized at the beginning of 'Hans' message of the stones...! At that day eye ball apportation had taken place as well...!
Activation stone apportation and accompanying gemstone apportation/materialization from the mediums eyes in the rooms of Horninghuset, Copenhagen, May 2015. With a quiet light discharging, the so called 'centrum-stone' materialized in the midst of the room. Shortly after the spirit controls had allowed one of the Horninghuset-founders to observe the two eyeball-apportations from close range. The apported gemstones 'Violet Flame' - representing the inner committment to the spirit world - and the 'Black Comet' - as an analogy to the 'black sun', showing the right inner way - were given as gifts in the end.  
Activation Stone Appearance at Kai M. Cabinet Séance at the Finca de Bouganvilla 2015. The Stone appeared at the tip of a light beam coming from a huge flash over the cabinet and was given to Dr. Hans Schaer, who runs with Lucius Werthmueller the 'Foundation for Physical Mediumship' and who holds for 20 years now Physical Mediumship Events on his Finca!

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Upcoming articles

In the writing are:

THE MESSAGE OF THE ACTIVATION STONES: Hans, the Alchemist (spirit control) describes in detail the 'crystaline network' and what it means and how it works to activate them!

EYE BALL APPORTATION AND MATERIALIZATION: Spirit entities demonstrate mastership of the 3-dimensional reality and physiology and explain the symbolism of the apported stones.

GERMAN SITE: Different reports from the german speaking environment like our private séances in Mötzingen...


Montag, 20. April 2015

ABOUT SPIRITS AND THEIR MEDIUMS - A workshop in Hanau with the 'Experimental Group Thun', Switzerland

by Olivier and Daniela Gross, Chairman and -woman of the 'EGT', Switzerland.

The 'EGT' is a very committed sitters group in Thun, Switzerland that works with the same spirit controls the 'Felix Circle' is working with, the 'chemists', resp. in the meantime the 'Alchemisten', with a slightly different line-up.
In their article the two mediums describe the hypnosises for spirit guide unveiling, the very special combined and single mediumistical sessions and the healing-routines of the Felix Circle with the deceased Ophthamologist Dr. Felix M., the deceased grand-father of the medium, after who the Felix Circle is originally named after.
The unveiling of specific spirit guides. This exercise is part of nearly every workshop with people that come to Hanau. In deep hypnosis the subconsciousness of the medium is receiving 'the allowance' to unveil another spirit guide for specific purposes in its mediumistical work. The example of Daniela and Olivier of the weekend between the 10th and 12th of April show very beautifully the mediumistical conjunctions between the FEG and the EGT. Fully unexpected it is mostly, what is brought through in deep hypnosis and never fails to surprise and/or to impress. This was as well the case with Danielas hypnosis and spirit-guide unveiling: The new spirit guide identified himself unmistakenly in the hypnosis as a confederate of the famous Icelandic medium 'Indridi Indridason', who is already a main spirit-guide for Danielas EGT's group circle. In a vision he stood besides him and Daniela brought with difficulties through parts of his last name 'Kvaran'. Not before we checked names around Indridason the name 'Kvaran' could be completed and through the FEG medium confirmed. Daniela at that stage was neither being aware of who he was nor realizing that Einar Hjoerleifsson Kvaran was THE important personality in the mediumship of 'Indridi Indridason', who at that time was an already active spirit guide for the EGT's group-circle work in Switzerland. After having identified Kvaran as newly unveiled spirit helper for Daniela besides Indridason himself, Daniela and Olivier had a big surprise when they came home. Finding 'Kvarans' image in the internet both could not believe their eyes: It was during a cabinet session two weeks earlier when Daniela had drawn a picture of an unknown entity she felt close to her when she was sitting in the cabinet. She drew it in trance, in full darkness, guided by the entity itself, as a genuine mediumistical portrait. But at that time nobody could identify the face besides the fact it belonged to a seemingly close but not yet discovered spiritual helper-entity for Daniela. Until they came from Hanau: now they saw  clearly the striking resemblance with Einar Hjoerleifsson Kvarans face and eventually knew who already showed himself up two weeks previously to the unveiling sessions in Hanau...                                                       

