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UPCOMING Full Materialisation and combined sittings in Felix Circles Experimental Rooms

As already announced in social networks within the next days we ll gonna publish about some new interesting experimentation done in the Felix Circles Experimental rooms in Hanau.....Please stay tuned!
Another activation- or 'white' stone overhanded by a materialized figure during séance the of April 2015

Dienstag, 10. März 2015


Over the last months the 'Spirit Alchemists' haven't been inactive, in the contrary. The Alchemists, formerly 'the Chemists', is a spirit team division responsible for the very direct and physical interaction with human subjects - among them the Felix Circle members and mediums. They work under the supervision of so called higher spirit controls, entities that observe and allow the interdimensional contact, gatekeepers! The Alchemists messages always represent the higher controls wishes as well.

 In this article we would like to share with you the most recent developments and ongoings: A lot of new impulses were being given and have implemented standards that enhance the work within the Felix Circle as well as specifically Medium Kai and wife Julia M.'s séance room and workshop activities.
A newly discovered trance-mode for example, for a specified medical spirit team around the deceased Dr. Felix M., the grandfather of the medium, has finally established different modes of spiritual and magnetical healing treatments.
Moreover has the method to teach deep trance speech and spirit guide contact enabled world widely different parties of interested people to enhance their own spirit agendas and integrate it into their own practices.
Specifically beautiful and considerable is a by the spirits presented circle of thought and action through their higher controls in connection with a literally magical apport and/or materialization scenario of actually peculiar objects. We talk about that and its consequences later. 

Besides some of our rare international appearances the Hanau homebase near Frankfurt/Germany and the Basle PSI Association are our main venues of activity.
Panorama Image: Click to enlarge it to have an overview from one perspective of the Hanau Séance Room
 In this large room we hold the three different sitting-settings healing, table resp. development and cabinet séances. Moreover we are holding easy indian ceremonies like the Pipe Ceremony at the beginning of Workshop-Weekends for example.

Besides the classical trance work we are not reluctant to use the Oui-Ja board as predestined tool for spirit communication. Its bad name the board has, because it was sold as a toy to kids and families who summoned the spirits without knowing what they were doing. It is a basicly very handy tool for word-related communication with the unseen realms.
An old Oui-ja board and other Séance Room props.
At the walls the main spirit helpers of the group for the physical interactions are hung: The Spirit Alchemists, or earlier 'The Chemists'. They are in a very pragmatic way responsible for the build of the evenings, the communication with the sitters and the experimental settings. But in reality the philosophy comes 'from the trunk of which these personalities are simply branches of, twigs', a higher representator once did tell us.
It is a group of five spirits (pics at the wall) that build 'the entrance' or the portal for the exchange of energy but the whole message comes from the higher realms of their and our involvements
The present higher spirits are not so close to human beings, behaviour and conversion and so their messages come via the main group and its speaker, the deceased Parapsychologist 'Hans'.


The group practices healing as well as there is in the meantime a trance-model for healing activities in which the deceased Dr. Felix M. (quasi-)operates the clients body. There are sections done in deep trance and some in a light trance, in which the medium is aware what is being spoken and done. Most of the treatments are done via the eye, the fontanella and the spine.
Healing Room in Hanau

Sometimes through a layer of spontaneously produced ectoplasm sickening materials are materialized from the clients bodies or directly pulled from the eye or another area! In trance the medium draws sequences of pattern-like streaks with his fingers on the skin of the patient claiming to communicate thus with the deeper layers of the body consciousness. Sometimes blunt instruments are used like the eye-bath-glass that fills up then with sickening liquids drawn by the spirits from the body. 
Healing Room at the BPV, the Basle PSI Association in Switzerland
 In a deep trance sometimes the ectoplasm is formed and used by the spirits as an operation tool directly. Such a rare action could be photographed during a treatment session for the pancreas, exercised by those strange forceps like prolongings built from the unconscious mediums mouth.
Two forceps like prolongings seem to operate both eyes of the client.
The pancreas was the organ treated in this strange practice.
In the treatment rooms the walls are full of photographs showing the spirit during his earth-life doing surgery in the clinics he had erected. Additionally private objects of him are used and for example hold by the clients to install a physiological connection with the spirit.
Images at the wall showing the Ophtalmologist Dr. Felix M. during eye-surgeries in his clinics.


