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Capturing the Essence

Riley Heagerty is well-known to the spiritualist world of modern authorship about influential historical cases of physical mediumship—and not only mediumship. With his book, The French Revelation: Voice to Voice Conversations With Spirits Through the Mediumship of Emily S. French (White Crow Books, 1995) Mr. Heagerty actually captured the essence of a re-occurring public interest in the affairs of manifesting Spirituality. The physical phenomena of Spiritualism—the western tradition in communicating with spirits—were the primary reason for the foundation of several societies in the early 19th century, committed to investigate objective
physical phenomena as they were reported from the very first day of the Movement known as “Spiritualism”.

Such phenomena were manifesting since the dawn of mankind’s indigenous and shamanistic societies. From their inevitable arising from within Spiritualism, combined with the interest to explore them, the interdisciplinary science now known as parapsychology eventually emerged.

The early years of the movement were packed with the most strongest physical phenomena. 

The early years of the movement were overflowing with the most strongest physical phenomena. The
developing western tradition of spirit communication—anthropologically an archetype in human
communication—had its very own “western characteristics.” Namely, it was the entangling of the physicality of the beloved material world in mysterious ways, transcending it with the physical phenomena. From there, cultur-historical ceremonial spaces were developed into typical and atypical forms within the young society.

Such physical phenomena were, in various ways, presented in such environments as if the spirits wanted to reveal to the western world that its societal orientation into consumption was also one into an illusion—and the physical phenomena of the séance rooms proved that.

Reported in the chronicles of the church for hundreds of years not before they occurred in the rationalistic Western Society they became such a matter of dogmatic dispute....!

Physical Manifestations within western spirituality!

For decades declared dead in Europe by a spiritual and institutionalized industry that was focussing from a moment in time exclusively onto questions of personal survival and pushing the former movements root 'Physical Mediumship' aside.

Anyway, institutionalized 'Spiritualism' for a long time didn't want to open neither towards new practices, nor to new viewpoints.
Physical forms of Mediumship though are today more and more becoming a justified matter of interest in the public eye.'

Riley Heagerty, author of several books having physical manifestations within western ceremonial practice in focus. Books like 'Spectral Evidence' describe incredible, but well documented, phenomena occurring in Western Hemispheres ritualistic tradition of Spirit-Communication and its Movement 'Modern Spiritualism'!

The French Revelation

Heagerty’s wonderful first book appeared in 1995, about the extraordinary mediumistical achievements of a good lady named Emily French. Interestingly, he was also forecasting the revived interest into Physical Spirit Phenomena that arose from the Scole Report of 1999. (footnote)

Now almost a decade and a half later, a newly awakening public interest is appreciating the more than
five amazing publications of Heagerty about Physical Manifestation Mediums, such as his book about the Bangs-Sisters— mediums who, from the beginning of the movement, demonstrated the exquisitely rare talent of “precipitated art”, by influencing blank canvasses to materialize portraits of intriguing beauty by unseen Spirit Artists, appearing without one stroke of a brush!

Consider his 2017 work about another manifesting Medium, Elizabeth Blake, who produced what’s called “THE DIRECT VOICE” in broad daylight. Direct Voice is another specifically rare physical phenomenon, where spoken voices clearly emanate not from a physical person in the room, but from seemingly nowhere. They are clearly audible and engage in dialogue, answering questions of guests and sitters; sometimes there are two or more such voices speaking simultaneously. In the many instances of Elizabeth Blake, the “Spirit of Loved Ones" are frequently believed to communicate in their original voices in the her trumpet séances !

August Goforth and Riley Heagerty

With the collaboration of author and publisher August Goforth of New York, Mr. Heagerty then
produced Spectral Evidence: Mind Blowing Wonders Within The Heyday of Historic
Spiritualism – Vol. I (2017) and Spectral Evidence: Mind-Blowing Wonders Within the Heyday of Historic Spiritualism, 1848–1958 – Vol II (2018).

Both works mainly present absolutely incredible physical manifestations—physical phenomena during the “heyday” of the movement. Both are spiritual gems of truly tantalizing reading!

And now we are gifted with yet another important publication from Heagerty, a book about the most
controversial Mediums of their century. More than a decade of laborious research and travel was spent by the author, collecting what I can only call “ethereally rare and raw” materials for this book The Brothers Davenport: Wizards of the North.

Ira and William Davenport in the construction that made them famous, but controversial at the same time. History is quite detailed here and it is fair to say that both brothers had extra-ordinary gifts unquestionably...!

The Starting Point of the Movement

“North” designates the Great Lakes area of New York State around the town of Buffalo—also not far
from Rochester, where the Fox Family also lived. Although deeply conservatively religious, this area emerged as the cradle for the first and most earliest occurrences we can identify today as the starting point of the movement. Indeed, this area was also the location of Rochester, New York, where the Fox Family had settled and eked out a living. It is of special interest to note that, two years before the Fox Family House rappings were said to mark the official birth date and place of Spiritualism, physical manifestations of a comparable nature were already stirring in the house of the Davenport Family.

N. Riley Heagerty allows historical witnesses to do the speaking to the reader about this earliest era within Modern Spiritualism, a plethora of amassed, never-before seen reports contemporary to that time, with personal comments describing what was actually experienced in the presence of the Brothers Ira and William.
One is drawn into the lives and days of mid-late 18th century settlement, learning how mysticism and belief in the supernatural had recaptured Western society, even as Materialism was striving to overtake all of the culture.

This book, which describes the times and travels of Ira and William Davenport over the 30 years of their career, reminds me of the wonder that still lays in-between our hands—subtle but still here!
All the more reason to obtain this newest of the author’s works, to read and unleash the immanent, the wondrous and the magic—the world of Spirits! It demonstrates to the world the true spiritual nature of all material, transcending it in todays séance rooms of revived physical mediumship!

Thank you, Riley Heagerty (and August Goforth)

for another amazing book!


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Never before publicly shown photo from a previously undiscovered archive of Madame d'Esperances
fully materialized Spirit-Form 'Walter'... 
'Madame d'Esperances Mediumship became mainly known more in Germany through the publications of Alexander Aksakov, who was a political representative of the Russian Zsar in Berlin at the time. He reported about his experiences in séances with her exclusively in periodicals.

It was then Aksakov wrote his - only in german language available 'Anismismus und Spiritismus', a thick book and thorough study mainly about spirit materialization events of the early spiritualistic  movement in the U.S.. Originally planned as a response to the published theories of a Prof. Hartmann claiming these manifestations were a kind of mass hallucination, Aksakov did add more and more throughly described experiments of all sorts categorized methodologically to dismantle Hartmanns claims. In the end he had two volumes published about Full Form Materialization occurring in America.  