Samstag, 18. April 2015


Frequently experimental weekends are being held within the rooms of the Felix Circle in Hanau.
Between the 10th and the 12th of April the two main mediums of the 'Experimental Group Thun', Daniela and Olivier Gross, were guests of Kai and Julia M. in Hanau.
During those weekends Sittings and Exercises with different purposes are happening.
Daniela and Olivier are both a long time involved in the work of the Felix Circle and befriended with the members and especially Kai and Julia M..
Their mediumship is as well inspired by the very same group of spirit scientists and activists, the former 'chemists', who work through their switzerland circle with a slightly altered line-up.
Sunday, the 12th, at 4.15 pm, the sixth sitting of the weekend was being held.

This kind of 'white' or 'activation'-stone was brought in by the fully materialized figure as a gift to the visiting mediums. There is a very special relation inbetween them and it was not by chance that it was that girl that materialized that evening...

Report 1
of an anonymous sitter, 69, social worker ret., frequent sitter, about the final cabinet and materialization-sitting of the experimental weekend the 12th of April 2015 with the two switzerland mediums and other sitters as guests. The medium serving in the cabinet is Kai M., main medium of the Felix Circle.
'I am invited to join another Materialisation Séance of the Felix Circle. It is the final sitting of a weekend-event for two mediums and friends from Switzerland.
Approximately 20 minutes after introducing darkness the medium of the Felix Circle, Kai, seems to be in deep trance and we hear the typical gasping breathing sounds.
He is sitting inside of the closed cabinet and this phase is already accompanied by light phenomena, occurring in- and outside of the cabinet, frequently illuminating the whole room.
The sitters sit in a line approximately 6 feet distant from the cabinet.
Then with a few words the trance-control of the medium is talking to us, most likely 'Hans'.
He mainly in his speech refers to his work with the Switzerland friends and expresses his gratefulnes about the collaboration.

Shortly afterwards the cabinet opens a few times its curtain slits, well visible because of  a shining light coming from the inside of it.

 Then the curtains for the first time open fully to both sides left and right and a little girl with long hair appears! It is approximately 3,5 foot tall and maybe between 5 and 8 years of age, in a glistening light. We are totally stunned.
In a glistening light the girl appeared, partially illuminating the whole room after it had exited the cabinet
 It seems she wants to step farther out into the room, out of the cabinet, and while doing so her small round head is very well visible. Now she obviously nods to us!
She starts to play with her long hair and watches us from out of her extremely shining bright eyes!
Her small hand reaches over her chest onto the other side where she fingers with her hair, that is falling over her shoulder...!

The cabinet closes now only to reopen a few seconds later for a second time: The girl appears and throws an object in front of our feet and retreats again.

The third opening is showing the girl stepping forward and holding her skirt on the left and on the right side away from her body in a way as if she wanted to dance!
In the strong glow of the self-illuminated materialization to all sitters a handpalm-sized cut white crystal in a diamond form becomes visible laying in front of the cabinet, exactly there where the materialisation had put something earlier audibly.

The curtain closes and the main control for communication 'Hans Bender' speaks through the still audibly breathing medium. He says farewell with another speech to the guests and the mediums wife Julia, who sits with us in the row of seats. Julia says a closing prayer, signaling the end of the trance-
A lot of explosion-like light-discharges accompany the waking phase of the medium, glaring, glistening, white lights in- and outside of the cabinet, above it and behind.
Like at the beginning of the session strong 'light dischargings' and 'glistening' lights are seen around the cabinet mainly
An amazing otherworldly experience this materialization-session was and the appearance of the materialization was very probably a deceased family member of the guests of the medium.

My thanks go to the event organizers, mainly Julia Muegge, and to the guests, who let me take part of this very special Sitting.  Moreover my thanks go to the spiritual entities the mediums here work with, who have caused this massive experience!


As already mentioned the actual guests of they weekend was the mediumistic couple Daniela and Olivier Gross from Switzerland. Both have regular professions, but their passion is the middle-european experimental spiritism. After several years of experimentation their Physical Mediumship Group 'Experimentalgroup Thun' shows some amazing results (read about the cabinet sessions with them and the combined table séance and about how the impulses from their specific training became so apparent in another article about the weekend).