For several years we offer the opportunity to become consulted by the spirit team directly. Many different mediums and groups took the chance and became fine-tuned by the spirit controls alongside their wishes and talents. Frequently we work through and with the dynamics of people to enhance them personally on a spiritual and holistical plane.

A centre-stone, as materialized in Hanau, date unknown.
How special such weekends can be was just demonstrated by the spirits a few weeks ago.
For some time now the spirits formulate a clear concept of a kind of higher spiritualism.
This concept contends and is bound to a mature, nourishing and thriving social behavourism.
High morals and ethics, unconditional acceptance, compassion and love for the human being enhance and inspire those new social qualities.
The human evolution and spiritual grounding comes from free experimentation with the spirit world and the global gathering of and seeking for valuable information from the evolved spirits about the build of our cosmos and the path of the souls existence for the awareness of us all.
Being aware the soul is eternal this work will not solely be bound to survivalistical results.
We believe the survivalistical dogma, evaluating mediumistic efforts only when they produce 'survival evidence', is responsible for a considerable subliminal pressure onto working mediums and for a general low quality of messages. It promotes moreover a simplistic image of a 'here and now' and 'an afterlife' in a dualistical sense originating from the industrial age and the mechanistical worldview from the early 19th century.
'Light-' or 'activation-stones' materialized for a group of guests, coming for consolidation of their group and for the answer of several questions relating their spirit work.

Meanwhile three of them materialized during mediumship training moduls, one stone materialized externally. When the group was out alone in the evening, sitting in a restaurant in Frankfurt, the Spirits materialized the fourth stone to show those were unquestionable supernormal creations. Neither the medium, nor the mediums wife were present that night. The stone appeared laying on a box, that was just used minutes before.  

The spirits in the contrary promote todays mediums to be able to receive much more complex information leading us closer to the truth of creation than outdated ideas.
They want to create an army of good-doers and -thinkers, an army of light-workers who know about the secret that the consciousness is a creational source and tool and that our doings have massive consequences to the systems we are embedded in, even to those we are not perceiving at the moment. Their weapons will be their virtues and the love they exercise, unconditionally, always an example. An army of warriors, whose warfare is love and scholarship for wisdom and enhancement for the whole human race.

They are offering that concept to mediums and séance-room groups to build a new contemporary form of spirituality movement under the guidelines of compassion and peace. To strengthen and underline the actuality and realness of their offer they materialize a peculiar object which will be offered to certain personalities and groups: The Activation Stone!

There are no requirements bound to the stone, but only if the receiver works and behaves in the philantropic spirit the true destiny of the stones and the connection among the stone-carriers will become reality: THE STONES BECOME ACTIVATED and an energy net spanning the whole world in the same energy.

A higher system will thus be created! A pool of knowledge and love. And we are all linked in creating a morphogenetic pool of good higher content and this will be our chance to offer this further to the world!

The Spirits have announced they will hand out dozens of them within the next years!
No requirements, only a chance!
So be prepared!


On a regular basis we are holding Séances for those who have visited the evenings of the spirits at least three times. In those sessions personal bonds are strengthened, the work, committment and engagement of mediums and activists honored and phenomena presented beyond what the spirits believe can be presented to a newby.
In this chapter we would like to share with you some impressions achieved during such an 'experienced-séance' in the rooms of the legendary Basle PSI Associations, where the biggest names in Mediumship and Shamanism have demonstrated before us.

Meanwhile the medium was held at hands and feet in front of the cabinet in different sections of the room the spirits laid down apports audibly or placed them into the hands of sitters. During one delivery onto the illuminated plaque nearly 10 feet away from the held medium sitters were first seeing a 'spirit hand' operating there and then 'a kind of being' blocking the light of the 'tile-like' plaque.
Among the different apported objects an Activation Stone was overhanded as well that evening

Moreover the spirits showed never before shown ectoplasmic features in red light, like for example a handform building around the mouth of the medium and its growing 6 feet into the room interacting with focus objects before retreating.