Spirit guide 'Walter' as photographed in Madame d'Esperances séances in Gothenburg, Sweden, wher she lived at that time...
Enlargement of 'Walters' face showing clearly an independant entity present in the séance room. The fleshy chin area, the natural mustache and the strong male nose clearly prove that.

At that time Madame d'Esperance became europe-wide some kind of a celebrity medium out of different reasons. First there were the claims by many they had met their materialized loved ones in Madames séances and secondly the famous case of partial de-materialization of the medium during a séance in Helsinki where her legs became immaterial.

Another unknown photo, even though slightly resembling one of the published. But then it is another perspective and a different lighting, showing 'Yolande', another guide of Madame d'Esperance.
'Yolande' in the beforehand unpublished photo, whose features clearly differed from 'Walters' facial features. Both did not look like Elizabeth either, even though these materialized mediumistic manifestations can resemble their mediums sometimes or in specific features. 
Madame d'Esperance, whose name was actually Elizabeth Puttock and who has worked as a medium in England under the pseudo Elizabeth Hope had given before séances as well in Scandinavia and Germany, before she moved to Sweden. There Aksakov, who learned to know her in Berlin, went to to set up his experimental séances which became widespread recognized through the seemingly - partial - rigid controls he wrote about in different contemporary periodical publications and the photos of which many - but not all - were published in the book 'Shadow Land'...

Another photo showing the medium and the phantom still in a building phase...
In 2013 a secret collection of personal belongings was excavated from the College of Psychic Studies, where Puttock/Hope/d'Esperance is held in high regard up to this day. In the papers found there the new photos we present today were actually found if the information is correct. After her death a spirituaist friend brought the stuff over to the UK, where her mediumistic career began!  

Photo with the marking Fig.IV shows the process beginning in the previous photo now in completion...
                    Like many other mediums Madames mediumistic spirit manifestations were very much life-like and on other occasions they appeared more artistic like in the above photos. These different features are not unknown to the scholar of historical materializations. Einer Nielsen for example, the famous Danish Materialization medium also produced more artistic looking forms but also natural looking and acting fleshy Full Form Materializations like his famous Materialization of the Queen Astrid of Belgium, photographed and clearly looking like her in a Séance held in Copenhagen in the 1950ies when I remember the date correctly.

This photo or one very much alike is already published and showing the spirit personality now standing in the open cabinet curtains. Well visible are the masses of white material the entity is enclothed with, meanwhile the medium always weared black in the séances in question... 
Elizabeth Sturrock had given hundreds of successful séances in Sweden after the ones Aksakov had photographed and died in Gothenburg in 1920...
Madame d'Esperance photographed in her later life...

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Spirits leave a written message through ectoplasm leading a pen... This rare photograph is from the circles of the famous Danish Full Form Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen from the early 1970ies! In his carreer Nielsen allegedly materialized over 20.000 fully formed spirits in his séances...


At the time of American Settlement, the largest and most widespread spiritual movement of the Western World began. And it took its course there until today. It was the events in 1848 in the home of the Fox family becoming the start shot for the movement. In their household communicates the first time (at least in the current version, in the Davenport house in Buffalo the manifestations already began in 1846) - in the already enlightened West - people with 'spirits'. These first events were accompanied by strong physical manifestations, namely knocking sounds (later 'raps'), about which the 'spirits' obviously communicated. Although no ectoplasm occurred here yet, the connection with the mysterious knocking noise leads to an intense press resonance. It was reported on the incidents nationwide and left the big impression on the reader.

Within the following years, a mediumistic-spiritualistic movement was being formed. And very soon, there were thousands of 'mediums' who acted as 'mediators' between the spirit worlds - now newly discovered in the West - and theirs. In the following years, in addition to the knocking noises, a phletora of other physical phenomena occurred, which were regularly observed and described, so that very soon science became interested in the phenomena. In addition to "extrasensory" (like clairvoyance) or "mental" mediumistical phenomena, this included the movement of objects in a distance without a visible cause, the (auto-)levitation (elevation of objects or the medium), the penetration of matter (materialization of objects or apports, objects that appeared in the experimental room), the later called ectoplasm, then called 'spirit-cloth' and the materialization of spirits - partially or in full.


'Materializations' usually meant the gradual increase in density of the spirits. In séances, sitters started to sense and see hands and hand-like forms. Then they were touched by them and complete spirit-forms showed themselves "materialized" in the invocation ceremonies of this young movement - in the séances of the west. Very soon, this "material" out of which the spirits were built, but also seemed to be enwrapped in, became the later ectoplasm, a focal point of the flaring interest.

Already in the earliest séances of the 1860s the substance in question appeared, which was called simply "spirit cloth", spirit fabric (in the sense of a clothing material), and which had from the start enigmatic qualities. Large amounts of the material appeared around the mediums, enlarging and contracting at will. Sometimes it seemed to flow out of their bodies. Sometimes the manifestations were misty, but sometimes like gauze, especially when the "spirits" were covered by it.

Famous Materialization Medium William Eglinton and an early stage of one of his Full Form Materializations...
A session with an early English medium, where the movement arrived in the 1870s, was described by one observer as follows: "With a strange gesture the medium suddenly produces a strange mass under his dressing gown. Next to the chair on which it sits, it first sinks to the ground and then grows into a pillar that sways slowly from right to left. With another movement, the pillar suddenly becomes a living figure, which immediately runs towards those present and sits down at their table. It is the "child guide" of the medium. It's an eleven-year-old boy who, still enclothed in this weird white muslin (white linen), eagerly pursuing what's going on with us ...! "(From Farmers" Twixt two Worlds ", 1874, Medium William Eglinton).


With the establishment of a new interdisciplinary science (involved are several science directions) that would delve into these phenomena and the sometimes unbelievable accounts of the most extraordinary spirit manifestations, they did also join forces to prove this substance. The young Parapsychology - or Parapsychophysics - was born. The Russian State Council in Berlin, Alexander Aksakov, had already written a comprehensive essay, later published as a book, on the occurrence of materialization during the first 30 years of the US movement. With accurate references to every single source, he describes the "materialization" of entire spirit-personalities in many early North American séances - in part witnessed by very critical observers.

His book "Animism and Spiritism" was in so far a forerunner of his own upcoming work with the English materialization medium Elizabeth Hope (d "Esperance) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Aksakov was able, as before the Nobel laureate and discoverer of thallium, pioneer of the modern television age, William Crookes, to photograph mediumistically manifested beings. The first objective bodies of proof were thus given. With Hope he could often ban the materialized spirit forms on celluloid simultaneously with the medium and other spectacular phenomena (Light and Shadow, E.d "Ésperance 1886).