Report No.2
comes here, by O. Gross.
Sunday 12th of April, „Cabinet Séance with Kai-Felix“.
'As a final of three fulfilling experimental days a cabinet séance with Kai, the Felix Circle Chairman and main medium, is being held. After a short introduction kai starts his induction-process to install the necessary deep-trance.
Red light is being extinguished. After three minutes already lights become visible inside of the cabinet, vanish and reappear after three minutes. Knocking sounds occur in the room, well audible for the sitters and at the same time again lights in the cabinet.
Then dischargings of white light follow - in front of the cabinet, moving upwards, several times.
Then, 13 minutes after the start of the séance the cabinet opens from approx. 10 cm (1/3 foot) above the floor on a length of around 50 cm (1,5 foot). An oval-like vertical phosphorescent surface becomes visible for us. After 3 minutes this display reoccurs altogether four times after several minutes, seemingly caused by openings of the cabinet curtains. The fifth opening differs in size of the oval surface, which now appears solid.
More dischargings follow inside of the cabinet. 23 minutes from the start of the session the main communicator starts to speak and asks Julia to close the cabinet curtains again.
But shortly after this is done the cabinet again is slowly being opened and at first a huge mass of a phosphorescent matter appears on the floor and expands upwards - and then the unfathomable happens 24 minutes from the start of the séance: For the first time and clearly visible for a few seconds a small figure with fully built head, hair and a skirt, already then looking very much like a little girl, stands materialized in between the open curtains, emanating a strong glow.
Then closing of the cabinet and retreat of the figure into the inside of it. Then it happens again after a few seconds and the girl newly presents itself even more clearly and is unquestionably what it is.
That's the way how the sitters perceived the materialized form at the very beginning before a second time the curtains of the cabinet were being opened...

Then, again, closing of the cabinet and retreat of the materialisation. The trance-personality asks through Kai for more concentration.
After another minute another opening of the curtains and again a stepping forward of the materialisation of the girl, it nods into the direction of different sitters.
Closing of the cabinet and retreat of the figure. Now 3 feet in front of Olivier a loud bang on the floor is audible.
The girl appears newly and looks around in the room that is illuminated by the apparition itself and now tiny hands are visible, moving over her belly and playing then with her hair. Then with her hands she on the left and right side draws her skirt from her body (see picture).
It is unquestionably clear, that the hands and the head is in no way the mediums head due to its obvious much smaller size and different form.

The materialized girl had a height of approx. 3,75 foot (1,10 m) and was estimated of being between 5 and 8 yrs. of age. It had specifically tiny hands and arms and extremely impressive eyes, the sitters could not take their attention from. Moreover we can say, that the guests of the circle claim to know who the materialization was...
The trance personality, probably "Hans Bender" starts to speak and the figure vanishes behind the curtain. „Now after the experiment is succesfully exercised, I speak to you. After the materialisation of our little visitor. Please switch the red light on!"
The sitters and us see for the first time what was left behind by the figure, 3 feet in front of Olivier, an object looking like the huge center-stone of Hanau.
The cabinet curtains are now held open and the shining apparition is gone! 
The control spirit (trance personality) wants to know, if we could watch the visitor and we confirm what we had seen.
Olivier says: „There was four or five times a little soul showing up, a full materialisation!“
Hans, the spirit, says: „A little girl, playing with its hair, was offering herself being the carrier of the gift she brought.“
He commences: „That kind of gift that comes without any requirements to you, only with offerings. Friends, this stone and its destination, the interconnectednes of Daniela, of Olivier in a worldwide meshwork of good-thinkers and do'ers, beautiful human souls, is today present from us to you!
Your stone is another «center stone» destined to inspire with you and your work many people.
This stone is already activated and will be linked in!"
Another multitude of glaring light-dischargings follow in- and outside and around the cabinet.
„We want to express our gratefulness!"
Hans speaks now about the private connections of some of the sitters and valuable interpersonal dynamics. He also talks about his work in our "Experimental group Thun" and that over the weekend several new spirit helpers were revealed in the hypnotical sessions.
Then more expressions of gratefulness to other sitters are following.
„The Activation stone shall be with you! A center-stone! In some months these stones will cover the planet from Australia to the United States, from New-Zealand up to Norway as objective metaphors. As an analogon of a higher organized informal plane. This plane becomes accessible through those in your world anchored objects. Powers will cumulate, connect globally, activate and inspire in a new quality!
We thank you and the Alchemisten say Goodnight!“.
Julia says her closing prayer and the séance has ended!
We thank all participants for this unforgettable sitting!'