 (set the youtube video on HD under settings)

The images by D. Gross show what the exclusive round of sitters was witnessing.
One witness writes: 
The trance personality demands a careful opening of the cabinet curtains with stronger red light. Now the development of a handform is detectable at the nose/mouth-area. First two-dimensional after a few seconds three-dimensional the hand wanders always in connection with the orifice it came from downwards. Meanwhile it seems as if an 'arm' would prolong more and more the hand comes closer to the floor.
Important is that the mediums hands were always well visible laying motionless in his lap.
Finally having reached the floor the hand moves towards the tape-marker on the ground in front of the cabinet in 2,5 feet distance.
Shortly before having arrived there the hand suddenly lifts approx. 3 cm from the floor. The prolonging arm behind it did not lift in this instance!
Then the hand crosses the black tape-marker well visibly and changes its angel to 45 degree to reach the buckets opening for the rattle laying inside of it.
We see the hand ascending but shortly before it enters the bucket the trance personality demands darkness to stabilize the form. 
Nevertheless we hear two seconds later how the rattle is affected by making rattling noises inside of the bucket.
During the whole process the mediums hands were not involved in any of those actions and laid clearly visible motionless in his lap.
I estimate the full length of extruded material of about 6-7 feet.
After failing to lift the rattle from the bucket the red light is switched on again to show the retraction of the material. The material 'flowed' back into two columns i could see besides the legs of the medium.
Important to mention is, that when the ectoplasm was so far out into the room most of the sitters had strong olfactorial sensations. A clearly strange smell was detectable but differently interpreted. 
Some believed to smell a typical 'ectoplasm'-like damp, mushroom-like smell, meanwhile others interpreted it to be 'musky' or even 'like roses'. Obviously the mass emanated a strong smell!

We hope you liked that insight into our momentary work and we hope to welcome you somewhen soon in the spirit evenings of 'The Alchemists' and their Higher Controls.


Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015


Not so very much is available about 'The Vivaldi Circle' besides that they introduced themselves 2011 on a well known site for Physical Mediumship and Experimental Groups (Physical Mediumship 4 U). From there we know they are from Baldwinville, Ma., USA.

Around the same time a blogspot-blog was created that has a few entries from 2011. From 2011 also a youtube video is available.

I thought I had read from time to time commentaries on PM4U by a certain member, but searching for them I could not find anything.

And I did not recognize a photo-post on fb from a (fb-)friend of mine telling: 'Medium in Trance', nothing more about the photos. It was hard to actually see anything on them originally...!

But then more closer I looked when the photos were reposted on PM4U with the caption  'finally Vivaldi Circle!'.

I started to work with them and after a few alterations I encountered some amazing impressions, I found this:



And here we present the enhanced pictures once more - cleansed of any descriptions:

We in every case will try to find out more about the Vivaldi Circles ectoplasmic mediumship and work and will hopefully present more soon! Who is the medium and under which conditions these and hopefully other photos were made? Are they giving educational/demonstrational séances to visit?
We try to find out more quickly!

Stay tuned

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Upcoming: New recent ectoplasm photos from USA and Germany (Vivaldi Circle, Baldwinville, Ma., USA/Ectoplasmic Eye-Surgery with the Dr. Felix Spirit Group, Germany)

In a few hours we release recent spectacular ectoplasm photos.
The ones were somehow overlooked and were originally released by a sitter resp. a sympathisant of the Vivaldi-Circle on facebook. Overlooked they were because nobody obviously had worked with them and enhanced the huge masses of seemingly extruded masses of ectoplasm into visibility. Captions were telling: Medium in a trance state!
Highly interesting forms have emerged after brightening up.

Additionally we present a photo that show a short sequence during one of the 'Ectoplasmic Surgery'-Sessions with the Dr. Felix Spirit Group, the Felix Circle works with.
Channeling the deceased ophtalmologist Dr. Felix M., the grandfather of the physical medium Kai M., many different somatical and psychological symptomatics are treated that way. For the first time we have photographed an ectoplasmic part of this highly strange operation.
Stay Tuned

The Editor

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O Medium DAVILSON SILVA - Spirit Art, Ectoplasmic Forms and Materialized Spirits

Physical and Trance Medium DAVILSON SILVA
 As we have shown many times before, until today Brazil is a true Heartland of the Spiritistic Tradition, mainly in the spirit of Allan Kardec and his specific views onto the build of the physical and the etheral world and the views expressed in his epoche-making books.