First photo taken of a spirit materialization by Nobel prize laureat Prof. William Crooks with the medium Florence Cook...


In 1905, the French physicist and Nobel Prize winner Charles Richet, together with Gabriel Delanne, followed an invitation to Algier. The wife of the well-known French General Noel had already published her experiences with a young medium in the second year. Richet's subsequent observations in the "Villa Carmen" became parapsychological history. In a garden pavilion, a custom-built séanceroom was experimented with and a personality who was to hold the scholars of Europe in suspense for the next 20 years, Marthe Béraud (later Eva C./Eva Carriere).

The fiancée of the son of the Noel family made incredible manifestations. While she was visibly seated in the cabinet for everyone, the mystery play of "ghost materialization" was unleashed. The Cabinet is a separated area of ​​the Séanceroom, which serves to recharge ethereal energies. Partly from the floor upwards, spontaneously forming figures grew and were wrapped in large masses of white material. Richet observed this in a manner that he knew from cell plasma in microbiology under the microscope. When cells act under the magnifying glass, connect with each other, merge and divide again during cell division, movement patterns emerge, which Richet recognized in the séanceroom.

The white mass surrounding the mediumistical processes in Algiers moved across the ground and acted just as the cells in microbiology did. In order to prove the reality of experimental spirit materialization, Richet and Delanne even performed the barite breath test (chemical test for carbon monoxide) with the Brahmin "Bien Boa" materialized by Marthe. Prof. Crookes had done the same before with the ôexperimental spirit figure "Katie King" (heart rate measurement). Prof. de Goes later with materialized spirits of the medium Carlos Mirabelli (eg the medical examination of a materialized girl). From 1906 then the term "ectoplasm" was introduced into the parapsychological discussion (at times also "teleplasma"). The word originating from microbiology means "forming in the outside". From then on it was the subject of passionate discussions about the most spectacular phenomena of Western spirituality.

Eva C. in Schwabs Laboratory confirming results of Schrenck with her. The miniature materialization of a female came from her mouth, popped up like a bloom and revealed a tiny body with an oversized head. The body is on this photo still to develop. This strange mediumistical artifact was then encircling the head of the medium and disappeared back into her mouth again eventually...


In England, the movement increasingly concentrated on so-called "survival evidence". And subsequently, it was demanded by the institutionalized movement that any mediums performance should revolve around this question. The supposed "survival proofs" were seen more clearly in the mental achievements of the mediums, and physical phenomena were pushed to the edges of the movement. Although the deceased repeatedly "materialized", as the "survivalists" demanded, who had taken control of European spiritualism in the meantime. In comparison, however, this happened too seldom to prevail against the mentally transmitted "afterlife messages". These soon became the subject of every stage demonstration. Meanwhile, the experimental spirit materialization as "premier class" of Western spiritualism much less often happened and were observable only with the strongest mediums.

The cause for the desire for the "message from over there" was above all the mass loss of human life during the First and Second World Wars. This allowed the survivalist (Survival) faction within the movement to strengthen. Almost everyone and every family has been confronted with death in one way or another. The desire in a mediums session to receive the proof of a survival not only of the soul but of one's whole personality was too seductive for the ego within the now-growing mass movement. From now on, all that was left in the mediums work was news of the deceased. They reported surviving their death and how they did in an even more beautiful "afterlife".

A similar informal isolation is happening in the near-death- or after-death-state 'market'. It is also deliberately or unconsciously controlled by the ego fading out contrary information than 'the afterlife is beautiful'. The fear about what may lay behind the veil is powerful! But only in spiritualism other mediumistic branches than 'survivalism' were pro-actively invalidated. In the work with grieving parents, in contrast survivalism and the channeled news from the deceased children proved to be emotionally very helpful. From then on, however, many mediums whose repertoire originally included objective spirit manifestations suppressed them and concentrated, at least in public, exclusively on messages of "survival proofs".


Behind the scenes, however, with the physical phenomena of mediumship it was continued to be experimented with in exclusive circles. There were spirit manifestations of all classes. Spirits operated as potentials of a supernatural ceremonial event. In addition to ectoplasm-based partial and full materializations, these included object-materializations and apports (object penetration into and out of locations and formation of matter from apparent nothingness, possibly also based on the substance called ectoplasm), light phenomena, paranormal sounds and voices, changes in the physiology of the mediums (elongation or change in height), levitation of objects, mediums and sitters and "healings by the spirits".

Just the "Spiritual Healing" was in North American early spiritualism also known to be with spirits of a very different nature in connection. Early settlers seeking healing and church missionaries had already met these in Native American ceremonies. In them they manifested palpably, visibly and audibly. Helper spirits, nature spirits, animal spirits and the spirits of famous medicine men and the tribal elders. The Native American healing ceremonies had a great influence on the early movement in North America. Most of the early mediums working at that time had Native American "Spirit Guides" to help the mediums to accomplish in the young movement.


In Germany, too, a completely different form of experimental "parapsychophysics" emerged. It had a great influence on the approach of neighboring countries, such as Austria, France, Poland, Denmark and Sweden. However, only as long as Germany did not lose all influence and before the Nazis had got rid of all involved personalities and had operated the genocide on the European population. After 1945, traditional English spiritualism began to take over regency in Europe. By then it had established itself as a recognized alternative religion in UK and parts of the states. To this day thousands of Spiritualist Churches have been founded there.

In the period from 1903 to 1933, however, on the mainland "experimental mediumship", the pragmatic German approach, was very widespread. Here, mediums were by no means forced to provide any survival evidence. They worked experimentally open with their "Spirit Guides" for any conceivable result. Of course, there were also those mediums and circles that were more spiritualistic/survivalistically oriented. Depending on the understanding of the respective experimenters, the results were generally idealy according to.

In mainland Europe, mediums that were able to produce the above-mentioned manifestations, unlike necessarily in the UK at the time, were at the center of public interest! The manifestations were summed up under the bulky generic term physical mediumship, which has been retained to this day. Baron Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing began his parapsychological epoch-making work with Marthe Béraud (pseudonyms Eva C., Eva Carriere) and Stanislava P .. Strictly scientifically proven phenomena with ectoplasm, he explored with both for his richly illustrated masterpiece "Materialization phenomena ". To date, this is considered a methodological standard work of parapsychology.