Report 3
This report is a special one and at least as valuable as the previous ones, because it gives us an image about what has happened. All present do overcome that the materialized apparition looked exactly the way it is depicted in the drawings of Daniela Gross and are all combined presented here in the video below. The video, resp. Daniela Gross' drawings show all what the sitters remembered the materialization was doing.

In the end we can say that the girl was in so far even identified. She is part of a very personal story that has to be told by someone else. We can only say, that over the weekend during our experimentation spirit children from the same background knocked at the walls and communicated thus with us several times. The materialized apparition was an emotional culmination of the mediumistic processes of the weekend and all present are thankful to have been there!

Report 2 and Report 3 were filed with the recording of the session, so also the drawings could be made by having activated the actual memory in the right order and while listening to all the remarks and outcrys of the sitters during the séance.
Because of this we do present here additionaly al the single phases of the materialisation as they were drawn by D.Gross alongside her memory and the recording of the memorable séance:
First appearance within the curtain slits
Opening the curtains more the apparition can be seen fully for the first time. All participants are immediately hooked by the eyes and the look of the materialized figure.
All participants have underlined that exceptionally the eyes had an otherworldly effect on them. Even though in the reports this issue doesn't seem to be considered specifically in the many discussions afterwards this effect was again and again mentioned and described.
Unquestionably the apparition stepped out of the cabinet in different phases, executed different actions and retreated again.
Trying to estimate its age a sitter described a girl of 1,10 m (3,75 foot) of an age between 5 and 8 years.

Specificly astounded the sitters reacted on the recording when seeing especially clear the arms and hands of the materialization when it delivered the 'spiritual stone' and played with its hair crossing her naked arm over her chest to play with her hair.
On the recording the tiny size of the whole figure and the very well threedimensional build is mentioned and it is specifically the very tiny size of the lifely arm and hand in the last stages of the apparition that is remarked and underlined by the sitters.
 (special thanks to D. Gross for the drawings and all who have filed a report - K.M.)

Dienstag, 10. März 2015


Over the last months the 'Spirit Alchemists' haven't been inactive, in the contrary. The Alchemists, formerly 'the Chemists', is a spirit team division responsible for the very direct and physical interaction with human subjects - among them the Felix Circle members and mediums. They work under the supervision of so called higher spirit controls, entities that observe and allow the interdimensional contact, gatekeepers! The Alchemists messages always represent the higher controls wishes as well.

 In this article we would like to share with you the most recent developments and ongoings: A lot of new impulses were being given and have implemented standards that enhance the work within the Felix Circle as well as specifically Medium Kai and wife Julia M.'s séance room and workshop activities.
A newly discovered trance-mode for example, for a specified medical spirit team around the deceased Dr. Felix M., the grandfather of the medium, has finally established different modes of spiritual and magnetical healing treatments.
Moreover has the method to teach deep trance speech and spirit guide contact enabled world widely different parties of interested people to enhance their own spirit agendas and integrate it into their own practices.
Specifically beautiful and considerable is a by the spirits presented circle of thought and action through their higher controls in connection with a literally magical apport and/or materialization scenario of actually peculiar objects. We talk about that and its consequences later. 

Besides some of our rare international appearances the Hanau homebase near Frankfurt/Germany and the Basle PSI Association are our main venues of activity.
Panorama Image: Click to enlarge it to have an overview from one perspective of the Hanau Séance Room
 In this large room we hold the three different sitting-settings healing, table resp. development and cabinet séances. Moreover we are holding easy indian ceremonies like the Pipe Ceremony at the beginning of Workshop-Weekends for example.