Many times we have introduced the reader to the world of experimental spiritism and especially the ectoplasmic forms and sorts of materialization Brazil is well known for over the decades. Brazil was the country in which 'full materialization' into the eighties of the last millennium (1980ies!) was demonstrated mainly in public spiritistic centers but as well in many secret experimental groups that were active mainly in their community but did purposefully not make any headlines or aroused any interest by writers.
Its protagonists are well known. Among them names like Carlos (Carmine) Mirabelli (see the unearthed photos published on this blog) or more recent Jose Medrado.
Davilson in the 80ies 
Some examples...
...of Silvas partially blindfolded...
...impressive trance work.
We are proud to present to you today another wonderful mediumship from this heartland of spiritism. Davilson Silva is his name and like typical for the the Brazilian Mediumship his work is a very varied one. Davilson today looks back onto decades of public and mediumistic activities of many different sorts. Typically for his work is what we find in many kardecian societies, the close connection between christianity and mediumship in Brazil. The spiritistic communities share actively the virtues and values of the christian moral philosophy of compassion.

With Davilson Silva we find such motives as well widespread in his work, even though about the man himself there is not very much to find in english translation what mainly has to do with that his decades lasting work started before the times of the Internet and all publications were always only made in portuguese.

About his religious approach Davilson says: 'When I refer to God, I do not speak of the anthropomorphic God of the Bible as the only one for the people, who discriminates, takes revenge, repents and contradicts itself. I speak of God the creator of the universes and of all things, of all beings, scattered around in infinite space.'
Some examples...
...for Silvas spirit drawings... his mental work for clients.
Davilsons widespread work has many aspects and ranges from trance paintings of famous artists like Monet over drawings of clients deceased relatives to trance speech of most different entities and spirits and ectoplasmic materialization.

The photos we want to concentrate today on are actual and pretty spectacular - and cover mainly the rare area of so called partial materialization with specifically interesting features.

Davilson who runs today a spiritstic center, the 'Fraternidade Espírita Aurora da Paz' in Sao Paolo, describes what happened at an experimental evening, that was not held for ectoplasmic formations at all.
'On this day, with a group of six people, my wife was in charge to control the CD player and make prayers, they were singing hymns and spiritualist songs. That hand moved around in the room (photo 1) and stroked the head of each one, and even shook hands with some of the sitters. In the environment, the scent of roses and then ether was perceivable. The left hand (photo 2) we identified as the hand of one of our spiritual mentors, Joseph Grosso.'

Slightly enhanced original show ectoplasmic hand in active mode touching the heads of the sitters...
Slightly enhanced original show ectoplasmic hand inactive
'It's funny, curious', Davilson explains, ' but I must say that when the materialized forms are close to us, we feel a chill, it is as if we open the refrigerator door. However, when they touch in on us, the hand temperature is like that of anyone having a dense and perishable body. They seem to be people of this world.'
The Materialization of Maria Padilla.
'This is the spirit of my friend Maria Padilla. Maria Padilla was a gypsy who lived in Spain and became a Countess. She said she lived with me in Spain in another existence. Note the mantilla that Spanish women have! Esther, my wife is Spanish, and has some mantillas and penetas. Note the details of the embroidery of the mantilla.'
Slightly enhanced original of an alien from Zeta Reticuli.
 'Here you see occuring the formation of the figure of an alien of the solar System Zeta Reticuli. This same ET I think is the same that appeared twice to me at the end of 2000, via a spiritual holographic phenomenon. I was told things about the Ets, and I still say that they are our brothers in God, they are human beings like us, believe me, only in a different mental and physical configuration. The events I had to tell (about the ET's) would write a book of many volumes....'

We are in every case very happy to see and share with you these amazing photos and their stories. Davilson Silva is a typical protagonist of an amazingly rich mediumship of the Brazilian sort, famous for their complexity, sometimes strangeness and always big strength.

Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

THE PSYCHIC STRUCTURES AT THE BASLE PSI ASS. - Spirit Controls release ectoplasm

Photos, shot 18th Oct. 2012, were in need of massive increase, because much too dark, only little information to work forward.

So the contrast is hard and doesn t show details. Photographer was not accustomed with the device, the perspective was wrong and a bit too much zoomed in.

From the Audio Recording and witness accounts:
In photo 1 the mediums face was protruding the slit and the mass came from nose and mouth and looked like as if sprayed onto the outside curtain from it, adhering and slowly loosening.
The whole area with te mediums face is lacking on the first photo!

Then on Photo 2 the mass has somehow reached inside - probably taken by the medium - and then seemed to stiffen - reaching out to and clinging at the inside of the cabinet curtains.
In the middle of the mass a volominous center stayed. New connections emerge.