In addition, intensive research in the physical field of manifestations of mediumship took place throughout Europe. For Indridi Indridason in Reykjavik an own experimental house was built. Schwab experimented with the Berliner Maria Vollhardt and her ectoplasm productions. In Austria, early research began with Willi Schneider, who also exhibited rudimentary ectoplasmic formations as a youngster. Maria Silbert was examined in Graz by various commissions, who were able to observe her materialized spirits wander through the adjoining room, a large cabinet space actually. Engineer Fritz Grunewald and Professors Winter and Jäger worked with the Copenhagen Full Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen and his masses of ectoplasm. During his career, 20,000 ectoplasm based phantoms were allegedly mediumistally manifested in his sessions sine the late 60ies. The famous Italian Eusapia Paladino visited Schrenck and colleagues in Munich for sittings in Schrencks private residence after her experiments with Prof. Bottacci at the University of Turin.

Professores Winter and Jaeger in Copenhagen testing the celebrity Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen. The veil-phenomenon is displayed here by the spirits in control behind the scenes...
Thomas Mann and Marie Curie attended - besides many other representatives of science - sittings with Willi Schneider at the Technical University of Munich. And later with his brother Rudi Schneider, who continued Willis career so to speak as an adult. William Crawford unveiled his investigations into the ectoplasm of the Goligher Circle and completed and published his three-volume studies with his famous standard work 'Psychic Structures'. Dr. Geley experimented with Jan Guzik and the famous Polish medium Franek Kluski in Warsaw and published his spectacular findings in his 'Clairvoyance and Materialization'. Again ectoplasm was extensively photographed. Just like Schwab with Stanislava, in his laboratory he repeated with Eva C. Schrenck's findings. The English researcher Harry Price triggered a scandal about Rudi Schneider, whom he knowingly falsely accused of fraud. Apparently he did not want him to leave for Paris, where Dr. Osty was waiting for further experiments. Osty was it who eventually succeeded at the "Institute de Metapsychique de Paris" to scientifically prove the existence of a force controlled by Rudi on his command (together with Olga, the spirit guide).

With all the names mentioned here and the corresponding mediumistical personalities, every reader must be aware that we only know about them today because they have been mentioned in more or less scientific publications. Additionally there were hundreds, if not thousands, working in their communities and circles who went unmentioned. Their achievements are completely unknown to us today. Let's face it, should those who have become known have been anyhow representative, what a gigantic fund of mediumistical achievements have gone undetected!

Stanislawa P. on  film showing the extrusion and retraction of ectoplasm, filmed by Schrenck and gone lost from the German Library in Munich...


Dr. C. Bernoulli and Schrenck succeeded in having ectoplasm examined in chemical laboratories. And that was by no means necessarily expectable. Originating from the physiology of the medium and / or the sitters ectoplasm was and is an extremely elusive agent. It can rarely be touched only very carefully and under controlled conditions. It is neither subtle nor completely material. To ban  the substance in a permanent state without having it dissolve again shortly thereafter, has only rarely occurred. But it became clear that its secret did not reveal itself under the microscope. The human ingredients within the mass were showing up clearly: unicellular organisms, coreless cells, rod and epithelium cells, fat and mucous membrane cells. However, how these were entangled in the observed characteristics of the ectoplasm could not be deduced from the findings.

After all, the substance called ectoplasm seemed to occur in different aggregate states, from gaseous to material, in between all conceivable colors and textures being able to depict most filigrane visible content sometimes resembling photographic, sometimes artistic material. It also was building up individual physiologies over and over again, hands, heads, faces and torsos for example. Ectoplasm could spontaneously emerge in the dark and be perceived as a soft tissue. Or suddenly spontaneously form in the red light. Or flow out of body openings of the mediums. More and moreoften it was very obvious the medium and the sitters together seemed to be energetically involved in its development.

In the ectoplasm informal structures were formed coming from present attendees or from discarnate entities alike. If certain deceased personalities face showed up. Did it show up because of the memory of those present or because a spirit projected itself into it? These questions are still not answered conclusively.
From the report of a chemical laboratory in Munich analysing ectoplasm for Schrenck... 

From the analysis of ectoplasm from a laboratory for C. Bernoulli...


Hundreds, if not thousands, of materialization mediums were working in the US and Canada. Many lived and demonstrated in the up to 160 years old Spiritualist Camps. Others in big cities, like Chicago, for example. Ethel Post-Parrish from Camp Chesterfield was famous for her materialization of an indian girl 'Silver Bell'. From the 1950s Keith M.R. was widely impressing and his audiovisual heritage is jealously withheld from today's "Aquarian Foundation" and remains unpublished. The most extensively studied case is that of the medium Margery Crandon. It kept the American Society for Psychical Research in suspense for a decade. In Canada, it was Hamilton's findings with the medium Mary Marshall. His photographic legacy about this multiple manifestation case in regaards to ectoplasm is now visible to everyone as digitized "open source" on the website of the University of Winnipeg.
One of Hamiltons photos showing photograph like properties within the ectoplasmic substance...


In the 1990s, Physical Mediumship experienced a worldwide revival through the Scole Groups achievements and stepped out from the long shadow of institutionalized Mental Mediumship. In Germany, after the millennium, the German Felix Zirkel around the medium Kai Mügge was followed by a large number of German-speaking experimental circles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in the Scandinavian countries the "New Age of Physical Mediumship" produced many circles. The same in Australia where Mügge and other modern mediums had demonstrated The Felix Zirkel and Kai Mügge's mediumship spearheaded an eclectic spirituality that had completely freed itself from the traditional English survival-proof approach and delivered cosmic messages from entities of various natures. It is more about the survival of humanity than of the individual. Ectoplasm and materialization also occur in these contemporary circles with great regularity.

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"We had already seen the light in the ectoplasm before, this and other evenings, but then that went beyond everything ...!"

"According to the trance control, the mass of the ectoplasm was in a highly condensed state of aggregation and was neither like a veil nor similar to a tissue."

"Every single flash dipped the room and the strange mass into a supernatural light! The effect is hard to describe, the blue light is something very special!"

"Imagine an enormously large cocoon of ectoplasm generously enveloping and surrounding the medium!"

"At some point in the dark, a cascade of blue lightning started to explode in this cocoon, discharging everywhere in or on the cocoon!"

In June 2019, Kai and Julia Mügge give further séances in the Basel Psi-Association (BPV, Basler Psi-Verein), where it came to extraordinary occurrence of ectoplasm. Before that, in the first part of the week many first-time visitors took part in the séances. It is always exciting to see how they absorb the events and ultimately process them.
These included the object materialization of activation stones and the apports of gems, rings and a bracelet for attending sitters. In addition, ectoplasm occurred for example in a slow stream from the medium.