Besides the classical trance work we are not reluctant to use the Oui-Ja board as predestined tool for spirit communication. Its bad name the board has, because it was sold as a toy to kids and families who summoned the spirits without knowing what they were doing. It is a basicly very handy tool for word-related communication with the unseen realms.
An old Oui-ja board and other Séance Room props.
At the walls the main spirit helpers of the group for the physical interactions are hung: The Spirit Alchemists, or earlier 'The Chemists'. They are in a very pragmatic way responsible for the build of the evenings, the communication with the sitters and the experimental settings. But in reality the philosophy comes 'from the trunk of which these personalities are simply branches of, twigs', a higher representator once did tell us.
It is a group of five spirits (pics at the wall) that build 'the entrance' or the portal for the exchange of energy but the whole message comes from the higher realms of their and our involvements
The present higher spirits are not so close to human beings, behaviour and conversion and so their messages come via the main group and its speaker, the deceased Parapsychologist 'Hans'.


The group practices healing as well as there is in the meantime a trance-model for healing activities in which the deceased Dr. Felix M. (quasi-)operates the clients body. There are sections done in deep trance and some in a light trance, in which the medium is aware what is being spoken and done. Most of the treatments are done via the eye, the fontanella and the spine.
Healing Room in Hanau

Sometimes through a layer of spontaneously produced ectoplasm sickening materials are materialized from the clients bodies or directly pulled from the eye or another area! In trance the medium draws sequences of pattern-like streaks with his fingers on the skin of the patient claiming to communicate thus with the deeper layers of the body consciousness. Sometimes blunt instruments are used like the eye-bath-glass that fills up then with sickening liquids drawn by the spirits from the body. 
Healing Room at the BPV, the Basle PSI Association in Switzerland
 In a deep trance sometimes the ectoplasm is formed and used by the spirits as an operation tool directly. Such a rare action could be photographed during a treatment session for the pancreas, exercised by those strange forceps like prolongings built from the unconscious mediums mouth.
Two forceps like prolongings seem to operate both eyes of the client.
The pancreas was the organ treated in this strange practice.
In the treatment rooms the walls are full of photographs showing the spirit during his earth-life doing surgery in the clinics he had erected. Additionally private objects of him are used and for example hold by the clients to install a physiological connection with the spirit.
Images at the wall showing the Ophtalmologist Dr. Felix M. during eye-surgeries in his clinics.


For several years we offer the opportunity to become consulted by the spirit team directly. Many different mediums and groups took the chance and became fine-tuned by the spirit controls alongside their wishes and talents. Frequently we work through and with the dynamics of people to enhance them personally on a spiritual and holistical plane.

A centre-stone, as materialized in Hanau, date unknown.
How special such weekends can be was just demonstrated by the spirits a few weeks ago.
For some time now the spirits formulate a clear concept of a kind of higher spiritualism.
This concept contends and is bound to a mature, nourishing and thriving social behavourism.
High morals and ethics, unconditional acceptance, compassion and love for the human being enhance and inspire those new social qualities.
The human evolution and spiritual grounding comes from free experimentation with the spirit world and the global gathering of and seeking for valuable information from the evolved spirits about the build of our cosmos and the path of the souls existence for the awareness of us all.
Being aware the soul is eternal this work will not solely be bound to survivalistical results.
We believe the survivalistical dogma, evaluating mediumistic efforts only when they produce 'survival evidence', is responsible for a considerable subliminal pressure onto working mediums and for a general low quality of messages. It promotes moreover a simplistic image of a 'here and now' and 'an afterlife' in a dualistical sense originating from the industrial age and the mechanistical worldview from the early 19th century.
'Light-' or 'activation-stones' materialized for a group of guests, coming for consolidation of their group and for the answer of several questions relating their spirit work.

Meanwhile three of them materialized during mediumship training moduls, one stone materialized externally. When the group was out alone in the evening, sitting in a restaurant in Frankfurt, the Spirits materialized the fourth stone to show those were unquestionable supernormal creations. Neither the medium, nor the mediums wife were present that night. The stone appeared laying on a box, that was just used minutes before.  