Substance undergoes several re-formation-processes - Photo 3.

Then kneading and modelling around with the mass by the medium and bringin forward an obviously harder area, medium showed under the light.
A small hardened cocoon was showing up, pressed forward and outside by medium and hanging upside down in the mass!
Then 'cracked' open and falling from it, a natural precious stone, looking as if washed and formed in water.


New gagging and more substance-extrusion in darkness.
When light on more mass was reaching maybe 1,20 m into the room, coming from mediums mouth. 'Opening' of the substance showing two strains, connected with a voluminous centre....

Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Three magicians, one opinion: No trickery!

Since 2010 we have invited Professional Magicians letting them form their opinions in regards to the séances.
Two of them are specialized in Séance room tricks resp. hold professional staged séances.
One world widely known and respected magician and parapsychologist just sat this year with us in R.!
Their commentaries and results were always the same and could not be better shortly expressed as it is done by the Professional Stage Magician T.R. (identity known to the Basle PSI Ass.) in a public statement after having gone into detail in a letter to the Associations President Werthmueller. Weeks later he demonstrated one of his staged séances to members of the Association as to members of the Braude Investigation when the differences in techniques and approach became obvious. Here is his public statement:

 So, the Stage Magician would like to comment, but this time i keep it short (besides a lengthy letter to the switzerland event host).
The séance by Kai M. was very tantalizing, during the most phenomena happening in a distance between 2 and 3 metres (between 7 and 10 feet) in front of the held medium it was clear that neither the medium nor his partner could have played a part in their production. Their voices/trance voices could be heard simultaneously to the phenomena in a distance (like the so called ‚spirit’ lights and the handforms building on the plaque).
 Comparably good i consider the building of the ectoplasm-fingers and –hands on the plaque looking quite astounding on behalf of its amorphous characteristics. The medium/helper must have crouched and scuttled low to the ground or must have worked with wires and sticks what is difficult to reconstruct and imagine (medium was held at hands and feet). The last stage with the manifested ectoplasm from the mediums mouth looked good as well and a professional magician is of course usually harder to persuade.
The in the following erecting hand from the mass or the growing column appeared very good, from the illusionary perspective theoretically possible but in fact quite astounding.
 The whole séance appeared genuine to me, i never had the feeling there was trickery.
 Moreover i believe that after the holotropic breathing routine of the medium necessarily a trance state is achieved, i could not carry out my illusionary show elements after such a massive hyperventilating-like breathing. So in the end either genuine phenomena or very good trickery i could not detect at all!
 Another rational explanation how it could have been tricked would be confederates in the room. 

Respectfully, T. R.,
International Magician,
(well known for staged séances)

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014


Indridi Indridason (1883-1912)
One of the most amazing stories ever told in the annals of Physical Mediumship is about a young Icelandic lad, who became the first known Icelandic Medium 1905, a physical medium, of such a power that until today he is mentioned alongside the biggest names of the first and second Generation of Physical Mediums: His name was Indridi Indridason and several aspects of his case were truely remarkable.
For a long time the thorough investigations of the specifically founded 'Experimental Society' (later Icelandic Society for Psychical Research) were only available in small excerpts translated for and published in periodicals in UK and Germany. 
Not before 1989 the Society for Psychical Research translated larger sections of the available note-books about the experiments and published a small booklet as 'Proceedings', describing for the first time in depth and order the development of events during an outstanding investigation into Physical Mediumship.

Several specialties make Loftur R. Gissursarson and Erlendur Haraldsson 'The Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason' an extremely fascinating read: The character of the phenomena and the way of control in the especially built house of the Society.
Rough Levitations, that sometimes teared even the hand holding controller up into the air with the medium. Strong and multiple Direct Voices, appearing parallely everywhere in the experimental room, even in the by net seperated observer-section, singing loudly in their ears for example. Clairvoyance, expressed by some of the personalities that spoke through Indridi. Tele- or psychokinetical Poltergeist-like disturbances, happening not only during the Séances. De- and Materialisations of so called 'Spirit Forms'. Light phenomena of different sort, oftentimes in connection with the occurring materializations.
The Experimental Room and Conditions 1909 at the height of Indridis Physical Mediumship
 During the Séances held mostly twice a week it was the way of control that gives the case an additional special aspect: The experimental room was seperated into the experimental space and the observers space by a net. Behind this net Prof. Nielsson or a colleague was acting as the so called watchman, holding the medium at his limbs during the dark sittings and reporting every action and reaction of the medium to the sitters behind the net, when the partially massive phenomena occurred. That way not only the phenomena could be observed but also the conditions and relations of the medium with them. After 4 years the controls were tightened to a degree that 2 or even 3 watchmen were holding Indridi at all his 4 limbs during nearly all phenomenal sections of the Séances.