In the second half of the week, then, the 'Extended Séance', with only very experienced sitters, followed the one in which weeks ago the monk 'Gonpo Yeshi', called 'Po ', materialized in front of the sitters. He could be photographed together with the medium!
A corresponding interest prevailed then. All sorts of influential personalities from the BPV's environment gave themselves the honor in anticipation of a renewed appearance of the spirit, or another materialization of the quality of the monk.

It had a strong thunderstorm on this day.

After the short introduction, the sitters and the medium entered the séance room. This was followed by a kind of meditation in the common singing of sacred songs. After a brief sinking into the trance, the trance personality of the medium speaks. It talks about recruiting sitters into the grand plan to save the world.

Then Hans talks about influencing necessary electro-magnetic fields after the massive thunderstorm  had charged the whole environment with electricity. He could not promise anything this time but they would now start with the preparations.
The following descriptions are taken from discussions with present sitters, such as Julia Mügge, Michael P., Lucius Werthmüller, Sabin Sütterlin a. o .:

The expositions begin: There is darkness. A strange bright blue light illuminates the medium and the ectoplasm in lightning-like sequences. It obviously comes from the mouth and is highly condensed. With each discharge of the light that once shines within the mass, sometimes seems to come from the outside, the mass assumes such extraordinary brightness that it reproduces sustainably on the retina. First, the ectoplasm covers only the chest-area of the medium. Meanwhile, it flashes in a higher frequency that you can see the ectoplasm increase in mass enormously. It gradually increases until the floor is covered by 5 foot in front of the medium.
Then there is a break. Darkness envelops the sitters again.

The blue Spirit Light, recorded at another séance...
The talking spirit control 'Hans' announces the materialization attempt of the evening.
Tapping signals signal the two helpers on the right and left of the cabinet curtains to open them.
An extraordinary picture is visible for the sitters!

The obese medium is now generously enveloped in the entire mass. From such a concealment the materialization of the monk arose the last time.
This time, however, a thunderstorm of blue light flashes is unleashed. They seem to be discharging on and within the mass. The alien light makes the cocoon of ectoplasm appear larger and more substantial. The alien structure shines again and again in its extraterrestrial light until the discharge frequency decreases and slowly dips the room back into total darkness. Those present have glowing afterimages on the retina. To Parapsychology paranormal lights and light discharges are not unknown. Especially not in spiritualist sessions ...!

Then the spirit control 'Hans' starts to speak again. He explains that the blue light has to do with the portal, which is created by the spirits in charge and does represent information patterns sent through space and time. Due to the circumstances mentioned, however, the resulting 'creation of a spirit materialization into the physical' was not possible.

Rare recording of a spirit light during a full-trance treatment

These beautiful high-energy activation stones have been materialized in this highly enlightening and interesting 'Extended Séance'. The event provided highly relevant insights into the context of the materialization process in relation to external events. This was also the case with respect to the ectoplasm and the Blue Portal Spirit Light.
With an aphorism the meeting was dissolved shortly afterwards.
We thank the Basler Psi Association and all those present this evening.

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FALSE CONCEPTIONS LEAD INTO FALSE DOCTRINES: Misconceptions about 'Negative Sittings'

False Concepts from time to time can turn into widespread doctrines and todays isssue is such a thing! Every medium knows about weak or even blank sittings. But it should know about the energetical backgrounds responsible for of course as well! For weak sittings there are reasons! And these can be avoided. Kai Muegge illuminates about the interconnections in regards to 'Negative Sittings'!

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SÉANCEROOM-INSIGHTS: How spirits reach from a higher organized Dimensionality into the 3rd Dimension during Séance...!? A metaphor!

Part 1: A short introduction about the moving of the German Speaking Edition of this Blog(ger) - the former - into the blog-section of the new website...!!!

Part 2: How Spirits reach from higher organized Dimensionality into 3rd Dimension during Séance...!?

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These are people statements who went through the Felix Circle-Experience with Kai and Julia Muegge during their spirit-ceremonies and séances in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia in the last months.

It is highly insightful to listen to these descriptions of dynamics of the séanceroom, created by discarnated and non-human entities which are involved in the ancient supernatural arrangement between them and us!

Take a few minutes and listen to these...

 (ignore the titles given, this was once used to prepare new sitters, please...!)

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

THE STUNNING PHENOMENA OF THE FLOW-CIRCLES MEDIUMSHIP - eclectic, visionary, phenomenal! (with photos and videos)

Ectoplasm from both eyes of Medium Albert, 60+

Today a set of photos stand in the focus of my presentation eventually made available after they have slumbered partially for years in the private ‚Minute-Books‘ (séance notes and evidence) of a south-german circle i have talked  about here before. They were published in a video of DeinMedium, a portal for mediumistical services, mainly all sorts of mental mediumship and alternative healing and alike. The webmaster Judith F. had sporadic contact to the FLOW/WOLF-circle for many years now and for the PSI-online ‚spirit summit’-event a few weeks ago she was allowed to use the images for a video for subscribed audiences and now the video - including the images - went via youtube fully public! To be able to present these and other images i have waited a long time...!

It is difficult for physical mediums to do the step into the public. Ridicule and allegations of all sorts are fired from dogmatic sceptics and hateful debunkers in a daily routine - naturally people who have never met you - but not every mediums personality is ready and willing to undergo this.
 And specifically new mediums do not have the public backup others may have after already having demonstrated the substantiality of their personal mediumship. Alberts work has that substantiality unquestionably but it is unsure if we ever learn to know more about the FLOW-circles medium but anonymized séance-reports and photos.
Ectoplasm from the right eye and from the mouth of medium Albert
 The spectacular photos shared here today were being made due to the development of ‚Albert‘ (pseudo), the FLOW/WOLF-circles oldest member, who is serving as their medium. It is somebody who is for decades a fully integrated member of  society and has a daily high-ranked job in the finance-branche. His personal and professional social status and the fear how this environment could react onto his activities is mainly responsible for the frantic reluctancy to publish any of this material. 

The photos presented today after such a long time are only those impossible to identify the mediums identity by looking at them.
Classic extrusion of ectoplasm from the mouth
The first time he more or less coincidentally appeared inside of a spiritistic or spiritualistic environment visiting a séance. His best friend had brought him there. Mainly because Albert, today over 60 years of age, experienced for years what is called 'absences', a kind of irritating, but harmless kind of temporary 'light trance', letting its subject look like daydreaming or slumbering and not anymore responding for a few seconds to minutes, before slightly desoriented 'waking up'...!