The spirits in the contrary promote todays mediums to be able to receive much more complex information leading us closer to the truth of creation than outdated ideas.
They want to create an army of good-doers and -thinkers, an army of light-workers who know about the secret that the consciousness is a creational source and tool and that our doings have massive consequences to the systems we are embedded in, even to those we are not perceiving at the moment. Their weapons will be their virtues and the love they exercise, unconditionally, always an example. An army of warriors, whose warfare is love and scholarship for wisdom and enhancement for the whole human race.

They are offering that concept to mediums and séance-room groups to build a new contemporary form of spirituality movement under the guidelines of compassion and peace. To strengthen and underline the actuality and realness of their offer they materialize a peculiar object which will be offered to certain personalities and groups: The Activation Stone!

There are no requirements bound to the stone, but only if the receiver works and behaves in the philantropic spirit the true destiny of the stones and the connection among the stone-carriers will become reality: THE STONES BECOME ACTIVATED and an energy net spanning the whole world in the same energy.

A higher system will thus be created! A pool of knowledge and love. And we are all linked in creating a morphogenetic pool of good higher content and this will be our chance to offer this further to the world!

The Spirits have announced they will hand out dozens of them within the next years!
No requirements, only a chance!
So be prepared!


On a regular basis we are holding Séances for those who have visited the evenings of the spirits at least three times. In those sessions personal bonds are strengthened, the work, committment and engagement of mediums and activists honored and phenomena presented beyond what the spirits believe can be presented to a newby.
In this chapter we would like to share with you some impressions achieved during such an 'experienced-séance' in the rooms of the legendary Basle PSI Associations, where the biggest names in Mediumship and Shamanism have demonstrated before us.

Meanwhile the medium was held at hands and feet in front of the cabinet in different sections of the room the spirits laid down apports audibly or placed them into the hands of sitters. During one delivery onto the illuminated plaque nearly 10 feet away from the held medium sitters were first seeing a 'spirit hand' operating there and then 'a kind of being' blocking the light of the 'tile-like' plaque.
Among the different apported objects an Activation Stone was overhanded as well that evening

Moreover the spirits showed never before shown ectoplasmic features in red light, like for example a handform building around the mouth of the medium and its growing 6 feet into the room interacting with focus objects before retreating.

 (set the youtube video on HD under settings)

The images by D. Gross show what the exclusive round of sitters was witnessing.
One witness writes: 
The trance personality demands a careful opening of the cabinet curtains with stronger red light. Now the development of a handform is detectable at the nose/mouth-area. First two-dimensional after a few seconds three-dimensional the hand wanders always in connection with the orifice it came from downwards. Meanwhile it seems as if an 'arm' would prolong more and more the hand comes closer to the floor.
Important is that the mediums hands were always well visible laying motionless in his lap.
Finally having reached the floor the hand moves towards the tape-marker on the ground in front of the cabinet in 2,5 feet distance.
Shortly before having arrived there the hand suddenly lifts approx. 3 cm from the floor. The prolonging arm behind it did not lift in this instance!
Then the hand crosses the black tape-marker well visibly and changes its angel to 45 degree to reach the buckets opening for the rattle laying inside of it.
We see the hand ascending but shortly before it enters the bucket the trance personality demands darkness to stabilize the form. 
Nevertheless we hear two seconds later how the rattle is affected by making rattling noises inside of the bucket.
During the whole process the mediums hands were not involved in any of those actions and laid clearly visible motionless in his lap.
I estimate the full length of extruded material of about 6-7 feet.
After failing to lift the rattle from the bucket the red light is switched on again to show the retraction of the material. The material 'flowed' back into two columns i could see besides the legs of the medium.
Important to mention is, that when the ectoplasm was so far out into the room most of the sitters had strong olfactorial sensations. A clearly strange smell was detectable but differently interpreted. 
Some believed to smell a typical 'ectoplasm'-like damp, mushroom-like smell, meanwhile others interpreted it to be 'musky' or even 'like roses'. Obviously the mass emanated a strong smell!

We hope you liked that insight into our momentary work and we hope to welcome you somewhen soon in the spirit evenings of 'The Alchemists' and their Higher Controls.