1909 the phenomena had reached their height. 1912 they ended with Indridis death. Considering the vivid character of the translated material it is a pity, that most of it until today waits for translation.

Today is a good day, because everyone of you can read now 'THE ICELANDIC PHYSICAL MEDIUM INDRIDI INDRIDASON' - we strongly recommend you do so!


Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

A Report on the FEG Séance of 11th September, 2014 in C. - By Lily and Sonnie Choto

On 11th September, 2014 my daughter Lily and I sat for the second time with the German physical medium, Kai M. and his wife/circle leader Julia M. of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG), Dr. Hans Bender, spirit communicator/controller, hosted by Dr. N. at his home in C..
 Second and third séances were also hosted by N.on 16th and 18th September (which we did not attend). Our thanks to N. for all his efforts bringing physical mediumship back to the C.D. community. Our thanks to Julia and Kai, Hans Bender and the Chemists for coming back again.

 This summary has been written using a recording that Lily and I made the evening of 12th September as we recollected the phenomena, marveling at the meaning of it all, and feeling privileged indeed to witness the various modalities that Hans Bender and the Chemists use in order to communicate with us across that so-called veil.
We may have misremembered the order of some of the many phenomena and other minor details, but our report is essentially accurate. I have recently read a friend’s report on the séances of 16th and 18th September which she attended. She wrote that deceased pets sat on sitters’ laps and were generally running about the séance room, and faces were produced in the ectoplasm. Likewise, last year on 9th August Lily and I sat for the first of several séances held in C., NY.
During the second and/or third séances, I believe, little faces appeared in the extruded ectoplasm, which were not produced during the first séance we attended.
Hans and his Chemists are to be commended for the variety of phenomena produced as no two séances appear to repeat themselves.
 The security protocols carried out to control the medium, Julia, and the séance environment to squelch any suspicion of faked phenomena were the same as had been used in August, 2013, including having independent sitters check the séance room beforehand, a gentleman sitter inspecting Kai as he disrobed and changed into different clothes, and the sitters being kept in “chain” by holding hands while the phenomena was being produced.
One difference in the security protocol from last year was that Julia hummed when experiments were being carried out so that we would always know where she was. The entranced Kai was always controlled by 4-limb control, except, of course, when Hans controlled Kai’s body and walked about the séance room, in which case, red light was used, and Hans repeatedly asked N. to confirm where the medium was when phenomena was occurring.

Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

August Goforths vivid accounts: When spirit forms materialised in A.B., Summer 2014

... Hans, the main spirit control announced that the Visitor had returned, and once again we witnessed a kind of glowing or phosphorescent “energy cloud” drift from the cabinet and out into the room. It was perhaps 1 foot in length and 6 inches in height, moving along the floor at first—very, very slowly—changing shape and pulsing with its dim light. It then lengthened in height, and demonstrated clear signs of life as only a living thing can do. One of the sitters commented that its now long, thin shape appeared to be like that of a snake, and someone else thought it looked like a cobra as it seemed to “unfold” and lengthen even more, with a wider shape at the top that gave the appearance of a head of some kind. By then it was more than 3 feet in height, perhaps 4, and then levitated above the floor at a distance of about 2 feet. It continued to undulate forward, still extremely slowly, and then turn around and go back towards the cabinet, at which point it vanished like steam dissipating.
Cloudlike Materialisation exit the cabinet and approach the sitters (copyright)
 What I was able to see was that this was not a snake or some other amorphous form, but an actual person, who was walking extremely and even agonizingly slowly, almost as if trying to balance on a tight-rope, while gathering energy and materializing from the ground up. This ground-up materialization of form has often seen in many physical mediumship séances, according to much of the literature. It also appeared to me that this person was either wearing some kind of flowing fabric that was glowing, or it was an energetic substance that appeared like fabric and was allowing them to materialize and move. ...

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