Albert had in bis life until then nothing to do at all with mediumship, trance-work or alike and his best friend simply had this instinct to bring him into the séance!? 
Ectoplasm from the right eye and probably the right ear of Albert
 After the first attended séances Albert shortly later even became a member in the newly founded experimental- and group-mediumship-related circle, as a sitter like everybody else, that later became the FLOW-Circle.
At that time I learned to know him and he started with the others to attend my and others workshops and trainings and even séances. And with the time the dynamic in their circle started to shift. 
Ectoplasmic hand coming towards the camera and its enlargement, to the right is a blurred observer visible
Albert had learned, used trance-inductions and -states rightly and expressed more and more often his interest to sit for a time in the cabinet.

It didn't took long before a powerful indigenous communicator appeared through him, a Northern American Indian who delivered quietly and calmly speaking very wise messages, drummed and sang to it. His development accelerated quickly and after months the group was experiencing balls of white light flying from the cabinet into the room, raps, table levitations and an extraordinary apport-phenomenon happening. 

Massive stones appeared, suddenly landing on the séance-table or exuding from the head orifices, for example the eyes, from where plum-sized objects exited (see videos). Deceased loved ones seemed to materialize in the dark and caressed their relatives meanwhile Alberts guide spoke from the cabinet...!

Video from 2017 showing a massive plum-sized eye-socket apport

Activation Stones started to appear either and the Indian communicator delivered messages about the power of connected human will and love with a lot of indian related elements.

You might say, isn't that sounding a bit like Kais mediumship, amounts of ectoplasm, eye-socket apports, activation stones, things digged out at the shore? This is in so far true in what the spirit teams had planned here.
The Felix Circles and Kais work with the 'All-Chemists' (Spirit Team of Kai Muegges Mediumship) was influencing Alberts work via their willfully created powerful new memes. Mediums all over the world were invited to link in and start off and develop thus faster than from scratchbook...!

 Video: Spontaneous Nostril Apport during hiking through the Alps

But in Alberts and his guides case - whose original names we won't reveal either - a very strong, not to overhear and actually palpable own originality and style are perceivable.  Alberts and his guides work is independent with a lot of unique elements. Their work is unquestionably stunning!
Eventually it is the personality of Albert who gives this mediumship its final quality framework, due to his unquestionable life-long reputation.
Let us hope strongly that this medium sometimes in the future finds ways to share with a wider audience his impressive spirit-relation.

Video: Spontaneous digging at the holiday beach excavating an Activation Stone...

Monday, 6 May 2019


Medium Kai Muegge Felix Circle
The Ceremonial Space for the Second Night of Deep Trance-Physical and Materialization Mediumship. The photo expresses perfectly the secluded atmosphere of the Séanceroom, home for the most mystifying phenomena in the history of the Physical Phenomena of Mysticism...
Prologue: Julia and I want to express our most heartfelt gratefulness to Ronny Wulf and Anna Rättzén, who worked tirelessly to organize a perfectly prepared and flawless event near Örebro, Sweden.


R.R., 42, male, Hypnotherapist:

'You really touched my heart with your words on Friday and Saturday.

I am not sure how much personal feedback you get but it's important for me to tell you how fantastic your work is.

I am grateful to the outer and inner dimensional time-lines or -spaces to allow this to happen! (...)'

Örebro, Sweden, a culture and University related city 200 km from Stockholm, Arlanda

M.O., 45, male, cook:

'A heartfelt thank you for this weekend!
My wife concluded that she doesn’t believe in ghosts anymore! 
But she is now a firm believer in good spirits! All participant was good people, open, of service and inclusive.
For me I got what I came for, a new confirmation that we are living in a bigger world! 
The apports were the best thing for me, seeing how they appeared from every opening was fantastic. 
The extrusion and liveliness of the ectoplasm was also very impressive. The spirit-team delivered on every point on my checklist of expectations!
The only thing a miss was a Q&A with 'Hans', the main guide.
You have developed a lot from the last time in Deje (...). More solid energies and Hans talks much clearer now.
I think you can be more distinct on your vision and thereby on the purpose of your work. 
(...) The liveliness of ectoplam is a very good proof of spirit conscious integration in living matter. I think that communicates that the living being and biology basically is spirit induced matter.
That brings the next big challenge, how to get the established society and institutions to understand what we actually are and to see that we are an integrated part of a bigger world!
Your team have the skills and tools to do this! (...)'


M.V., 39, female:
'It was so amazing that it is hard to choose just one experience,
 but the ectoplasm-experience was mindblowing 
- and the stones coming from the mediums eyes ...!'

S.L., 35, female:
'Thank you Julia and Kai for an amazing weekend. It was incredible to experience all the phenomena, for example the levitating table, objects landing on the table and around us, crystals/stones coming out of the medium's nose, ears and mouth, ectoplasm building forms of a waving hand and of a woman's face etc., etc.!! And thank for the artefact I got!'
Felix Circle Table Séance
The Initiation-Séance Setting, integrating and bringing the sitters in contact with the physical energies of the other sitters, the location and the spirit-team...

B.F., 28, male, professional musician

- Day 1
I am (soon) a 28 years old male and this was my first "properly organized" seance i've experienced. Like most people with an interest in spirituality and "outworldly" phenomenon i've tried some experiments myself and with friends but the results of my spiritual experiments this far have never been anything close to what i got to experience during this weekend.

I wont describe every part of the seance but would rather like to summarize it: First off, a gathering with so many people who all are traveling the path of spiritual growth is a powerful experience. You can feel the collective energy around you, like if its in the air you breathe and your entire body reacts to it. I'd like to compare it to when you hold several "plus charged" magnets towards eachother and they push eachother slightly so you can feel the tension between them. Just as with "real" magnets it also works for charging up and fixating/balancing the magnetism - so "all magnets" get on a relatively similar level. So i want to thank everyone that showed up and shared the experiences we had this Weekend.

The first night we gathered, Kai and Julia Muegge held an initiating table seance. We split up into 2 groups, an experimental one and an observer one around the first. So we had an inner circle where the first group would sit and every member placed their hands on the table, and the second group was sitting in an outer circle an armslength away from the inner circle and holding hands.

Before the Séance was opened, we all got to try lifting the table and have a good look at Kai and Julia to ensure that no strings or tools were involved. The table itself was a cheap plastic table. Trying to lift the table while everyone had their hands on it was a very demanding task and noone was able to do without a lot of effort. This was demonstrated to show how much energy might be involved should the table lift during the session. During the Séance itself, we took turns to be in the inner and outer circle. So everyone got to experience both points of view. The lights turned off and the wonderful music started playing and the magic started happening.

The table moved in circles, tilted roughly from one side to the other and even levitated. The lights were turned on at important moments in time so we could see the movements, and ensure that no tools were involved etc. At times the table slammed its leg so hard right between my feet and kept doing it for what probably felt like longer than it likely was. And if any sceptic is reading this, the force of which the table slammed its leg down between my feet wouldnt be able to be happening unless i myself were grabbing it with all my strength from a standing position and having a real gym workout to work against the collective pressure from all the surrounding sitters. It couldnt efficiently be moved by a person within that close space without everyone else noticing it.

Objects were also thrown/flung/placed on the table by the visiting entities. For example a chair got moved on top of the table with a loud slam in total darkness, expertly avoiding all sitters heads and got placed with its legs just inches away from the inner circles sitters fingers. Which would also be next to impossible for a human being to achieve without severly wounding any of the sitters.

During the entire initiation-séance you could feel the presence around you. A playful, curious yet kind presence that observes you. While i was in the inner circle it felt like something was staring directly at me just inches away from my face, and in the outer circle it felt like someone carefully was circling around us, inspecting us, meassuring us.

Also a note for any spectics reading: We were on the top floor of a 2 level building with a very creaky floor. Any movement made by a person would make creaking sounds that all of us would hear. The stairway door was also locked from the inside so no one would possibly be able to enter after the lights turned off.


- Day 2
Day two we had a completely different experience. No more were we gathered around a table but instead we sat in an oval shaped circle in close proximity of eachother, with a space in the middle where some objects like a drum and a bucket were lying on the floor.

After the briefing and initial stages of the second seance we were once again holding hands, shutting down the lights and sang along with the music. The medium Kai was placed in the long end of our oval shaped circle, with his back to a small black cabinet. After a while we could hear Kai doing his breathing routine and like coughing and within a brief moment Kai was with us no more.

His body now being a conduit between realms, an instrument of which the spirits can communicate through and connect with us, the surrounding sitters. The most notable spirit joining us was Hans, which was responsible for the vocal communication and played the part of conductor of the seance. With Hans guidance and Julias directive the night moved on.

One summary of some of the experiences during the night was the different kinds of objects being moved, thrown and grabbed from the sitters. A handkerchief was playfully roaming the circle, touching the sitters, beautifully dancing in the dark and were allowed to be held by the sitters so we could feel it being pulled by one of the numerous entities that were involved during the night.

A card-board-cylinder or 'trumpet' was also one of the things being played with, whizzing around, poking the sitters on the heads, hands and chests. We also got to hear the spirits drumming for us and felt the touching of bare hands on the hands, legs or the hair of sitters.
All objects had been dotted with luminous paint so we could track the movement and interaction of all objects during the dark sessions of the event.

One of the later events had the spirits gift us with gems, pearls and similar objects. How did we receive these gifts one might ask? Well, its hard to explain how. But they poured out of our Mediums body, specifically his mouth, nose, ears and even out of his eyelids. You could see the gems taking form, growing into size and eventually "crawling" out from the eyelids. This was also done in red and white light so all sitters could witness the event.

Some sitters also received specific gifts from the spiritworld, for example one of our organizers Anna recieved an activation stone that was created from the mediums hands. In one moment there was nothing, in the next a spark occured and the stone dropped to the floor for Anna to receive.

The final big event of the night was what alot of us thought only could occur in fiction. The famous or infamous, depending on the viewers perspective, exteriorization of ectoplasm.
Kais physical body had to work hard for this one, after some coughing and whistling of his working body it started taking form. What looked like cobweb was slowly pouring out of the Mediums mouth and at the very end of the ectoplasm was the shape of a hand. The hand was slowly moving, like it was testing its weblike joints until it waved at us.

A moment later the hand looked like it was about to relax and work on its form some more, now hanging down towards the floor again. Just before we had to turn off the lights again i thought i cought a glimpse of it changing its colour and texture to something more human looking, like a proper hand with the rest of the arm still retaining its cobweb looking texture.

After a moment in the dark we were allowed to witness the ectoplasm again, but now it had completely exited the mouth of the Medium and was lying on the floor in a blobshaped pile. Pulsatile and slowly moving, it finally stretched for the Medium again, as if it needed to connect to its source of energy, and then it went dark.

 The last stage involving the ectoplasm was about the last major events. Once we were able to see again the ectoplasm had formed under Kais chin in a big and round shape. Now the spirits had a message from the other side, a family member of one of the sitters where waiting and wishing to see its relative. Kais physical hands were moved towards the ectoplasm and grabbed into it, pulling it apart to form a "hole" in the middle. Making a kind of portal which allowed us to catch a glimpse of this other plane. We were allowed to walk up to Kais body and have a look at the portal, in which we all saw the face of this old lady whom waited patiently to see her relative.

All in all it was a great experience. Im a bit torn between being grateful for the experience and sad for possibly not getting to meet Kai and Julia again. Ive got so many questions, more now than ever. Lastly i want to thank you both again for coming all the way to Sweden and sharing these experiences with us.

Hopefully we meet again. Best regards, B.'

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

THE RETURNING OF SPIRIT PHANTOMS - Experiments at the Basler Psi-Verein, March 2019 (photos and video)

'I was fortunate and had in regards to what occurred a best possible and close seat and could see every moment of this unbelievable spectacle. I looked directly at it and into its face while it was growing higher and higher...!' M.P., male, 44, Online Marketer

'What an unforgettable and sensational experience, a breakthrough! Absolutely fantastic! Can't find words to express... - I am so thankful I was part of this...!' C.K., female, 39, Legal Affairs Assistant

'It was breath-taking und has touched me so deeply I was crying when the Materialization developed. I feel so richly gifted and am so thankful I was allowed to experience this, I am still floating as if wings were given to me that evening!' B.H., female, 43, Judge

'It has been on honor for me to be part of this sitters group. I wish more people could experience this on their own. I mean what in this world could be more exciting than seeing a friendly entity forming itself out of "nowhere" so that everyone in the room can watch it with their own eyes without the need of any special sensory abilities or any special technical equipment. I call this a mind changer.'  
M.K., male, 35, Informatic

'Very much impressed I was also by the extreme lightning phenomena during the De-Materialization. The clarity of the white-blue light is incredible. And what I realized only later it doesn't blind. It reminds me of descriptions of the clear light at the end of the tunnel by people who had Near-Death-Experiences. They describe its purity and brightness without blinding either!' B.H., female, 43, Judge

'It was simply magical!' C.Z., female, 39, Professional Artist   

Kai Muegge Medium
Photo showing a stage from the visible building process of a Full Materialization (left) under séance conditions with 20 observers (medium sitting, dressed in black, embraced by spirit entity)
Thursday, the 14th, was one of those days. 20 experienced sitters entered the especially equipped séance-room on the first floor of the Basler Psi-Verein in Switzerland. For more than 8 years we experiment and hold spirit-ceremonies of the Western Hemisphere, séances, in the spaces of this renowned location.

For decades the Psi-Verein is worldwidely recognized for its engagement in the field of experimental Parapsychology and international events like the Basler PSI days and a monthly programm filling up a three-monthly printed publication thick as a book.
Last year it was celebrating its 50 year birthday, what says all.

The lights became dimmed, the door hermetically closed, two windows double-shielded, the red light flickered and tinched the room into warm red light. The intensive introductory talk about the history of Materialization Phenomena within Spiritualism and beyond was still echoeing in everbodies awareness.

A short affirmation finalized with a loud 'So be it!' in unisono signalled the spirits everything was ready to become!

From here on I switch over to the narratives of present sitters and the recording of the séance. My own memory went to sleep a few minutes later. A spirit personality, totally seperated from mine is then taking over for approx. two and a half hours. It is the main communicator 'Hans' and he is functioning on its own behalf.

From Sitters reports and the recording:
People were accompanying the powerful chants of the 'Crystal Shaman' (Lex v. Someren) and slowly the lights became dimmed down fully. Strange flickering lights appeared soon in front of the cabinet!
It is only seperating the room with cloth on its front and on one side, the other two sides of the cabinet are made of concrete wall. The medium is heard breathing all the time.

Then 'Hans' comes through and talks about the tonight efforts to bring in a personality we know of since the very first sittings of the Felix Circle, the Gatekeeper 'Ptah'.

click to enlarge
A strange transparent handball-sized whitish mass illuminated by flickering lights inside very shortly showed up two or three times on head height in front of the cabinet opening during the very first words of 'Hans', the main communicator.

After the greetings he talks about the setting of the evening and asks the sitters if they are willing to support the planned visit of 'Gonpo Yeshi', called 'Po', the blind tibetian monk, who is the human form of the Gatekeeper Ptah, energetically!
The crowd of sitters cheers and applauds.
'Hans' then describes shortly the history of 'Ptah in the Felix Circle', meanwhile the sitters see through tiny openings massive blue lightning going on inside of the cabinet. The blueish light is well known for the 'spirit-portals' building or opening...!

After another chant Julia opens in the dark both curtain sides, gets back to her place and hears the knocking signalling 'lights on'.

Mediumship Kai Muegge, Phantom of a Monk
Building sequences of a Spirit Phantom (left)
'In the very first second I saw the white material bulge', Julia remembers, 'and a head appeared from below!'
Here the photographing set in and began depicting the phantoms building process in mainly 7 pictures. Smoothly the entity rose and grew up from short height, on chest level of the medium, up to above mediums head looking down to it.

Something intensive was then going on. Not that the process wasn't incredible enough anyway, a following moment for the spectators was like frozen in time when in a great stillness the phantom seemed to look down and inspect - full of interest and affection - its medium with a palpable intensity.
The camera was luckily able to capture this moment in time (many thanks to photographer Lucius Werthmueller) in all its glory (see the image below).
Some had the impression there was a kind of telepathical communication in these intense seconds because even the entranced medium had a blissful expression on its face. But asked the medium responded having no memory at all.

Phantom Gonpo and Medium Kai Muegge
Medium Kai Muegge
Besides the images captured in a later phase this one photo here does depict one of the most impressive moments during the evenings first stages. Its intensity between Phantom (left) and Medium (right) is palpable. With interest and affection the Phantom is holding or embracing the Medium and inspecting it after it had fully built up in size...
The white material depicted here, like in previous experiments, is a historical artefact in regards to spirit materialization and is used like a robe for the entities. Originally called 'spirit cloth' in the Western Hemispheres ceremonies, it was believed to be the burials shroud at first but was later understood to be an ectoplasmic fabric of some sort. Ectoplasm appeared as fabric countless of times in the history of Spiritualism and made its understanding not necessarily easier. But it is what it is.

The 40 WATTS of red light were fully turned up positioned 2,5 - 3 feet away from the phantom fully illuminated by it. Two enduring exposures to the observation of the sitters were realised at this stage of its presence and everybody watched the development and behaviour of the phantom in awe.

When the light was switched off then the phantom began to speak with considerable difficulty.
After two sentences the main control re-routed the Monks voice over to the mediums speech-apparatus.

And meanwhile the monk spoke through the medium another exposure stage was starting to happen.
This time the monk showed up in the cabinet opening wearing a white headdress ...

Po's second appearance phase started being turned to Julia...
'Over the last decades our voices have turned into sirens!', Hans said often in the past.
'We have to join forces on the battlefield - to overcome the threats plagueing our realms. Side by side we will stand in the battle of light against darkness!', Po said through Hans.
Over the last years in this mediumship the message of the spirit entities included a recruitement of light-workers via the famous 'Activation Stones'. Magical artefacts reminding and activating our true nature and potentials becoming conscious hubs in a defense-network interconnecting us back into the great Oneness.

In the meantime identified as 'Gonpo Yeshi' or 'Ptah' in its human form, a universal message was delivered by him...
'Your species problems are mirroring the universal conflict you've been part of since the beginning of time!'
'But will you believe me also when I tell you there are powerful entities at your side, helping the human being to survive?'

'Love you're born from is one of the highest frequencies activating soul matter and creating the potential to move mountains and to turn down the Forces of Darkness.'
'So I have returned to tell you your time's still coming!', the monk said in his first appearance.
And that he will return ...!

The look of the entity on the photos seem to intensify more and more...
'Po' spoke to the sitters in broken english and when standing in the cabinet entrance he showed extreme oriental facial features. For some it seems as if these features have intensified somehow since the first photos were taken. The present sitters though underline it was definitely one and the same entity, but with headdress...!

Others suggest the extraterrestrial nature is blending over and start showing up in this last exposure sequence. 

For the Sitters it was the same entity even though some believe Po's extraterrestrial natures features have started to become visible in his facial expressions...
We cannot really clear that up.
The entities presence transported powerful palpable moments and delivered a message of hope and universal love!

Then 'Po' disappeared behind the curtains and only shortly later 'Hans' asked for their re-opening to show sequences of 'the dematerialization-process'. This time the sitters did neither see entity nor medium, but a massive man-height sized bulge of white material and a silent blue lightning storm inside of it, probably transporting the entity back to the spirit realms.

For the Sitters it was a sensational and magical evening and we say thank you to the infinite spirit-worlds, the Basler Psi-Verein and the Sitters that support the mediumistical development into the outer realms of Spirituality...